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Book Reviews and Art

Lies, Damned Lies and Anglers, Bruce Sandison

The One That Got Away and Othe Fishy Tales

Rivers and Lochs of Scotland, Bruce Sandison

The comprehensive guide to fishing throughout Scotland, fishing every day it would take you 13.7 years to fish every location listed!

David Overland offers you the opportunity to acquire a limited edition print of his angling art work

'Mouth of the River'

Spinning For Salmon, Gary Webster

Published by Robert Hale. In his sequel to 'Spin Fishing for Sea Trout' Gary Webster explains in detail the techniques he has developed for spinning for salmon.

Angling Lines, Fishing in Scotland, Bruce Sandison, Black and White Publishing

A collection of stories by a much respected fisherman and journalist (in that order) who's enthusiasm for adventures into the wilds of the Scottish Highlands with his family has never been been dulled by the indignity of being beaten in the art of the angle by a child.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Paul Torday, Orion Books

After an improbable request to introduce salmon to the desert of Yemen the improbable progress to a conclusion makes a gripping read for anglers and non angler alike.