Fishing Reports for the Berwick DAA Water on the Whiteadder

The Whiteadder is a tributory of the Tweed joining the Tweed in the tidal waters just over a mile upstream of Berwick upon Tweed .

Producing fish all year from February to November the Whiteadder could be classed as a spate river however with regular rain throughout the season maintaining good levels fish constantly move up upstream providing anglers with a sporting chance especially with small flies.

For a photo guide to the Whiteadder fishing have a look at our guide to the pools go to:

Photo tour of the BDDA beats on the Whiteadder

Berwick and District AA have beats on the Whiteadder: Beat 1 above Allanton Bridge, Beat 2 from Allanton Bridge downstream to a marker at the Cabby Burn above "Willies Hole", Beat 3 right bank from Willies Hole to just above the ford at Blue Stone left Bank from the ford down the left bank to a marker at the March Burn joining the top the Eddington Cauld Pool. Beat 4 is a short beat on the right bank from just below the Eddington Cauld down through a futher 2 pools to just above the bend. Beat 5, Hutton Bridge a short beat left bank. Beat 6 Clarabad Mill, right bank from Hutton Bridge down to the Mill.

For water levels on the Whiteadder at Hutton (Blue Stone Ford) go to

SEPA Water Levels Hutton Castle

5th October 2019

September was a wash out by reason of No rain to speak of. What fell metiulously avoided the Lammermuirs and even up to last week the spates recorded came from the Blackadder which explains why Clarabad did a bit better.

At last the rains have got honest and fallen where we want it, on the Lammermuirs, bringing the Whitadder up to just over 1.3m at about 6pm on Sunday night. Never the less some fish were taken including 2 on Beat 1 in the low water and then 2 more on fish Saturday once the Whiteadder started to rise. Reports also include a continuing trend this year of a lot of long range catch and release i.e. people have been losing more fish then we are actually catching!

Today, the 7th, the river is falling away having gone up by half a metere yesterday as recorded at Abbey St Bathans. With the high water last week from the Blackadder spates and now a good rise on the Whiteadder above Allanton we expect fish. I'm off now. Fingers crossed.

23rd August

The river has been at good level since the rains came, falling back but with water in the ground to sustain levels at a good height.

Anglers have been having success especially on beats 1 and 2 with sone nice wee grilse and a few salmon bringing the years total to a handy 49 salmon and 10 sea trout.

The hot windy weather is a pain in the proverbial, but, the fish are there. As usual with salmon fishing just add water and a sprig of time and results come to those who presevere.

The Whiteadder can have a very good back end run in September and October so fingers crossed for some nice rain, a little cloud cover and lively fish. You will have a better cance of a fish off the Whiteadder when it is running well than you might have on more famous and expensive water. Tight Lines

15th August

And then the rains came. The river came up over the week end with constant rainfall. Too high on Saturday but I believe Alan Spence did a stint and got a nice sea trout. More rain on Sunday with the river up to 1.6 m on Sunday.

A nice grilse of the Whiteadder

Nice wee grilse off the Whiteadder, one of a pair to a new member

Fish did come, looks like 6 fish, some we grilse included and 3 sea trout. so far from this flood. Anglers have also reported hooking and losing a number of fish recently. One chap told be he hooked and lost 5 over 3 days last week. Seemed cheery enough about it, guys are happy to fish for the take and if the fish is lost saves tiring the fish out and handling it.

River holding at a decent height so fish should keep running esecially if we get asome goods sjhowers to kee the flow up.

Fingers crossed for a bumper back end

8th August

August has started off with a lot of promise. We got the rain and the river came up producung a 7lb salmon and a 5lb grilse on the 8th, there was also a 4lb sea trout reported.

Brain with a 7lb fish fromm the Whiteadder at Allanton

Next day 3 more fish reported as the river ran at a good level.

31 St July

July ended up well with a bit of water and a further 6 fish were taken, two 8lb salm0n, a 6lb fish and a 7 pounder plus a 4lb grilse and a 5 pounder. There was also a niee 4lb sea trout.

The total for for year in ow 30 fish, moving the right way now me thimks, we wan rain!.

17th July

What happens when you put the hours I asked last month, well this happens. We had wee rise in water .7m on the SEPA scale at Hutton Castle and a few fish came. I had just had 2 teeth oot but went anyway, no I didn't catch, had to go home (sympathy please) but our President put the hours in and got this:

Whiteadder AS Salmon

9lb fish in my favourite spot! To rub salt in, two visitors had two fish on beat 2.

To round off the week there was an other fish of 7lbs on Saturday. 4 fish for two days.

