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Some Good News, Reports of Improved Numbers of Shad Being Seen and Caught Bode Well for the Future

Members of the Fish of the Firth of Forth group and others report numbers of shad are improving, will they once more become a fish of interest to anglers of the future?

Fish Eating Birds Threaten Salmon and Trout Stocks

Avian Predation, is smolt survival on the Tweed and it's tributaries under threat from predation by cormorants, mergansers and goosanders?

Beavering Away

Keeping it polite it is clear some people would prefer to see off beavers for some very good reasons.

SEPA – Aquaculture Sector Plan

As a result of new research methods SEPA can monitor, things, better, so they have produced a plan

No New Fish Farms In Wild Salmon Routes, Ugres The Scottish Ggamekeepers Fishing Group

The SGA Fishing Group urges early action by government to halt additional fish farms being set up on sensitive wild salmon and sea trout migration routes.

The 2019 Salmon Rivers Categories

The Scottish Government has released the new Categories for salmon fisheries that will come into effect in 2019 with 37 rivers being added to Category 1

Mandatory Catch and Release on 147 Scottish Rivers Next Year

The re-assessed catergories for 2018 see attached PDF

The Scottish Gamekeepers Association

SGA a New Fishing Campaign Group to Pressurise Government