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Canals Trust

The Canals Trust have over 2,000 miles of waterway to look after for the many interest groups who use them. With so much water it is no wonder that fishing is high on the list of activities.

The Trust issues a Waterway Wanderers Permit that entitles you to go fishing on an impressive amount of water throughout England (for just £20).

For information on how to apply for a permit Goto Waterway Wanderers Permit Application for a list of waters covered by the permit Goto Canal Trust Waterway Wanderers Permit Waters

A 12 Cuton Lakes

Former gravel pits now extensively redeveloped to a high standard. 4 lakes including 2 specimen lakes. The lakes are:

Specimen 1, 6.5 acres up to 10ft deep stocked with carp15 to 30lb with the record fish at 40.

Specimen 2 is smaller at 4.5 acres with carp in the 10 to 17lb range with a few 20s and 1 over 30. There are also bream to mid teens, tench to low teens, and perch

Island and Woodland Pond with carp, silvers, bream, to 10lbs, tench and perch. There are several pegs suitable for disabled anglers

Call 07946847703

Google Map 51.728539, 0.517693 Post Code CM2 6NX

Checked 08/10/18

Alresford Fishery

A 4 lake fishery near Colchester. There is a specimen water with 30lb+ carp. There are also mixed coarse fish lakes with specimen crucians, roach, perch and bream.

Call 01206 796352

Google Map 51.855213, 0.992244 Post Code CO7 8JB

Checked 13/01/19

Ardleigh Reservoir

A 120 acre reservoir with some big fish. Mirror and common carp to 40+, bream to 10lbs+, good roach and rudd, pike to 25lb+.

Fishing bank and boat. You need to prebook a boat, call 01206 230642.

Night fishing is available call. Permits from the fishing lodge or if closed there is a self service kiosk where you can but a ticket which is good for 24 hours. Day and season tickets available, there are concessions too.

There are 2 associated lakes: Wick Lane Lake, 12 acres with carp to 30lb+, carp, bream, roach and rudd. A popular match veneue. Ramada, a 3 acre lake with mixed coarse.

Google Map 51.916411, 0.963118 Post Code CO7 7PT

Checked 13/01/19

Barn Mill Coarse Fishery

A coarse fishing complex consisting of 5 lakes with 155 swims, the lakes are:

Lilypad with skimmers, tench, crucians, F1s, roach and rudd.

Canal Lake is a match lake where a record bag of 334lbs was landed.

Donut, a small lake with bigger carp.

Member Lake has carp to 15lbs, roach and rudd.

Reservoir has the biggest carp with a record bag of 200lbs taken in 3 hours. There are also big bream, barbel, perch, rudd and roach.

Day Ticket and membership available. There are toilet facilities on site.

Call 01702 216170 or 07721053728

Google Ref 51.565867, 0.810023 Post Code SS3 0BX

Checked 08/10/18

Bentley Fishery

Set in a mature wooded estate this 3.5 acre fishery on the A128 between Brentwood and Ongar offers excellent fishing (adults over 16's only) for quality carp including commons to over 30lbs and cracking good mirrors. 8 named quality swims, 2 islands. They recommend the use of bait boats to get to the best spots.

Book in advance only for day tickets. 24 hour and night time permits also never more than 6 anglers at a time.

Call 07939 074089

Google Map Reference 51.644604 0.262908 post code CM14 5UR

Checked 08/10/18

Brook Farm

A 2 acre lake with stainless steel platforms stocked with tench, roach, rudd big bream,crucian and carp (ghost, mirror, ) to 30lbs+.

The fishery has good access for disabled abglers especially with those steel platforms. Toilets on site.

Call 01277 372112 or 07887728195

Google Map Post Code RM4 1HL

Checked 08/10/18

Churchgate Lakes

A top notch fishery consisting of 4 lakes set in beautiful surroundings. Well stocked with a variety of fish. The 3 lakes are:

Top Lake: with 500 double figure carp and bream to 10lbs.

Bottom Lake: stocked with carp, tench, roach, rudd, perch, skimmers and ide.

Middle: is a specimen lake for members which holds carp averaging 16lb and catfish 40lbs.

Back Lake: mixed coarse icluding carp to 20lbs and bream.

Day tickets for Top, Back and Bottom lakes Middle is a members only lake.

Call 07798 902315

Google Map Reference 51.639175 0.572382 Post Code SS11 7QR

Checked 08/10/18

Chigboro Lakes

Near Maldon consists of 4 lakes:

They have some big catfish to 127lbs and carp to 38lbs, 3 lakes have carp to at least 32lbs plus good bream. The lakes are:

The 12 acre Maywater

Heybridge Mere with common, mirror and crucian carp, bream, roach, rudd, perch.

