Easter Balado Trout Fishery Kinross

Easter Balado

A former gravel quarry, Easter Balado is just a hop away from Kinross Fishery. A single loch about 7 acrers Balado is roughly rectangular with flat, well maintained clear banks proving good clearance for a back cast when you need a bit of distance.

Stocked with quaility full finned rainbows it also holds some nice brownies that have grown on from wild stock from the South Queich which feeds its clear water into the fishery.

It is a good top of the water fishery when the weather warms up although on the day I visited at the start of April there were quite a few risng to a tiny black buzzer. I was told it isn't really a buzzer water. Lures work off course, Dawl Bach, Hoopers, cul de canard, klinkhammers will all do well. They recon a floating line is all you need with varying length leaders to get a bit of depth if needed.

Most angler were getting fish which were in the 2 to 3lb range. Lots of happy faces, a nice wee hut, and a friendly atmosphere add up to a spot well worth a visit.

I returned in June on a day of dappled cloud with a strong westerly wind creating a nice ripple. A few fish were on the move and I statrted with a Klinkhammer getting a rise but the fish came short.

I had asked at the bothy what had been doing the business and CDCs and klinkhammers were on this list but a lot of fish were taking short. I was also told that a biggish black nymph was also doing well. As the surface activity was intermittant I decided to try the black nymph. I had a size 10 gold head black floss body with a black maribou tail,it looked the part.

With the big black thing on the tail and a green and black on the dropper I chucked a longish line and did a slow figure of eight retrieve at which point I notices among the ripples that there was a tiny "dimple" on the surface. Fish were cruising around feeding on something just subsurface.

Later talking with an other angler who was fishing in a sheltered area he said he could cleary see a shoal of fish feeding in the clear water. For myself knowing fish were in the vicinity I kept covering rises and was rewarded with 2 fish, one a regular 1.75lb stocky the other a bit better at just under 3lb.

All in all an enjoyable visit, now I aim to come back on a balmy evening to experience what I recon will be a fun time fishing the dry fly

Easter Balado Trout Fishery, Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NH Call 07793650466

Just off the M90 at Kinross Junction 5 one mile up the A977. Turn left at Balado and take the first left through a little residential area. Carry on down past Easter Balado House and go left before a ditch.

Have fun!.

Google Map Reference 56.205018, -3.451060