Fisheries with Access for Disabled Anglers - Scotland

After a complete review of all entries for Scotland 54 fisheries have been indentified as enabling for disabled anglers. There are:

Salmon Fishing: 7; Wild Brown Trout: 13; Trout Fisheries: 23; Coarse Fisheries: 12

If you know of any other venues suitable for anglers with disabilities please e-mail with details

Salmon and Sea Trout | Brown Trout | Trout Fisheries | Coarse Fishing

Salmon & Sea Trout

Connon and Loch Achonachie Angling Club

Connon and Loch Achonachie Angling Club and has 2.5 miles of fishing on the upper Conon from below the power station at Loch Luichart to above Loch Achonachie and the upper beat on the Blackwater from above Rogie Falls to Loch na Croic. They also have fishing on loch Achonachie, loch Scardroy and Loch Meig where they have a Wheely Boat. The river fishes best late on in the season. Permits for the dawn to 4pm and or 4pm 'til dusk sessions. The club have been very progressive in providing access to parts of the beat for people with disabilities. Permits from Contin Filling Station, call 01997 421948. Google Map Reference 57.567971, -4.578958 Checked 20/06/18.

Badanloch Estate

Badanloch Estate offer fishing on lochs and the Helmsdale. Fishing for wild brown trout on Loch Rimsdale, Loch Nan Clar, Loch Rimsdale, Loch Coire nam Mang, (which have a good Mayflt hatch in June) Loch Druim a Chliabhain and Loch An Altan Fheanna.

The estate also has a Wheelie boat for hire "HMS Sally".

They also offer trout fishing for 2 rods on the Upper Helmsdale where there are occasional grisle from June onwards.

Call 01431 831232

Google Map Ref 58.266671, -4.050740

Checked 03/07/19

Carrick Angling Club

Established in 1894 this club is a real go ahead bunch that built, by voluntary labour, some exceptional access platforms for disabled angler on their stretch of the river Girvan. Carrick AC offers day and week tickets for fishing on this improving river for salmon, sea trout and brown trout. They also have fishing for rainbows on Glendrissaig Reservoir with good facilities for disabled anglers.

The club have a number of beats:

Bargany Beat extending from Nobles Bridge in Girvan to Drumrannie Burn south bank only.

Lower Enoch Beat extending from Drumrannie Burn to Enoch farm bridge south bank and Cochranes Point Pipe to Enoch farm bridge north bank.

Camreggan Beat extends from Killoup Burn to Penwhapple Burn south bank only.

Permit from Dunlop Newspaper  Shop, Dalrymple St, Ultimate Anglers at Flushes Car Park and Old St, Garage Old ST, Girvan.

Google Map Reference  55.244889, -4.856735

Checked 26/06/18

The Nith

Mid Nithsdale Angling Association

Mid Nithsdale Angling Association have been very active providing excellent access to fishing on good pool on their stretch of the Nith.

The have build good road access to pools, automatic gates so there is no need to get out of the car to open them, dedicated parking bays, and an accessible hut between beats 1 and 2.

In total they have 3.5 miles of mostly double bank fishing for salmon, sea trout and brown trout, 18 named pools. Any legal method allowed.

For disabled anglers ther are 3 set of parking bays;

Bay 1. 8 spaces at the junction of the rivers Scaur and Nith.

Bay 2. at the Cran Pool, excellent spinning and worm fishing.

Bay 3. At the foot of Mathers.

For permits call Memories Flowers & Gifts in Thornhill 01848 331777 or Pets Larder 01848 330555.

Google Map Ref 55.240537, -3.777013

Checked 26/06/18

Snizort Isle of Skye

Information suggest that the lower 3 beats maybe wheelchair accessible.

For permits and further details call Three Esses Ltd, The Hatchery, Skeabost Bridge Tel 01470 532297 or Reception, The Skeabost Country House Hotel Tel 01470 532202.

