Spinfish List of Fisheries with Access for Disabled Anglers - Devon

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Canals Trust

The Canals Trust have over 2,000 miles of waterway to look after for the many interest groups who use them. With so much water it is no wonder that fishing is high on the list of activities.

The Trust issues a Waterway Wanderers Permit that entitles you to fish on an impressive amount of water throughout England and Wales (for just £20).

For information on how to apply for a permit Goto Waterway Wanderers Permit Application for a list of waters covered by the permit Goto Canal Trust Waterway Wanderers Permit Waters

Coarse Fishing

Milemead Fisheries

Located 2 miles from Tavistock Milemead has been owned and developed by the same 2 people for over 30 years creating a fishery that has appeal to all levels of angling skill and ambition.

There are 5 lakes:

Carp n Silvers, 2 acres, a pleasure fishery with 35 pegs. Good access with parking near the water. Ghost, common and mirror carp (2 mirrors to 20lb+ present). Good roach to just under 3 lbs.

Canal and Basin, 2 small ponds, Canal has 8 pegs and Basin has 16, well suited to small match fishing. Roach, rudd, bream, tench, golden tench, gudgeon, F1s and carp to 5 lbs.

Cat n Carp, 12 pegs 2 acres, 300 carp to 22lbs, Wels Catfish to 28lbs. 24 hr tickets available

Specimen Carp Lake, 10 pegs, 3 acres, carp into the 20s and 30s (1 in 3 are 20lb+). 24 hr tickets available.

Tickets from the on site tackle and snack shop (if you arrive earlier than 9am just start fishing and get your permit when the shop opens). Male and female toilets and toilet facilities for the disabled on site.

Discounts for under 16, over 65 and blue badge holders on all but the Specimen lake. There is also a season permit. To book call 01822 610888

Google Map 50.554629, -4.181830 Post Code PL19 8NP

Checked 15/12/18

Newbarns Farm

A 6 lake fishery located at Collaton St Marys near Paignton. The lakes are:

Mirror, 1.25 acres stocked with carp, there is an island and underwater shallows.

Island, Rosie and Lulu are small pleasure fisheries suitable for beginners or youngsters.

The Willow, 0.33 acres, stocked with bream, roach, rudd, perch.

Lily, mostly tench and bream.

Ther are wooden shelters at pegs on Willow and Mirror and some pegs are accessible for disabled anglers (call 01803 553602 to reserve a peg). Shop, lake side parking and toilets on site.

Google Map 50.427159, -3.620200 Post Code TQ4 7PT

Checked 14/12/18

Newton Abbot Fishing Association

Full Membership of the Association is open to people living within a 20 mile radius of Newton Abbot. You can take out an Associate Membership or just take a day ticket on many of their fisheries.

Waters are:

Rackerhayes, behind Tesco in Newton Abbot has 6 ponds which after a £16K development have had wooden platforms with access ramps installed that provide full access for wheelchair users: Google Map 50.541499, -3.603119 Post Code TQ12 3RN

Bardley Pond near Bovey Tracy, carp to 28 lbs, roach, perch to 5lbs, skimmers and some big trout.

Prestons Ponds, Kingsteinton, consists of;

Key Transport - a popular match water holding stocks of skimmers, big roach, rudd, perch, tench and crucians.

Eddison Pond, a small pool with tench, crucians, carp to mid doubles and a mix of other species.

Sawmill, 3 acres, some carp to 20+, skimmers, bream, tench, perch to 3lbs.


Island Pond, 5 acres, carp to just over 25lbs, tench to10lbs, good roach and rudd, bream to 10lbs, pike and eels.

Linhay, 3 acres, mixed fishery.

Dores Pond, 9 acres, carp to 30lb+, lots of 20s, good tench (best 11.5ozs) bream to doubles and lots of silvers.

Weedy Pond 1 acre with carp to 5lbs.

Finally there is Charlescombe Pond with carp to 20s, bream, raoch, rudd and crucians.