The total for spring was 21 salmon and 5 sea trout which is much better than last year and included and 18.5lb fish and a fish of about 22 / 23 lbs. Total for the year 25 salmon so far.

River has dropped again, please some good rain, my teeth are better now and I want to get them into a fish! ps Just looked out the window, chucking it down, hope it keeps coming, pleeez!

Just had a look at the Tweed Commissioners fish counter figures for the Whiteadder. 331 fish through the counter at Alstrom near Chrnside to the end of June this year. Funny old numbers really. Going back to 2012 / 13 the total number recorded at the counter was quite poor but the fishing was great. Why so?

2012 and 2013 were wet years infact we had good water most of the season and a good number of big spates. In fact according to the counter the 2012 and 2018 were almost the same 962 and 993 respectively and 2018 was a very dry year with the river as low as many old hands had ever seen it. Were the 2012 fish just suicidal? No, fish do not follow the rule books. In high water they can swim over the cauld any where avoiding the fish counter and some of the spates were quite mucky making it next to impossible for the cameras to detect them. Many more fish run the river than are detected, that is for sure.

26th June

And the rains came, a 6 footer. We haven't had water like this for a while and it was more than welcome getting fish in and muck out.

5 fish to date this month which is surprising, but fishing effort has been lower than in the past which might affect returns. You canny catch fish sitting reading reports at home, hmm sitting writing them either. What happens when you put the hours in?

Chris, a regular visitor from Spain, put in the time over a two week visit and came up just short of a personal best. On the 22nd of June on our smallest beat, beat 6, below Hutton Castle. He landed a fish measuring 39 inches, that equated to 22.5lbs according to the Tweed Commissioners chart. Half a pound below his personal best, however, if fresh, our springers can be really chubby.

Chris was fishing with an 11ft rod and 10lb leader and it took 2 hours to bring it in. Both fish and angler were knackered and needed to have a lie down. The fish off course found a deep pot in the river as Chris released it with care.

The rest of the month saw 4 fish bringing the total for the year so far to 17. One visitor had a 9lb fish on beat 1 and Stuart had a fish of 7lbs and lost 2 on the 17th. Our President had a 7lb fish on the 15th which was very coloured for the time of year Colin had a fish of about 8lbs.

There were a few sea trout in the 2 to 5lb range. All fish were returned.

Fish counter figures show that up to the end of May 140 fish (salmon and sea trout) passed through the fish counter. This the same as 2013 and what a year that was. Fingers crossed. June figures will be curious as we know that when there is spate the fish do not oblige by passing through the counter

1st June 2019

12 for the season so far, that'll no nicely

We have had a bit of rain recently bring the river up enough to encourage fish to run. Trends have been for rapid rises, 0.4 to 0.7 between midnight and 6am on Friday for example with quite fall off. Run off is slowing now suggesting there is more water in the ground. The river was at just under 0.4m at midday today. That is what we need, slower run off to keep the fish running. More follow up rain needed.

The tally for May went up again with Frank landing (I think) his second fish while Alan Taylor caught a beautiful 18.5lb fish.

Well done young man, a fish to remember. I was standing on the bank behind you, can't see me? My green colour blended in perfectly! Truely, more power too yer elbow mate, hope you keep it going for the rest of the season.

High wind today that is why I am typing this. Blow yer wig off stuff . Fingers crossed for a bit more rain and no gale force winds, I hate the feel of a razor sharp double flipping past my lugs.

27th May 2019

10 spring fish for the year so far, no bad for starters.

Colin Tait's spring

Reports in that there was a 9 inch rise overnight on the 26th and two club members hit it right on the 27, with Callum Simpson hooking into a fish at Allanton in the morning but losing it, then later in the day, getting his reward for plugging on with a 10lb fish slightly coloured.

Colin Tait went one better at Allanton with an 11lb fish. He is some guy for getting fish. Look him up on U Tube, some amazing stuff including his catch from Allanton Bridge a couple of years ago.

Went down today in hope but no joy, river at Allanton a bit low but at Clarabad the river was up slightly and falling, kinda puzzled me but we have had some localised cloud bursts. Forecast for the week end is wet, wet, wet. Remember the Whittie is a spate river so hopes are high for early next week.

18th May 2019

10 spring fish for the season so far, not bad given the low water conditions.

Low water prevailed into the May then on the on the 7th and 8th of May we had rain, enough to bring the river up a good 18 inches.

AH springer Allanton

I am very chuffed to say that on the 9th I got a fish above Allanton Bridge. My fish was a good bar of silver no sea lice so it had only been in the river a few days. 8/9lbs, a real fighter took me out 60 metres and more, a head shaker and jumper too, not good for the old ticker. Kept in the net unhooked and released unharmed.

