Kinross Trout Fishery

Kinross Fishery, formerly Heatheryford, is under new management and things are a changing. Previously the fishery was weedy and overgrown, now, without taking away what will make the fishery characterful and attractive in the summer the weed, reeds and bankside vegitation has been cropped and controlled giving much more unimpeded access.

The fishery, a former gravel quarry, consists of 4 ponds/lochans; 2 ponds Dougray and Ross where any legal method is allowed and lochans, Charlie and Baxter are fly only. Depths vary from 6 to 8 feet in Dougray to 20 plus in places in Baxter.

Kinross Trout Fishery

The fishery holds browns, rainbows and blues, the new policy will include stocking with fish of a kilo plus. On the day I visited I saw several bright silvery fish clearly over wintered, so silver it was hard to tell the difference between rainbows and blues.

The fishery has lots of space, and will suit most anglers as they allow fly, off course, spinning and bait fishing. Formerly the bait ponds had smaller fish but know only 1 kilo plus fish are stocked throughout. There is a small lodge with free tea and coffee. There are decent tracks to many parts of the fishery which provides for wheel chair access.

On the day I fished the troot were down deep. Lures were doing the business fished on an intermediate or sinker. Black and Green lures and Yellow Dancers were hot to trot. Looking at the surroundings with good vegitation, fertile farm land you know that this water will have good top of the water fishing when the weather warms up a bit, I am looking forward to it.

I like the look of Kinross fishery, a bit well worn but naturalish with room to rove, looking forward to visiting on a balmy evening with flies hatching and fish sssipping on the surface.

Location: M 90, Kinross, Junction 6 take the A997 Kincardine road. Come off the roundabout and immediately take the first left opposite the motorway services, follow the the road for about half a mile to the end.

Google Map Reference 56.204331, -3.442914

Contact; Kinross Fishery, Kinross, KY13 0NQ, Call: 07376762057. Email: