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Canals Trust

The Canals Trust have over 2,000 miles of waterway to look after for the many interest groups who use them. With so much water it is no wonder that fishing is high on the list of activities.

The Trust issues a Waterway Wanderers Permit that entitles you to go fishing on an impressive amount of water throughout England (for just £20).

For information on how to apply for a permit Goto Waterway Wanderers Permit Application for a list of waters covered by the permit Goto Canal Trust Waterway Wanderers Permit Waters

In the 1970's it seemed that Berkshire was being dug up and transported across the country to build motorways. Now those holes in the ground have filled with water and matured now the county boasts a number of excellent fisheries as well as first class river and canal fishing that has existed for generation.

Barton Court Fishery

East Lodge, Kintbury, Hungerford, located off the A4 near Avington consists of fishing on a 3 acre lake holding good carp, tench, bream, rudd, roach, perch and pike.

Call 01488 658905 or 07860 252717.

Google Map Reference 51.409181, -1.448331 Post Code RG17 9SA

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Blue Pool

Burghfield, a 4 acre clear lake holding big carp, tench over 7lbs, perch to 3lbs 12ozs and bream over 10lbs. 8 known carp in the range 36 to 42lbs, wouldn't you just want to shake fins with them?.

The venue is open all year, block bookings for up to 10 rods.

For bookings call 01425 674 951. They also offer fishing on the Gold Lake, Main Lake and the river Kennet (some very big barbel and good chub here).

Google Map Reference 51.429753, -1.004626 Post Code RG30 3UW

Checked 15/09/18

Church Farm

Church Farm near Yateley is a specimen hunters venue with 10lb tench, bream doubles and carp in the 30lb + range. This is a Hartley Winterny Angling Society water . They also have fishing at:

Firgrove, Eversley in Surray

Wyndham Pool and Hospital Pond

Day tickets from:

Yately Angling Centre 01252 861955​​

Hampshire Tackle, Aldershot, 01252 318937

Fish For Tackle, Ash Vale, 01252 333202

Google Map Ref 51.345781, -0.813932 Post Code GU47 8JQ

Checked 17/09/18

Finch Farm Fishery

3 tree lined lakes, Anaconda 1 & 2 and Main Lake available on day, evening and night ticket basis.

The lakes have an intersting mix of species including catfish, carp, pike, perch, tench, roach, rudd, and chub.

Call 07990525642

Googler Map 51.468880, -0.757913 Post Code SL6 3ST

Checked 16/11/18

Frobury Farm Fishery

Near Kingsclere 7 lakes with carp to 35lbs. Open all year. Call 01635 297 122, reductions for juniors over 65s and disabled anglers. Match bookings by arrangement

Google Map Reference 51.332901 -1.266261 Post Code RG20 4QQ

Checked 15/09/18

Hartley Winterny Angling Society

Hartley Winterny Angling Society have fishing at:

Firgrove, Eversley in Surray,

Church Farm near Yateley is a specimen hunters venue with 10lb tench, bream doubles and carp in the 30lb + range.

Lakeside in Ash Vale. There are 4 lakes, Back, Middle and top and the Stock Pool (Back Lake is members only), they also have a stretch of the river Blackwater.

Wyndhams Pool holding some big carp, perch, pike, roach and tench.

Hospital Pond with some even bigger carp.

Day tickets from:

Yately Angling Centre 01252 861955​​

Hampshire Tackle, Aldershot, 01252 318937

Fish For Tackle, Ash Vale, 01252 333202

Google Map Ref 51.330033, -0.820912

Checked 17/09/18

Horton Lakes

An other group of lakes in the RK Leisure stable, and what lakes, what fish!

Located off Stanwell Road, Horton near Slough, 7 minutes from Windsor and right under the Heathrow Airport approaches.

7 lakes members only, stocked with carp to over 50lbs! Excellent facilities.

The Lakes:

Horton Church: 15 acres holding 100 carp of which 16 are over 40lbs. There are also very big pike to the high 30s, big tench and eels. A challenging fishery with 35 swims.

Horton Kingsmead: 30 acres with over 200 carp of which 60 exceed 30lbs and 14 are over 40. There are 2 mirrors one of 54 the other of 52lbs In addition there are pike in the 30lb plus bracket, roach, tench and perch. Those pike gotta eat.

