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Canals Trust

The Canals Trust have over 2,000 miles of waterway to look after for the many interest groups who use them. With so much water it is no wonder that fishing is high on the list of activities.

The Trust issues a Waterway Wanderers Permit that entitles you to go fishing on an impressive amount of water throughout England (for just £20).

For information on how to apply for a permit Goto Waterway Wanderers Permit Application for a list of waters covered by the permit Goto Canal Trust Waterway Wanderers Permit Water

Boothman Park Fishery

Boothman Park has 3 large lakes fed by the waters from hill streams. The area is landscaped with shrubs and trees to create a natural and quiet anbience.

The lakes are stocked with a wide variety of fish including, carp, tench, bream, perch, ide, roach, common, mirror and grass carp.

Day, month, yearly tickets, bivvie pitches available as well as fishing lodges for hire.

The fishery is accessible for disabled anglers as well as visually impaired anglers.

Call 01282 691989 or 07837243014

Google Map 53.857680, -2.262504 Post Code BB12 9LF

Checked 03/11/18

Borwick Lake

Near Carnforth this is a syndicate carp water of about 10 acres, well established, with about 150 fish ranging from twenties to mid thirties. There are 14 pegs. The syndicate does issue a limited number of 24 hour tickets, call 07342650451.

Google Map 4.145819 -2.732952 Post Code LA6 1JU

Checked 31/10/18

Bradshaw Hall Fisheries

The fishery near Bolton consists of 9 lakes over a 50 acre site. There is parking around the site but lakes 4 and 8 allow parking next to swims which is good for disabled anglers. The lakes are in brief:

Lake 1, 10 pegs stocked will rudd, roach, tench, ide, perch, bream, common and mirror carp.

Lake 2, carp to 28lbs, tench to 9, bream to 8, night fishing available.

Lake 3, 35 pegs holding carp, bream, tench, chub, roach, rudd, perch, crucians, barbel and ide.

Lake 4, 43 pegs, with carp to 16lbs, bream, roach, rudd, perch, chub, tench, crucians, ide and barbel.

Lake 5, 10 pegs, chub, bream, tench, crucians, roach, rudd.

Lake 6, 18 pegs, carp to 16lbs, bream, roach, rudd, perch, chub, tench, crucians, ide and barbel.

Lake 7, 8, 9 canal style lakes with carp, F1s, tench, chub, barbel, roach, ide.

Call 01204 307197

Google Map 53.615826, -2.401325 Post Code BL2 4JW

Checked 03/11/18

Charity Farm

Located near Wrightington near Wigan charity farm has 4 well stocked ponds simply numbered 1 to 4. The ponds are stocked with carp to 21lb, bream, tench, chub, perch, roach and crucians.

Disabled facilities and fishing pitches are avaiable but please call in advance to arrange.

Tickets are from the booth in the car park which is adjacent to the toilets.There is a cafe on site too.

Call 01257 451326

Google Map 53.617836 -2.725479 Post Code WN6 9PP

Checked 02/11/18

Clear Water Fisheries

Located near Carnforth this is a 68 acre fishery with a full range of facilities including a bar and bistro, offers a big change from the cheese and pickle crust I would usually take fishing. There are 3 lakes:

Keer Lake, a 22 acre syndicate lake with carp to 49lbs, 21 pegs, 5 islands, gin clear water lots of features under water. There are also some big Wels cats to 60lb Plus and grass carp over 30lbs.

Kellet Lake, 6 acres with specimen carp to 33lbs. There are about 175 carp in the lake

Kents Bank, a matured gravel pit of about 3 acres with carp in the 20s and a mix of other coarse species.

There is ample parking including parking and dedicated pegs for disabled anglers.

Call 01524 745848

Google Map 54.114697 -2.734969 Post Code LA6 1JU

Checked 31/10/18

Cornfield Farm Fishery

Located near Burnley Cornfield has 3 lakes to chose from:

Main Lake stocked with fish 2 to 20lbs including carp, chub, barbel, roach, perch.

2 canal style lakes with the same stocking as above.

There is good access for disabled, toilets and a shop. Call 07967284665.

