Photo Tour of the Upper Don


Alford, Upper Don, Aberdeenshire, for water levels on the Upper Don go to SEPA Water Levels for the Upper Don, Alford

The Don from upstream of Alford offers some excellent fishing for trout and salmon. To give you a taste of what you will find we have collated a series of pictures that show the river at it's best in early June.

Starting in Alford, Aberdeenshire Council offer fishing on 2 beats;

Beat 1, from Montgarrie Bridge downstream to the point where the Buckie Burn joins the Don, 2.5k of right bank fishing with some good slamon fishing.


Beat 2. 900 metres of left bank from Bridge of Alford upstream to Waterside Sawmill where the Leochel Burn joins the Don.


Below, South Waterside, located between Alford town beat 1 and 2, the view upstream from Montgarrie Bridge.


South Waterside downstream from Bridge of Alford.


From the sawmill up stream to Delphorie where the Mossat Burn joins the Don there is Littlewood. An extensive beat of 4.5 miles with 30 pools and some excellent water, lightly fished, max 4 rods.


From the Mossat Burn at Delphorie upstrean there are 2 beats, Ardhuncart, left bank and Brux, right bank.


At the bridge over the river at Dukeston of Brux you find yourself in good farm land on a classic stretch of trout water. Clear water, perfect pools and streamy runs screaming trout fishing. Right now sedges are hatching in numbers, hawthorns buzz and olives drift. Terretrial and quatic fly life is everywhere, the dry fly anglers dream.


Looking Downstream towards Brux




The view down stream of Towie Bridge which shows how clear the water can be.


Upstream of Towie Bridge


Culquoich Bridge



The river is rarely far from the road or at the the least a healthy stroll away. Don't expect strimmed banks, it's natural fishing in pristine waters holding wild brown trout and later in the season a very good chance of a salmon if there is a bit of water.