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Canals Trust

The Canals Trust have over 2,000 miles of waterway to look after for the many interest groups who use them. With so much water it is no wonder that fishing is high on the list of activities.

The Trust issues a Waterway Wanderers Permit that entitles you to go fishing on an impressive amount of water throughout England (for just £20).

For information on how to apply for a permit Goto Waterway Wanderers Permit Application for a list of waters covered by the permit Goto Canal Trust Waterway Wanderers Permit Waters

Andy's Lake

Just 5 miles from Ross on Wye, is a 5 acres man made lake just a few years old but developing a great reputation already for good catches of fish (100lbs are quite common with rumours that some greedy guts have hauled in upwards of 400lbs, whee!). Stocked with carp (approaching the 20lb mark) bream, tench and roach Andy's farm has a lot to offer. The lake varies in depth from about 4 to 10 feet. Pellets and sweetcorn seem to do well fishing with the pole or waggler.

Day tickets only can be bought on the bank. Call 01989 730210.

Google Map Reference 51.927793 -2.716221 Post Code HR2 8JX

Checked 19/10/18

Biddlestone Pool

Located near Llangarron just a few miles from Ross this lake of apporoximately 2 acres is up to 18 ft deep, stocked with carp 2 to 30lbs with many doubles. There are also good bream and some chub.

Day tickets call 07903731656 (they also do night sessions)

Google Map 51.902575, -2.665503 Post Code HR9 6NT

Checked 19/10/18

Bulmers Angling Club

Open to everyone the club is, yes, associated with the famed cider company however they offer associated membership plus concessions for disabled, over 65 even a grandad ticket.

The club has fishing on Allenmore Pool, at Monnington on the river Wye and a stretch of the river Lugg.

No day tickets but membership is inexpensive, call the Chairperson on 07887 693028

Checked 19/10/18

Docklow Pools

Located Leominster this fishery is possibly the oldest commercial fishery in the UK. The fishing is extensive some day ticket water mostly either for members (inexpensive) and residents in the associated accomodation. This fishery has some big catfish.

There are 3 day ticket waters;

Micky Mouse with good carp and mixed stock.

Moby Dick is a tree lined lake with 35 pegs and 3 islands giving varied swims. There are carp to the 20s, bream, roach, barbel, roach, rudd, ide and chub, there are also lots of silvers.

Figure of Eight holds carp, tench, roach, rudd, bream, barbel, chub and crucians.

For members and residents there is fishing on another 5 lakes and on the rivers Wye, Teme and Lugg.

The lakes are:

Major Bill, cats to 70lbs, grass carp to over 30, common and mirror cap 30lb +. There is a waiting list to fish this lake.

Farmer Jack, with carp, tench, roach, rudd, bream, barbel, chub and crucians.

Match Pool, silvers, roach, chub, barbel, bream, 30 pegs with the carp averaging 6lbs going up to several doubles and a few 20s.

The Snake, a pole anglers water with high double carp, tench, barbel, chub, rudd, bream, ide, perch and crucians.

Stock Pool good tench, plus roach, rudd, bream, carp to the 20s

Tench Pool opened in 2013 with 8 peg. Tench to 7lbs and growing strong.

Call 01568 760256

Google Map Ref 52.216217, -2.648494 Post Code HR6 0RU

Checked 20/09/18

Evesbatch Fishery

Not to be confused with Eves batch Old Fishery which is a close neaighbour, a 2 lake fishery Top Lake 1.5 acres and Bottom 1 acre separated by a stretch of the river Leadon with some good common and mirror carp some say to 30lbs but certainly into the 20s. There are also bream, crucians, roach and big eel.

Permits locally from Alans Tackle in Hereford, the Green Dragon in Bishops Frome.

Google Map 52.128390, -2.456463 Post Code WR6 5BD

Checked 19/10/18

Evesbatch Old Lake

A 2 acre lake near Bishops Frome offering day, night week tickets or you can book the entire lake for 24 hours for a group of up to 12, there are 18 pegs.

Secured behind locked gates you need to text ahead for the key code, 07950923960

The lakes has carp to 18lbs, roach, rudd and eels.

Bookings online on their web site evesbatch.net..

Google Map 52.128100, -2.459059 Post Code WR6 5BD

Checked 19/10/18

Marsh House Farm

Marsh House Farm is a B & B and camping / caravan site and on that farm there is a pond (u can add the e-i-e-i-o, I wouldn't steep so low) with ducks that go quack, decent carp, roach and bream, looks nice. No word about day tickets but residents can fish here.

The farm has full facilities for disabled persons. Call 01432 839493.

