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Rivers in Scotland



The Tweed holds good stocks of course fish, the Scottish record dace was caught at Coldstream.


Course fishing in the town water. Lots of dace.

Permits from Moffats Newsagents in Coldstream and the Village PO in Cornhill. For further information call the secretary on 01890 885948

Google Map Reference 55.651793, -2.248799

Checked 12/07/18

Ladykirk and Norham AA

Two miles of double bank fishing on the lower Tweed above and below the bridge at Norham, ok technically the north side is in Scotland and the south side in in England, but you don't need a passport, just a permit which you can by, day, week and season from any shop in Norham.

Nice water for the dry fly and nymph. Don't be surprised if you hook up with something big and shiny. Just make sure you put it back safely. The Tweed bailiffs very are sharp.

There are good numbers of coarse fish here.

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Checked 2/07/18


Mid Clyde Angling Association have 8 miles of fishing for brown trout, they also have within this stretch 2 salmon beats, Sligo from Newton Bridge to Battle Bridge RH bank and Crown Lease from Bothwell Bridge to Dalmarnock Bridge DD (any legal method. no prawn).

The river holds good stocks of grayling and some good pike. There are also numbers of coarse fish, barbel, perch, dace and roach.

For salmon permits contact the Treasurer on 01698 889472. Brown trout, grayling, coase fish and pike permits from:

Glasgow Angling Centre

Hooked in Scotland
Tel: 0141 778 6600


Annie’s Pantry
Sheepburn Road


The Village Store.

Blantyre Newsagents, 248 Glasgow Road Telephone  01698 823249

Mo‘s Store
60 Coatshill Avenue

Collins Newsagents, 179 Stonefield Road.

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Checked 02/07/18

Dumfries and Galloway


The Annan in the Western Borders of Scotland is an exceptionally accessible river with fishing for salmon, trout, sea trout, grayling and course fish available throughout its length. The river holds some exceptional chub, once holding the Britsh record for chub.

The river rises near Moffat and flows approximately 35 mile to Annan on the Solway Firth offering a full spectrum of fishing throughout the year. There is some spring fishing for salmon in the lower Beats in February, March and April followed by exceptional trout fishing through April to July with fish to over 5lb taken on the dry fly. From June to August there are sea trout and from September to November the main salmon fishing takes over. The Annan is a 'back end river' with the best runs in the Autumn.

It is also a spate river so it is worth watching the weather when choosing to make a visit. The received advice is to check water levels before booking, the upper river can be falling and fishable even when the lower river is out of sorts (check out the SEPA website for river levels, see the home page).

Annan Estates

Fishing on the upper Annan near Johnstone Bridge. 5.5mls of water with grayling to 3/4 lbs. Good wilr brown trout. Fly or float (worm or maggot) only.

Salmon fishing best from September onwards sea trout from june onwards. 5 year average 84 salmon and 73 sea trout so the permit cost ir very reasonable, day and season available.

Call 01576 470317 to book permits.

Google Map Reference 54.975147, -3.276186

Checked 13/07/18

Upper Annan Angling Association

The Association has 8 miles of fishing on the upper river near moffat and at Applegarth near Lockerbie. Grayling and chub fishing, the grayling are very good, the chub are exceptional

For bookings log on to  www.riverannan.co.uk. for the Upper Annan and Applegarth beats (Lockerbie)' call 01683 300592.

Checked 13/07/18

Kirkwood (Lockerbie)

Kirkwood issue permits for Rotchell beat for coarse fish and trout only, bait fishing is allowed. They also have Jardine beat on the Upper river with salmon, great trout and grayling. They allow any method for chub and grayling from Mid Nov to late Feb. Call 01576 510200.

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River Ken

Dalry Angling Association

Dalry AA have fishing on the river Ken (fly only) on the west bank from Earlstoun Power Station to Coum Burn and on the east bank from the suspension bridge to Boatknowe. They also share water with New Galloway AA.

They have fishing on Loch Carsfad (fly, spin, bait) and Earlstoun Reservoir (members and boat only).

The river has good perch, information is scant.

Permits from GM Newtons general store in Dalry.