Google Map Ref 57.451811, -6.302706

The Spey

Abernethy Angling Association

6 miles of double bank fishing with 15 named pools from Broomhill Bridge tothe Millars Pool just above Boat of Garten bridge. Catch returns in 2006 were some 750 sea trout and 139 salmon, best sea trout 7lbs and best salmon 15lbs. The club have installed wheel chair access to the Nethy Pool with concrete stands. AAIA have merged with the Aviemore Angling Improvement Association and now offer fishing on 4 miles single bank around Aviemore with 16 named pools. There are some impressive returns from this water including a 14.5lb brown trout. Permits from Boat of Garten Post Office or Cairngorm Mountain Sports in Aviemore. Google Map Reference 57.280466, -3.672775 Checked 20/06/188

The Tweed


Disabled access has been very much enhanced on the Tweed by the acquisition of boats specially designed for river fishing.

The following beats have disabled access:

Bottom Beats: Pedwell, Ladykirk, Boathouse and Cann y All at Norham.

Lower Beats: Tillmouth, South Wark, Lower Birgham, Birgham Dub, Sprouston, Upper Hendersyde and Junction.

Middle Tweed: Lower Floors, Upper Floors, Rutherford, Boleside

Contact the Tweed Foundation on 01896 848271 for further details.

Checked 26/06/18

Wild Brown Trout

Loch of Lintrathen

Run by Lintrathen Angling Club the loch holds brown trout and rainbows, boat fishing only. There are 22 boats including 2 wheelie boats. They also have Backwater Reservoir which is unstocked and has a good head of wild brownies averaging about half a pound. Call 01575 560327.

Google Map Reference Lintrathen 56.679053, -3.186334, Backwater 56.726550, -3.216546

Checked 06/09/18


Hass Loch

5 miles from Jedburgh, 2, 5 acre lochs run by Jedforest AA, rainbows to 10lbs and brown trout, facilities suitable for persons with disabilities. Permits from Taylor Newsagents, High St Jedburgh, (Hass Loch and Teviot BT and Grayling,) Abbey Bridge Cafe (Hass) Permits for salmon fishing can be booked on line on their web site:

Brown Trout,  3 fish limit then C and R..Google Map Reference 55.385009, -2.504224

Checked 20/06.18


Dunlossit Estate

Ballygrant, Lossit have some first class fishing available on a number of lochs one of which, Ballygrant has a boat adapted for disabled anglers.;

Ballygrant Loch (55.818795, -6.143614); Lochs Lossit (55.810569, -6.137226), Fada (55.796770, -6.135921); Leatham (55.793329, -6.132766); Bharradail (55.797210, -6.160556); Scannasdale;

Call 01496 810232 for booking

Checked 07/09/18.

North Lanark

Airdrie and District Angling Club

Fishing for wild and stocked browns, rainbows and blues on the 345 acre Hillend Loch. Once the biggest reservoir in the world when built between 1797 and 99 (it has matured a bit) it averages just 7 feet in depth. There is a very smart lodge just off the A89 where you can buy permits.

Parking for the disabled is provided, toilets at the lodge.

Fishing methods include fly, bait and spinning. 6 boats available fly fishing only. With 5 miles of bank there is room to roam. Early season they recommend black fritz and tadpoles, June, July sedges. Permits can also be bought at the Lodge, Hillend, Sunny Convenience Store in Caldercruix and from the Airdrie Angling Centre, 3 Forrest St, Airdrie.

Google Map Reference 55.866504, -3.963002

Checked 26/06/16


Assynt Angling Club / Group

The Assynt Angling Club and 8 local landowner have joined together to offer access to 150 lochs in the area including 20 lochs with boats.

2 boats have minor alterations to suit people with mobility problems.

The fishing is for wild brown trout and ferox with 5 lochs offering salmon and sea trout fishing. Trout average 6 to 12 ounces with a few fish over the 4lb mark taken every year. This is fishing in the raw, no stockies. Permits from a number of sources in the area with no extra charge for the salmon and sea trout fishing. Permits for salmon fishing on the Inver estuary from the Lochinver PO. For more information log on to Google Map Reference 58.173783, -5.035965

Checked 26/06/18


Clubbiedean Park

One mile south of Colinton, fly only from boats, fly and bait fishing from the bank fishing for browns, rainbows and blues. There is bank fishing for disabled anglers. Call 07341 839378 to book (which is advised). Google Map Reference 55.888243, -3.278994

