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The Canals Trust have over 2,000 miles of waterway to look after for the many interest groups who use them. With so much water it is no wonder that fishing is high on the list of activities.

The Trust issues a Waterway Wanderers Permit that entitles you to fish on an impressive amount of water throughout England and Wales (for just £20).

For information on how to apply for a permit Goto Waterway Wanderers Permit Application for a list of waters covered by the permit Goto Canal Trust Waterway Wanderers Permit Waters

Coarse Fishing

Chequertree Fishery

Located near Ashford, Chequertree offers both coarse and trout fishing on 3 lakes on a day ticket basis (24 hours for carp).

The coarse fishery is mixed, including carp to over 30lbs (common, mirror, leather and grass) there are also rudd, roach, bream, chub, tench and perch.

There are no platforms for disabled as such but the grass is cut to the waters edge and the ground is level so it will be suitable for many disabled anglers.

There is a club house with bar and cafe as well as toilet facilities.

Call 01233 820078

Google Map 51.112577, 0.742578 Post Code TN26 3JR

Cottington Lakes

Consists of 8 lakes in a 45 acre woodland setting near Sholden. There are 5 mixed fisheries and 2 specimen lakes.

There are some streams running throught the fishery with pike to 20lbs and carp to the 20s which can be fished on the day ticket.

The lakes are:

Lake Pepper, 7 acres, a specimen carp lake which takes 16 fishermen, so the are swims generous. Over 200 carp with 40 in the 30 to 40lb range and 14 over 40lbs, plus Big Girl who clocks in at 51lbs 12 ozs, what a gal. Car parking is close to each swim

Lake Christine, 3.5 acres, max 6 anglers. Mirror and common carp to 30+ and ghost to high doubles.

Lake Winsor, a 30 peg match water with lots of carp in the 3 to 8lb range plus, tench, chub, roach, rudd and skimmers.

Black Lake, 53 pegs, 3 island, 2 bays and a canal stretch offer a variety locations. Bream, carp, rudd, roach, chub and perch.

Alder Lake, 12 pegs and lots of fish, big tench and bream, roach, chub and rudd.

Elliot Lake, a 30 peg mixed fishery with some carp to low doubles.

Match Lake, a 93 peg snake lake, lots of carp to 3lbs plus rudd and roach.

Heron Lake a 20 peg, 1.5 acre lake with lots of silver fish plus roach, rudd, tench, bream and crucians.

There are specially designed facilities for disabled anglers including parking at Black Lake, solid pathways and 2 square metre platforms.

When having a break there are toilets and shower, a cafe and a bar.

Call 01304 380691 for further details and to book the specimen lakes of a match venue.

Google Map Reference 51.230434 1.368762 Post Code CT14 0AR

Checked 23/10/18

Elphicks Fisheries

A 7 lake copmlex near Horsmonden consists of a mixture of pleasure and specimen.

West End 3 acres, carp to 50lbs +, Plantation 1.3 acres, North Lake at 6 acres and Pullens 3 acres, carp to 50lbs+ are specimen carp lakes while Kettles 2.5 acres (carp to 30+, tench to 10+, perch), Sandwich 1.5 acres (mixed with carp), Prairie 3 acres (specimen carp to 40lbs+) are day ticket waters.

There is a lodge with a ramped entrance and disabled toilets. Many swims are suitable for disabled anglers with hard ramps and all weather surfaces.

With such big fish this is a popular venue so booking is advised, call 01580 212512.

Google Map 51.114402, 0.428526 Post Code TN12 8EL

Checked 10/10/18

Kemsley Community Angling Preservation Society

Located near Sittingborne they have 2 lakes:

Front Lake, 20 pegs including a peg for disabled anglers. Carp to25lbs, pike to the same, ghosts to 21lbs plus good tench, bream, perch to 5lbs, roach and rudd. Google Map 51.357159, 0.738719 Post Code ME10 2RF

Back Lake, 12 pegs including 1 for disabled anglers. The lake has carp to 25lbs, pike to 30lbs, 10lb tench, bream to 11lbs, plus chub, roach and perch. Google Map 51.358435, 0.745802 Post Code  ME10 2TT

For such promising fishing the membership and day tickets are inexpensive and they discount for under 17s, over 60s and disabled.

Checked 30/10/18

Medway Valley Fisheries

A popular members club located near Snodland with 9 fisheries (7 available to general membership). The lakes are:

Abbey Meads, 30 acres holding carp to 30lbs, pike to 30lbs, tench and bream to 13 and big perch.

Big Lake, 14 acres with carp to 48lbs and many 30s, tench and bream to 16lbs and pike to 36lbs.

Brooklands, 28 acres with carp to 50lbs, pike to 38 tench to 14 and bream to 13lbs. This lake has a toilet for disabled anglers and vehicle access to many of the pegs.

Ford Lake, 5 acres with carp to 20lbs plus bream and tench to doubles, rudd, roach and perch.