Google Map Ref 55.105894, -4.164981

Checked 12/07/18


New Galloway Angling Association

New Galloway AA has fishing on the river Ken, Loch Stroan and Loch Ken.
River Ken; Brown trout and occasional salmon C&R applies all season) also some pike, roach and perch. Loch Ken: Brown trout, pike perch, roach, bream. Loch Stoan; Brown trout, pike and perch.
Spinning and bait allowed but no maggots.
Day tickets available from New Galloway Community Shop the Post Office in New Galloway or Glenafton Store in Mossdale.
Google Map Reference 55.075833 -4.140645

Checked 02/07/18


River Leven

I have known this river since the time you could smell it a hundred yards before you saw it, a filthy sewer. Then it started to clean up as pollution was controlled in the 1950s to 60s. A friend and I shared the catch of the first salmon for generations fishing at Kirklands Dam where the Pipe crosses over to the sawmill. (washed away in a 1960s flood). Today the Leven has an A2 clasification for water purity and some 50 salmon a year are caught.

Now under new management by the River Leven Angling Club they have 16 miles plus fishing or the Ore. All fishing is catch and release. I wish them well in reviving this great wee river. My grandad would be chuffed for when he fished the Ore a 100 years ago the fishing was very good and I am sure it and the Leven can be great once more.

Tickets available from Deals on Reels in Cowdenbeath (season and day tickets) and Windygates Village (day tickets)store.

Google Map Reference 56.189152, -3.048401

Checked 02/07/18


This river was, like the Leven, a shocker until the 1960's. Destroyed by the coal mining indusrty. It gradually recovered and as the out pourings from the old coal measures have been dealt with the river flows clear through flowing weed beds in parts from Loch Ore down to Thornton after which it takes on a more streamy character. I remember the stretch above the meetings with the Lochty Burn was very productive, often wonder what it is like now.

Both the Leven and the Ore have good numbers of pike and perch.

Google Map Reference 56.171712, -3.121686

Checked 02/07/18


River Dochart

Roach, pike, perch. News First, Killin, call 01567 820362. Google Map Reference 56.465092, -4.316032

River Lochay

News First, Killin, call 01567 820362. Google Map Reference 56.478045, -4.322777

Tay at Perth

Good fishing for large roach around Perth Harbour and in the tidal reaches of the river although there are course fish throughout the length of the Tay but salmon fishing interests seriously restrict access. Fishing for roach is free but you must get a stamped map from the Council office at Pullar House in Kinnoull Street Perth.

I the late 60s some of my school mates went to work on the salmon nets in Perth. They reported that at that time when the net were hauled in they were often full of big roach. They don't net anymore so the roach are safe, what size now?

Google Map Reference 56.397850, -3.431710

Checked 12/07/18

Perth & District Angling Association

Member have access to an enviable number of beats on the Tay, Almond, Isla, Ericht, Earn, Forth and Teith, no day tickets but members can get guest tickets. Membership is opeen to anyone and in 2018 costs £200, what a bargain!

Permits for trout and grayling fishing on several stretches of the river from Logierait just above the junction of the Tay and Tummel down to Scone, permits from Mallochs in Perth, Birnam Village Shop (01350 727395.

Google Map Reference 56.567823, -3.586019

Checked 03/07/18

River Isla

Blairgowrie. Roach, perch, pike, call 01250873990. Google Map Reference 56.527690, -3.362325

Checked 12/07/18


River Forth

Dace, roach, pike, perch. Good fishing in the tidal reaches around Stirling. Permits from D. Crocketts, Stirling, 01786 465517. Google Map Reference 56.138034, -3.981009


Canals in Scotland

Forth and Clyde Canal

After completion of a £78 million reinstatement project the Forth and Clyde canal is in excellent condition offering fishing along its 35 mile length from Glasgow to Grangemouth. There is good fishing for roach, rudd, gudgeon, carp, pike, perch, eels and excellent tench and trout. The Firhill Basin in Glasgow is noted for serious carp with fish over the 20lb mark being taken (the Scottish record carp was taken on the canal).

You need to be a member of the Scottish Federation for Coarse Angling (costs a fiver and the fishing is free). Go to http://www.sfca.co.uk/membership/

Google Map Reference 55.947408, -4.135353

Checked 12/07/18

Union Canal

From Falkirk to Edinburgh. The same details as for the Forth and Clyde canal apply You need to be a member of the Scottish Federation for Coarse Angling (costs a fiver and the fishing is free). Go to http://www.sfca.co.uk/membership

Google Map Reference 55.923636, -3.378411

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Monklands Canal

Drumpellier Park, Coatbridge. Large elusive carp and bream. Check with the rangers office for permission. Google Map Reference 55.863981, -4.060179

Checked 12/07/18