Fishing Season Dates Salmon, Sea Trout, and Brown Trout in Southern Ireland

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Since 2002 the Irish Government has been taking steps to manage salmon stocks Hard decisions had to be taken resulting on some fisheries being closed.

This action has been effective in preserving stocks. Attached is and extract from a report containing catch advice. As with Scotland some rivers have sufficient stock to allow salmon to be taken while others are classified as catch and release only. For details of the advice go to:

Catch advice for 2018 Irish salmon fisheries.

Salmon Season dates for Southern Ireland

1st January to 30th September


17th January to 30th September


1st February to 30th September

Ray, Munster, Blackwater, Moy, Bunowen, Carrownisky, Delphi, Errif, Cullfin, Darrow, Owenglin, Ballinboy, Ballynahinch, Gowla Fishery, Sceebie Fishery, Costello and Fermoyle, Galway Fishery, Shannon, Maigue, Peel, Fergus.

1st March to 30th September

Fin, Owenea, Lennon, Sock, Mid and Upper Shannon, Mulchair, Feale and Smearlagh, Annageeragh, Creeg, Doonbeg, Boyne.

20th March to 30th September

Newport River, Lough Beltra.

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