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Canals Trust

The Canals Trust has over 2,000 miles of waterway to look after for the many interest groups who use them. With so much water it is no wonder that fishing is high on the list of activities.

The Trust issues a Wanders Permit that entitles you to go fishing on an impressive amount of water throughout England (for just £20).

For information on how to apply for a permit Goto Wanderers Permit application for a list of waters covered by the permit Goto Canal Trust Wanderers Permit Waters

Cambridge Albion Angling Society

Stretches of the Great Ouse;

Dimmock Cote, from Upware (Google Map Reference 52.310203, 0.254426) to the Fish and Duck Pub Google Map Reference 52.348121, 0.252139) for bream, roach, rudd, bleak, tench perch and pike.

Stretham, Old West River by the Lazy Otter for bream, roach, perch, pike and tench. Google Map Reference 52.327043, 0.201870

Day tickets avilable athough membership is very inexpensive. Tickets from Willow Grange tackle shop in Chittering call 01353 649573

Call  01223 424248 for further information.

Checked 23/09/18

Cambridge Fish Preservation Society

The Society have a lot to offer all over Cambridgeshire.

The have 15 miles on the 100 Foot drain, a tidal water where you can fish for skimmer bream and roach with the chance of a sea trout or flounder. The fishing extends from Earith to Wardy Hill.

In addition they have extensive lake and river fishing consisting of :

Burwell and Reaches Lodes, reputed to have been built by the Romans, new how to build fisheries in those days eh? Uniform, 15m wide 2 to 3 deep throughout, river / canal like but never floods. A good variety of fish including roach, lots of bream, tench, pike zander and carp to 20lbs and all untamed.

River Ganta, a narrow stream weedy with lily pads holding chub tp 6lbs, roach, perch and some brown trout.

The Old West near Pickwillow, 2 miles of Fen with tench, bream, silvers, skimmers, pike and zander.

The Cam, several stretches the river including Byrons Pool where the notorious poet took a dip.

The Commons (Midsummer Common Google Ref 52.209973, 0.130390 Post Code CB5 8DJ and Stourbridge Common 52.217408, 0.150847 Post Code CB5 8HY) holding roach, bream to 5lbs, chubb to 5lbs, pike to 20lbs and perch to 2lb.

Chesterton to Clayhythe, 2 sections of the river Cam with skimmers, roach, perch, bream, chub.

As for lakes the Society have a few including:

Barnwell Lake, a good family venue with several platforms for disabled anglers. Google Map Ref 52.212183, 0.151825 at the back of Cambridge United Fottball Stadium.

Heritage Lake a 3 acre lake near Cottenham with good stock of breeding roach, bream and carp (biggest carp so far 22lbs).

Anderson Lake, Longston has rudd, roach, perch, reserved for members only.

Mepal, Blocks A and B

Block A holds carp, roach rudd plus some tench, bream and perch. Carp to 24lbs but average 4 to 5.

Block B again members only with carp to the mid 30s, pike into the 20s plus perch, tench and bream.

Milton Park, 3 lakes mixed fisheries in a safe park environment with good parking, toilets and a place where you can buy light refreshments.

Great value membership. Call 01223 234616.

Permits from a number of outlets in the area:

Cooper and Sons and FJ Farrington in Cambridge; Stanjay Fishing Tackle in Godmanchester; Colbys Fishing Tackle in Littleport; Longstanton Post Office; Mill View Fishing Tackle in March; Carping On in Mildenhall; Hooked In Newmarket; Cambridge Carp Cabin in Pampisford, Benwick Stores in Soham.

Google Map Reference 52.237021 0.159319 Post Code CB24 6AZ for Milton Country Park.

Checked 22/09/18

Decoy Lakes

Located near Whittlesey this fishery has 10 fishing lakes available with a good variety of species and some big carp. The lakes are:

Beastie Lake, 31pegs, 5ft deep on average. Carp to21lbs, thousands of F1s and lots of roach and rudd.

Oak and Yew Lakes, 30 pegs each, F1s, barbel, carp to 6lbs.

Elm Lake (24 pegs) and Cedar Lake (26 pegs) F1s, barbel, carp to 6lbs.

Lou's Lake, with an estimated 4.5 tons of fish you can expect a busy day here. Carp to 21lb, ghosts and crucians, roach and rudd.

Horseshoe Lake, 20 pegs, carp to 20lbs with lots of smaller carp. Some F1s and tench.

Four Islands, 10 pegs, F1s, tench, roach and tench.

6 Islands, 25 pegs, lot of double figure carp with an average of about 10lbs. F1s and tench.

Willow Lake, 35 pegs, carp including ghosts to 8lbs, F1s and barbel.

There is a tackle and bait shop on site, a cafe, male and female toilets and shower. Parking near or behind pegs.

