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Canals Trust

The Canals Trust have over 2,000 miles of waterway to look after for the many interest groups who use them. With so much water it is no wonder that fishing is high on the list of activities.

The Trust issues a Waterway Wanderers Permit that entitles you to go fishing on an impressive amount of water throughout England (for just £20).

For information on how to apply for a permit Goto Waterway Wanderers Permit Application for a list of waters covered by the permit Goto Canal Trust Waterway Wanderers Permit Waters

Coarse Fishing

Alton Manor Fishery

2 Lakes near Wirksworth, 1 for trout the other for coarse fish.

The trout lake is stocked with rainbows to 4lbs and brown trout in the 1.5 to 2lb range. There are some fish to over 5lbs added too.

The coarse fishery has stocks of carp, tench, ide and bream.

Call 01629 823723,/

Google Map Ref 53.057401, -1.580454

Checked 30/09/18

Barlow Trout and Coarse Fishery

4 miles from Chesterfield, is located just on the edge of the Peak District consisting of a 8 lakes. Hard paths and roads make access for disabled anglers.

There 4 coarse lakes with a good variety of species including carp

3 trout lakes stocked with fish in the 1.5 to 2lb range with bigger fish in the lakes.

A carp lake, overnight fishing is allowed

There is a cafe, good parking, toilets and hard paths with flat surfaces making it accessible to disabled anglers.

Permits can be bought on site.

Located at Crowhole, Dronfield, Derbyshire, S18 7TJ.

Call 0114 2890543

Google Map Reference 53.276857 -1.497102

Checked 30/09/18

Beechwood Park

A 6 lake complex (Swan x2) Warren, Oak, kingfisher, Horseshoe.
All are stocked with a mixed fishery range including carp, bream, tench, roach, rudd (Warren, 25 pegs) has carp to 15lbs, tench to 5 and chub to 4lbs plus roach, rudd, bream and perch).

All pegs are purpose built to accomodate young persons, disabled and elderly.

Call 07973562689.

Google Map Ref 52.889805, -1.384213

Checked 30/09/18

Belper and District Angling Club

The club has fishing for both coarse and game fish on:

The river Derwent from Ambergate to Milford. As well as good stocks of wild brown trout and grayling the water holds barbel to 13lbs, chub to 6lbs, roach, bream, dace, perch. Day Tickets available.

Wyver Lane, Belper. A two acre lake stocked with carp low to mid 20s, tench to 8lbs, bream to 6lbs, roach, perch, dace, pike, ruffe. No day tickets.

Erewash Canal, Langley Mill, no day tickets. Lots of silvers, good, bream, chub, perch, tench some pike.

Day Tickets for the Dewent and Membership (which is very reasonably priced) from:

Market Place Newsagants, Belper

Alfreton Angling Centre

Mill Tackle, Heanor

Rod and Line Tackle, Ripley.

There are discounts for over 65s, disabled and juniors, under 10 fish for free accompanied by an adult.

Checked 09/01/19

Birch House Fishery

Located near Ednaston this fishery consists of 9 lakes totalling 14 acres with 200 pegs. It is a mixed pleasure and match fishery.

The fishery has good facilities with a cafe, toilets, and facilities for disabled anglers.

The lakes are;

Kingfisher, 2 acres, 35 pegs, with a wides range of species in cluding carp to min 30s.

Mallard and Teal, 2 canal style lakes well suited to pole fishing. Mallard has 55 pegs while Teal is smaller with 21 pegs. They hold stocks of roach, rudd, bream to 8lbs, perch, tench, orfe, ide and lots of skimmers.

Heron, common and mirror carp to mid 20s, crucians, bream, tench, rudd, roach and f1s.

Horseshoe, 36 pegs, is stocked only with common and mirror carp (they recon 2.5 tons went in 6oz to 22lbs), there are also F1 hybrids.

Doughnut, 12 pegs common and mirror to 16lbs.

Buzzard, a small 21 peg pool with mirror and common carp on the 6 to 16lb range with a biggie recently coming in at 25lb 11ozs.

Dove, a mixed fishery.

