Spinfish Online Magazine Archive

Go Fishing With Charlie Whelan

Charlie has retired to the hills but still takes the fishing rod for a walk when he isn't wasting time hitting a wee white ball around a park.

The Argostegui Family Set New Records

The Arosteguis, Father and Son, continue their assault on IGFA Records, but is a family affair was mother/wife and daughters clocking up records too.

The Scottish Youth Team Win at the Menteith Home Match

The Scottish youth team took home advatage to win the August international

Charlie Goes Fishing with a Spud

Charlie Whelan opens the season on the Spey at Boat of Garten.

The Hydro Electric Threat

The Scottish Government Has Announced Plans To Massively Increase The Provision of Hydro Electric Schemes, Will This Be The final Blow For Salmo salar?

Archive Mandatory Catch and Release in 2016

New regulation have been introduced to address declining salmon stocks.

Fish Rescue

Electro fishing on the Beamish in Northumberland with the Tweed Bailiffs

Roger Hellen Lands a New World Record Brown Trout, Rival to Tom Healy's Fish Caught Last Year

World Records Continue to Fall

Salmon, trout and catfish records fall right left and centre.

Georgina Has Had Her Fish, But Has Her Record Had its Chips?

Miss Georgina Ballantyne's British record for a rod caught salmon may have fallen after 85 years!

The Gyrodactylis Salaris Threat

this foreigner could be the end of our our precious salmon if anglers and other water users are careless. Follow the advice if you have been abroad fishing.

Zen and the Art of Fly Fishing