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Salmon grounded at Edigton Cauld

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Dulnian Salmon

If the fishing isn't going well then there is a Golf Guide for Scotland for those of you who plan to be on the course and have the time for both golf and fishing. Can't understand it myself, hitting a wee ball around or going fishing, surely fishing wins out every time.

As part of the service we have developed a new Guide to places accessible to disabled anglers in Scotland and England. The work continues and Wales and Ireland will be added in due course.

One observation is that coarse fisheries are well represented however game fisheries are bit tardy in this regard. Yes, many places such as rivers and wild lakes and lochs are very unlikely to be able to adapt however trout fisheries, many with flat grassy banks, could do more. Come on folks every little bit helps add to accessibility.

Fishing is one sport that is can to be enjoyed by anyone irrespective of their physical ability. While searching for fisheries accessible to disabled anglers in England I have found so many bits of kit are available to help folk get out on the water fishing. Basic like good paths, parking adjacent to productive fishing spots, level access to lodges and loos are an essential. Let us hope more fishery owners can add to their facilities for the future.

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