NAFA also have access to Sommerset Levels Association of Angling Club waters at Waterwell and West Gold.

You can buy day tickets and Associate membership on line on the club web site.

Checked 14/12/18

Stafford Moor Fishery

Seven lakes set in a 67 acre estate of which 35 are lakes Pines has pegs for disabled anglers. The lakes are:

Tanners, 5 acres with 9 islands, there are lots of features to fish around. Carp, common and mirror to 13lbs, tench, golden and green tench, bream to 5lbs, roach, rudd and perch to 5lbs.

Pines, 20 pegs in this 3 acre lake with perch to 4lbs and bream to 5, roach, rudd skimmers and tench. Peg 1 to 5 are suitable for disabled anglers.

Woodpecker, a 5 acre lake with carp to 15lbs, tench and bream to 5, rudd and eels to 6lbs.

Beatties, an 8 acre lake with 11 swims, booking is essential the reason being that there are 400 carp in high teens, 40 over 20lbs and fish to 30 to 35 lbs, all growing nicely. There are also eels to 10lbs and perch to 4lb.

Lodge, close on 9 acres with carp to 30+, tench to 5lbs, eels and perch to 5lbs.

Oak, a pleasure lake with carp to 7lbs and lots of skimmers.

Willow is a new venue open from 2019, skimmers, carp and bream.

Call 01805 804360

Google Map Ref 50.884910, -3.993970 Post Code EX19 8PP

Checked 01/09/18

Town Park Fishery

The fishery on Totnes Road, Paignton, has 2 lakes:

Match Lake 2 acres, 21 pegs, stocked with carp to 10lbs, crucians, tench, chub, bream, roach, rudd and catfish to 45lbs.

Specimen Lake, 1.5 acres, room for 16 anglers, common and mirror carp to 30lb +.

The fishery is accessible to disabled anglers and the owners is very helpful. There are toilet facilities on site.

Call 01803 523133

Google Map 50.432882, -3.621719 Post Code TQ4 7PY

Checked 14/12/18

Game Fishing


Avon Dam

Wild fishing on a 50 acre reseroir on South Dartmoor. Fishing is from the bank only, fly, spinning or bait.

Free fishing witha 4 fish bag limit.

There is a toilet for diabled persons at the car park but looking at the fishisery it would be optimistic if a wheelchair user could fish here.

Google Map 50.471146, -3.862611 Post Code TQ10 9ED

Checked 07/1/19

Bellbrook Valley Trout Fishery

A UK top 30 fishery Bellbrook had 5 lakes on a 40 acre site. The lakes "cascade" down the Bellbrook Valley connected by the brook. There is high water quality promoting good fly life.

The fishery is stocked on a trickle basis ensuring a constant stock level of rainbows, brown trout and blues.

4 Lakes Bodmin, Dartmoor, Exmoor and Sedgemoor have average stockies of about 2.5lb with a few biggies to give suprises. Ironmill is a specimen lake with fish of 4lbs up to 20lbs, the average is over 5lbs.

Bodmin is the only catch and release water, it is also wheelchair accessible.

Call 07967 335159 to book a ticket, not a requirement but it is a busy fishery.

Google Map 50.970171, -3.572893Post Code EX16 9EX

Checked 07/01/19


Near Yelverton, fishing for rainbows and blues to lbs with a few doubles to 14lbs added. to the mix. Catch and release for wild brown trout.

There are rowing boats and a wheelieboat run by Burrator and Sibly Fly Fishing and Angling Association but for members us only.

Permits from the Wardens Yard opposite the Burrator Centre. Call 01566 771930 for more information.

Google Map Reference 50.494075, -4.044501 Post Code PL20 6PE

Checked 06/01/19

Burrator Fly Fishers

Membership is open to anyone for a relativelty small fee. No phone number but Google them and on the right hand side, top of the page you will find email contacts.


Up on Dartmoor this fishery is restricted for anglers only. A well stocked fly only fishery holding rainbow trout up to 7lbs with fish to 14lbs added to the mix plus hard fighting blues. There are resident brown trout to 8lbs, C & R only.