Google Map 52.565247, -0.097473 Post Code PE27 2AD

Checked 27/12/18

Earith Lake Fisheries

Specimen carp syndicate water on 3 lakes:

Woodpecker; 120 fish 30 of which are over 30lbs an 6 are over 40lbs. Biggest so far 49lbs.

Trout Lake; 12 acres with 70 carp the biggest of which was a 37lb common.

Skeets lake, describes as a pleasure lake holding tench, bream and smaller carp.

Tickets are sold on a full 7 day or mid week only basis. Call 01487 740301

Googlee Map Ref 52.368878, 0.036413 Post Code PE29 3RE

Checked 23/09/18

Fenland Fisheries

Next door to Earith Lakes Fenland offers fishing on:

Willow Lake, a 7 acre lake with about 150 carp the majority of which are over 20lbs , 25 to 30 up to the mid 30s and 4 over 40lbs.

There is also Vermuyden Lake with over 200 carp to the 30lb mark

Ashtree Pool at a third of an acre stocked with lots of rudd and roach perfect the beginner.

For booking call 01487 841858.

Google Map Reference 52.364174, 0.044003 Post Code PE29 3SA

Checked 23/09/18

Ferry Meadows Country Park

The park is located on the outskirts of Peterborough by Orton Wistow. There are 2 natural lakes available, Gunwade and Overton, fed by waters from the river Nene.

There is a good range of fish including bream, pike carp and zander producing bags of up to 150lb on occasion.

Gunwade has carp to the 30s, pike in the 20s, bream, tench 10+, eesl, zander in the high teens, plus roach, skimmers and hybrids.

There are 2 swims set aside for disabled anglers next to the sailing club where there is good access and toilets.

Permits can be bought from the bailiffs on the bank or you can get a season ticket which is inexpensive considering the quality of the fishing (juniors fish for free). You can also buy permits or members tickets from these shops in Peterborough:

Fish On in Lincoln Rd

Feltons in South Street

Webbs Tackle in Newark Av

Google Map Ref 52.567250, -0.307274 PE2 5UU

Checked 23/09/18

Head Fen Lakes

Near Downham, 3 lakes to 10 acres with 77 pegs available.The lakes are:

Tosh's Lake, 13 pegs with common and mirror carp, ghost carp bream, to 6lbs.

Trevs Lake, 36 pegs designed for float / pole fishing, chub, bream, barbel, roach, perch tench, crucians and carp to doubles.

Snake Lake, 28 pegs 13m wide and 2 to 4 feet deep throughout with just carp in the 1 to 7lb range.

Permits include a concession ticket for disabled anglers and a carer.

Call 07971 574375 or 07831 810052

Google Map Ref 52.469966, 0.237293 Post Code CB6 2EP

Checked 23/09/18

Grafham Water

This famed trout fishery is not a one trick pony as it has a large population of pike, perch and zander for the keen predator angler. Pike to the 30s have been taken.

Good facilities at the fishery as you might expect, call 01480810531 to book a boat or buy a permit.

Google Map Post 52.291136, -0.323502 Code PE28 0DW

Checked 19/11/18

St Ives Lakes Fishery

A 9 lake complex right next to St Ives offering a fantastic range of fishing for big carp, bream, tench, pike and eels. The lakes are:

Andersons with carp to low 20s some 30s, big tench and bream plus mixed coarse fish.

Fjords, a lake with masses of features to explore for carp to 46lbs teck to 11lbs+.

Ivo Lake, mixed coarse fish roach rudd, bream to doubles, big tench, and carp to 25lbs.

Lagoon, 30 acres, 6 to 25ft deep with over 100 carp with a few specimens. Big Pig weighs in at 45lbs, there are quite a few 30s with one common hitting 40lbs, bream to 19lbs, tench to double, pike to 30lbs.

Meadow, 50 acres with 300 carp, lots of 20s, some 30s, tench to 11lbs, big bream and very big eels.

Shallow, 15 acres, 60 to 70 carp in the 20 to 40lb range, one did go to 50lbs. There are also big tench, and bream to 16lbs.

Tricolor, a tench and bream fishery with some carp to high 20s.

Lowries, a pool with lots of lily pads which makes fishing tough in the summer but there are good fish hiding in the pads, just need to winkle them out.

There are syndicate tickets available for April to April, full season, all lakes except Shallow, days dawn to dusk, also winter tickets November to April.

Call 07803065993

Google Map 52.323764, -0.058969 Post Code PE27 5JG

Checked 27/12/18

Lammas Meadow

Run by St Neots and District Fish Preservation and Angling Society who offer great value fishing in the river Great Ouse, the Pocket Park Marina and Wilden Reservoir. Good bream on the Ouse.

Also available are Coneygeare, Eynesbury Oziers, Regatta Fields, Riverside Park.

Permits from Stanjay Fishing Tackle, Goldmanchester, call 01480 453303 or Ouse Valley Specialist Angling Unit, St Neots, call 01480 386088.