Chigboro Mere with carp, roach, rudd, perch.

Scraley Mere.

There are also 3 trout lakes

For bookings call 07702 244440

Google Map Reference 51.741792 0.718795 Post Code CM9 4RE



Clavering Lake

7 miles from Saffron Walden consists of 4 lakes including;

A specimen carp lake of 3.5 acres with carp to 30 / 40lbs and many in the 10 to 20lb range. 40 swims.

Match Lake, 22 pegs, 2 acres, mixed course produced bag to 228lbs.

Silver and Lower Lake, 20 swims, bream to 6lbs, roach, perch to 4lbs, brown goldfish, crucians and tench.

Call 01799 550261 or 01799 551213 for the lodge.

Google Map Reference 51.983740, 0.133295 Post Code CB11 4RL

Checked 12/01/19

Dairymeade Farm Fishery

A day ticket fishery near Tiltywith 3 lakes, a carp lake, match lake and a trout fy fishing lake.

The trout lake hols rainbows and brown trout (brownies C & R only). Permits are all catch and release but if you choose to take a fish you pay per fish on top.

Call 07923 578680

Google Map 51.917420, 0.306854 Post Code CM6 2EH

Checked 13/01/19

Doggets Farm

A 15 acre lake set in woodland in Rochford. Convoluted, lots of nooks and cranies to explore but a fair walk from the car park to the lake, you will need a trolley.

Stocked with common and mirror carp to 30lbs, pike to 29lbs, tench to 9, bream, true crucians, good perch. Worth the walk.

Day and 24 hours tickets available, call 01702 714338 or 07958204002.

Google Map 51.590874, 0.711713 Post Code for parking SS4 1QF

Google Map 51.590874, 0.711713Post Code SS4 1QF

Checked 13/01/19

Fennes Fishery

Three lakes near Braintree:

Ash Ground, 5.5 acres spring fed, 60 pegs. Common and Mirror carp to 33lb+, roach, rudd, perch, bream, tench, F1s and crucians.

Hobbs Croft, 3.5 acres, 20 pegs with carp to 30lbs+.

Hill and Black Lakes, specimen carp plus the same mix as Ash.

Day Tickets available, there are also concessions. There are 4 night fishing events per year.

On site there is a tackle shop and you can also get hot and cold drinks and snacks. Call 01376 323285

Google Map 51.914047, 0.558894 Post Code CM7 5LB

Checked 13/01/19

Forty Acre Plantation Lakes

2 lakes Main and Small;

Main is 4 acres and has common carp 36lbs, mirror carp to 32lbs barbel and catfish to 75lbs.

Small lake has crucians, common, mirror carp and silvers.

There are toilets on site and good security.

Google Map Post 51.641241, 0.454266 Code CM4 9RS

Checked 08/10/18

Honeypots Lakes 

2 lakes near Stock, they are:

A Specimen lake with carp 20 to 35lbs and catfish to 55lbs.

A Pleasure lake with carp 5 to 27lbs plus cats to 55lb and silvers.

Call 07399435512

Google Map 51.655704, 0.422988 Post Code CM4 9DD

Checked 08/10/18

Lake John 

2 lakes Top and Bottom holding roach, bream, perch, rudd, chub, gudgeon and a variety of carp.

Top at 2.5 acres has big carp with one scaling in at 46lbs 4ozs. There are also bream, tench, rudd, roach.

Bottom is a smaller match fishery, mixed coarse.

There are 5 swims for disabled anglers.

There are concessions available.

For bookings call 0795 8938152

Google Map Reference 51.706109 0.018835 Post Code EN9 2BJ

Checked 08/10/18

Lee Valley Regional Park

Lee Valley Park have a lot of fishing avaiable at 15 location too many to be detailed here but they include fisheries with 40lb plus carp, pike in the 20s, bream to the upper teens, plus roach, rudd, tench eels, chub.

In addition they have a scheme offering a special permit for disabled anglers providing specially designed platforms at 7 fisheries and facilities at Banjo Lake and Stock Pit.

You can access this information by going to Lee Valley regional Park Fishing

Call 01992 892 291

Post Code EN2 9HG

Newlands Hall Fishery

4 lakes totalling approximately 10 acres. The lakes are:

Brook, 50 pegs with common and mirror carp to 30lbs plus tench, and roach.

Moat, 30 pegs, common, mirrors carp and roach. A good match venue with bags to 300lbs recorded.

Park Lake, 15 pegs lots of carp and roach.

Osiers, a specialist carp lake with common and mirror carp in the 15 to 35lb range.

Permits from a bailiff on the bank, call 01245 231010

Google Ref 51.760783, 0.370008 Post Code CM1 4LH

Checked 08/10/18

Oakford Farm Fishery

Located near Nounsley the fishery has 3 lakes:

Top Lake, 23 pegs with carp 2 to 7lbs.