Horton Boat Pool: a tiddler at 6 acres but 50 carp to 45lb and 60 cats to 92lbs, size is not an issue on this lake. Heavy duty fishing here.

Horton Island is 65 acres with 400 carp averaging 30lbs with at least 10 in the over 40 bracket. (one is 51lbs). Boat fishing here as it is a weedy water with lots of food to fatten those fish. There are also big pike, bream, tench and perch. You can arrange to store your own boat.

Crayfish Pool; is only 3 acres but has 65 carp of the Sutton strain in the 20 to 30 lb range, there are some really big eels too if you are into them.

Wraysbury 1 consists of 2 lakes or 45 and 75 acres and 2 is 130 acres but they are in Surrey, must be right on the county border so I refer you to Surrey pages, goto Wraysbury Coarse Fishery

Not surprisingly there is a waiting list to join, call 02075340540.

Google Map Reference 51.470699 -0.532576 Post Code

Checked 17/08/19

Jones Pit

Part of the RK Leisure stable Jones pit near Dunstable consist of 2 lakes totalling 9 acres The lakes hold big carp and catfish which were bred from the original Woburn Abbey stock. One cat is reconed to be 50 years old and some of them are in the 65lb range.

Fishing is for members only for which there is a waiting list.

Contact RK Leisure on 0207 534 0540

Google Map Ref 51.957353, -0.637021 Post Code LU7 9RA

Checked 16/11/18

New Farm Fisheries

A specimen fishery with 3 lakes, a Match Lake, a Carp Lake and a Cat Lake

The Match Lake holds a mix of species including carp, tench, roach, rudd, chub. babel, skimmers, koi and a few F1s.

Carp Lake, carp 8 to 37lb +, mostly double swims. There are showers associated with this lake just to keep you carp anglers from smelling too much. Commons, mirrors, grass, koi carp.

Catfish Lake, fish to 80lbs including a 44lb albino.

There are toilets on site, a tackle shop and cafe and camping / caravan facilities.

Call 07585 955263 to book night sessions.

Google Map 51.468245, -0.755617 Post code SL6 3ST

Checked 16/11/18

Pondwood Fisheries

Near White Waltham, consists of:

Lake 1 with carp and catfish to 50lbs.

Lake 2 with 22 swims good roach but very much a carp lake.

There is the recently redeveloped 'Snake River' offering first class fishing over nearly 1k length for a wide range of species including carp, tench, roach, chub.

The Woodland lake with 18 swims for a range of species, and finally a Specimen Lake with very large carp.

Call 01189 345299.

Google Map Reference 51.473345 -0.776230 Post Code SL6 3SS

Checked 15/09/18

Reading and District Angling Association

Fishing on 15 beats on the river Kennet and its tributaries.

Fishing on 12 lakes holding a wide range of species and some enormous carp including the 50lb plus Jockey at Pingewood Lagoon.

8 beats on the Kennet and Avon canal and Whistley Mill on the river Loddon. 8 beats on the Thames.

There is also J12 lake a 15 acre lake with top quality carp to 40lb plus.

Tickets can be bought online goto Day and season tickets

Checked 17/09/18

Royal Berkshire Fishery North Street

Winkfield, Winsor. Built 1982 this fishery on the B3022 consists of 3 lakes: Lake 1, holds carp (best 40lb 6oz) perch and roach.

Lake 2, has a good range of species including roach, rudd, tench (best 5lbs 7ozs), perch and carp.

Lake 3 is a secluded pond set in woodland holding carp, bream, roach, crucians, perch and tench (best bream (7lb 6ozs).

Good baits; maggot, caster, bread and worm.

Barbless hooks and no keep nets.

Call 01344 891101.

Google Map Reference 51.443495 -0.671465 Post Code SL4 4TE

Checked 17/09/18

Sandhurst Lake

A former gravel quarry of 14 acres, quite shallow, 2 to 10 feet.

This lake holds some big fish in the 40lb range and very big bream.

Call 07766 416223. Book on line, goto

Booking Sandhurst Lake

Google Map Ref 51.342894, -0.801848

Seven Lakes Angling

Located in Paices Wood Country Park in Aldermaston the lake complex consists of pools varying from 0.4 to 3.3 acres.

The lakes hold stocks of carp (Mirror, Common & Crucian), tench, perch, roach rudd and pike.

Day ticket, night and season tickets available. Reductions for under 12s, pensioners and disabled anglers. Match and night fishing by prior arrangement, contact Youngs Estate directly.

