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Canals Trust

The Canals Trust have over 2,000 miles of waterway to look after for the many interest groups who use them. With so much water it is no wonder that fishing is high on the list of activities.

The Trust issues a Waterway Wanderers Permit that entitles you to go fishing on an impressive amount of water throughout England (for just £20).

For information on how to apply for a permit Goto Waterway Wanderers Permit Application for a list of waters covered by the permit Goto Canal Trust Waterway Wanderers Permit Waters

Anglers Paradise

There is a place in Beaworthy in Devon that is an "angling holiday camp" with up market villas, bars, entertainment 30 odd lakes. Phew can't get me head round it but - it does have day ticket water containing some life changing fish eg 50lb carp, catfish over 60lbs. Is too much to describe here but it does exist.

I note dogs and pets are not allowed, with 60lb cats in the water I wouldn't want my wee dog (who likes a swim) anywhere near these lakes.

Google Map Reference 50.788768, -4.200494 Post Code EX21 5XT

Checked 26/09/18

Bake Lakes

8 Lakes 2 of which, Caesars Palace and Luxor are specimen carp lakes of about 5 acres each. Carp to 25 / 30lbs.

The other 6 lakes offer a variety of venues with a good choice of species.

Call 07798 585836 or in the evening 01503 263349.

Google Map Post Code PL12 5BW

Checked 07/01/19

Creedy Lakes

Near Crediton, two 18th century spring fed lakes holding quality carp including common to 31lb +, mirror and koi. There are also big gold and green tench. The lakes are:

Main Lake

Is a moderate to difficult venue holding bigger carp with a 31lb venue record and many fish in the 20's and tench to 7lb 8ozs Some large eels too.

Top lake

Is easier fishing for smaller fish, some carp to 20lbs and gold and green tench.

Call 01363 772684.

Google Map Reference 50.803543 -3.645878 EX17 4AB

Checked 01/10/19

Digger Lakes

Near Cullompton, 3 lakes for carp fishing:

Snails Lake, 12 swims on a 5 acre lake of irregular shape with bays, channels and island, like a pretzel gone wonky. 190 common and mirror carp to 35lbs

Persey Pool, 3.5 acres with 9 swims some 250 fish to 28lbs.

You must book in advance either online on their web site or at Culm Valley Angling nearby, 01884 839273.

For futher information call them on 07733 223417

Google Map Ref 50.875955, -3.377655 Post Code EX15 2PE

Checked 02/10/18

Four Ponds Fishery

Located near Dulverton there are 3 fishing lakes set in 12 acres of attractive landscape. The lakes are:

Specimen Lake, 3 acres with 60 carp in the 15 to 34lb range of which 40 are over 20lbs. Lots of features in this 5 to 9ft deep lake.

Kingfisher, 1.25 acres holding carp including ghosts to 19lbs and good perch.

Tench Lake, tench, roach and rucians to 3lb plus bream, rudd and golden rudd.

Call 01398 331169 or 07483110811.

Google Map Ref 51.010192, -3.451394 EX6 9BU

Checked 01/10/18

Furzebray Carp Fishery

3 lakes stocked with carp:

Island has 100 fish 60 of which are up to 18lbs with other in the 20 / 30lb range and 3 over 40lbs.

Willow with 150 fish to 34lbs

Copse, 50 fish to 34lbs.

Day tickets must be prebooked, call 01769 572653

Google Map Ref 51.008735, -3.842169 EX36 4ER

Checked 02/10/18

Goodiford Mill Fishery

Located near Kentisbeare, 3 lakes including;

Carp Lake, 1.6 acres with 10 pegs. Carp 12 to 31lbs mostly mirror and common.

Silver lake, half an acre with skimmers, bream to 9lbs, roach to 5lbs plus roach, gudeon and crucians.

Match Lake, 3.5 acres, 60 pegs with carp 2 to 32lbs, roach, bream, crucians, gudgeon, perch ansd silver.

Call 01884 266065

Google Map Ref 50.867456 -3.340516 Post Code EX15 2AS

Checked 10/10/18

Hatchlands Trout Farm Trout Farm

A mixed trout and coarse fishery with two coarse lakes and a trout lake located near Rattery. All of the lakes are fed with water from the river Harbourne.

There are two coarse lakes mostly holding silvers with some carp and perch. The bigger carp can be found in the bottom lake.

The trout lake is stocked with rainbows 1.5lbs to 5lbs from their own fish farm. From time to time they pop in some brown and blue trout. No Catch and release.

There is a shop on site and toilet and shower facilities.

Call 01364 735000 or 07768772473

Google Map 50.430167, -3.782612 Post Code TQ10 9LN

Checked 10/01/19

Luccombes Course Fishery

Located close to Exminster there are 5 ponds offering day ticket fishing. The ponds are stocked with a wide range of species including carp, crucians, koi, bream, tench, roach, perch, rudd.

Call 01392 833571 or 07510545283

Google Map Ref 50.669545, -3.511349 Post Code EX6 8AY

Checked 01/10/18

Milemead Fisheries

Located 2 miles from Tavistock Milemead has been owned and developed by the same 2 people for over 30 years creating a fishery that has appeal to all levels of angling skill and ambition.

There are 5 lakes:

Carp n Silvers, 2 acres, a pleasure fishery with 35 pegs. Good access with parking near the water. Ghost, common and mirror carp (2 mirrors to 20lb+ present). Good roach to just under 3 lbs.

Canal and Basin, 2 small ponds, Canal has 8 pegs and Basin has 16, well suited to small match fishing. Roach, rudd, bream, tench, golden tench, gudgeon, F1s and carp to 5 lbs.