Checked 20/06/18

North Lanark

Hillend Reservoir

Near Caldercriux has good access for disabled anglers, a wheelyboat is available on this 345 acre loch run by Airdrie and Dist AA. Permits from the lodge at Hillend, Sunny Convenience StoreMain St Caldercruix, Aidrie Angling Centre,3 Forest St, Airdrie

Google Map Reference 55.887369, -3.865107

Checked 20/06/18


Fingask Loch

Blairgowrie and Rattray Dist AA have 5.5 miles of fishing ont the river Ericht for Salmon, Sea Trout, Brownies and Grayling. offering day, week and season tickets. They also have Fingask Loch, a small loch on the Lunan Burn a mile from Blairgowrie with access for disabled persons, a wheelyboat is available. You need to be a guest of a member to fish the loch though.

Permits for the river from local tackle shops, Kate Flemings 01250 873990 or James Crockart and Sons 01250 872056.

Google Map Reference 56.571154, -3.361865

Checked 20/06/18

Millhall Reservoir

8 acres of fishing, boat and bank, parking for disabled persons near the boathouse. Stocked with rainbows and golden trout from 2lb to 15lb with many double figure fish taken each year. There is a resident population of brown trout.

Contact Avon Bank Fishing Club, Millhall Reservoir, Old Polmont, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, FK20 0YO, call 01324 714190.

Map reference 55.992553, -3.694451

Checked 25/06/18


Portree Angling Association

Have a selection of rivers and lochs in west central Skye offering wild brown trout fish and fishing for salmon and sea trout on a number of spate rivers. The lochs are Cuithir Loch, Loch Luiravay, Loch Hasco, Loch Langaig, Loch Fada, Loch Droighinn, Loch Snaesdal, Loch Cleap, Loch Corcasgil, Loch Duhbah-sgoth, Leum na Luirginn, Loch Cleat, Mealt Loch.

Storr Lochs, recommended that you don't bother with the shallow south end (There is wheelie boat on the loch.

Loch Leathan, Lochan a Bhealach-Bhig, Loch Scamadal. Permits from Island Cycles,The Green, Portee, call 01478 613121. Google Map Reference 57.411497, -6.196715

Checked 25/06/18


Carron Valley Reservoir

4 miles long up the three quarters of a mile wide and a 1000 acres of fly only fishing on this highly rated water with wild and stocked brown trout and rainbows. Boat (30 traditional clinker built boats) and bank fishing over 4 miles of bank all at a very reasonable cost.

There are 2 wheelie boats available on the loch. Contact Carron Valley Fishing, Fishing Lodge, Carron Valley, nr Denny, Stirling, FK6 5JL, call 01324 823698. Map reference 56.030671, 4.093227

Checked 25/06/18

Lake of Menteith

Located in the Trossachs, fishing on this Scottish lakes is so highly regarded that it a venue for major international fly fishing competitions hosting over 30 competitions each year. Less than an hour from Edinburgh, Glasgow and Perth this 700 acre fishery is a challenge to fish but all thirty boats have outboard motors so getting about shouldn't be too exhausting. Interestingly, when you reach your session bag limit you can fish on catch and release and can keep any fish taken weighing over 5lbs.

A Wheelyboat is available for disabled anglers.

Call 01877 385664 for bookings. Google Map Reference 57.411497, -6.196715

(Checked 20/06/18)

West Lothian

Linlithgow Loch

Overlooked by Linlithgow Palace, the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots, this loch has a great deal of charm. There is a wheelieboat available for anglers with disabilities.