They recommend natural baits - sweet corn, meat, maggots and bread fished on simple rigs.

Call 0118 9408500

Google Map Reference 51.370393,-1.157870 Post Code RG7 4PQ

Checked 15/09/18

Southlake Angling Society

Is a thriving angling club, situated in Woodley, Berkshire. Established on the 21st April 1969 the Society has three venues, 2 lakes and two stretches of the river Loddon, catering for the specimen hunter, match and pleasure angler alike.


Situated within Woodley, is a former estate lake. Predominantly a carp fishery with fish to 39lb 10oz. The stock is mainly twenties and thirties, with a few doubles and single figure fish.Fished quite heavily during the opening few months, Southlake is also well known as a good winter water. There is also a good head of tench, roach, rudd, perch and pike. (June 16th to March 31st inclusive).

Google Map Reference 51.450498 -0.903205 Post Code RG 5 3SA


Situated near Whistley Green, Twyford, is owned by the society. This lake is a general fishery with large shoals of bream to 14lb 15oz, tench to 12lb 10oz, good stocks of roach, rudd, perch, pike and a good head of carp.

Redlands Carp stock is approximately 200 fish ranging from single figure to 36lb, the majority of these fish are upper double / low twenty. It is a harder lake than Southlake and the busiest period is during the closed season.

Redlands has swims designed to cater for disabled anglers.

There is also a small stretch of the river Loddon, running alongside the lake which produces varied bags of barbell, chub, roach and dace. (Open all-year-round)

Google Map Reference 51.462703 -0.860409 RG10 0RA

Checked 17/09/18

Riverside Park

South Lake Angling Society water situated between Earley and Lower Earley. A stretch of the prolific river Loddon and covers 800m. Predominantly a mixed fishery, there are some great barbel in this stretch the largest so far being 14lb 14oz. (June 16th to March 15th inclusive) Membership details and costs can be found on the Society's web website.

Contact Telephone: 07745 749606

Google Map Ref 51.433588, -0.899806 Post Code Post Code RG6 7EN

Checked 17/09/18

Theale Fisheries

Two mature lakes, Island Lake and Theale 1 totalling 23 acres. Theale 1 has recently been stocked with 318 fully documented carp with a few very large commons. There is also Lake 2, a mature quarry lake of 29 acres.

Both Theale 1 and 2 are syndicate lakes. The 2.8 acre Island Lake is a day ticket fishery stocked with some good carp. 25 swims and only 12 anglers at any one time.

Call 07796987892 to book the day ticket water.

Google Map Reference 51.427167, -1.068380 RG7 4BD

Checked 15/09/18

Waterloo Meadows

Located in the heart of Reading fishing the Kennet in Waterloo Meadows is free. Fishing for chub, bream, barbel, perch, pike and roach.

Google Map Ref 51.442301, -0.974201

Checked 20/09/18

Wokingham Borough Council

Wokingham Council run 6 fisheries in their area including:

Black Swan Lake in Dinton Park, Hurst, a members only specimen lake of 83 acres (there is a waiting list to join)

Google Map Ref 51.443619, -0.874269 Post Code RG10 0SU

Longmoor Lake in California Country Park, Finchampstead a 6 acre specimen lake with carp (common, mirror an crucian) into the 30s and tench over 10lbs, plus roach and rudd.

Google Map Ref 51.379096, -0.872330 Post Code RG40 4HU

The River Loddon in Dinton Pastures. Specimen barbel (record 17lb 12oz), carp, pike, perch, bream, rudd chub. brown trout, rainbows, eels and salmon. Day tickets and Day Season Tickets avilable which allow you to fish Longmoor and White Swan Lake too.

Google Map Ref 51.443155, -0.885289 Post Code RG10 0TH

Riverside Park 3 day tickets available for local residents fishing on an 800m beat on the river Loddon

Twyford Reserve is 26 acre fishery with a weir pool on the Loddom. Specimen Group Members only.

Google Map Ref 51.477081, -0.872129

White Swan Lake a 24 acre fishery with some very big carp and pike plus perch, roach and bream day tickets available

Google Map Ref 51.442492, -0.884108

Permits are dispensed at the fishery from a ticket machine, so make sure to bring along £1 coins (5 at present). Call Countryside Services for further information on 0118 934 2016

Checked 17/09/18