Cat n Carp, 12 pegs 2 acres, 300 carp to 22lbs, Wels Catfish to 28lbs. 24 hr tickets available

Specimen Carp Lake, 10 pegs, 3 acres, carp into the 20s and 30s (1 in 3 are 20lb+). 24 hr tickets available.

Tickets from the on site tackle and snack shop (if you arrive earlier than 9am just start fishing and get your permit when the shop opens). Male and female toilets and toilet facilities for the disabled on site.

Discounts for under 16, over 65 and blue badge holders on all but the Specimen lake. There is also a season permit. To book call 01822 610888

Google Map 50.554629, -4.181830 Post Code PL19 8NP

Checked 15/12/18

Newbarns Farm

A 6 lake fishery located at Collaton St Marys near Paignton. The lakes are:

Mirror, 1.25 acres stocked with carp, there is an island and underwater shallows.

Island, Rosie and Lulu are small pleasure fisheries suitable for beginners or youngsters.

The Willow, 0.33 acres, stocked with bream, roach, rudd, perch.

Lily, mostly tench and bream.

Ther are wooden shelters at pegs on Willow and Mirror and some pegs are accessible for disabled anglers (call 01803 553602 to reserve a peg). Shop, lake side parking and toilets on site.

Google Map 50.427159, -3.620200 Post Code TQ4 7PT

Checked 14/12/18

Newton Abbot Fishing Association

Full Membership of the Association is open to people living within a 20 mile radius of Newton Abbot. You can take out an Associate Membership or just take a day ticket on many of their fisheries.

Waters are:

Rackerhayes, behind Tesco in Newton Abbot has 6 ponds which after a £16K development have had wooden platforms with access ramps installed that provide full access for wheelchair users: Google Map 50.541499, -3.603119 Post Code TQ12 3RN

Bardley Pond near Bovey Tracy, carp to 28 lbs, roach, perch to 5lbs, skimmers and some big trout.

Prestons Ponds, Kingsteinton, consists of;

Key Transport - a popular match water holding stocks of skimmers, big roach, rudd, perch, tench and crucians.

Eddison Pond, a small pool with tench, crucians, carp to mid doubles and a mix of other species.

Sawmill, 3 acres, some carp to 20+, skimmers, bream, tench, perch to 3lbs.

Island Pond, 5 acres, carp to just over 25lbs, tench to10lbs, good roach and rudd, bream to 10lbs, pike and eels.

Linhay, 3 acres, mixed fishery.

Dores Pond, 9 acres, carp to 30lb+, lots of 20s, good tench (best 11.5ozs) bream to doubles and lots of silvers.

Weedy Pond 1 acre with carp to 5lbs.

Finally there is Charlescombe Pond with carp to 20s, bream, raoch, rudd and crucians.

NAFA also have access to Sommerset Levels Association of Angling Club waters at Waterwell and West Gold.

You can buy day tickets and Associate membership on line on the club web site.

Checked 14/12/18

Simpson Valley Coarse and Trout Fishery

Located just off the A3072 near Holsworthy the fishery consists of 3 coarse and 2 trout lakes plus there is a specimen carp and predator lake. The lakes are:

Upper Fuzzy, 1.5 acres with 30 common and mirror carp to 31lbs, pike to mid 20s plus perch, tench, roach, rudd, gudgeon, chub.

Lower Fuzzy, 1.25 acres with tench, bream, to 12lbs, roach, rudd, crucians, perch to 4lns and gudgeon.

Jenny Wren is a fly only trout lake stocked with rainbows 2 to 15lbs, brownies 1.5 to 10lbs, blues 2 to 10lbs and tigers.

Skylark, is a 1 acre lake for rainbows, brownies and blues 1 to 6lb range, fly or lure fishing allowed.

Martins has lots of carp from tiddlers to 16lbs plus bream, tench, roach, rudd, perch, and gudgeon.

Mallard, a 2.5 acre specimen carp and pike lake with in the 18 to 30lb range and pike to 30lbs (fly or lure for pike)

Call 07881 764655 or 07855 413672

Google Map Ref 50.812605, -4.326307 Post Code EX22 6JW

Checked 02 10 18

Stafford Moor Fishery

Seven lakes set in a 67 acre estate of which 35 are lakes. The lakes are:

Tanners, 5 acres with 9 islands, there are lots of features to fish around. Carp, common and mirror to 13lbs, tench, golden and green tench, bream to 5lbs, roach, rudd and perch to 5lbs.

Pines, 20 pegs in this 3 acre lake with perch to 4lbs and bream to 5, roach, rudd skimmers and tench. Peg 1 to 5 are suitable for disabled anglers.

Woodpecker, a 5 acre lake with carp to 15lbs, tench and bream to 5, rudd and eels to 6lbs.

Beatties, an 8 acre lake with 11 swims, booking is essential the reason being that there are 400 carp in high teens, 40 over 20lbs and fish to 30 to 35 lbs, all growing nicely. There are also eels to 10lbs and perch to 4lb.

Lodge, close on 9 acres with carp to 30+, tench to 5lbs, eels and perch to 5lbs.

Oak, a pleasure lake with carp to 7lbs and lots of skimmers.

Willow is a new venue open from 2019, skimmers, carp and bream.

Call 01805 804360

Google Map Ref 50.884910, -3.993970 Post Code EX19 8PP

Checked 01/09/18

Upham Farm

Located near Farringdon there are 7 ponds including one specimen pond with large carp to the 30 plus level. There are also tench, bream, ghost carp and koi. in some ponds

Call 01389 232247 or 07971 827552.

Google Map Ref 50.709799 -3.386699 Post Code EX5 2JA

Checked 10/10/18