Clerklands Trout Fishery Lilliesleaf

Cleklands Fishery

With its banks bordered on one side by the B6400 just a few miles from Lilliesleaf in the Scottish Borders, Clerklands is a pleasant spot to spend a few hours in pursiut of some fit fighting rainbows.

On the day I visited Clerklands the conditions were promising with alight breeze rippling the surface. There are couple of boats (they look ok) essential if you want to fish along the tree lined road side bank.

Clerklands Left Shore

Down the left bank looking down from the fishing hut is a stretch of clear bank with casting platforms. As you can see the bank is a little steep which means you are fishing into deeper water. Reed and weed beds close in provide an attraction for the trout and indicate where to fish.

I saw quite a few fish moving by the weed beds feeding on hoppers blown in from the field and other terrtrials coming of the trees. The trout seemed to average about 1.75lbs top 2lbs but there are large fish stocked just to spice up your day.

There are some tagged fish that are part of a cash prize competition which adds to the fun.

I enjoyed my visit. A pleasant day out in picturesque surroundings, beautiful part of Scotland and decent fishing, what more can you ask for?

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Google Map Reference 55.509337, -2.791943