Spinfish List of Fisheries with Access for Disabled Anglers - Cheshire

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Canals Trust

The Canals Trust have over 2,000 miles of waterway to look after for the many interest groups who use them. With so much water it is no wonder that fishing is high on the list of activities.

The Trust issues a Waterway Wanderers Permit that entitles you to fish on an impressive amount of water throughout England and Wales (for just £20).

For information on how to apply for a permit Goto Waterway Wanderers Permit Application for a list of waters covered by the permit Goto Canal Trust Waterway Wanderers Permit Waters

Coarse Fishing

Coole Acres Fishery

A recent development located between Nantwich and Audlem, 3 lakes with some specimen fish.

Fox Lake is for specimens including carp to over 28lbs and Wels Catfish to 24lbs and growing.

Spanner Lake carp 4 to 13lbs plus bream and chub.

Lodge Lake for tench specialists with fish to 8lbs plus also crucians, roach and chub.

Permits bought on the bank. Call 01270 812929 or 07747 007669 for further information.

Google Map Ref 53.006367, -2.528398 Post Code CW5 8AY

Checked 25/09/18

Dunham Fishery

Dunham, near Altringham, has 2 lakes Copper Beech and Whiteoaks with 50 pegs available for pleasure and match fishing. The lakes are stocked with carp to 15lbs, chub, barbel, roach, tench crucians and skimmers.

The new lake has level access and good platforms which would suit disabled anglers. Regular matches on going including an over 65s / disabled anglers match every Wednesday. Toilets on site.

Call 0161 233 0299

Google Map Post Code WA14 5SG

Checked 13/12/18

Flushing Meadow

Acton Bridge, a fishery consising of 5 lakes:

Snake, common and morror carp to doubles plus crucians, skimmers, roach, rudd, tench, blue tench, golden orfe.

Small Marl, reserved for wheelchair users. Common, and mirror carp to doubles plus orfe, barbel, roach, skimmers, crucians.

Island, common, and mirror carp to doubles plus crucian and ghost carp, skimmers, perch, roach, rudd, tench, gudgeon, golden orfe, silver bream, chub.

Deep Marl, common and mirror carp to doubles plus roach, tench, orfe, skimmers, perch and crucians.

Kingfisher Canal same stock as Snake.

Call 07754172252

Google Map Reference 53.271381 -2.606164 Post Code CW8 2RF

Checked 23/09/18

Four Oaks Fishery

Just 6 miles from Chester Four Oaks is a mixed fishery consisting of 2 lakes:

Heron Pit, 27 Pegs and Pete's Pool 8 Pegs. The lakes hold carp to 19lb, brean to 6lb, tench, rudd, roach, chub and perch.

Pete's Pool has 2 pegs for disabled anglers with good access and close to the tiolets.

Call 01244 881945

Google Map Ref 53.244194, -2.947368 Post Code CH1 6LH

Checked 23/09/18

Gawsworth Fisheries

Located between Macclesfield and Congleton on Church Lane this fishery has 5 lakes and a private canal.

The lakes are:

Wall Pool, 2 acres with common, mirror and ghosts carp to 15lbs plus crucians, tench, chub, brbel, roach, perch, bream, a good all rounder pool.

Wood Pool, carp to over 30lbs plus big tench and barbel.

Park Pool, 2 acres, of specimen water with mirror and common carp to 25lb plus, good tench and crucians.

Coppice, one of the deepest pools at 88ft. There is a long island in the middle, carp to 8lbs, bream and lots of skimmers and silvers.

Spring Pool, 2 acres, mirror and common to 20lbs plus bream and tench.

Serpentine Canal, for 46 pegs averaging 7 feet deep well stocked with carp to 6lbs, bream, tench, crucians.

Call 01260 223442

Google Map Ref 53.224973, -2.164265 Post Code SK11 9RQ

Checked 25/09/18

Goose Green Farm

Located near Macclesfield Goose Green has 3 lakes stocked with common, mirror and curcian carp, tench, bream, roach, rudd, perch.

They have installed staging on one lake to make it wheechair accessible. There is ample parking, toilets on site.

Call 01625 828814 or 07721 024493.

Google Map 53.298492, -2.191333 Post Code SK10 4RA

Checked 13/12/18

Greenwood Fishery

Part of a rural regeneragtion scheme the fishery is sited in a nature reserve.