Larkfield Complex consists of 4 lakes, Railway, Island, Road, Ocean with carp to 40lbs (except Railway where there are fewer fish). There are also tench and bream to doubles.

Trout Lake, 4 acres has carp to 30lbs, bream, tench, pike, perch, roach and rudd.

Woodlands, 5 acres with carp averaging 8 to 12lb with a few to 20lbs plus roach, perch, bream, tench and pike.

As stated this is a popular club as might be expected with so many specimens and there is a waiting list for some lakes. Call the Membership Manager on 07875 649402.

Google Map 51.328620, 0.446930 Post Code BH23 4TR

Checked 30/10/18

Orchard Place Farm Fishery

If you want to ton up on catfish this is the place to you. 11 lakes, 8 for carp and cats, 3 match / pleasure. The lakes are in brief:

Lake 1, next to the main car park. 2 acres, 5 swims, 2 islands and 3 submerged islands, fish holding feature. 3 swims designed for disabled anglers.

Lake 2, 2.5 acres with islands and overhanging vegitation. 7 swims for carp to 36lbs and catfish to 50lbs.

Lake 3, 3.5 acres, 1 island, 8 swims. Carp to 40lbs and cats to 50.

Lake 4, 4.5 acres, 2 islands, 8 swims, carp to 48lbs and cats 50.

Lake 5, 2.5 acres, pleasure / match fishery. 1 island, 20 swims, common and mirror carp to 15lbs, F1s, bream, chub, tench, golden tench, barbel.

Lake 6, 6 acres, horseshoe, match / pleasure, 60 swims. Common and mirror carp to 20lbs, bream, F12, chub, tench, golden tench, barbel.

Lake 7, 12 acres, 7 islands and 3 causeways. Carp to 50lbs and catfish to 100lbs

Lake 8, 7 acres, 4 island, 15 swims, carp to 38lbs, cats to 100.

Lake 9, 3.5 acres, various islands, 7 swims, carp to 38lbs and cats to 50.

Lake 10, a silvers lake, "everything except carp".

Lake 11, a small lake with carp to 36lbs and cat to 50.

Call 07860608212 or 01892 838576.

Designated swims for disabled anglers with purpose built toilets and showers in the main car park. Paths have all weather surfaces. There is another toilet and washing block between Lakes 3 and 4, at Lake 7 there is a bothy with a kettle, microwave and toaster.

There is a tackle and bait shop on site and food on sale from a canteen wagon April to October.

Google Map Post Code TN12 6NY

Checked 16/01/19

Sandwich Lakes

Located near Canterbury there are 6 lakes to choose from:

Victory, a specimen lake of 2 acres with common and morror carp to 35lbs plus ghosts, tench, roach, rudd and perch. Night fishing can be arranged.

Kingfisher, 0.6 acres, 8 swims with carp to 10lbs. This lake is right next to the car park and is wheelchair accessible.

Damson and Victoria lakes are both match venues of 1 acre each with carp to 12lbs, bream to 12lbs plus rudd, roach, perch and some tench.

Meadow, 1 acre with scaley mirror carp plus commons to 5lbs, perch and roach.

Deer Lake is the biggest at 2.5 acres with 15 swims. Carp to 18lbs, roach, rudd, perch.

There are a range of day ticket options including reductions for junior, disabled anglers and pensioners. There is a cafe and toilets on site.

Call 07936 409912

Google Map 51.281695, 1.311556 Post Code CT3 2DA

Checked 30/10/18

Tricklebrook Fishery

2 lakes in Five Oaks Green. The lakes are:

Specimen Lake with carp and cats. Two 40 pounders Sugar and Arthur, a dozen 30s and plenty of twenties. The catfish go to 30lb and some of the perch are very big.

The other lake is a match fishery of 1 acre stocked with carp to 28lbs, roach and tench.

Toilets on site, hard stand car park, easy access to the lake. Toilets on site. Also a Lodge with a tackle and bait shop offering food and drinks. Suitable for some disabled anglers.

Call 07743 955812

Google Map 51.175431, 0.365925 Post Code TN12 6SH

Checked 16/01/19

Game Fishing


Bewl Water

Located in Lamberhurst nearTunbridge Wells. A 770 acre reservoir the biggest reservoir in the south east of England.

Stocked with brown, rainbow and blue trout trout fishing from bank and boat. There are 54 boats including a Wheelyboat and the fishery is so popular you should call to book on 01892 890000.

Bank fishing is fly only however any method is allowed from boats all rainbows and blues to be kept up to the catch and take permit limit of 8 fish. All brown trout to be returned with care. There is a catch and release option which does not have a catch limit. They also offer season tickets.

There is a tackle shop on site, a bistro and cafe, there are toilet facilities.

Google Map Reference 51.070934, 0.396398 Post Code TN3 8JH

Checked 27/12/18