Google Map 53.804653 -2.287713 Post Code BB12 8UB

Checked 03/11/18

Fir Tree Fishery

Located near Wigan, what a fantastic facility to have in your area, a fishery dedicated to providing for people with disabilities or other factors limiting their activity levels or social interaction.

Fir Tree operates as a pleasure fishery with well stocked, mixed fishery lakes:

Fir Tree, a 40 peg match fishery in the canal style being a large oval with central island. Stocked with carp chub and ide.

Nooky Hollow, doughnut shaped with lots of carp, a suitable venue for pole fishing.

Spruce Lake is a 20 peg lake suited to wagler or feeder for bigger carp, mirror and common, roach, chub, tench. This lake is floodlit, great for those winter days.

Bensons Creek, a 10 peg fishery with silvers, roach and carp.

Pine Lodge, a small specimen lake with big tench plus roach and carp.

The fishery specialises in supporting people with disabilities or undergoing rehabilitation, recovering from illness or other issues.They have teams of volunteers who will assist anglers where ever needed. Off course the facilities are excellent with all pegs built to ensure safe fishing for anglers with disabilities and for wheelchair users.

Fir Tree takes group bookings from support organisations and for matches. Call 01257 252607.

Google Map 53.576586 -2.706042 Post Code WN6 0JB

Checked 02/11/18

Hillside Fishery

Located near Burnley, Hillside has 3 old lakes and 2 new lakes including a specimen carp lake. Car parking is very near the ponds and all pegs are stone based with bark covering and may be suitable for persons with mobility issues

The lakes are:

Doughnut, 22 pegs with bream, rudd, tench, roach, perch, chub, goldfish, ghosts, skimmers and a good head of carp.

Bankside is a match lake of 1.5 acres with an island. Stocked with tench, chub, bream, perch, roach, and carp.

Pad Lake, one of the new lakes, is a 3 acre, 12 peg specimen carp water with 4 fish to 30lbs, 25 in the 20s and over 100 doubles including grass and ghost carp.

Hawthorne, described as a a runs water with 6 bivvy pegs and lots of features holding tench, chub, roach, bream, and plenty of carp.

Berts Pool, the second new water, with big carp and catfish. One catfish is known to be 51lbs with mirrors to 30lb and commons to 25 there is a real work out on offer here. There are 10 bivvy pegs.

Call 07949 432262.

Google Map 53.744027 -2.289230 Post Code BB4 8QX

Checked 02/11/18

Lancaster House Farm

A mixed coarse fishery near Charnock Richard stocked with carp, bream, perch, roach, tench and chub.

Parking and toilets on site, call in advance if disabled and need help with access to the site.

Call 07950 144082

Google Map 53.630982, -2.685750 Post Code PR7 5LE

Checked 03/11/18

Lathom Fisheries

Located near Burscough there are 4 lakes:

Lake 1, carp to 20lbs, barbel, chub, golden and blue orfe, perch, roach, golden and green tench, rudd and bream.

Lake 2, mostly carp some to 32lbs plus some chub, barbel, bream and tench.

Lake 3, F1 carp to 10lbs, barbel, chub, roach, ide and gudgeon

Lake 4, lots of F1s, barbel, chub, bream and tench.

There is a cafe on site and toilets with full disabled facilities.

Call 01704 895913 or 07933 854941. For match bookings call 01704 895941.

Google Map 53.606408 -2.829557 Post Code L40 4AJ

Checked 02/11/18


The Environment Agency offers day ticket fishing for salmon, sea trout and brown trout on three beats.

Hatton Beat, Top, for 12 rods. Not seen as fly water unless in a spate. The beat extends on the left bank from above the Forge Weir to Escow Beck. Good night fly fishing for sea trout. Fly and lure until 16th June, all legal methods allowed thereafter

Halton Beat, 3 pools all good fly water. 8 rods fly only when the river is above 15 inches at Halton Tool Bridge. Fly only to 16th June,

Skelton, the beat extends from the tidal reaches of the river at Carlisle Bridge to Howe Ghyll Beck, there are clear markers. This is good fly fishing water for 6 rods. All legal method.

