Spinfish List of Fisheries with Access for Disabled Anglers - Yorkshire

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Canals Trust

The Canals Trust have over 2,000 miles of waterway to look after for the many interest groups who use them. With so much water it is no wonder that fishing is high on the list of activities.

The Trust issues a Waterway Wanderers Permit that entitles you to fish on an impressive amount of water throughout England and Wales (for just £20).

For information on how to apply for a permit Goto Waterway Wanderers Permit Application for a list of waters covered by the permit Goto Canal Trust Waterway Wanderers Permit Waters

Coarse Fishing

Aston Park Fishery

Just outside Sheffield the fishery has 7 lakes with a wide variety of species including specimen carp.

The lakes are:

Stable Lake, 42 pegs, for pleasure and match fishing stocked with, carp to 20lbs, bream, tench, chub, ide, roach, perch.

Split Lake, 34 pegs, carp to 25lbs, bream, tench, barbel, crucians, ghosts to 10lbs, roach, perch, chub, F1s

Lanta Lake, 42 pegs, pleasure / match carp, tench, golden tench, ide, orfe, koi, bream, roach, perch, chub, gold fish, grass carp, rudd, golden rudd.

Elisyia's Lake, 20 pegs, for pleasure and coaching only. Good access for disabled anglers with pegs 1 to 9 wheelchair accessible. Carp, ide, roach, rudd, F1s.

Lily Lake, 41 pegs, pleasure, match, specimen, Carp to 30lbs, ide, bream, tench, roach, F1s, ghost carp, blue orfe, crucians, chub, perch.

Billys Lake, 29 pegs, mirror and common carp, F1s, ide, roach.

Matches every week and junior matches during school holidays.

For further information call 07743 845737.

Google Map Post 53.351861, -1.300137 Code S26 5PQ

Checked 05/12/18

Bamburgh Lakes

The fishery has three lakes accomodating pleasure, match and disabled anglers. The lakes are:

Lake 1, 32 pegs, a lake with an island with a lake in it. All of the pegs are on the outer lake with parking behind every peg. Stocked with F1s, mirror and common carp to 20lbs, tench, bream, ide, roach, barbel.

Lake 2, 23 pegs, many with park behind the peg. F1s, mirror and common carp to 5lbs, tench, bream, ide, roach, barbel.

Lake 3, 25 pegs stocked with carp, mirror, common and F1s.

There is a cafe and shop with bait bar on site as well as a licensed bistro with a nice patio area. There are toilets including disabled facilities.

Call 07752528086 or 07714765488

Google Map 53.517723, -1.257601Post Code DN5 7EE

Checked 05/12/18 Barnsley Dist AAS The club has 6 venues in the area including: Worseborough Reservoir, big carp and bream, lots of silvers. There is a peg for disabled anglers. Smith Lane Reservoir, F1 Carp, silvers. There is a peg for disabled anglers here. Sally Walsh's, carp and coarse fishing. Some big carp for which there is an additional charge. Brampton Canal, big tench and silvers. River Trent, Friskerton, silver, barbel, chub, bream, zander and a few carp. Day tickets from the local Post Office. 85 pegs. Tinkerton Pond, 2 ponds, Top, big carp and tench, perch, bream, roach. Bottom, roach, perch, rudd, bream. Membership is very reasonable, tickets from the balliff or local tackle shops valid from 1st April to 31st March. Checked 31/01/19

Birkwood Farm Lakes

Stanley near Wakefield, consists of 5 lakes opened just over 10 years ago. In 2007 a section of the river Calder was added to to the attraction.

There are fours lakes are:

Main, a 3 acre lake with carp up to 30lbs plus roach, rudd, tench and bream fishing from 28 pegs. Fishes all year.

Froghall, this old lake has carp to the high 20s plus roach, tench, perch, rudd. Room for 10 fishers.

Emily's a canal style lake, good match venue with some carp to 20lbs including nirror, common and F1s giving the change of good hauls.

Oscar's same as Emilys

Mollys Lake , 2 acres with 25 pegs with carp to high teens, roach, bream, chub, rudd.

River Calder and associated canal, both the river and canal have been stocked with brown and rainbow trout, chub, gudgeon, roach, rudd, barbel. Pay at the Honesty Box at Mollys Lake.

Birkwood also offers good access for anglers with disabilities.

For bookings and further information call 07958451797.

Google Map Reference 53.708384 -1.454230 Post Code WF6 2JE

Checked 20/10/18

Candy Corner Fisheries

The fishery located near Finningley has 4 lakes, 2 for match fishing (AJ's 45 pegs and Hoskins 26 pegs) and 2 for pleasure fishing Jakes and BA's). The site is carefully planted and tended making it an attractive location with well made pegs, good paths, vehicle access and parking at many pegs.

The fishery has an active match schedule and is bookable for competitions. There is a snack bar open 8am to 12 noon.

Call 07769902731 for match booking and general enquiries.

Google Map 53.517666, -0.951812

Post Code DN9 3DZ

Checked 06/12.18

Cellars Clough,

Located in Marseden the fishing is now only in one specimen lake as further developments at the site progresses.