They offer a Disabled Angler permit Disabled Badge holder plus 1. For bookings log on to

Call 01506 671753

Google Map Reference 55.980781, -3.601746

Ckecked 25/06/18

Trout Fisheries


Braeside Trout Fishery

2.5 acre fly only fishery at Boddam near Peterhead stocked with rainbow trout, brook trout and brownies, maximum 20 rods. Call 01779 473903. 01466 799410. Google Map Reference 57.464788, -1.805490 (Checked 20/06/18)

Delgatie CastleTrout Fishery

Fishing in a 4 acre loch within the castle grounds for rainbows from 1.8lbs to double figures and resident brown trout.  There are made gravel paths in some areas which would be suitable for people with mobility issues. Contact Delgatie Trout Fishery, Turiff, AB53 5TD, call 01888 563479 mobile 07980999006. Google Map Reference 57.544044, -2.412089

Checked 25/06/18

Loch Insch Fishery

The fishery was closed and under reconstruction. At this time I cannot find information about it being re-opened other than scheduled for spring 2018.

Checked 25/06/18


Forbes of Kingennie

A fine fishery with 4 trout pools: Burnside stocked fish 2 to 15lbs; Boathouse stoclk with fish 3 to 15lbs; Bankside with fish 2 to 15lbs and Woodside with stockies of about 1.5lbs. Stocked weekly there are a number of fish to 20lbs to be caught - good luck.

Good wheel chair access.

Contact Forbes of Kingennie, Kingennie, Broughty Ferry, Dundee, DD5 3RD, call 01382 350777.

Google Map Reference 56.514915, -2.847163

Checked 25/06/18

Ledyatt Fishery

On the A 923 near Lundie this fishery is stocked with rainbows, browns and blues some fish to 20lbs.

There are 39 fishing platforms some adapted for disabled anglers.

There is a lodge with tiolets and good parking.

Call 07494 656636.

Google Map Ref 56.506575, -3.165450

Checked 23/07/18


Carrick Angling Club

Established in 1894 this club is a real go ahead bunch that built, by voluntary labour, some exceptional access platforms for disabled angler on their stretch of the river Girvan. Carrick AC offers day and week tickets for fishing on this improving river for salmon, sea trout and brown trout.

They also have fishing for rainbows on Glendrissaig Reservoir with good facilities for disabled anglers.

Permit from Dunlop Newspaper  Shop, Dalrymple St, Ultimate Anglers at Flushes Car Park and Old St, Garage Old ST, Girvan.

Google Map Reference  55.244889, -4.856735

Checked 26/06/18

Fairlie Moor

High in the moors fishing here can be challenging. Stocked weekly with rainbows, and brown trout up to 20lbs.

The fishery has several locations suitable for wheelchair users.

Permits can be bought on site, 07904 273665.

Google Map Reference 55.727452, -4.842583

Checked 07/09/18

Springwater Fishery

20 acres of fishing in 3 lochs stocked with rainbows, steelhead, blues, brown trout from 2 to 22lbs. There is a coarse fishery too with some sizeable carp, good tench, bream.

A 4 acre bait loch and fly only trout lochs offer something for a range of anglers.

Pathway and casting platforms that may be suitable for people with mobilty issues. Contact Drumgabs, Dalrymple, Ayr, Ayrshire, KA6 6AW, call 01292 560343 / 560300. Google Map Reference 55.401991, -4.575608

Checked 25/06/18


Carman Trout Fishery

Near Renton is a reservoir stocked with quality rainbow, blue and brown averaging 3lbs.

Open all year the fishery offers fly only fishing from boat and bank with well made paths along the dam wall shore suitable for wheelchair access, there is wheelyboat available. They also allow bait and spinning on a catch and kill basis from 1st Nov to 28th Feb.

Fly life is good and allows many options from dry to traditional flies, nymphs and buzzers.

There are well made paths and a wheelie boat so very suitable for disabled anglers.

Call 017801 684578.

Google Map Reference 55.973818, -4.601586

Checked 01/08/18

Carbeth Fishery

Three fishing ponds, 3 acres fly only with disabled access and a 2 acre bait pond also with good access for disabled person. Stocked daily with fish of 2 to 20 lbs. Location 200 yards the Carbeth Inn on the A809.

Call 1360 771006.

Google Map Reference 55.982737, -4.370456

Checked 25/06/18

Woodburn Trout Fishery

This relatively new fishery is set up in the Campsie Hills just 5 minutes from Kilmarnock.

Stocked with rainbows and brownies from 2 to 20lb the fishing is good. There is a bait pond and a fly fishing in the former reservoir and boat for hire at very a reasonable additional price.

