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Canals Trust

The Canals Trust have over 2,000 miles of waterway to look after for the many interest groups who use them. With so much water it is no wonder that fishing is high on the list of activities.

The Trust issues a Waterway Wanderers Permit that entitles you to go fishing on an impressive amount of water throughout England (for just £20).

For information on how to apply for a permit Goto Waterway Wanderers Permit Application for a list of waters covered by the permit Goto Canal Trust Waterway Wanderers Permit Waters

Alder Farm Fisheries

Located near Milton Keynes alden Farm has three lakes and three ponds open to day ticket angler. 12.5 acres of spring fed water to explore.

The Lakes are:

Oak: specimen lake with carp from 10lbs upwards with tales of fish into the 30s to be sought out in it's 3.5 acres.

Ash: a match venue with bags of 200lb plus recorded with carp in to 2 to 8lb range.

Pines: has carp to 8lbs, bream to 7, big tench and lots of silver.

The ponds Pump, Mylo and Wood are mixed fisheries with carp to 8lbs.

Google Map Ref 51.953326, -0.685418 Post Code MK17 9AH

Checked 19/08/18

Colmworth Lake

Located in the middle of a rather nice golf course this fishery has 3 lakes stocked with Koi and common carp place rudd, tench and roach. Certain areas are out of bounds to avoid intruding on the activities of golfers.

Call 01234 378181.

Google Map Ref 52.200751, -0.396974 Post Code MK42 2AP

Checked 19/09/18

Chestnut Pool Langford

Near Biggleswade. A top listing 3 acre mixed fishery with big roach, rudd, perch, bream and carp in the 20lb plus range including common, mirror and crucian. Inaddition there are golden tench, roach, rudd an skimmers

There is a shop and toilets and disabled access. Night fishing is allowed but must be pre-booked.

Open March to November.

Call 01462 701865

Google Map Reference 52.062788, -0.273120 Post Code SG18 9QT

Checked 18/09/18

Harrold and Odell Country Park

The park has 2 lakes plus a stretch of the river Great Ouse. The lakes are:

Grebe Lake, a 35 acre lake with carp to 35lbs and pike to 28lbs plus perch to 4, bream, tench.

Kingfisher Lake is smaller but still has carp to 22lbs, bream to 9lbs, roach, perch and pike.

The Ouse has barbel to 14lbs plus chub, pike and perch.

There is good parking with reserved spaces for disabled persons, a Visitor Centre with a ramped entrance and toilets. There are hard paths around Grebe affroding some wheelchair access and the park and RADAR operated gates. Call the rangers service on 01234 720016.

Google Map 52.200197, -0.601701 Post Code MK23 7DS

Checked 20/11/18

Henlow Bridge

A holiday park with 4 lakes and a stretch of the river Hiz. Very good facilities with good access for disabled anglers including toilets.

Call 01462 812645

Google Map Ref 52.028301, -0.268407 SG16 6DD

Checked 18/09/18

Heron Lake

Off the A1 in the Wyboston Lake complex near St Neots. A 6 acre lake with 3 islands, gravel bars, and lily pads averaging 6 to 8 feet deep. Stocked with about 75 quality carp to 38lbs.

A syndicate water you can apply by calling 07733047008.

Google Map Reference 52.207458 -0.290576 Post Code PE19 8EN

Checked 19/08/19

How End

Just off the B530 near Houghton Conquest, 2 lakes designed to maximise fishing with pegs designed with under water contouring and shelves to attract and hold fish.

The Lakes are;

Yasi's Lake, 17 pegs on a snake shaped lake allowing good coverage of all the water with pole. Stocked with carp, barbel, ide, roach, perch, bream, there is something to fish for the whole year.

Dani's Lake 20 pegs, carp, tench, crucians, golden tench, rudd, bream and perch.

Pegs have been specially designed for disabled anglers next to parking. All other pegs have been designed without steps.

You can become a member or just take a day tickets. Call 07711 637338 or 07753 743802

Google Map Ref 52.056563, -0.494975 Post Code MK45 3JT

Checked 19/09/18

Lakeside Coarse Fishery

2 lakes Top and Bottom, mixed fisheries with carp into the 20s, bream, tench, perch, roach and lots of silver fish. Good facilities including toilets and accessible to wheelchair user. Match booking accepted.

Call 01296 682201

Google Map Ref 51.892848, -0.769986 Post Code LU7 0LF

Checked 18/09/18

Leighton Buzzard Angling Club (LBAC)

LBAC has access to stretches of the river Ouzel and some still waters. There is:

Claydon, 2 lakes in the grounds of Calydon House the largest of which has catfish to 50lbs, average mid teens. There are also some good carp to 28lb, bream and a few zander.

Rackley, a former sand quarry 2 to 12ft deep now matured into an interesting fishery with catfish to 56lbs with many in the 30 to 40lb range, carp to 30+ and some Simmonds mirrors that have grown on to mid teens and are growing fast. Lots of bream and roach and a few pike.

Tiddenfoot, located in a park has catfish to 90lbs, carp to 40+ with some Simmonds mirrors now reaching 30. Excellent double figure tench plus crucians, rudd, bream to 17lbs and eels to 5lbs.

Turners Lake, a small, safe, shallow lake teeming with smaller fish including carp, roach, bream, rudd, perch, gudgeon and some koi. Great for juniors.

They aslo have stretches of the river Ouzel where there are roach, dace, perch, some carp, chub.

