Dances With Seals Seen in North Berwick

The tiniest man in the world clocks up yet an other first, his last. Undaunted by the magnitude of the task danced with a friendly, but somewhat gormless seal at the Scottish Sea Bird Centre in North Berwick. Did it with out a without safety net. The brave chap, Botofogoed from head to tail, pity no one warned him about the voracious sea gulls. Ever ready for a snack, they will snatch the chips from yer gapping mouth, nick a bairns ice cream, burgle yer burger if you don't gaurd it with yer sgian Dhu. What chance did a wee man in a bright red jumper have when the gulls came a hunting. A Strictly career nipped by the birds!


Seal Dancer

A little swallow for a very big tern!

Tern Sculpture