A wheelie boat is available giving 48 hours notice, call the ranger on 01647 252898. Permits from the Anglers Lodge or out of hours from a self service kiosk.

Best flies, buzzer, damsel, average bag just over 2 fish.

Google Map Reference 50.584335 -3.670854 Post Code EX6 7NZ

Checked 07/01/19

Checked 06/01/19

Meldon Lake

Free fishing for wild brown trout on this lake in open moorland near Okehampton. Fly, spinning and bait permitted 4 fish limit.

There are toilets at the car park with a facility for disabled. It is about 150 yards to the end of the dam wall where wheelchair users might get a cast.

Google Map 50.707654, -4.038732 Post Code EX20 4LU

Checked 07/01/19

Roadford Lake

Positioned on the edge of Dartmoor this 738 acre lake is home to excellent stocks of brown trout, reconed to be one of the best brown trout waters in the UK.

Fishing is from bank and boat with great catches (30+) from boats and bank fishing is no laggard in terms of performance either.

The lake is stocked with fish 7 to 10 inches with a good number going to 2lbs. Growth rate is good with lots of aqautic fare for fish to browse on. Many fish to 5lbs are caught every yaer with some going to 7lbs. Fish that have grown on, fighting fit.

Hot spots around the aerator in the summer or just drifting along the shore casting towards the bank loch style.

There are just 4 boats so you should book well in advance to be sure of getting one. 2 petrol outboards are for hire but you can bring your own electric motor. Float tubing and kayak fishing is allowed but speak to staff first.

There is also a wheely boat, call 01409 211507 to book boats.

The season is 15th March to 12st October this being a brown trout fishery. Season tickets online from SW Water web site

There is an activity centre where you can buy your permit or out of hours there is a ticket machine on site. There is the Lakeside Cafe for meals, toilets and showers and a camp site.

Best flies black gnat (there is a great Hawthorn hatch in May), pheasant tail nymph, sedge patterns, tadpoles and leaches and shrimp patterns.

Google Map 50.695651, -4.239183 Post Code PL16 0JL

Checked 07/01/19

Tavistock Trout Fishery

The fishery has 5 lakes fed from the waters of the river Tavy which keeps the lakes refreshed.

The lakes are stocked weekly with tripliod rainbows, brown trout, tigers, blue and golden trout. If you want to see a selection of big fish have a butchers at thier web site, you need to be a beefy boy to hold up some of those fish. Best rainbow 32lbs 11ozs, best brownies 13lbs 4ozs, get the picture?

Fishing is from Tuesday to Sunday dawn til dusk, closed Mondays except for Bank Holidays.

There is a takle shop on site and seating areas. Nearby they also have a pub, The Trout and Tipple where there are toilets including facilities for disabled and for nappy changing (just in case you are introducing your kids to fishing at an early age).

Permits from the tackle shop or if closed there is an intercom to the farm house. Call 01822 615441

Google Map 50.560991, -4.127372Post Code PL19 0JS

Checked 10/09/19

Wistlandpound Reservoir

Up on Exmoor near Barnstaple Wistlandpound is a 41 acre water surrounded in conifer woodland. Untill 2018 the reservoir had been stocked with brown trout to 4lbs. Stocking has now stopped and the permit price reduced to reflect this however prospect remain good as there are a number of good feeder streams for spawning, brownies will procreate. Fish here are known to be free rising, especially of an evening. Fly only.

Season and day tickets avaiable from The Calvert Trust reception on site, Challacombe Post Office, Variety Sports and Richardsons Newsagents in Ilfracombe.

There is a fishing club on this water, Wistlandpound Fly Fishing Clab who have boats for use by members, it is just £14 to join and you get a discount on the permit, worth it i'd say, call 01271 883252.

The calvert Trust have a wheelieboat for hire call 01598 763221.

Google Map 51.160571, -3.939455 Post Code EX31 4SJ

Checked 07/01/19facebook