There are 4 lakes:

Kingfisher and Lagoon lakes are plearure fisheries with a wide variety of species but there are carp to doubles.

Specimen Lake holds common and mirror carp to 20lb plus, it also has doubles koi, leather and ghost carp and crucians.

Match Lake has 18 pegs, a mixed fishery it also has good bream and silvers.

4 pegs have been set aside for disabled anglers.

There are toilets and showers (handy for bivvy fishers) on site and a cafe during the summer.

Call 01270 812929 or 07747 007669.

Google Map Ref 53.321130, -2.585102 Post Code WA4 4DZ

Checked 25/09/18

Hampton Springs Fishery

An 8 lake fishery with a good reputation for quality angling. the lakes are not big but they are varied in size and shape, with islands and other features making the fishing interesting.

Lakes include:

Poplars, half an acre with 16 pegs, carp averaging 4lbs plus chub, tench, bream, perch, roach and barbel

Alice Springs, 2 acre mixed fishery with carp to 21lb good bream, plus lots of raoch, rudd, perch, green and gold tench, chub and barbel.

Oasis, half an acre with 15 pegs, good for pole fishing. Smaller fish, a good beginners pool. Lots of skimmers, silvers , rudd, roach, chub, mirror and common carp to 8lbs, barbel, crucians, green and gold tench.

Rock Idol, 2.5 acreswith 4 islands, 31 pegs holding mirror and common carp up 16lbs plus roach, perch, chub, bream, tench and crucians.

Meadows, 30 pegs over 1 acre, a long narrow lake with carp to 8 / 10 lbs, bream, chub, perch, grenn and gold tench. A good pole, wagler water.

Long Island, 2.5 acres for up to 50 anglers. tench, carp to 15lbs, chub, crucians, skimmers, perch.

Willow, 35 pegs with mirror and common carp, lots of chub and barbel plus bream, crucians and tench.

Folly is a 3 acre lake for 15pegs with mirros to 26lbc and common carp ro 21lbs.

The fishery has accesss for vehicles around most of the site plus toilets including disabled facilities.

Call 01948 820789

Google Map Ref 53.049146, -2.724783 Post Code SY14 8AD

Lingmere Fishery

Located in Moreton in the Wirral this 2 lake fishery offer pleasure fishing and match fishing opportunities.

The Pleasure Lake is stocked with carp to 26lbs, tench to 10, golden tench, ghost carp, perch, roach, rudd, bream, chub, hybrids, orfe, ide and F1s.

The match lake has 32 pegs, carp in 1 to 15lb range, barbel to 8 plus tench, crucians, bream, chub, silvers, ide and F1 carp.

There is a cafe, mail and female toilets and facilities for disabled anglers. The lakes have good access for wheelchair users and by calling in advance and making arrangements anglers who need additional support can be provided for.

Call 01516777911 or 07766651817.

Google Map Ref 53.410611, -3.126557 Post Code CH46 7UJ

Checked 29/09/18

Lonsdale Park

A holiday centre for fishing holidays in Cumwhinton near Carlisle with 5 lakes available for guests although they do allow some day tickets between November and March. The lake hold a variety of fish some with carp in to 30+.

The reason it is included here is that it does cater very well for disabled anglers with fish mobility buggies to help you to get around the lakes or just explore the 40 acre site.

Call 01228 562655

Google Map Ref 54.855473, -2.832309 Post Code CA4 0AY

Checked 29/09/18

Lloyds Meadow Fishery

Located near Mouldsworth there are 4 lakes in a 9 acre mature setting with some tree lined areas and reed beds all sypatheticalyl managed.

The lakes area:

Fox, with 14 hard stands suits people with mobility issues. Well stocked with mirror and common carp to 6lbs, crucians, roach, rudd, bream, skimmers and tench.

Badger, 31 swims with a mature treed island. The lake holds mirror and common carp to 8lbs, roach, rudd, bream, skimmers and perch to over 3lbs.

Kingfisher, a wheelchair accessible lake, has mirror, and common carp to 10lbs, ghost carp, roach, rudd, chub skimmers and perch.

Heron, there are big perch here over 4lbs, roach, rudd, bream, skimmer, and mirror and common carp to 8lbs.

