Spinfish List of Fisheries with Access for Disabled Anglers - Gloucestershire

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Canals Trust

The Canals Trust have over 2,000 miles of waterway to look after for the many interest groups who use them. With so much water it is no wonder that fishing is high on the list of activities.

The Trust issues a Waterway Wanderers Permit that entitles you to fish on an impressive amount of water throughout England and Wales (for just £20).

For information on how to apply for a permit Goto Waterway Wanderers Permit Application for a list of waters covered by the permit Goto Canal Trust Waterway Wanderers Permit Waters

Coarse Fishing


Elton Carp Fishery

2 purpose built lakes with carp to the high 20s near Newnham on Severn. The lakes are:

Barn; tree lined with 2 islands there are 10 pegs. The lake is stocked with common, mirror, ghost and Jumbo koi.

T here is vehicle access to one peg and level access to platforms suitable for use by wheelchair user.

Horseshoe, has mirror and common carp to high 20s and big ghosts. Night fishing by arrangement. Is it just me but I think the ariel vew looks like a big smiley clown face, or am I just needing to get out more?

Google Map 51.823853, -2.445824 Post Code GL14 1JU

Checked 11/10/18

Hillview Lake

Consists of 2 lakes and 4 specially built canal style waters.

The lakes, Moorhen and Heron are stocked with mirror, common, ghost and crucian carp up to the 20lb mark with a good 4lb average.

There are also silver orfe, bream roach, rudd and good perch. The canals offer good opportunities for pool angler.

Some of the pegs are suitable for disabled anglers, you are advised to drive to the far end of the car park were the parking is on the same level as the lakes. Heron and Moorhen are the most accessible.

Call 01684 296719 or 07840579087 for bookings.

Google Map Reference 52.028339, -2.159736 Post Code GL20 6JH

Checked 13/01/19

Horseshoe Lake

A 62 acre lake with 72 swims including 21 doubles. The lake has 2 arms, Summer Bay averaging 4ft and Winter Bay which is deeper at 11ft.

The lake holds specimen carp to 47.5lbs with an average of 21lbs. There are also bream to 14lbs, tench to 9, roach to 3lbs, plus rudd, pike and perch.

This is a Carp Society lake and is open to members only. To join go to Carp Society Membership in 2018 it was just £25. Permits from the on site tackle and bait shop.

There is a lodge on site with catering, toilets and showers. I found mention that there are facilities for disabled anglers and that some swims can be reserved. Call 01367 253959.

Google Map 51.705682, -1.682527 Post Code GL7 3QQ

Checked 13/01/19

South Cerney Angling Club

The club have fishing on 6 lakes and 2 rivers. The Rivers are:

River Thames, 2 miles with chub, bream, perch, roach, pike, dace.

River Ray, bewteen Swindon and Cricklade stocked with barbel and silvers.

The lakes;

Stait, day tickets, carp to 20+, bream, roach, rudd and perch. Toilets facilities with disabled access.

Gillmans Lake, day tickets. 1.5 acres, stocked with carp, tench, roach, rudd, bream, chub and barbel. Toilets facilities with disabled access.

Ham Pool, day tickets, 8 acres carp (to 40 plus), bream and tench to doubles, pike to 30 plus. There are also roach, rudd and crucians.

Showers and toilets on site with disabled facilities.

Day tickets can be bought on the bank.

Lakes for members are Whitefriars, Dabchick, Franklins.

Google Map 51.663871, -1.926475 Post Code GL7 5UH

Checked 11/10/18

Stroud and District Angling Club

They have a 50 peg stretch of the Glouscester Canal at Hardwick. You can drive to your peg and there is a specially built disabled anglers peg. They also have fishing on the Thames / Severn canal at Thrupp.

They also have Stratford Park Lake stocked with good roach, bream, perch and common and mirror carp to 26lbs.

Member only but the cost of joining is very affordable and can be obtained from Lobbys Tackle in Stonehouse. Google Map 51.743934, -2.279174

Checked 11/10/18

Checked 04/10/18

Game Fishing


Lechlade and Bushylease Fishery

Big fish water consisting of two lakes stocked with rainbows and browns.

Lechlade is 9 acres and stocked with fish from 4 - 6lbs with doubles going in every day. You can enjoy fishing on 250 yards of the River Leach for wild browns when fishing Lechlade.

Bushylease in bigger at 22 acres but the average stock size is 2lbs with fish up to doubled added for fun.

One nice rule is that there is no catch and release however if you catch a fish under 2lbs hand it in and it will not count towards your catch limit.

There are boats for hire on both lakes. There is a wheelie boat with an electric outboard motor available to disabled anglers free of charge.

There is a lodge, male and female loos, a picnic area, free tea and coffee facilities and they are dog friendly.

There are several permit options. 01367 253266

Google Map Reference 51.708943, -1.681577 Post Code GL7 3QQ

Checked 13/01/19

Sandford Pool Trout Fishery

A clear water spring fed fishery near Aylburton stocked with rainbows and brown trout nestle in a small woods. There are a number of permit options for catch and release and catch and kill.

There a good paths around the pool , some large casting platforms whish would make it accessible to many disabled anglers.

Free tea and coffe. There are toilets on site.

Call 07931 115301

Google Map 51.709190, -2.565094 Post Code GL15 6PZ

Checked 13/01/19