Middle Lake, 21 pegs, carp into doubles.

Small Lake, 10 pegs, carp, bream, tench.

Permits can be bought on the bank. Call 07715562241 or 01245 380802.

Google Map 51.761999, 0.600588 Post Code  CM3 2NG

Checked 08/10/18

Picks Cottage Fishery


Located near Chingford, 4 small lakes, Top Match Lake - 12 swims carp 1 to 10lb, tench 1 to 8 plus bream, roach, rudd; Doughnut, carp 6 to 26lbs and catfish to 20lbs; Snake carp 30 to 38lbs (3 over 30lbs) many twenties. Barrow and Float.

Call 02085294114

Google Map 51.650966, -0.007800 Post Code E4 7RA

Checked 07/10/18

Raynes Lodge Fishery

3 lakes including:

Top, 2 acres with 22 pegs and 3 islands fishing for roach, carp, bream, crucians and tench.

Middle, 1 acre with 1 island fishing for roach, carp, bream, crucians and tench.

Bottom, 1 acre with a string of samll islands fishing for roach, carp, bream, tench, crucians.

Call 01376 345719 or 07710483850

Google Map Ref 51.877448, 0.527113 CM7 2QQ

Checked 21/09/18

Safron Walden Angling Club

Safron Walden AC have a number of waters both still and on rivers. The still waters are:

Bordeaux Pit (Main Pit), 2.5 acres this is a mixed fishery with carp in the 10 to 20lb range, some to over 30lb. There are also crucians, chub, bream, ide, roach, rudd, perch, tench and barbel.

Bordeaux Pit (small), carp to doubles, plus roach, rudd, tench, bream, brown goldfish, chub.

Longmoor Lake (Whittlesford) a 2.5 acre clear water fishery with some specimen carp (40 to over 30lbs) tench and bream (into doubles). There are also roach, rudd, perch and some pike and perch.

Mepal Pit, a 3 acre lake with 15 swims, mostly carp to 30lb +, specimen roach and rudd plus perch, tench and pike.

River Great Ouse, 1.75 miles from the Junction with Old West at Thetford. A mixed fishery with good bream, roach and tench.

Old West, 500 metres up from the juncion with the Great Ouse. Rudd, skimmers, bream, perch, roach and tench.

The club also runs a number of competitions and a League.

Membership from local outlets:

Carp Cabin, Pampisford

Abracadabra Shop on Safron Walden

Benwick Sports, Soham

JKL Tackle, Meldreth

Checked 11/11/18

Stanbridge Fishery

Near Southend on Sea 2 lakes, the main lake is a carp lake while the other lake is a mixed coarse lake with good carp, bream, tench, roach. Nights can be arranged.

Call 01702 258274

Google Map 51.590509, 0.739722 Post Code SS4 2AR

Checked 13/01/19

Stanford Hall Fisheries

A syndicate fishery with 2 lakes containing big carp, bream over 5lbs, tench 4lb.

Google Map Reference 51.514405 0.428449 CM5 9QS

Checked 08/10/18

Timberland Fishing Lake

The fishery is located near Harlow and consists of 5 lakes 2 of which are acessible to disabed anglers. The lakes are:

Rose with 20 pegs, a mixed fishery.

Mystery, 7 pegs with carp to doubles. (disabled access, parking next to the peg)

Baggers is a 37 peg match venue. (disabled access, parking next to the peg)

Horseshoe is a 37 peg lake with the biggest fish.

Willow is an 18 peg fishery.

The lakes hold a mixture of bream, tench, perch, roach, rudd, barbel, crucians and carp to 27lbs.

Call 01279 454528 or 07796 792974

Google Map 51.765728, 0.058810 Post Code CM19 5UA

Checked 08/10/18

Tylers Common Fishery

Located near Brentwood and frequented by folk like Matt Hayes no less this is a quality fishery consisting of 4 lakes:

Ash Lake, 25 pegs for roach carp, bream tench, crucians. Best bag in 6 hours, 462lbs oh and 4 ozs. Musta been knackered after that.

Horseshoe: you guessed it's u shaped just 5ft deep on average. Roach, rudd, carp fantails, bream, tench, barbel. Some carp into mid 20s.

Wagtail at 4 acres offers 38 pegs fishing for roach, rudd, carp, bream, tench, barbel and crucians.

Willow Lake is 2.5 acres and holds carp into the 40lb range. There are also big tench, bream, roach, rudd, pike and perch.

Call Call 01376 345719 or 07710483850

Google Map Ref 51.597670, 0.257641 RM14 1TS

Checked 21/09/18