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Canals Trust

The Canals Trust have over 2,000 miles of waterway to look after for the many interest groups who use them. With so much water it is no wonder that fishing is high on the list of activities.

The Trust issues a Waterway Wanderers Permit that entitles you to go fishing on an impressive amount of water throughout England (for just £20).

For information on how to apply for a permit Goto Waterway Wanderers Permit Application for a list of waters covered by the permit Goto Canal Trust Waterway Wanderers Permit Water

Bain Valley

Near Tatterhall Thorpe there are 6 lakes for coarse fishing with parking by pegs on each lake making for good access for disabled anglers. The lakes are:

Halifax, 8 acres, 35 pegs, mirror and common carp averaging 6lbs, tench, rudd, roach.

Hurricane, up to 7ft deep, mirror and common carp, tench, rudd, roach, bream.

Lancaster, a syndicate water, call 07946 344685.

Stirling, 10 acres, 40 pegs, a pleasure / match water with common, mirror, ghosts to 28lbs, tench to 7lbs, bream and perch.

Wellington, 5 acres, bream, tench and carp best 33.5lbs.

Call 01526 342275.

Google Map 53.124467, -0.174837 Post Code LN4 4PQ.

Checked 01/12/18

Caistor Lakes

3 Lakes in a leisure park:

Arthurs, a specimen carp lake, 1.5 acres, 7 pegs, stocked in 2016 with 65 carp 17 to 51 pounds. The fish have grown on now with the best common (1 of 2) 51lbs 4ozs, best mirror 47lbs 11ozs.

Foundry, a match fishing lake, 24 pegs, 1.5acres. Ide, bream, tench, perch, carp, roach, barbel, crucians, chub. All pegs are wheelchair accessible.

Heron, a leisure fishery with carp to 30lbs, ide, bream, tench, barbel, roach, ghost carp, perch, crucians, chub and gudgeon.

Call 01472 859626. There is a tackle shop and they will deliver food to your peg from the on site restaurant. There are toilets and showers on site.

Google Map 53.502865, -0.323835 Post Code LN7 6RX

Checked 01/12/18

Fen Lane Carp Fisheries

An ongoing development on this 100 year old lake where 60% of mixed species have been removed leaving more room for the original carp stock now in the mid 20s. 47 carp to 40lbs have been added. They are extending the lake by a further 2 acres and will add another 40 x 20lb+ fish in November 2018.

Day tickets Monday to Thursday (all 24hrs) or there is membership which will allow you to fish all week (plus DT).

Call 07903 669814

Google Map 53.479631, 0.009673 Post Code DN36 5TY.

Checked 02/12/18

Fen Lakes

Near Metherington the fishery has 2 lakes, Fenlake, a 20 peg match / pleasure lake and Meg a 19 peg pleasure lake. Some concrete platforms and gravel paths would make fishing accessible to disabled anglers. Call 07833753392.

Google Map 53.142372, -0.395128 Post Code LN4 3AQ

Checked 02/12/18

Hunters Lodge

Near Briggs in North Lincolshire this is a 4 lake fishery 3 of which are specimen carp lakes.

The lakes are;

Heron, a mixed coarse fishery stocked with tench, chub, ide, bream, barbel, rudd, perch roach, crucians and carp. 19 Pegs, many suitable for anglers with a disability, parking by the peg.

Kestrel, specimen carp to 32lbs. Ghost, mirror and common. 6 anglers max

Kingfisher, specimen carp to 25lbs. Ghost, mirror and common. 4 anglers max.

Willow, specimen carp to 28lbs. Ghost, mirror and common. 7 anglers max.

Day and 24hr tickets, cafe, shop and tackle shop on site. Toilets.

Call 01652 680691

Google Map 53.599479, -0.439752 Post Code DN20 0RG

Checked 01/12/18

Knipton Reservoir

An away from it all location, this tree lined reservoir has been stocked with a variety of carp, 450 in total. There are now over 150 to 20, 100 over 25lb and nearly 50 to 30lbs, 20 over 35 and one 40 has been caught, they are still growing strong.

There is lodge, boats and loos.

Call AJS Fisheries 01476 870647 or 07855 829005 for membership enquiries.

Google Map 52.866077 -0.787434 Post Code NG32 1RR

Checked 05/11/18

Messsingham Sands

Quite a few options here with syndicate waters, match water and day ticket waters, lots of variety and specimen carp and catfish.

There are 2 syndicate lakes:

Lennys Lake, a mixed fishery and in the mix are lots of common and mirror carp to 30lbs and catfish to 50lbs plus roach, skimmers, tench, chub, perch. Cats must eat.

Ralphs Pool, mixed with a great diversity of species including 25lbs and catfish to 48lbs plus roach, skimmers, tench, chub, perch.

Call 01724 763647

Match Lakes:

Swan and Little Swan, formerly all one but the water was split in 2 to create a better stock balance over the whole 8 acres. 58 pegs carp 6 to 8lbs with some to 28lb. Big match weights achieveable.

