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Canals Trust

The Canals Trust have over 2,000 miles of waterway to look after for the many interest groups who use them. With so much water it is no wonder that fishing is high on the list of activities.

The Trust issues a Waterway Wanderers Permit that entitles you to go fishing on an impressive amount of water throughout England (for just £20).

For information on how to apply for a permit Goto Waterway Wanderers Permit Application for a list of waters covered by the permit Goto Canal Trust Waterway Wanderers Permit Waters

Christchurch Angling Club

This club has a lot of water, 10 lakes for coarse fish and trout, 10 beats on the Hampshire Avon, 1 beat on the Frome at Trincleton and 7 beats on the Stour, they also have 3 carp lakes.

To get full information best to Google them and look at their web site, here is a taster of what you will find.

Members can fish all of the waters or there is a migratory fish only ticket if still water or coarse fishing is not for you. The club also offers Holiday Membership for 7 days or 14 days which gives you access to all waters.

Day tickets are available on the Avon at:

Ringwood fishing for chub and barbel, there is a weir pool.

Upper Winkton, on the lower Avon good chub, perch, pike to mig 20s, barbel. There are two weir pools.

Sopley Main River, up stream of Winkton for big chub and barbel

Sopley Mill Stream, record challenging barbel plus chub, roach, dace and big pike.

Nea Meadows is a small park water with carp, tench, bream and roach.

You can also get tickets for the trout fisheries of which there are three at Whitesheet. The lakes are stocked regularly with rainbows, brown trout and blues.

All of these tickets can be bought at:

Ringwood Tackle in The Bridges

Bournemouth Fishing Lodge in Wimbourne Road

Loni's in New Milton

Castaways in Ashley Road, Poole

Finally for members there are the carp lakes:

Spinnaker Lake has fish to just a smigin off 50lb plus there are specimen roach, tench, bream and pike.

Hucklesbrook has commons to 35lb mirrors to 25, tench to 12lb, lots of silvers, roach, rudd, perch and pike.

Ibsley Pools consists of 3 pools with carp to the high 20s to 30, tench, masses of silvers to feed the big pike.

Can't even do a Google Map Reference as I might as well just indicate Dorset and a good bit of Hampshire. Lucky members.

Checked 02/10/18

Coking Farm

Located off the A30 between Henstridge and West Stour this 20 acre fishery has 5 lakes, 3 of which are specimen lakes. The lakes are:

Woodland Specimen Lake, 3.5 acres 8 to 15ft deep holding 300 carp and 30 catfish. The cats range from 20 to 30lbs, stories of a fish often hooked but never landed.

Oak Speciemen Lake, 4.5 acres averaging 6ft deep with 400 carp 12 to 30lbs, many 20s and are 10 over 30.

Long Lake, 4.5 acres, 4 to 8ft deep, 1200 carp in the 5 to 20 lbs range and some cats.

Meadow Lake, 4.5 acres with just 120 cap over 20lbs giving room for the fish to grow on well.

Rush Lake, 2.75 acres, a pleasure lake with 30 pegs turning up bag to 200lbs of tench, crucians, bream, roach, and rudd.

Call to book, 01747 839879

Google Map Ref 50.992623, -2.341088 Post Code SP8 5SF

Checked 03/10/18

Dorchester and District Angling Club

The club have fishing on the rivers Frome, Stour, Parrett and Isle plus 8 lakes / fisheries.

Membership is very reasonably prices and there are discounts for spouse / partner, disabled anglers, over 65 and juniors.

Day tickets avaiable on Washington Farm Lake near Bridport and Potwell Lake.

For further information Google their web site it is comprehensive.

Checked 03/10/18

Hamworthy Lake

Near Poole owned by the Council who provide the fishing free of charge. Holds stocks of carp, some big ones 30+, pike roach, and tench. Closed season applies and you must have your rod license. Free parking and toilets on site.

Google Map Reference 50.719775 -2.029844 BH15 4RW

Longham Lake

Near Ferndown this is an other specimen fishery with pike to the mid twenties and carp to 40 plus, bream to 18lbs and there are tench.

Permits can be bought at the lake. Disabled access. Call 01202 58141

Google Map Ref 50.782516, -1.910874 Post Code BH22 9AB


Checked 14/11/18

Milemead Fisheries

Located near Tavistock this fishery consists of 5 lakes:

Carp n Silvers, 2 acres mixed carp and silvers with 35 pegs. There are ghost, common and mirror carp to 20+ and big roach.

Canal and Canal Basin. Canal has 8 pegs Canal basin has 10 pegs. Mixed stock including roach, rudd, bream, tench, golden tench and gudgeon. There are also F1 carp, and carp to 5lbs. A good spot for beginners with plenty of action.

Cat n Carp, 12 peg on a 2 acre pool with over 300 carp 22lbs including grass carp to 12lbs and Wels catfish to 25lb. Prebooking required, night fishing allowed.

Specimen Carp Lake, 3 acres 10 pegs carp in the 20 to 30lb range. At the last count they recon 1 in 3 are over 20lbs, 5 are over 30lbs. Prebooking required, night fishing allowed.