The bait pond has made paths around the edges and good platforms making it accessible for people with disabilitiies.

There is also a coffee shop on site

Call 01360 313806 or 07888758709

To see regular reports for this fishery goto Jim Boyd Reports

Google Map Reference 55.975864, -4.139850

Checked 02/08/18

Dumfries and Galloway

Wee Glenamour Loch

A Newton Stweart AA water where provision has been made for wheelchair access. Vehicles can drive up to the loch side, there are platforms and bait fishing is permitted for person with disabilities, OAPs and juniors under 16.

Google Map Reference 55.123650, -4.424270

East Lothian

Markle Fishery, East Lothian


Picturesque fishery near Edinburgh representing a great day out for the angler or the family. 2 lochans; Markle and Monastery are fly only (rainbows to 20lbs +, browns, blues, golden and tiger trout), the third lochan, Loch Kin is for bait anglers and holds trout, carp to 20lb+, tench , rudd & crucians). Something for everyone in one location just a short drive from Edinburgh. You can hire tackle and receive tuition, a great place for beginners. After you have caught your bag limit you can carry on fishing catch and release, some anglers have caught 20 plus fish, some of them real stonkers!

Markle Fisheries, East Linton, East Lothian, EH40 3EB, call 01620 861213 or mobile 017947 295436.

Google Map Reference 55.988824, -2.675560

For up to date reports on Markle

Click here for the Jim Boyd Reports Section

Checked 09/08/18


Golden Loch

Located near Cupar in Fife Golden Loch offers fishing for rainbows, bank or boat. Facilities for persons with disabilities with some solid platforms. There is a range of permit options, permits from the farm house at the loch.

Call 01337 840412 or 0796 8006367.

Google Map Reference 56.329921, -3.202686

Checked 09/08/18


Rosslynlee Trout Fishery

Just over 5 acres of water stocked with rainbows, brownies and blues located near Penicuik.

Two boats available and a platform for disabled anglers.

Call 01968 679606.

Google Map Reference 55.822374, -3.166209

Checked 10/08/18


Glen of Rothes

6 acres of fishing in mainly fly only water (one bait pond) stocked with rainbows, brown trout, steelheads, brook trout and blues, average weight 2lbs. There is a bait loch and a coarse fishery. Facilities for persons with disabilities including disabled toilets and disabled persons can drive up to the waters edge.

Contact Glen of Rothes Fishery, Rothes, Morayshire, AB38 7AG, call 01340 831888.

Google Map Reference 57.553650, -3.238199

Checked 25/06/18

Mill of Kellas

On the B9010 near Elgin consists of 2 lochs for fly and 1 for bait.

The Bridge Pool is the bait pond great for beginners and kids. Stocked weekly with fish from 1.5lb to3lbs.

Mill Pond is quite a bit larger 4.5 acres and with Waterfall they make up the fly only water stocked with fish of 2.5lbs up to double figure quality trout, rainbows, and blues as well as brown trout. The fishery is accessible to wheel chair users.

Call 01343 890478.

Google Map Reference 57.572057, -3.385691

Checked 10/08/18


Quarter Fishery

Between Hamilton and Strathhaven on the A 723 is a single 2 acre pond offering bank fishing, stocked daily with rainbows from 2 to 6lbs. Fky and bait fishing allowed.

Flies: Fritzs, Yellow Dancer and buzzers are recommended. Good value for money venue and they offer a parent and child ticket.

The fishery is also wheelchair accessible.

Call 0750 268 2552.

Google Map Reference 55.735837, -4.042416

Checked 09/08/18


Ledcrieff Loch Fishery

Near Coupar Angus consist of two lochs; Ledcrieff which is stocked with rainbows and brown trout where you can fish fly and bait. The dam wall is suitable for wheelchair users and a casting platform is also reserved for people in wheelchairs.

Lairds Loch which is a specimen loch with rainbows and brown trout from 3lbs upwards, fly only. Call +44(0)7720 194820

.Google Map Reference 56.510235, -3.162478

Checked 25/06/18


Burnhouse Fishery

3.5 acres fishery stocked with rainbows, browns, blues and tiger trout.