Island Lake, 65 pegs, 12 acres, lots of carp to 17lbs, silvers, golden and green tench, perch to over 4lbs.

Tripp Lake, 36 pegs, carp 1 to 8lbs, skimmers, chub, rudd, ide, tench.

Holywood Lake, just 450 metres long by 30 wide, 17 pegs. Carp 1 to 5lbs, crucians, skimmers, ide, tench, chub and F1s.

Day Tickets Waters, tickets available on the bank (24 hour tickets on North and South Lakes, call 07399546266)

North Day Ticket Lake, 25 pegs, lots of carp all sizes up to 25lbs, a few catfish to 40 lots of silvers.

South Day Ticket Lake, 25 pegs, lots roach, cats and carp to specimen size.

Oak Tree, 50 pegs well stocked with carp skimmers, roach, car access to every peg.

Call 01724 763647

Google Map 53.527927, -0.680705 Post Code DN17 3AX

Checked 01/12/18

Old Mill Fishery

Over looking the Lincolnshire Wold there are three good sized lakes stocked with specimen carp grown on, on site.

4 The lakes are Birch Willow and Oak each with some stockies and common and mirror carp upto the mid 40s, and maybe higher. There are toilets and shower, s supermarket nearby and takeaway deliveries available. Secure parking.

Call 07767 363545

Google Map 53.430584, -0.350002 Post Code LN8 3YJ

Checked 01/12/18

Scunthorpe & District Angling Association

The Association has the fishing on a mumber of water in the Scunthorpe area including,

River Ancholme, the whole of the river both banks. A slow deep running river with roach, bream to 6lbs, perch to 5lbs, tench and pike to 30lbs.

River Tent, 5 sections with many pegs at Cliffton and Besthorpe accessible by car. There are strong tidal currents and the fish grow big. Barbel to doubles, big carp, big bream, perch and roach.

Keadby Canal, the Association has acquired the fishing on the canal which is mostly vehicle accessible. There are good wooden platforms on this attractive canal.

Marshland an Barto, a former commercial fishery stocked with bream, ide, perch, tench, pike, eels and a few carp.

Permits and membership are very inexpensive from the baillif on the bank or from:

Scunthorpe Tackle Centre; Chapmans Angling, Ashby, Scunthorpe and Hull Road, Hessle, Hull; Brigg Angling Centre; The Tackle Shop, Gainsborough; Billy Clarke Fishing Tackle, Sheffield; Wickersley Angling Centre, Rotherham; Tackle2Fish, Sheffield; The Bridleway & Gauntleys Mill House, Dunham on Trent; Anglers Corner Hull.

Checked 02/12/18

The Park Fishery

Just down the road from Old Mill Lakes, Park Lake is a 1 acre traditional coarse fishery stocked with roach, rudd, tench to 6lbs, crucians and chub. Call 01673 828332

Google Map 53.426454, -0.349332 Post Code LN7 6DL

Checked 01/12/18

Westwood Lakes

7 lakes near Boston offering day tickets on a holiday complex. The lakes are:

Skylark, 42 pegs, carp, barbel, skimmers, bream. tench, roach, rudd, ide, crucians and F1s.

Kingfisher, 22 pegs, with 1 island. A pleasure fishery with carp to 25lbs, barbel to 10lbs, tench and bream to 8lbs, ide crucians and brown goldfish.

Hawk, 20 pegs, fish 1 to 3lbs, carp, barbal, tench, roach, skimmers, chub, ide, crucians.

Kestel, 30 pegs, 4 islands, with barbel, to 14lbs, carp to15lbs. Bream, ide, crucians and F1s.

Osprey, 25 pegs, a match water with F1s, mirror and common carp 1 to 3lbs, tench.

Swallow, 30 pegs, carp 3 to 14lbs, tench to 6, roach, skimmer.

Falcon, 52 pegs, F1s, barbel and mirrors.

There is accommodation on site with a bar and restaurant and a tackle shop. Call 01205 724162.

Goolge Map 52.956488, -0.057660 Post Code PE21 7JA

Checked 01/12/18

Wold View Fisheries

Near Claxby, 6 lakes, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Ultimate, Island and Canal, Silver has 37 pegs with disabled facilities. There is a shop, catering facility and well maintained paths around the lakes making it easy to get about.

Call 07742 220204 or 01673 828827

Google Map Reference 53.442809 -0.355697 Post Code LN8 3YR

Checked 15/11/18

Woodland Waters

A fishing and camping venue in Ancaster near Grantham with something for the family too. One lake is a specimen lake while there is a roach pool, great for youngsters. A mixed fishery with carp, roach, tench, rudd and bream. There are carp up to double figures and big carp and pike in the specimen pool. Day tickets available.

Call 01400 230888

Google Map Reference 52.982866 -0.548393 Post Code NG12 3RT

Checked 15/11/18