Main Lake, 3.5 acres with 11 generous pegs including double pegs for bivvies and a platform suitable for disabled anglers. The lake is a specimen lake with carp and pike to to 30+.

Night sessions must be prebooked

Day tickets from the water bailiff, call 0756312171.

Google Map Reference 53.601198 -1.922388 Post Code HD7 6LY

Checked 21/10/18

Highfields Fishery

Run by Garforth Angling Club this fishery located near Barwick on Elmet has a pleasant lake fringed on one side by mature trees. Stocked with rudd, roach, perch, chub, orfe and carp.

There are 35 pegs, 5 of which are designated for anglers with disabilities.

Tickets can be bought on site or you can contact them through their Facebook page.

Google Map Reference 53.817625, -1.382793

Checked 21/10/18

Hull and District Angling Association

HDAA have a numbers of fishing venues including, (For accessible to disabled anglers see Blue Lagoon):

Former gravel pits at Brandesburton;

Pond 2 is 2 acres with good roach and perch to 3 pounds plus, some pike, eels, tench bream and a number of big carp.

Ponds 2 and 3 are 8 acres with 100 to 150 carp to over 20lbs, also bream tench and rudd, pike to 20lb plus.

Burshill A, 1.5 acres, a pleasure fishery with wide a variety of species including some carp to 20+, big tench, some crucians and perch.

Burshill B, 2.5 acres mostly a tench water with some roach, rudd and carp.

Broomfleet and Newport Fisheries:

Blue Lagoon, a former clay pit of 2 acres, stocked mostly with tench and bream, there are some roach, perch and pike. There are 2 swims by the car park suitable for disabled anglers.

Brickyard, another former clay pit of 8 acres holding stocks of large bream to 13lbs, pike into the 20s, roach and rudd, 2 common carp known to be over 30lbs and a mirror to over 40.

Motorway Pond, 18 acres with carp to 20+ up to dozen known to be 30+, tench to 9lbs, bream to 12lbs and some large catfish. There are also some roach, rudd and perch.

Tilery Lake, 20 acres, some carp, bream, tench, roach, perch and big pike.

Brough Fishing Complex consists of 6 pools, ponds and lakes:

Avocet, 1.5 acres with crucians, carp, tench, rudd.

Cygnet, 1 acre, 17 swims, car access to pegs and a loo nearby. Small carp, rudd, bream, tench, perch, crucians and eels.

Grebe, 3.5 acres, 15 swims, carp to 8lbs.

Hawk, 6 acres with vehicle access to all 30 pegs, carp, bream, rudd, roach, perch pike and eels.

Kingfisher, designed for juniors and for coaching, roach, rudd, chub. carp, tench, ide, perch and bream.

Osprey, 18 acres, a big carp fishery primarily. There are only 45 memberships available for Osprey with a waiting list. Also bream to 12lb tench to 8lbs some roach and specimen pike.

Windmill Pond, a carp, rudd and tench fishery.

Willows pond, a recently rejuvenated water, 0.75 acres, tench rudd, bream, carp.

Membership in inexpensive with concessions for veterans and juniors or you can take a life mebership. Membership online from the club website, by post or from Hull Angling Centre, Chapmans Angling in Hessle, Elloughton News in Brough or Grovehill Pet Food in Beverley.

Checked 09/12/18

McCallum Fisheries

Located in Finnigley near Doncaster this a pleasure / match / specimen fishery with 3 lakes. There is;

East End Lake with 58 pegs stocked with carp tp 30lbs, bream to 10lbs, tench, roach, perch, rudd.

West End Lake, 22 pegs, carp to 25lbs, tench and roach.

Match Lake, 35 pegs stocked with carp only to 15lbs.

There is a shop and a cafe with toilets including facilities for disabled anglers.

For information and match bookings call 01302 770224.

Google Map 53.489969, -0.955088 Post Code DN9 3NT

Checked 05/12/18

Redhill Park Fishery

Located near Huby the fishery has 4 lakes for match and pleasure fishing. The lakes are;

Redwood Lake, 1.75 acres, 32 pegs, 4 to 11ft deep, There are some wider pegs for use by families. Carp to 22lb, bream, tench, barbel, roach, rudd, perch, crucians, chub.

Arc, 30 pegs, carp to 10lbs, bream, ide, roach, rudd, F1s, crucians. Canal, 12.5 metres wide 400 long, 45 pegs. Carp to 10lbs and silvers.

The Moat, 0,5 acres, designed for easy access with 4 pegs designed to BDAA standards for wheelchair access, there are also some family pegs. Carp, roach, bream.

There is a cafe on site, picnic benches, toilets.

Call 07909 956532 or 01347 811561.

Google Map 4.079689, -1.167032 Post Code 5 YO61 1JE

Checked 03/112/18

Ravenfield Ponds

Run by the Ravenfield Angling Club (for disabled access see Bakers Pond below) there are 6 lakes:

New Pond, 15 pegs, skimmers, crucians, perch, roach, rudd and lots of tench to 6lbs. There is a car park on the bank suitable for the less mobile angler.