Several platforms (2 of which are suitable for disabled persons) and a good made path. C&R and catch an keep, parent and child tickets avaiable. Contact Burnhouse Fishery, Bonnybridge, Stirlingshire, call 07889603160 or 07885 2615637.

Google Map Reference 55.981645, -3.920650

Checked 19/07/18

Orchill Loch Fishery

4.5 acre fishery near Braco stocked twice weekly with quality rainbows in the 2lb plus range. these free rising fish offer good dry fly fishing in a scenic estate setting. There are two boats available and coarse fishing for quality tench.

They also offer easy accesss from the car park to wooden stands suitable for wheelchair users

Call 01764 682287. For reports on this fishery.

Google Map Reference 56.282749, -3.833189

Click here for the Jim Boyd Reports Section

Checked 11/08/18

Swanswater Fishery

Near Sauchieburn is one of the top fisheries consisting of 3 ponds, the biggest Swanwater being about 10 acres. The fishery is stocked with fish of 2lbs up to high doubles including rainbows, blues, browns, tigers and golden trout. There are 3 boats for hire and a float tube. You can bring your own float tube too. Parking, toilets and access for disabled persons. Contact Swanswater in 01786 814805. Google Map Reference 56.087217, -3.955769 (Checked 20/06/18)

Wellsfield Trout Fishery

Near Denny on the A872 has an enviable reputation boasting a record rainbow of 30lbs 11ozs. There are 3 lochans totalling 12 acres; Lochan Hearadh (5 acres) and Lochan Uaithne (4 acres) both fly only and Lochan Fionn (3 acres) fly, bait and spinning. Stocked with rainbows, browns, blues, steelheads and tigers with fish ranging from 2lbs to 25lbs!

There are disabled persons fishing platforms and car access.

Call 01322 822800.

Google Map Reference 56.044347, -3.915512

Checked 25/06/18


Pinewood Trout Fishery

Located on Duchal Estate near Kilmalcolm Pinewood offers fly and bait fishing for rainbows, brownies and tigers.

They have installed good facilities for disabled anglers including toilets

Call 01502 872222 or 07846261584

Google Map Ref 55.882480, -4.628131

Checked 02/08/18.

West Lothian

Bangour Trout Fishery

A former reservior of 12.5 acres which has been significantly developed since being taken over in 2005. Today the facilities include a lodge with a tackle shop, catering facilities a lounge and wash room. There are 28 platforms offering 33 spaces on the reservoir.

Bangor has added full facilities for disabled angers including two platforms with wheel chair access.

Fishing is fly only for rainbows (stocked weekly, minmum 2lb) and browns to double figures as well as blues, goldens and steelheads.

Call 01506 811335 or 07711384308.

Google Map Reference 55.929572, -3.577830

Checked 11/08/18

Coarse Fishing


Kilbirnie Loch

Roach to 2lb. Permit price the same as a trout fishing permit. Permits from RT Cycles and Fishing call 01505 682191.

Google Map Reference 55.754491, -4.660535

Checked 09/07/18

Springwater Fishery

3 lochs fly fishing for trout (6 acres), coarse fishing (3 acres) and a bait loch (4 acres).

The trout lochs for fly fishing are stocked with rainbows, steelhead, blues, tigers and brown trout up to 20lb.

The bait lochs is stocked with smaller fish of 1lb upwards, bait and spinning allowed.

The coarse loch has tench to 8lbs, carp in the 20lb plus range (grass, common, mirror, ghost), perch, rudd and roach to over 3lbs. You must buy your feed pellets at the fishery.

Good access for disabled anglers.

Call 01292 560343 or 07815041883

Google Map Ref 55.405597, -4.583093

Checked 09/07/18

Dumfries and Galloway

Broomhill Fisheries

Top quality day ticket and competion waters near Newbie totalling over 200 acres consiting of 7 lakes / ponds:

Donut: stocked with carp (mirror, common and ghost to 15lbs), Ide, bream also some roach, tench and perch.

Bruces' Acre; Stocked with carp, chub, bream and barbel with numbers of roach, perch and gudgeon.

