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Useful Facts to Know Before You Start to Fish in the UK

Fishing Season Dates Salmon, Sea Trout in Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales

Salmon Run on the Whiteadder, 2010

A flaming red spray fired from the lashing tail as the fish struggled to escape into deeper water

Loch Fad Autumn Doubles

2009 some bumper bags in this season competition

Fish Rescue, A day in the life of the Tweed bailiffs

Finland Hooked: The Confession of a Fly Fishing Virgin

By Andrew Young. Andrew has his first ever angling experience and is hooked first time.

Gleanings From Old Fishing Magazines

A collection of old magazines reveals a cornucopia of useful information

A Father And Son Combo Take Up Fishing With A Bang

Guy McPhee and his son Rohan have a magical start to their first fishing season

Monstrous Murderous Midges

The cause of so many alliterative strings of expletives is brought to heel by an alliterative cosmetic

For Sanity Sake I Must Do More Trout Fishing!

A salmon angler contemplates on his obsession.

Fishing, Is it in the Blood?

Some say that being an angler is in the blood, genetic, some say it is the competitive or the primeval will to feed the family, I say it's a bit of all. But if my family had to depend on my killing power they would be dead! (From starvation).

What Fly Rod Should I Use for Salmon?

The question asked so often, but is there more to making your choice of rod than just best performance?

A Fly Fish on the Findhorn Before His Fellow Anglers Arrived Yields First Prize

A 'shaggy dog' story, the author's first fish of the season… Stuart Younie

Angling For Youth Development (AYFD)

An initiative set up by Strathclyde police to give youngsters something better to do with their time takes off in Scotland.

Strict Controls on Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing In Ireland See 106 Rivers Closed

The Central Fisheries Board in Southern Ireland has introduced a tagging system closing two thirds of Irish salmon rivers.

Deveron Days and Spey Day Tickets

Fishing on two of Scotland's best rivers, just the ticket after an enforced absence for fishing.

The Gyrodactylis salaris Threat

this foreigner could be the end of our our precious salmon if anglers and other water users are careless. Follow the advice if you have been abroad fishing.

24 Carrot Fishing Rods

a new material derived from carrots is about to take the angling world by storm.