Google Map Ref 52.972698, -1.641208

Checked 30/09/18

Callow Top

A fishing camp site with a lake stocked with rudd, roach, tench, perch and crucian carp and 100lb plus bags have been recorded. There are double pegs suitable for parents with children and for people with disabilities.

Day and week tickets available with reductions for under 16 year olds.

Call 01335 344020

Google Map Reference 53.026274 -1.736204

Checked 30/09/18

Derbyshire County Angling Club

DCAC offer access to game, coarse and salmon fishing all over the country. (see the game fishing section for details goto Derby Railway AC coarse fishing waters They have fishing on a number of lakes and rivers;

Ogston Reservoir, 20 acres stocked with rainbows, boats for members, float tube allowed.

Sutton Lake, 17acres, clear shallow lake with rainbows and blues and a few brownies.

Coneygeare and Widgeon Lakes, two 10 acre lakes with rainbows and brown trout.

They also have fishing on the rivers;

Derwent, 6 miles fishing for wild brown trout and grayling. There are also good chub, barbel and roach. Bait fishing from 7tht October only.

Dove, the river of "Compleat Angler" fame for wild brown trout and grayling.

Manifold, 6 miles fishing for wild brown trout.

They also offer salmon fishing on the Upper Aldbar beat of the river South Esk in Scotland.

Coarse fishing is on the Derwent is on 6 miles of the river Derwent for chub, roach, tench, bream and some pike. In addition thetre is;

Chestefield Canal and the River Idle. The river has some very good chub and barbel as well as roach, dace, bleak and gudgeon and a few pike, tench and carp. The canal has tench, chub, pike and perch.#

The club also has 3 stretches of the river Trent for pike, tench, roach, dace and bream.

The full membership including the game fishing is quite pricey however they issue membership for coarse fishing only which is very reason.

To join just Google their web site.

Checked 30/09/18

Derbyshire Railway Angling Club

The club have extensive fishing for both coarse and game fish. The coarse fisheries are;

Barton and Walton Pools, 5 acres with carp to 20s and some 30s.

Cullings Pool, 3 acres stocked with mirror and common carp some years ago and they have grown on to high doubles. Suitable for disabled anglers.

Findern Crossing Pool, a shallow and weedy half acre pool with good tench plus carp, pike, rudd.

Redhouse Lake, 20 acres with carp, roach, tench, pike and bream.

Silt Pool, plenty of roach, bream, tench, perch and a few pike.

Black Pool, a 200 yard canal like water attached to a basin that once connected to the Trent which occasionally floods into the pool bringing with a few extra fish. Holds chub, dace, bleak, bream, tench, roach, perch, pike, carp, rudd.

Triangle Pool, 7 acres, carp to 25 lbs, tench to 8lbs, roach, bream, rudd, and some mirror and common carp.

The club also has stretched of the Trent and Mersey Canal near Ashton on Trent. Holds roach, perch, bream, good chub, zander and a few carp.

They have fishing on 2 rivers:

Markeaton Brook, a small stream with good chub.
Approximately 10 miles of the river Trent from Swarkestone to Shardlow and at Inglby / Barrow on Trent. Wide variety of species available.

The Dove at Eaton Dovedale Farm has chub, barbel and pike to the 20s nad at Tutbury and Scropton farm there is a 2 mile stretch with specimen barbel and chub.
200 yards at Duke St in Derby, mixed coarse fishing.

No day tickets but the club is open to all and membership is very reasonable.

Checked 30/09/18

Disley and New Mills Angling Club

Based in the Peak Distruct National Park this club has fishing on a number of ponds, lakes reservoirs and rivers in the area. They are:

River Sett fly only for brown trout and grayling.

Dovecote Lodge, near Strines a 1.5 acre mill pond with perch, bream and some trout.

River Etherow, chub, bareal, trout and grayling.

Birch Vale Reservoir, a challenging 5 acre water with specimen carp plus perch, chub and lots of roach. There are bream to 8lbs and pike to over 20.

Bowden Hall Lake Chapel en le Frith is a 1.5 acre pond holding skimmers, roach, crucians, perch, tench and carp to doubles.

Disley Dam,2.5 acres, carp from 8 to 15lbs also bream, perch, crucians, roach and a curious crucian/goldfish cross.