No Day Tickets for LBAC water but membership is inexpensive for a year with good disounts for senoir and junior and disabled anglers.

Tickets from: Andy Angling, Shefford; Browns of Leighton Buzzard; JK Angling, Bicester; The Tackle Hub, Bletchley; Gon Fishin, Wolverton; The Tackle Shack Hemel Hemstead

Checked 29/12/18

Luton Angling Club

The club has 11 miles of fishing on the Grand Union Canal, a busy bit of water bu twith good stocks of roach, perch to 3 lbs, bream, carp and gudgeon. Day tickets are available.

They also have fishing on several lakes including; North House Lake, Wyboston, Beckering Reservoir steppingley, Barrets Mere and Woodland Lake in Tingrith, Kempston Lake are all members only but South Lagoon in Wyboston offer day tickets.

They aslo have many beats on the rivers Ouse, Thames, Ivel, Nene, and Ise. Day Tickets are avilable for the Ouse at Wyboston.

Permits and membership can be bought at most tackle shops in the county.

Checked 17/11/18

Manor Farm Fisheries

Off the A1 between Biggleswade and Sandy is a mixed fishery consisting of 7 lakes: Becks, Booneys, Blunham, The Carp Lake, Damsel, Winter and The Match canal. They also have a stretch of the river Ivel.

Becks has carp into the twenties and bream, roach, tench, pike, perch. Booneys has carp, rudd, roch and tench. Blunham has a wide range of fish and Damsel has good sized bream. The other lakes focus on carp with fish into the mid thirties. The river offers fishing for very big barbel, chub, bream, pike and roach, there are some carp too.

Night fishing is available, there is a caravan and camp site and good facilities including toilets for the disabled. They also take match bookings.

The carp include common, mirror, leather, ghost and koi.

Call 01767 317835

Google Map Reference 52.106061 -0.275249 Post Code SG18 9BB

Checked 18/09/18

Park Farm Fishery

Located near Eaton Bray the fishery consists of 3 lakes: The Moat, stocked with pike, tench, bream, roach, rudd. The Leisure Lake has stocks of silver fish and small carp. The Carp Lake holds stocks of carp from 7 to 30lbs.

Call 01525 229140 or 07528 178357.

Google Map Ref 51.880019, -0.606225 Post Code LU6 2BQ

Checked 19/09/18

Shefford and Dist AA

Shefford and Dist AA have fishing on the Great Ouse and River Ivel and 4 lakes for members, you can join through their web site or visit local tackle shops.

They have 4 stretches of the Ouse at Pavenham, 2 at St Neots and a short stretch at Willington. Some very good chub and barbel fishing.

On the Ivel they have specimen barbel to chase.

The Lakes are:

Airman - a 4 acre lake with Wels catfish, big carp plus pike, roach, bream, tench, rudd and perch.

Broomlake - 6 acres with big carp, tench, bream and lots of silver fish, handy for the pike.

Willington Lake - 12 acres carp to over 40lbs plus big bream. There are also good stocks of roach, rudd, perch.

Stanford Pit - a 1 acre pool with perch, roach, rudd, tench and carp into doubles.

Vist their web site for membership details or pop into a local tackle shop.

Google Map Ref 52.037953, -0.334340

Checked 08/09/18

Talltrees, Aspley Guise

A beautifully naturalised former clay pit holding mirror and common carp into the high 20s plus some good cats, big pike and perch, roach, rudd and tench. Best cat 41lbs.

Advance bookings only, call 07775613235.

Google Map Reference 52.024597 -0.639331 MK17 8HY

Checked 18/09/18


Toddington Fishery

Stocked with roach, perch, tench, bream, carp to 22lbs and cats to 37lbs.

Day tickets available, call 07896 788 957.

Google Map Reference 51.955212, -0.564091 Post Code LU5 6HH

Checked 18/09/18

Waterend Fisheries

Mear Maulden, three 1 acre canals;

No 1 holds carp including mirrors, common, crucians, ghost, fantails and golden orfe.

No2 holds rudd, roach, tench and perch plus some mirrors, common, ghost and crucian carp.

No3 has the same as No2 but with the addition of bream, chub, gudgeon and dace.

There is a club house which serves snacks and hot and cold drinks and toilets.

Call 01525 403310 or 07850406866

Google Map Ref 52.023633, -0.438606 MK45 2BD

Checked 19/09/18

Vauxhall Angling Club

Vauxhall AC have both lake and river fishing avilable to members at a ticket price that is so affordable.

The Lake fishing includes: Sharnbrook Pits, 7 lakes ranging from 1 to 20 acres holding some specimen fish. Carp into the mid 30s, big tench bream to 15lb and perch.

Tingrith Complex, 3 lakes:

Manor lake with carp to 10lbs

The Mere, mixed fishery with crucians, tench, roach, bream and rudd.

Woodlands, big carp, tench and pike.

Then there is Woodburn Sands, big carp plus bream and pike.

The river fishing includes:

Stretches of the Great Ouse at Radwell and Sharnbrook (big chub, barbel, perch, dace), Kempston (barbel, chub, roach, dace, perch), Willington,(deeper, wider, slower, tench, carp, roach, carp).

River Ivel 1 mile at Girtford Bridge, dace, chub, roach, bream, perch

River Lea at Fields Wier, big carp, bream, chub, roach and trout.

Grand Union Canal, at the Navigation Inn, and Galleon stretch

You can buy permits in a number of local fishing tackle shops or buy online goto

Vauxhall AC membership tickets

Checked 19/09/18