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Ladykirk and Norham AA

Ladykirk AC water

Two miles of double bank fishing on the lower Tweed above and below the bridge at Norham, ok technically the north side is in Scotland and the south side in in England, but you don't need a passport, just a permit which you can by, day, week and season from any shop in Norham.

Nice water for the dry fly and nymph. Don't be surprised if you hook up with something a bit big and shiny. Just make sure you put it back safely. The Tweed bailiffs are sharp.

There good numbers of coasre fish here.

Google Map Reference 55.718800, -2.163400

Checked 2/07/18

Lairg Angling Club

Lairg AC have the fishing rights on a number of lochs in central Sutherland including Loch Shin, Beannach and Craggie. Loch Craggie has always been a good water to fish. Even has a Mayfly hatch. On the way up to Craggie there is a wee loch on the left, Dola, do not miss it, I got is when a hatch was on and had half a dozen fish of about a pound all on the dry fly, day tickets are available.

Loch Shin is a prolific stretch of water 14 miles long with large numbers of fish in the half to three quarters of a pound range and the chance of something big coming along is always on your mind.. Boat and bank on Shin.

If wading remember this loch was dammed and now covers what was once moorland. I discovered an old peat cut and got a heck of a shock, luckingly it wasn't too deep. I particularly liked the area around the mouth of the Tirry and the Fiag, the bay at Shinnery and had a memorable day fishing down past the hydro station at the top end of the loch. For boat bookings call 01549 402980.

For a start try a 3 fly cast Greeenwell or March Brown top dropper,always Peter Ross Middle amd Silver or Bloody Butcher on the tail, best combo ever on a Highland loch, size 10 / 12. .For Beannach and Craggie permits from Dunroamin Caravan Park, Main Street Lairg. Tel 01549 402447

Google Map Reference 58.030134, -4.413953

Checked 02/07/18

Lamington and District Angling Improvement Association

9 miles of mostly double bank from Boat Bridge, Thankerton to Bower Pool, Roberton. Stocked annually. Log on to www.lamingtonfishing.co.uk for full details of this quality value for money water. Permits from; Brownlie of Biggar Ltd, Licensed Grocer, 107 High St, Biggar;
Anglers Attic, 55 Caledonian Road, Wishaw;
Cornhill Castle Hotel, Biggar;
Tinto Trout Fishery, Thankerton.

Google Map Reference Thankerton Bridge 55.627258, -3.623711


Larbert and Stehousemuir AC

The club has taken on the ricer Carron, once one of the Central Scotland heavilty polluted rivers, now in recovery. The getruns of sea trout nad some salmon and continue with work to improve condition for the fish to prosper.

Can't see anyting about day tickets but if you contact them on http://www.lasac.org.uk/contact_us.html

you can get information about tickets and membership.

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Checked 18/07/18

Laurencekirk District Angling Association

Fishing for salmon, sea trout and brown trout on the Bervie and Luther. Permits from Mearns Hardware in Laurencekirk. Google Map Reference 56.831548, -2.472552

Checked 02/07/18

Loch Achonachie Angling Club

has 2.5 miles of fishing on the upper Conon from below the power station at Loch Luichart to above Loch Achonachie and the upper beat on the Blackwater from above Rogie Falls to Loch na Croic. They also have fishing on loch Achonachie, loch Scardroy and Loch Meig where they have a Wheely Boat. The river fishes best late on in the season. Permits for the dawn to 4pm and or 4pm 'til dusk sessions. The club have been very progressive in providing access to parts of the beat for people with disabilities. Permits from Contin Filling Station, call 01997 421948.

Google Map Reference 57.567971, -4.578958 Checked 20/06/18.

Loch Awe Angling Improvement Association

Was set up to manage the fishing on Loch Awe and Loch Avich. Working closely with the Argyll Fisheries Trust they are responsible for the great improvements in the loch which has seen it produce 4 British Record wild brown trout in recent years.

Awe undoubtedly has a British record pike in it yet to be caugh (record so far 35lbs)and there are escapee rainbows that have flourished in the loch to become serious contenders in the big fish stakes. The loch also has a good stock of coarse fish, 1lb plus pike and roach around Kilchum Castle and Dalavich, something for everyone on Loch Awe.

Permits from the Ardbrecknish boat yard, call 07899 459705

Google Map Reference 56.299310, -5.229401

Checked 02/07/18

River Leven AC

I have known this river since the time you could smell it a hundred yards before you saw it, a filthy sewer. Then it started to clean up as pollution was controlled in the 1950s to 60s. A friend and I shared the catch of the first salmon for generations fishing at Kirklands Dam where the Pipe crosses over to the sawmill. (washed away in a 1960s flood). Today the Leven has an A2 clasification for water purity and some 50 salmon a year are caught.

Now under new management by the River Leven Angling Club they have 16 miles plus fishing or the Ore. All fishing is catch and release. I wish them well in reviving this great wee river. My grandad would be chuffed for when he fished the Ore a 100 years ago the fishing was very good and I am sure it and the Leven can be great once more.

Tickets available from Deals on Reels in Cowdenbeath (season and day tickets) and Windygates Village (day tickets)store.

Google Map Reference 56.189152, -3.048401

Checked 02/07/18


This river was, like the Leven, a shocker until the 1960's. Destroyed by the coal mining indusrty. It gradually recovered and as the out pourings from the old coal measures have been dealt with the river flows clear through flowing weed beds in parts from Loch Ore down to Thornton after which it takes on a more streamy character. I remember the stretch above the meetings with the Lochty Burn was very productive, often wonder what it is like now.

Both the Leven and the Ore have good numbers of pike and perch.

Google Map Reference 56.171712, -3.121686

Checked 02/07/18

Loch of Lintrathen AC

Loch of Lintrathen

Run by Lintrathen Angling Club the loch holds brown trout and rainbows, boat fishing only. There are 22 boats including 2 wheelie boats. They also have Backwater Reservoir which is unstocked and has a good head of wild brownies averaging about half a pound. Call 01575 560327.

Google Map Reference Lintrathen 56.679053, -3.186334, Backwater 56.726550, -3.216546

Checked 06/09/18

Loch Lomond Angling Improvement Association

Has an interesting biology because it has two distinct environments. The northern half of the loch is a typical glacial formed, deep narrow highland loch while the southern end is shallow and more akin to a typical lowland loch. The southern environment suites coarse fish. There are roach, dace, rudd, pike and perch. There are also powan which you should return immediately if you catch them as they are very much an endangered species.

LLAIA have a lease on some of the fishing on the Endrick and Gairloch as well as fishing in the Loch Lomond and the the rivers Leven and the Fruin. They also have fishing in the estuary.

The loch and river offer a variety of fishing opportunities from wild brown trout, salmon and sea trout, coarse fish and massive pike (there was the famed Endrick pike found dead in 1934 at the mouth of the Endrick, estimates range between 50 to 70lbs).

Membership applications to the Secretary, Loch Lomond Angling Improvement Association, PO box 3559, Glasgow, G71 7SJ or call 0141 781 1545.

For permits go to http://www.lochlomondangling.com/permits they have sellers all over Central Scotland.

Google Map Reference 56.097667, -4.606224

Checked 02/07/18