On the 10th there were 2 fish, a 7lb fish up at Allanton and an 11 pounder at Hutton. On the 11th there was an 8lb fish off Clarabad. 4 For the week, then the river dropped back.

CT underwater pic

Cracking picture by Colin Tait

There are fish holding in the river now but it wasn't until the 18th that an other fish was recorded, a nice fish of about 7lbs.

Popped down yesterday, 21st, no luck. The river had risen a little over night. I did see a fish or fish moving in the lower bridge pool. Strange behaviour, the movements were more like what happens at spawning time when fish are chasing each other off the redds. Wondered if the otter was about, but didn't see it.

Ominous clouds about these last few days but will they drop the water, will they heck they just sail by dropping a little tinkle to tease. Looking out the window the Cheviots are misty, grey water laiden clouds hover above. Fingers and toes crossed.

24th April 2019

The river has been quiet since the "flurry" of action earlier in the month when we had a spate. An other salmon and a 5lb sea trout were added to the tally so far. No rain since and the fish that came seem to have scotted through for now.

I enjoyed the sunshine, got a bit done in the garden but that isn't what we wanted for April. Gonna wash the car, wash the windows, hang out some washing and if that doesn't work I'll do a rain dance for the end of the month and for May. Please not another "beautiful" sunny summer.

2nd May 2019

Whitadder springer

While the Borders swings from tee shirt to wooly underwear weather the on thing we are not getting is proper rain. There was a wee rise at the turn of the month and that was enough for Colin Tait to catch a second fish of about 7lbs which he returned, please note how he did this, the fish hardly left the water.

The forcast for this weekend holds the prospect of a bit of rain, I'm gonna hang out washing, wash the car, wash the windows and mow the lawn, that should guarantee a down pour!

9th April 2019

Whitadder springer

We had a period of good water in March and fish were reported running the river, 35 recorded by the cameras at Alstrom by Chirnside. A couple of people had "on offs", with the absence of kelts they were probably fresh fish.

The fish however did not comply with our wishes, they seemed intent on running thorough ingnoring our offerings. In addition there was a lot of snow on the hills latterly with water temperatures recorded at 3C on Friday 5th. As April dawned 1 fish was caught and released on the Bluestone stretch so things were on the up and up.

9th April saw our club President trumped the lot of us with another fish, squeaky clean and bright. Returned unharmed, bon voyage!

Here's hoping this marks the start of the real fishing, fingers and toes crossed (thats why I walk funny).

Saturday 9th March

The river remained low during February with some days being a pleasure to be out and about in sunshine. Snow drops in bloom, daffodills in full bud ready to burst open, almost T shirt weather. No blooming fish though. What a pity, would have made a perfect picture.

Then on the the 4th of March we got some real rain, even had some snow.

On the 5th the river rose to a decent height but the Blackadder at Allanton was spewing out water the colour of drinking chocolate. Now a wee tip if you look at the SEPA gauge for Hutton it could be, as in this case, the Blackadder making the river unattractive. Looking up stream off the bridge to the Whiteadder showed the river in almost perfect condition, slight colour almost covering "the stone". No luck that day but I did see a fish roll on the surface, a ruuner I recon, a welcome sight.

On the 7th the river was still in good condition, "the stone" just slighly exposed. No fish yet but the river did start to rise about 1 ish and "the stone" was soon covered. There are fish about with reports that on Tuesday fish were seen mounting Edington Cauld.

8th March the river was looking very good, falling but still a nice height, almost perfect. There were 3 rods out at Allanton but no reports of fish yet. Again there are reports of fish seen running up past Canties, it's only a matter of time and a bit more fishing effort folks. Who wants the honour of first fish of the season of the Whitie?

A note of ungency, get out now cos the weatherman is saying that the rest of March is going to be a bummer for fishing, Actic conditions for a couple of weeks! At least the old water table will get the top up it has been needing for some time.

Saturday 6th February

1ft 6in on the gauge last Saturday the 9th and our eagle eyed bailiff spotted 3 springers crossing Bluestone Ford and a fish moving up at Allanton. Prospects look favourable with the unseasonally mild weather fish will run.

Whats this:

Clarabad Grayling

No it isn't a salmon next to boulders and branches, I wish. It was a wee grayling I found dead on the Whiteadder at Clarabad Mill. I've heard tales of these beautiful fish starting to populate the river working up from the Tweed. Pity this one died.

The season started 1st of February with news of fish coming off the Tweed on the first day which bodes well for the Whiteadder. When you cross Tweed on the Berwick bypass you will see a smaller river curving off on the upstream side of the bridge. That is the Whiteadder. Will a bit of water fish running the eastuary just need to take a right turn and we have a run.