Specimen Carp, you need to take out the 3 rod membership to fish here. Lots of carp over 15lbs up to high 20s. The club added 25 VS Fisheries mirrors recently and they are growing on well. Night fishing is permited

Great Pond, 3 acres, 37 pegs, silver and lots of skimmers, some carp to 20lbs.

Bridge Pool, 27 pegs, lots of small carp and roach, rudd, skimmers, tench, perch. 3 to 6ft deep.

Burcliffe, 20 pegs, skimmers, tench, crucians and a few big carp.

Kingfisher was redeveloped as a rudd, tench and crucian fishery.

There are a number of categories including legally recognised couples, juniors, young adults and students. Membership also allows you to fish on Kilnhurst District Anglers Alliance waters on:

River Don, one stretch with 30 recycled plastic platforms.

SY Navigation Canal, 2 stretches one at Kilnhurst the other at Mexborough. The canal can be anything up to 40 metres wide and 12 feet deep, a total of 152 pegs. Gudgeon and roach, some bream, perch, rudd and dace.

Bakers Pond in Raven field Park has 35 recycled plastic platforms fishing for rudd roach, bream, tench, crucians. A recent development saw accessibility improved for disabled anglers and a toilet installed.

Join by post, Phoenix Sports and Recreation, Brinsworth Pavilion, Bawtry Road, Brinsworth, S60 5PA, or call in in person. Call 01709 363788.

Google Map 53.457272, -1.261472 Post Code S65 4NL

Checked 04/12/18

Scaling Dam Reservoir

Scaling is a shallow water set in heather moorland in The North Yorkshire National Park.

Fishing for trout by any method, ground baiting if now allowed.

There is good access for disabled anglers with a casting platform next to the dam with the visitor centre nearby. The centre has a tackle shop and shop where you can buy snacks and refreshments, toilets too.

Scalling also has some good pike and permits are now available over the winter.

Permits from the Visitor Centre, Anglers Choice in Middlesborough, Anglers Place and Crazy Carp in Guiseborough.

Call 01287 644032

Google Map 54.502888, -0.857379 Post Code TS13 4TR Spen Valley Longbottom and Mann Dam The club have fishing in two reservoirs, Mann Dam the bigger of the two near Cleckheaton and Longbottom near Birstall, about 2 k apart. Both are well kept fisheries, mixed coarse fishing. Membership of the club is very inexpensive but if you are just looking for a day there are tickets available. Longbottom has casting platforms for disabled anglers and Mann Dam is accessible to to people with mobility issues along one side. Unfortunately no facilities. Google Map 53.726723, -1.706472 Post Code BD19 4DJ and Mann Dam: Google Map 53.732310, -1.670345 Post Code WF17 9PB Checked 03/01/19

Checked 11/01/19

Swillington Park Fishery

Located near Leeds consists of 5 lakes built in the 18th centuary so they have had some time to settle in. There is good access for people with disabilities.

Lake 1, 0.4 acres, a pleasure lake with carp from 6 to 16lb plus perch.

Lake 2: is 0.5 acres, a mixed fishery with big tench, bream, rudd, carp in the teens, barbel, perch, roach, ide and orfe.

Lake 3: 2.5 acres with care in the low to mid 20s plus rudd, roach, tench and bream

Lake 4: 2.5 acres, carp up 27lbs.

Lake 5: .A match fishery of 5 acres, 25 pegs , carp, ide, barbel, orfe, perch, roach.

Call 01132 869129 or 07970037475.

Google Map Reference 53.761264 -1.427471 Post Code L26 8QA

Checked 22/10/18

Checked 04/10/18

Game Fishing

Low Osgoodby Grange Farm Lake

A 2 acre fishery near Thirsk stocked with rainbows. Good access for anglers with disabilities. Permits from the house on the farm road which you should buy before commencing fishing. Call 07976 926761 or 01751 460215 to book, (max 10 angler at any time)

Google Map 54.215987, -1.263182 Post Code YO7 2AL

Checked 01/02/19

Nidderdale Angling Club

Niddersdale AC manage the fishing on Scar House and a 7 mile stretch of the river Nidd famed for it's dry fly fishing for wild brown trout and grayling. Wild browns in the reservoir and wild browns and grayling in the river.

The club have installed platforms for disabled anglers at Millenium Green in Pately Bridge.

Permits from the Pet Pad and SPAR store in Pately Bridge, Summerbridge Stores, The Royal Oak in Dacre Banks, Scar Cafe in How Stean Gorge. Membership is very reasonable and juniors (16 to 18) pay just £12 and under 16 fish for free.

Google Map Reference 54.186392, -1.899831 Post Code HG3 5SW

Checked 29/01/19

Walton Hall Trout Fishery

Set in attractive park land near Wakefield Wlaton Hall is a 26 acre lake offering bank and boat fishing for rainbow blue and brown trout. All of the boats have electric outboard motors. Walton Hall has a wheelyboat. Call 07530 527356 or 01486 600555.

Google Map Reference 53.641874, -1.452194 Post Code WF6 6PW

Checked 30/01/19