Permits available for miratory fish, trout and course fish from Bank House Fishery in Catton, call 01524 770412

Call 01524 770267

Google Map Reference 54.075499, -2.759573 Halton,

Checked 17/01/18

Mere Lane Fishery

Located near the village of Mere Brow near Tarleton this is a 4 lake fishery. The lakes are;

The Specimen Lake, 4 to 15 feet deep with 2 islands and 15 pegs 2 of which are suitable for elderly or disabled anglers. The lake holds mirror and common carp from about 6 to 24lbs plus bream, tench, perch. orfe and Percy the Sturgeon at 28lbs he is a tough cookie to handle. Night fishing can be arranged by calling 07834 905555.

Old Coarse Lake, a pleasure anglers venue stocked with carp to 15lbs, crucians, perch, tench, bream, orfe and rudd. Can be booked for clubs matches.

Silvers Lake, a canal style lake with 16 pegs some are suitable for disabled anglers with parking next to pegs and toilets nearby. Stocked with crucians, skimmers, rudd, tench and bream.

Doughnut Lake, a match lake averaging 6 to 7 feet deep with 25 pegs, 5 of which are adapted for use by disabled anlgers. The lake is stocked with carp, bream, tench, roach, barbel, ide, chub and perch.

Call 07834 905555

Google Map Post Code PR4 6JU


Pendle, Burnley and District Angling Association

The Association has fishing on 5 lakes and the river Calder.

The Lakes are:

Rowley Park Lake (see above)

Ball Grove Park lake in Colne

Lower Lodgehouse in Burnley

Walverden Reservoir, Nelson

Foulbridge Reservoir in Colne.

The lakes hold a variety of species including bream, pike, roach, tench and carp to 20lbs

The beats on the Calder are at:

Padiham, Barns Farm , Altham, Cornfield farm, Billingham. The river has stocks of chub, dace, grayling and trout.

Member ship is inexpensive with discounts for junior, senior and disabled. Day tickets available on the bank are also inexpensive.

Membership tickets from local tackle shops in Burnley, Padiham, Nelson and Accrington.

Checked 03/11/18

Radcliffe Angling Society

The club has fishing on 8 still water some of which are available on days tickets. Membership is inexpensive with discounts for pensioner, juniors and disabled anglers.

The waters are:

Starmount Lodge, a shallow lake with 12 platforms fishes best in the summer.

Starmount Middle Lodge, a deep, well stocked fishery with roach, perch, bream, tench, crucians, chub, F1 and some big carp.

Starmount Top Lodge, a deep well stocked lake with roach, bream, rudd, chub, crucians and some large carp.

Cherry Tree, 7 pegs, crucians, roach, perch, tench, bream, rudd, gudgeon and a few carp.

Red Bridge Lodge, 16 pegs, for roach, tench, bream, rudd gudgeon, crucicans and some carp.

Pimhole Lodge, stocked with silvers, perch, rudd, bream, roach.

Red Bank Lodge 2, 20 to 30 pegs but no platforms holding crucians, roach, perch, pike,

Armitage Vale Lodge, 8 platforms crucians, roach, perch, tench, bream, rudd, pike and a few carp.

Day tickets for the Starmount and Red Bridge Lodges can be bought on the bank.

Google Map, Starmount Lodges 53.574718, -2.370078 Red Bridge Lodges 53.589935, -2.371243

Checked 03/11/18

Ribble River Trust

The Trust runs a fishing Passport System giving access to 8 beats on rivers in the Ribble catchment.

You buy books of tokens that come in 5s or 10s. Part of the token is posted in a box at the beat.

Depending on the beat the fishing can cost up to 6 tokens for a day. Fishing is for Salmon, sea trout, brown trout and coarse fish

Buy on line at River Ribble Trust Passport. or from Milton Hall Kennels, Clithroe or Padiham Angling Centre.

Checked 17/01/19

Ribchester and District Angling Club

Ribchester DAC have a considerable amount of water at it's disposal. 6 stretches of the Ribble which is yet another resurgent English migratory fish river with salmon and sea trout retuning increasingly. Brown trout and grayling are flourishing and the river also holds a wide mix of coarse fish: bream, roach, barbel, dace, chud, pike and by romour carp.

They have 3 stretches of the river Calder yet again a river well into recovery.

They have 9 stillwaters, three of which offer trout fishing. Coarse waters with carp in the twenties and many other species.

