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Fishing Around the World

Angling is the biggest participant sport in the world so we have decided to provide a section that gives you another perspective on how the rest humanity goes about the passion that is fishing.

International Game Fish Association

Either a tiny man has landed a very big minnow or he has just landed a record breaking Wels catfish.


A 385lb Shark on the Fly!

Marty Arostegui has a phenomenal record for breaking records, read about his shark in the fly. By Pete Johnson.

Roger Hellen Lands a New World Record Brown Trout, Rival to Tom Healy's Fish Caught Last Year

Story submitted by Pete Johnson of the International Game Fish Association.

The Story Behind A New World Record 41 lb 7 oz Brown Trout Caught in Michigan

Pete Johnson of the IGFA Awesome, a new world record for brown trout (salmo trutta), just 41lb 7ozs from the Manistee river in Michigan, USA.

World Records Continue to be Challenge


Rainbows at Thompson Creek in Australia

Fishing in the out back, staff from 'Spooled' Australia's biggest online magazine tell us how they do it.


Fishing on the Cowachin River, Vancouver island, One of Canada's Protected Rivers.