Google Map Post Code HR4 8DT

Pixley Pools

2 former irrigation storage pools for a fruit farm near Ledbury sheltered in woodland. The pools are;

Pixley pool, 3 acres, 23 pegs, can be busy at weekends so call to check. Common nad Mirror carp to 8lbs.

Glebe Pool is newer and smaller, 12 pegs up to18ft deep. Carp here average 5lbs.

The lakes are behind locked gates so call ahead for the combination code, 07802402399.

Google Map HR5 2QD Post Code HR8 2QD

Checked 1/01/19

The Mill Pond

A three acre 48 peg lake near Tarrington stocked with carp to 30lbs, bream, tench, golden tench, roach, rudd, gudgeon and good perch.

There is good access for wheelchair users and people with mobility issues can reserve certain pegs. There is a camp site too.

Season, week and day tickets avaiable call 01432 890243.

Google Map 52.066871, -2.548083 Post Code HR1 4JA

Checked 19/10/18

Munderfield Harold Fishing Pools

4 pools located on a caravan park offering day ticket fishing for mixed coarse fish including mirror carp, roach,rudd, bream tench.

Call 01885 483231

Google Map 52.190845, -2.554766 Post Code HR7 4SZ Checked 15/01/19

Red Hill Fishery

Located between Monmouth and Wonastow there are 5 lakes;

Mickys, 13 pegs with carp to 7lbs and tench.

Sophies, 20 pegs, mirror and commons to doubles, tench, roach and rudd.

Mollys, 21 pegs, common, mirror and ghost carp to 12lbs plus skimmers.

Pennys, 40 pegs carp specimens and doubles, bream, skimmers, golden rudd, roach, chub.

Tillys, a small lake with big fish, carp to 25lbs plus roach, bream, rudd, tench and chub.

Call 07816854301 to book in advance, price doubles if bought on the bank.

Google Map 51.799753, -2.744172 Post Code NP25 4DQ

Checked 19/10/18

Ross on Wye Angling Club

The club has 5 miles of fishing on the river Wye around Ross. The fishing is for both coarse and game fish (salmon and trout).

The river holds good stocks of fit wild fish including, barbel, chub, pike to 20+, perch, roach, dace, grayling. You may encounter a shad but you cannot target these fish and must return them with great care and consideration for their welfare .

There are 2 membership categories, coarse fish only and salmon. There are some concessions, under 15s fish free for coarse fish.

Day tickets are avaiable for coarse fishing on a 1 mile stretch of town water, permits from Wye Angling in Hall Croft and from the bailiff on the bank.

For membership enquiries contact the Chairperson on 01531 822889 or 07468560845

Google Map 51.915319, -2.596368

Checked 19/10/18

Trippenkennett Farm

A 2 lake fishery near Three Ashes, the lakes are:

Willow, 3 acres up to 3 metres deep this lake holds common and mirror carp to 10lbs, crucians, tench, bream and roach. Good access for wheelchair users.

Oak Lake is 2.75 acres stocked with mirror and common carp to the 20s.

Call 01981 580442 or 07866487598

Google Map 51.898164, -2.726449 Post Code HR2 8LZ

Checked 19/10/18


The coarse fishing on the Wye is legendary with monster pike, chub and barbel plus a selection of the other species . It would be pointless for Spinfish to detail out the opportunities when the Wye and Usk foundation have done all the work for you. Log on to:

Wye Usk Foundation

However here are a few.

Letton Court

Game and coarse fishing available on Oxbow Lake, a 7 acre wild, natural lake with some big bream and carp and on 1.5 miles of the river Wye.

Oxbow Lake, a former bend in the river Wye isolated many moons ago leaving an attractive U shaped lake. Ther are tehch in the 10lb+ class, bream, roach, dace, bleak, mirror and common carp to 30lb plus

Coarse fishing is offered on a half day, full day basis and night session basis.

Fishing to be booked in advance, call 07886 707448 or 01544 321972.

Google Map 52.108972, -2.972023 Post Code HR3 6DH

Checked 18/10/18

Wye Moccas Fishery

The Red Lion Hotel issues permits for the Moccas fishery which consists of 8 miles of the Wye between Bredwardine and Hay-on-Wye. There is a coarse fishery and a salmon fishery.

The coarse fishing is for superb barbel in the 4 to 9lb range with the record being a 14 pounder. There are good chub, bream to 9lbs, carp to 27lbs roach, bleak, pike.

To book call 01981 500303.

Google Map 52.094792, -2.976753 Post Code HR3 6BU

Checked 18/10/18