The Highland Wildlife Park

Forget the cute and cuddly, get cosy with tigers and bears

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Just outside Kingussie at Kincraig in the Highlands of Scotland lives a bear (or two) some tigers, there's moose or two but not the hoose moose, deer, antelope, bison,buffalo, lamas, wolves and a panda but but not as we know it, but no wild haggis. If you want a great family day out you'll take yourself and your animal pack along to the Highland Wild Life Park.

Since the article was written there has been an addition to the park crew, a little bear called Hamish. Born in December 2018 he is still in the "awe isn't he so cute" range, a year from now he will be in the "awesome!" category. Born to Victoria he is the fisrt Polar Bear to be bron in the UK for 25 years. Worth a visit.

In some areas of the park you stay strictly in your car, some areas you can stroll around freely, you will understand why when you get there. Heres a hint, big, hairy, horns and / or teeth oh and claws, stay in the car.

So what will you see?

Highland Wildlife Park

An Amur Tiger separated from it's lunch by a (substantial) sheet of perspex. Take a moment to reflect and look gobsmacked, you see the reflection in the glass , the tiger was trying to bite that guys head off when he leaned into the glass. The tiger was quite casual about it but it was clear it thought dinner was on a plate.

Did I mention a moose? There's a moose loose aboot this ----

Highland Wildlife Park

Polar Bears too, oh and a very, very brave little bird. They have a new arrival now, wee boy, Hamish, he will be about a year old now (2019)

Highland Wildlife Park

A Red Panda has a kip high up in a birch tree.

Highland Wildlife Park

A Bactrian Camel with a profile like the Cairngorms

Highland Wildlife Park

A Japanese Macaque

The Highland Wildlife Park

In the restaurant the wildlife looks real too but do not worry kids you're not on the menu, but the food is good, fortifying you for a long day seeing amazing  animal sights.

Highland Wild Park

All in all the Highland Wildlife Park Represents a fab day out when the fish aren't biting. Get up close to and personal with some of the most stunning creatures in the world. If you want to see a scary sight watch out  for the tigers clawing at the perspex sheet gnashing their teeth at you, ripping at the perspex screen with claws like razors.


Animal magic!

Highland Wildlife Park, Kincraig, Kingussie, PH21 1NL.

Call 01540 651270

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