Call 01822 610888

Google Map Reference 50.552738, -4.183100 Post Code PL19 8NP

Checked 26/09/18

Ringwood and District Angling Association

RDAA have fishing throughout Dorset and Hampshire. For members they have access to 16 lakes,10 stretches of the Avon, 10 on the Stour plus Throops on the Stour where day tickets are available. They also have fishing on 2 beats of Royalty on the Avon.

Many fisheries have disabled parking.

Just so much water I suggest you visit their web site, just Google them.

Checked 04/10/18

River Frome

Free fishing for carp, pike, dace and grayling from Wareham down to the sea. Remember you still need a rod license.

Google Map Reference 50.683848 -2.109387

Checked 03/10/18

Rosewell Coarse Fishery

Located near to Weymouth the fishery has 2 lakes: Wally Lake, a weedy challenging lake of 1.5 acres with carp to 30lbs, bream to 13+ and skimmers.

Meadow, 2.75 acres with 2 islands naturally stocked from Wally.

Call 01305 832248

Google Map Ref 50.643568, -2.374947 Post Code DT3 6HA

Checked 02/10/18

Todber Manor Coarse Fishery

Near Sturminster this is an extensive fishery with 10 lakes some of which are specimen lakes. The lakes are:
Paddock, 2 acres with catfish in the 20 to 50lb bracket and some go to 80lbs. There are also big carp with the record at 35lbs.

Big Hayes, 8 acres 800 carp many in the 20lbs range, some go to 34lbs. There are cats to 40lbs, pike to over 25lbs.

Little Hayes 6 acres 700 carp 10 to 31lbs, bream to 15lbs, cats around the 30lb mark.

Willow is 4.5 acres with carp 9 to 24lbs, some big pike, bream and perch

Whitepost, lots of carp 1 to 5lbs plus some tench and crucians, bags of 300lbs are achieveable here.

Hillview, 2.5acres, carp and bream.

Ash Tree, 1.5 acres, lots of carp 1 to 3lbs.

Homeground, 1.5 acres, carp 1 to 5lbs some to 15.

Firs Lake is a mixed fishery with carp, tench, bream, roach and rudd.

Call 01258 820384

Google Map Ref 50.981698, -2.283720 Post Code DT10 1JB

Checked 02/10/18

Victorian Barn

There is a lot more to this place than fishing but the fishery consists of 3 lakes totalling 4 acres. The lakes are

Park, carp 3 to 17lbs.

Alder, tench, bream, crucians, carp, roach, chub.

Oak, this is a specimen lake with carp ranging from 14 to over 30lbs.

Call 01258 817501 or 07956 161528

Google Map Ref 50.865590, -2.327561 Post code DT11 0EY.

Checked 03/10/18

Wimbourne and District Angling Club

Reviewing what this club have down suggests a very professional approach with real commitment to supporting disabled anglers, well done.

The club has or has access to 11 fishieries including 2 trout fisheries and 7 beats on the Dorset Stour. So lots on offer. The lakes are:

Hatch Pond, next to Nuffield Industrial Estate a good carp venue with 1 swims designated for disabled anglers. Carp to over 30lbs.

Google Map 50.744738, -1.981131

Creekmore Lake, 2 lakes for pleasure fishing, 2 designated swims for disabled anglers plus 2 parking bays. Carp to 29lbs, roach, perch, eels.

Google Map 50.744209, -2.004405

Alder Hill, carp and pleasure, carp to 30, tench, and roach.

Google Map 50.737021, -1.913007

Kingsbridge, consists of 4 lakes, carp to 30, plus tench and roach. 2 designated disabled swims and a portaloo on site.

Google Map 50.729758, -2.069128

Edmondsham, carp, bream, tench, roach plus a stretch of the adjacent river Crane for coarse fish and some brown trout and sea trout.

Google Map 50.895094, -1.898902

Longham Lake, Shared with SW Lakes see above.

Orchard Lake, 5 lakes, the club has 5 concession tickets here. Google Map 50.772385, -1.666204

Little Cranford Pond, a mature 3 acre pond with carp to 30lbs, bream, roach perch, pike. Google map 50.794940, -1.931247

Revels Fishery another commercial fishery where the club has secured some concession tickets.

Google Map 50.848972, -2.460264

Winterboune Zeston Trout Fishery spring fed fishery with classic gin clear water stocked with rainbows with a few biggies to get the adrenaline going, just love stalking these gin clear waters. There is a designated disabled swim here and toilets.

Google Map 50.776199, -2.149165

Rawlsbury Trout Lakes, 4 lakes stocked with rainbows (Viners has brownies too). Toilets and disabled access.

Google Map 50.843164, -2.336893

The river fishing is on the Stour at Netherwood, Trickett and Parsons, Baileys, Puchases and Chissels, Durweston Mill did Constable paint this, no, he should have), Buggs and Maitland, Longham Water Works.
Fishing is mostly for coarse fish including pike, roach, dace, perch, bleak and bream. You might encounter brown trout, sea trout and grayling on Netherwood, and Trickets Parsons.

Phew, that's it in brief, but to get a full flavour visit their excellent web site. Details of membership and where to buy your tickets are all there and the cost is very reasonable given the range of waters available.

Checked 04/10/18