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About Spinfish

Alistair Huskie

Spinfish originated in 2003 from an idea to re-establish a Spey casting course in Grantown on Spey similar to that formerly run by the late and great Arthur Oglesby. Charlie Whelan and I organised and ran courses until I returned to my original day job managing Students' Unions in 2004.

To support the Spey casting courses it seemed like a good idea to have a web site, which we named in honour of Charlie's former day job as 'Spindoctor' for Gordon Brown, hence "Spinfish".

For a while Spinfish loitered around on the internet until a couple of years ago I decided to have a look at the poor little thing. It was tired, aged, a bit naff but it still had ranking with Google, much to my surprise. Seemed like a good idea to upgrade it as a hobby for those dull winter days.

Then I thought about building a Where to Fish Directory. Whew! From little acorns do great oaks grow! Have a look:

Spinfish where to fish directory of angling venues . Now we've added a Where to Stay Directory Spinfish Where to Stay Directory .

Spinfish is now established as a top 20 on line magazine on Google, building traffic month by month since a major redesign in 2008.

It was supposed to be a hobby but it now demands attention like a cuckoo chick.

We are always looking for contributors, fishing reports or items of news and advertisers. If you would like to publish on Spinfish or advertise, just e mail me at the address below or call 01890 840276 for a chat.

Editor and site owner: Alistair Huskie, email huskie spinfish.co.uk (this address has been disabled to prevent spam, just insert @ in the appropriate place). Spinfish is currently an non trading entity established to provide a service to the angling community