The do offer day ticket fishing on a smal beat on the Ribble, 400 yards at Tush Pool and Village Front.

Membership is reasonably prices considering the amount of water available

Have look at their web site for details. Google radac.org.uk

Checked 16/01/19

The Rising Fishery

A mixed trout and coarse fishery with 3 ponds located by Higham near Burnley. Set up as a family venue with good access for the elderly or less able.

Broom Stick, 8 pegs, mixed coarse, canal style ideal for the pole. Roach to 2lbs, carp, chub, ide, rudd, barbell and tench.

Cauldron, fly fishing, stocked with rainbows, browns and blues. Regular "clear out" any method sessions.

Hallows, rebuilt it is now a fly fishing lake for rainbows and brown trout.

There is a cafe on site with toilet facilities and parking near the pools.

Some paths look very solid and some good paltforms.

Call 07725054976

Google Map 53.831376, -2.282671 Post Code BB12 9BX

Checked 17/01/19

Villa Fishery

An other of the Carnforth fisheries Villa is a 4 lake fishery with carp into the 30s, and a wide range of mixed coarse fish including tench, roach, skimmers, bream, perch and crucians.

Permits from the on site warden.

Google Map 54.151121 -2.740587 Post Code LA6 1JZ

Checked 31/10/18

Whitemore Fishery

Located by Greenhalgh near Preston this fishery has 9 lakes in use at this time including match fisheries.

There are 3 pegs set aside for disabled anglers and car parking is, in many places, close to the peg.

The lakes are:

Club Canal, 12 pegs, 10 metres wide suits club and pleasure anglers. Stocked with carp, perch, rudd, bream, roach.

East Lake, 27 pegs stocked with carp to doubles, bream, tench, barbel to 9lbs, chub, roach, gudgeon

Doughnut, carp to upper teens, ghosts to 10 plus bream, barbel to 9lbs, golden orfe, perch, ide, chub, tench.

The Basin, 16 pegs with barbel to 13lb tench to there are 3 pegs suitable for anglers with disabilities.

Lodge Pool, close to the cafe and toilets, it is reserved for pleasure anglers only. Koi, carp, rudd, roach, bream and ornamentals.

Match Lake, an oval 10 m wide pond with 17 pegs.carp, barbel, bream, tench, orfe.

Coliseum, 22 pegs with carp to mid teens, bream, ide, chub, roach.

Hedge Canal, with parking next to pegs, small carp, orfe, chub, roach.

Call 01253 636224

Google Map 53.807798, -2.913561 Post Code PR4 3HQ

Checked 01/11/18

Wyreside Lake Fishery

Situated at the foot of Bowland Fells in Dolphinholme on a 120 acre farm Wyreside Fishery consists of 7 lakes stocked with coarse fish and pike. There is quality fishing with carp recorded on Wyre lake weighing at 39lbs! The lakes are:

Wyre Lake, 16.5 acres including a large island with 150 carp. Although this is a season ticket holder water you can book a minimum 48 hour ticket Monday to Friday, October to March

Bantons Lake, 11.7 acres with 17 swims and some 200 carp. Access is good as there are some swims that you can drive to. Two carp have reached 32 and 36 lbs so expect surprises.

Foxes lake, 4 acres , 13 swims and 120 carp ranging from 10 to 27lbs to go for.

Sunnyside 1, 4.6 acres stocked with carp and pike, the biggest carp being a 29lb fish. There are 11 swims.

Sunnyside 2, 10.9 acres with a good population of carp, 250, biggest is a 31lb common. Parking available next to all roadside swims.

River Lake is a mixed fishery. At 1.5 acres it has 16 swims for match and pleasure fishing. The lake has large bream and tench to 9lbs, carp to 15lbs plus roach, perch, chub, barbel and F1s. Parking next the swims.

More than just a fishery Wyreside boasts accommodation, a tackle shop and restaurant. Everything you would want all in one spot.

There is an online booking system. Contact  Wyreside Lakes Fishery, Sunnyside Farmhouse, Bay Horse. Nr. Lancaster, call 01524 792093

Google Map Reference 53.962171 -2.744557 Post Code LA2 9DG

Ckecked 02/11/18