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Useful Facts to Know Before You Start to Fish in the UK

Fishing Season Dates Salmon, Sea Trout in Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales

Where to Fish, Fisheries Accessable to People with Disabilities

A directory of locations in Scotland where disabled anglers can enjoy accessible fishing

Information about Rod Licenses and Where to Buy Them.

Information about rod licenses in the UK and Ireland and where to buy them

Has Angling Been Marginalised?

Goverment, experts, conservationists all have agendas that are a danger to country sports including angling. Can we survive?

A fine fish goes back unharmed

The International Year of the Salmon

Raising awareness of the importance of salmon to the communities and envirinment of the Northern Hemisphere of the world.

Harbour seals in Eyemouth harbour

A Plague of MSG

Mergansers, gossanders and seals (MSG) numbers are now so high they threaten sport fishing, it is time for action

The Minister

The new Minister for Sport sees a long term solution to angling problems. (A fictional story)

Whats Luck Got To Do With It

How much is luck and how much is skill when you are fishing , maybe these will rub off on you?

Mating pair at Bluestone on the Whiteadder

The Swan Song

Nature is tough on a pair of swans that did everything right, well nearly everything.

Rainbow at Factors Island

Fishing the Wet in the Wild

Fashion Phewy, some hints and tip about fishing on wild Scottish Lochs for wild brown trout, traditional style.

Sea Trout, How Are They Doing?

A look at Marine Scince Scotland sea trout catch statistic for Scotland in 2012 and 2014

The Freshwater and Fisheries (Scotland) Act 1976

Some questions are posed as to why some protected rivers do not provide reasonable access for trout fishing

Wild Trout on Lochindorb in Morayshire

Free fishing for wild trout, a historic island castle, ospreys swooping on fish, grouse cackling on the moors, hey just an other wonderful spot to go fishing

A Question of Our Sport

How and what is happening to our salmon, some statisic might give clue?

Common Spey Casting Problems

Some hints on how to overcome those frustrating little promlems that can upset your day

Deveron Days and Spey Day Tickets

Two days exploring my favourite bits of water, Spey and Deveron.


Salmon Run on The Whiteadder, 2010

A flaming red spray fired from the lashing tail as the fish struggled to escape into deeper water

Highland Wildlife Park Photo Gallery

More shots from the Highland Wildlife Park

The Scottish Gamekeepers Association Forms a New Fishing Campaign Group to Pressurise Government

More support for government action to protect our salmon for future generations

Fish On! A Spring Fish on the Whiteadder

A fresh springer makes my day on the Borders gem, the Whiteadder.