River Goyt, passing through urban and rural settings it is easy too access, wild brown trout, grayling, some roach, perch and dace.

Linnet Clough Reservoir, near Mellor, good carp plus a few bream and tench.

Monyash, a village pond small trout, crucians, goldfish and rudd.

Moorwood Reservoir, near New Town stocked with bream, carp, perch and roach.

Watford Lodge, bream, skimmers, tench, crucians, roach, perch, gudgeon, chub.

Membership is open to anyone and reasonbably priced, obtainable from:

Hazel Grove Angling Cemtre in Stockport

Jack Hallam & Sons in High Peak.

Google Map Reference 53.332447 -1.903705

Checked 30/09/18

Earl of Harringtons Angling Club

Estabished by the Earl in 1912 I thought, posh, pricey, how wrong.

Membership is very reasonably priced with concession making it very affordable to anyone. You get a lot too, fishing on a good stretch of the Derbyshire Derwent around Derby for specimen barbel and chub, bream, roach, perch, pike, some wild carp, good tench, grayling and brown trout.

The club also owns Derwent Valley Fishery which includes Haslams with a specimen carp lake (Premium ticket holders only)  and Woodrows Pond.

The Club also have 5 other still waters on lease from the Council, Allestree Park (some specimen carp here), Markeaton Park, Mill Dam, Alvaston Park and Heatherton Park all good mixed fisheries.

In 2017 they took on Farnah Lake.

The club also runs open competitions and a summer league.

Season Tickets, open to all, available online or from local outlets as are day tickets for some of the waters. Stockist are:

Fishing tackle shops in and around Derby, the Waterside Cafe at Alveston, Marmalade and Tea in Derby, Stapleton Angling Centre and Walkers of Trowell (Nottinghamshire).

Checked 11/11/18

Holymoorside Angling Club

The club has 2 fisheries, they are:

Holtmoor Dam and old mill pond of 1.7 acres stocked with carp to high teens, bream to 6lbs and tench 5 plus lots of roach and rudd.

Stanedge Park, two pools, Island with carp, tench and pike, Strip, mostly carp to 9lbs.

No day tickets but membership is very inexpensive and can be bought at Leegem Angling, Chesterfield or from Climax Fishing Tackle, Dronfield.

Google Map Reference 53.218045 -1.493838

Checked 30/09/18

Longford Fishery

Located on Long Lane the fishery has 9 pools a couple of which are connected to Big Lake. The waters are; Big Lake with 20 pegs, a specimen fishery; Canal 24 pegs; Lily Pool, 34 pegs; Pools Head, 12 pegs; Alder, 13 pegs; Carr Wood, 30 pegs; Mammerton Wood, 30 pegs; War Pool, 30 pegs and Memorial with 45 pegs.

No shortage of water for both match and pleasure fishing for carp and silvers.

There is vehicle access around the fishery with parking next to many pegs. There is also an on site cafe and toilets (M & F).

Day tickets with discounts for seniors and disabled anglers.

Google Map 52.938245, -1.701243 Post Code DE6 3DF

Checked 14/07/19

Press Manor Fishery

Just 5 miles from Chesterfield the fishery consists of 3 lakes for trout, carp and coarse fishing.

The coarse lake is 3.5 acres with 32 pegs with stocks of bream, roach, tench, carp, bream, barbel and specimen perch to over 3lbs. Good access for disabled anglers.

The carp lake is 3.5 acres with fish to just over 20lbs, about 80 fish with 12 commons. There are 14 sizeable pitches.

There is a lodge serving food and hot beverages. There are toilets on site.

Call 07976 306073

Google Map Reference 53.251418 -1.517033

Checked 30/09/18

Tittesworth Reservoir

Day and season tickets available for fishing spots fishing i.e. all C & R, on this water. The season is 1 October to 31sytMarch.

The reservoir hold a variety of species including trout, roach, perch and what is probaly of most interest pike to 30lbs.

You can use any legal method but only with artificial bait, spinners, lures, pugs or worm /maggot imitation. You can also use sea dead bait.

Permits from the Acitvity Centre on production of your EA license. You will need 2 passport photos for a season ticket.

Call 01538 300741

Google Map 53.137791, -2.016093 Post Code ST13 8SH

Checked 09/01/19