Call 01928 740710

Google Map Ref 53.229229, -2.729025 Post Code CH3 8BD

Checked 26/09/18

Manley Springs Coarse Fishery

3 lakes stocked with a variety of species including, common, mirror and crucian carp, bream, perch, roach, rudd, tench and gudgeon.

Wheelchair access is available

For booking or further information call 07533 683396 or 07871 933550

Google Map Ref 53.239638, -2.727207 Post Code WA6 9EF

Checked 25/09/18

Partridge Lakes

15 lakes spread over a 70 acre site with 394 pegs. Fair choice for a day out (or several days). The site is carefully landscaped with good made paths, well constructed platforms and the waters are very well stocked.

Many lakes are day tickets only, some however are used for match fishing and become unavailable. Matched are on 7 days a week and it is good to note that there are open matches for disabled, over 60s and blue badge holders on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. For week end matches you do need to book, call 07950057613.

Here is a sample of some of what is available.

Holbar, day ticket only, 47 pegs, common and mirror carp to 26lbs, hybrid carp, chub, F1 carp (bet they are quick), bream, barbel and silvers.

The Coveys, consists of 6 lakes with 173 pegs over a 5 acre area. F1, mirror, common, ide, barbel, chub.

Gold Lake, carp to 22lbs, tench, barbel, silvers, ide.

Spey Canal, 22 pegs ide, common, skimmers, F1 carp to 15lb, mirrors, bream, golden tench, perch, roach.

Marsh Canal, 22 pegs runs along side Spey (Speyside you might say). Carp to 12lbs, golden tench, common and mirror carp, barbel, bream, roach, rudd.

Willow Lake, 20 pegs, located next to the cafe, toilets and shop. 20 pegs, F1s, barbel, bream, roach, rudd, golden tench, silvers.

Ribbon Lake, 15 pegs, F1s, common and mirror carp, golden tench.

Piper. 15 pegs, carp to 20lbs Tweed Lake, there seems to be a Scottish theme here, 15 pegs, F1, common and mirror carp, roach, rudd, bream to 9lbs.

Pines Lake, 15 pegs, F1s, common and mirror carp, to 6lbs, skimmers.

Google Map Ref 53.446822, -2.531763 Post Code WA3 4AQ

Checked 22/09/18

Game Fishing

Congleton and District Fly Fishers

Westlow Mere. The club started in the 1980s when a group of anglers rented an old sand quarry and began to develop it as a trout fishery. In 1998 they managed to buy the water and have gone from strenght to strenght creating an excellent fishery.

Stocked with rainbows and brown trout Westlow produces some cracking good fish into mid to high doubles.

They have installed an aeration system which helps maintain good water quality for the fish in the summer and breaks up ice in the winter.

Membership and day tickets avaiable fishing from the bank or from punts. There is a wheelie boat available, please call 24 hours in advance to book. Call 01260270012

There is heated lodge where you can get a free cuppa and use the microwave to heat a meal.

Google Map 53.174935, -2.218264 Post Code CW12 2JJ

Checked 06/01/19

Meadow Fishery

A three lake spring fed fishery on a landscaped 17 acre meadowland site near Mickel Trafford.

Stocked on a one out one in basis to maintain a stock density of 150 per acre this fishery has lots of fish. C & R is practiced by many anglers so fish have a chance to grow on which means there is always a chance of hooking into something fit, lean and special.

Permits prices are very resonable. There is a lodge where you can get hot and cold drinks, toilets, wash up and changing room facilities. There is also a large tackle shop.

The fishery looks like it would be suitable for some people with disabilities with the lodge and car park by a lake, flat grass land and well maintained banks

Call 01244 300236

Google Map 53.230421, -2.827764 Post Code CH2 4EB

Checked 06/01/19

New Mills Trout Farm

Near Brampton is a trout fishery with a fly only lake and a bait pond.

New Mills is the 1.5 acre fly fishery stocked with rainbows, brown trout and blues from 2 to 25lbs.

The Fun Fishery is for bait or fly, stocked with rainbows. There is a solid looking path around the lake which would suit people with disabilities but may be difficult for wheelchair users getting close to the bank.

There is a cafe with ramped access and a tackle shop on site, toilets and facilities for disabled.

Call 016977 41115 or 07779754697.

Google Map Reference 54.948408, -2.705038 Post Code CA8 2QS

Checked 12/01/19