Spinfish, Fisheries with Access to Wild Brown Trout Fishing for Disabled Anglers - Scotland


Loch of Lintrathen

Run by Lintrathen Angling Club the loch holds brown trout and rainbows, boat fishing only. There are 22 boats including 2 wheelie boats. They also have Backwater Reservoir which is unstocked and has a good head of wild brownies averaging about half a pound. Call 01575 560327.

Google Map Reference Lintrathen 56.679053, -3.186334, Backwater 56.726550, -3.216546

Checked 06/09/18


Hass Loch

5 miles from Jedburgh, 2, 5 acre lochs run by Jedforest AA, rainbows to 10lbs and brown trout, facilities suitable for persons with disabilities. Permits from Taylor Newsagents, High St Jedburgh, (Hass Loch and Teviot BT and Grayling,) Abbey Bridge Cafe (Hass) Permits for salmon fishing can be booked on line on their web site:


Brown Trout,  3 fish limit then C and R..Google Map Reference 55.385009, -2.504224

Checked 20/06.18


Dunlossit Estate

Ballygrant, Lossit have some first class fishing available on a number of lochs one of which, Ballygrant has a boat adapted for disabled anglers.;

Ballygrant Loch (55.818795, -6.143614); Lochs Lossit (55.810569, -6.137226), Fada (55.796770, -6.135921); Leatham (55.793329, -6.132766); Bharradail (55.797210, -6.160556); Scannasdale;

Call 01496 810232 for booking

Checked 07/09/18.

North Lanark

Airdrie and District Angling Club

Fishing for wild and stocked browns, rainbows and blues on the 345 acre Hillend Loch near Cladercruix. Once the biggest reservoir in the world when built between 1797 and 99 (it has matured a bit) it averages just 7 feet in depth. There is a very smart lodge just off the A89 where you can buy permits.

Parking for the disabled is provided, toilets at the lodge. There is a wheelie boat for hire.

Fishing methods include fly, bait and spinning. 6 boats available fly fishing only. With 5 miles of bank there is room to roam. Early season they recommend black fritz and tadpoles, June, July sedges. Permits can also be bought at the Lodge, Hillend, Sunny Convenience Store in Caldercruix and from the Airdrie Angling Centre, 3 Forrest St, Airdrie.

Google Map Reference 55.866504, -3.963002

Checked 26/06/16


Assynt Angling Club / Group

The Assynt Angling Club and 8 local landowner have joined together to offer access to 150 lochs in the area including 20 lochs with boats.

2 boats have minor alterations to suit people with mobility problems.

The fishing is for wild brown trout and ferox with 5 lochs offering salmon and sea trout fishing. Trout average 6 to 12 ounces with a few fish over the 4lb mark taken every year. This is fishing in the raw, no stockies. Permits from a number of sources in the area with no extra charge for the salmon and sea trout fishing. Permits for salmon fishing on the Inver estuary from the Lochinver PO. For more information log on to www.assyntangling.co.uk Google Map Reference 58.173783, -5.035965

Checked 26/06/18


Clubbiedean Park

One mile south of Colinton, fly only from boats, fly and bait fishing from the bank fishing for browns, rainbows and blues. There is bank fishing for disabled anglers. Call 07341 839378 to book (which is advised). Google Map Reference 55.888243, -3.278994

Checked 20/06/18


Fingask Loch

Blairgowrie and Rattray Dist AA have 5.5 miles of fishing ont the river Ericht for Salmon, Sea Trout, Brownies and Grayling. offering day, week and season tickets. They also have Fingask Loch, a small loch on the Lunan Burn a mile from Blairgowrie with access for disabled persons, a wheelyboat is available. You need to be a guest of a member to fish the loch though.

Permits for the river from local tackle shops, Kate Flemings 01250 873990 or James Crockart and Sons 01250 872056.

Google Map Reference 56.571154, -3.361865

Checked 20/06/18

Millhall Reservoir

8 acres of fishing, boat and bank, parking for disabled persons near the boathouse. Stocked with rainbows and golden trout from 2lb to 15lb with many double figure fish taken each year. There is a resident population of brown trout.

Contact Avon Bank Fishing Club, Millhall Reservoir, Old Polmont, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, FK20 0YO, call 01324 714190.

Map reference 55.992553, -3.694451

Checked 25/06/18


Portree Angling Association

Have a selection of rivers and lochs in west central Skye offering wild brown trout fish and fishing for salmon and sea trout on a number of spate rivers. The lochs are Cuithir Loch, Loch Luiravay, Loch Hasco, Loch Langaig, Loch Fada, Loch Droighinn, Loch Snaesdal, Loch Cleap, Loch Corcasgil, Loch Duhbah-sgoth, Leum na Luirginn, Loch Cleat, Mealt Loch.

Storr Lochs, recommended that you don't bother with the shallow south end (There is wheelie boat on the loch.

Loch Leathan, Lochan a Bhealach-Bhig, Loch Scamadal. Permits from Island Cycles,The Green, Portee, call 01478 613121. Google Map Reference 57.411497, -6.196715

Checked 25/06/18


Carron Valley Reservoir

4 miles long up the three quarters of a mile wide and a 1000 acres of fly only fishing on this highly rated water with wild and stocked brown trout and rainbows. Boat (30 traditional clinker built boats) and bank fishing over 4 miles of bank all at a very reasonable cost.

There are 2 wheelie boats available on the loch. Contact Carron Valley Fishing, Fishing Lodge, Carron Valley, nr Denny, Stirling, FK6 5JL, call 01324 823698. Map reference 56.030671, 4.093227

Checked 25/06/18

Lake of Menteith

Located in the Trossachs, fishing on this Scottish lakes is so highly regarded that it a venue for major international fly fishing competitions hosting over 30 competitions each year. Less than an hour from Edinburgh, Glasgow and Perth this 700 acre fishery is a challenge to fish but all thirty boats have outboard motors so getting about shouldn't be too exhausting. Interestingly, when you reach your session bag limit you can fish on catch and release and can keep any fish taken weighing over 5lbs.

A Wheelyboat is available for disabled anglers.

Call 01877 385664 for bookings. Google Map Reference 57.411497, -6.196715

(Checked 20/06/18)

West Lothian

Linlithgow Loch

Overlooked by Linlithgow Palace, the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots, this loch has a great deal of charm. There is a wheelieboat available for anglers with disabilities.

They offer a Disabled Angler permit Disabled Badge holder plus 1. For bookings log on to www.fafa-linlithgowloch.org.uk

Call 01506 671753

Google Map Reference 55.980781, -3.601746

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