Canal: carp to 15lb, bream, ide, chub plus some perch, tench, gudgeon and roach.

Queensberry: a popular competition lake, stocked with carp (mirror, common and ghost to 14lbs), bream, tench, Ide, barbel, plus rome roach, perch and gudgeon.

Square: Carp to 15lbs, bream, chub, ide, perch plus some roach, gudgeon, tench and barbel.

Link: Carp, chub, ide, bream and some perch, roach and tench

Wallace: A match only water stocked with carp to 15lbs, ide, skimmers, roach, perch

There is tackle shop on site and a rated camp site.

Contact on 01461 700386 or 07850 157668.

Google Map Ref 54.974104, -3.280468

Checked 09/07/18

Castle Loch

The loch has been bought by Lochmabben community to conserve the loch for the community and visitors. There is now a wheelie boat on the loch for disabled anglers.

A mixed coarse fishing including good pike, carp, bream, Scottish record tench and roach.

While local residents can fish for free (they still need a permit) day tickets are available.

Tickets from Pettigrews of Lochmabben or on line.( I also found reference to tickets from the Post office and Halleaths caravan park).

Google Map Reference 55.120317, -3.433183

Checked 07/09/18

Dormont Lake Fishery

This 2 acre loch near Dalton near Lockerbie.was special set up to accomodate people with special needs and disabilities. Run by Scottish Proanglers they provide support to access angling for kids and schools. All fully coaches are fully qualified.

There are 20 piers designed for people with disabilities. The loch holds roach, rudd, perch, tench, some carp and bream, call 07952 545883.

Google Map Reference 55.064990, -3.396937

Checked 11/07/18

Glendarroch Loch

Glendarroch Loch near Kirkcowan, tench, carp, crucians, roach, rudd, pike, perch,skimmers in shallow gin clear water, challenging but good fishing among weed beds. Limited disabled access. Call 01671 401333.

Google Map Ref 54.921399, -4.637718

Checked 10/07/18

Whitefield Loch

Whitefield Loch a 60 acre loch with pike and perch with some good roach. New platforms and good disabled access. Call 01581 300697

Google Map Ref 54.857512, -4.750709 (parking here close to the loch with made path and fishing platforms).

Checked 10/07/18


Lanark Loch

A 12 acre loch just of Hyndford Road near the Lanark racecourse, some very large carp plus bream, big roach, rudd, tench and perch. Now with the Scottish Carp Group who have stocked with several hundred quality carp.

Day permits from:

D & A Weir (The Paper Shop), in Lanark call 01555 661956 

South Lanarkshire Lifestyles, Lanark , call 01555 666800

There are made paths around a large part of the loch, parking nearby and toilets. Would be suitable for disabled anglers.

Google Map Reference 55.669247, -3.750469

Checked 11/07/18

Strathclyde Park

The park is located near Motherwell off the M74 and then A723. A sizeable loch with good facilities. It is an amenity facility with parking, toilets, good made paths around the edge which will provide some good access for anglers with disabilities. Roach, bream, perch, gudgeon, carp, tench.

Permits from the rangers office include a nearby stretch of the River Clyde, call 01698 402060.

Google Map Reference 55.785285, -4.014890

Checked 11/07/18

Midlothian (Edinburgh)

Duddingston Loch

The loch is in Holyrood Park in the heart of Edinburgh tucked in behind Arthurs Seat. There are serious carp in Duddingston Loch (Scottish record standard) as well as perch and roach. Free to fish in designated areas but a permit must be obtained from the park ranger office, this is a bird sanctuary (no lead weights to be used and please do not discard fishing line, take it away and dispose of it safely). There is an area set aside exclusively for disabled anglers.

Google Map Reference 55.939843, -3.150901

Checked 11/07/18


Hoganfield Loch

Not far from Glasgow city centre the loch in the Seven Lochs Wetland Park offers free fishing for very big carp (Scottish record big), perch, roach, pike and bream.

With tarmaced pathways around the loch it would be suitable for disabled anglers.

While it is free you need to get a permit, call 0141 2875167.

Google Map Ref 55.879585, -4.174196

Checked 09/07/18