Google Map Reference 52.229745, -0.273378

Checked 23/09/18

Long Island Lake

Part of the group of lakes near Earith, Long Island is stocked with carp, bream, perch.

Google Map Ref

52.362787, 0.041673 Post Code PE29 3SA

Lawn Farm Fishery

Located near Elsworth there are 4 lakes: Crab Tree, 20 pegs with carp to 18lbs, bream, chub, golden orfe, perch, roach and tench. Cherry Tree, 20 peg with carp to 20lbs bream, chub, golden orfe, perch, roach, rudd and tench. Willow 38 pegs carp to the 30s plus barbel, bream, golden orfe, perch, roach, rudd, gudgeon and tench. Honeysuckle 40 pegs with carp to 12lbs bream, chub, golden orfe, perch, roach and tench.

While it does not specifically say it is accessible to disabled anglers looking at thr Rookery there is a decent road around the lake with hard stands at the pegs, no steps.

Give them a call on 07824 878492

Google Map Ref 52.231975, -0.076364 Post Code CB23 4JX

Checked 21/09/18

Roookery Farm Fishery

Located near Pidley, Rookery is based on a farm where they have developed a fishery with 5 varied lakes.

The lakes are:

Rook, the oringinal former irragition storage pool. 1 hectare, 4 metres deep, with 32 double stages. Carp to 20lbs, tench to 10, barbel, tench and goldfish.

Magpie, 1 hectare, irregular shaped with 2 islands, maximum depth 2 metres with a marginal shelf to 0.5m, 32 pegs. Carp and tench to 10lbs, chub, roach, rudd, goldfish.

Jay, a match lake designed for pole fishing, like a looped canal. 1.5 m deep. Carp, tench, barbel to 10lbs, chub, roach, goldfish.

Jackdaw, a pleasure fishery with 7 pegs, roach, perch, rudd, tench, brown goldfish and carp to 3lbs (with a few to wake you up).

Raven, 29 pegs, canal style. 13 to 14 metres wide with parking behind each peg. Carp to 10lb, tench, brown goldfish, F1s to 6lbs. They stocked this water with 4,000 F1s and mirrors so there is a bit of a chance of a good day out.

On site there is a tackle shop and a cafe. The cafe is fully ramped and has a toilet for disabled visitors. There is good car parking with a toilet block which also includes another loo for disabled anglers and visitors. Because of the wildlife Rookery encourages visitors to come for a walk, for bird watching and even school visits.

Matches can be arranged. For bookings and further information call 07824 878492.

Google Map 52.405637, -0.032615 Post Code PE28 3DF

Checked 29/11/18

Royston and District Angling Club

Royston DAC have fishing on Thriplow Reservoir for carp including commonm mirror, ghost to 25lbs and crucians. There are some specimen perch to 5lbs plus roach, rudd, bream, ide, tench.

Day tickets or mebership from:

Thriplow Village Shop

JKL Tackle in Meridith.

Google Map 52.100849, 0.119702 Post Code SG8 7RE

Checked 16/10/15

Sandhurst Lake

A former gravel quarry of 14 acres, quite shallow, 2 to 10 feet.

This lake holds some big fish in the 40lb range and very big bream.

Call 07766 416223. Book on line, goto 

Booking Sandhurst Lake

Google Map Ref 51.342894, -0.801848 Post Code GU47 9DA

Checked 18/10/18

Stretham Lake

A 2.5 acre lake just off the A10 at Stretham Bridge. Includes fishing on the Old West River (Great Ouse).

Shrub and tree lined with 31 swims with carp into the 40s, tench to 10lbs, bream to 11, big roach and perch and pike into the mid twenties.

Call 01376 345719 or 07710483850

Google Map Ref 52.328796, 0.200758 Post Code CB6 3LU

Checked 21/09/18

Waterbeach Angling Club

Waterbeach Angling Club offers fishing on a number of locations to members and day tickets holder (tickets for some waters can be bought on the bank) including:

Magpie Lake at Landbeach. A canal style lake with carp to 16lbs roach over 2lbs. A popular float and pole beat.

Rex Aitkins Water has carp to over 18lbs good bream, silver fish and roach The island in the middle of the lake attracts the carp.

Layland Water, carp to over 35lbs very big bream and tench plus rudd and roach. Call 07759977513 to enquire about membership and (limited) day tickets.

River Cam the club have 6 sections of the Cam, wild fishing for what ever species you bump into. The waters are at: Cam Sailing Club, Hartleys Wash, Burts Wash, Sanders Wash, Cutris's Wash, Swaffam Lode.

Old West Lagoon near Stetham. Wild fishing for rudd, bream and roach.

The club have also set up a swim designed to accommodate disabled anglers.

For enquiries call  07759 977513

Google Map Ref for Landbeach area lakes 52.267530, 0.171875

Checked 22/09/18