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Canals Trust

The Canals Trust have over 2,000 miles of waterway to look after for the many interest groups who use them. With so much water it is no wonder that fishing is high on the list of activities.

The Trust issues a Waterway Wanderers Permit that entitles you to go fishing on an impressive amount of water throughout England (for just £20).

For information on how to apply for a permit Goto Waterway Wanderers Permit Application for a list of waters covered by the permit Goto Canal Trust Waterway Wanderers Permit Waters


Worth mentioning any web site that provides information about free fishing. This is a good bit of work setting out a number of locations including their Google Map Reference. The locations are Broughton Pond; Mulbarton Village Pond; Railway Pit, Attleborough; RightupLane Ponds Wynmonham and the rivers Ant, Bure, Heacham, Tas, Thume, Tud, Wensum, Yare. Check out their web site for the details.

Alton Water

The rather large lake is in an Anglian Water Park. Stocked with good roach to over 2lbs, there are big shoals of bream some pike, zander and perch.

Day Tickets from the Visitor Centre, under 18 fish for free, you just need your rod license and be accompanied by an adult.

There is a cafe, toilet with male, female and facilities for disabled person all with level access. There is also a camp site. Call 01473 328268.

Google Map 51.974732, 1.138006 Post Code for the visitor Centre IP9 2 RY

Checked 03/01/19

Barford Lakes

8 lakes stocked with carp, golden tench, roach, rudd, perch. Catches of over 100lbs are common and 200lbs can be achieved. Their web site has some very useful information about the lakes with hints to where the hot spots are.

3 of the 4 Barford lakes offer day tickets, the 4th lake is a dedicated match water.

There are 6 pegs set aside on Barford Pleasure lake for anglers with disabilities, please call 24 hours in advance to reserve your peg. Barford Top has 9 pegs that are wheelchair accesible while the Training lake is suitable for groups supporting children with special needs.

The other lakes are quite near Barford, they are:

Colton, a match fishery.

Railway, near Thruxton, all pegs are wheelchair accessible, toilets on site.

Willow, near Thruxton, is a match lake.

Abbey Water near Old Buckenham offer car access to all pegs with permission.

Call 01603 759624

Google Map Reference 52.628888 1.135714 NR9 4BJ

Checked 18/11/18

Billingham Lakes

There are 9 lakes on this site near Dereham with a total of 100 pegs and a 1 mile stretch of the river Wensum.

The lakes are mixed fisheries with perch, roach, tench, bream and eels. The first lake also has common and mirror carp 10 to 25lbs with a few 35+ and one of 40lbs caught in 2016.

The middle lake is a trout fishery fly only. Stocked with brown trout and rainbows.

The Wensum, up to 6ft deep, holds chub, dace, trout, pike, roach and barbel.

Call 01362 788111

Google Map 52.739772, 0.976406 Post Code NR20 4RF

Checked 18/01/19

Felthorpe Lake

Located near Hevingham the fishery has 3 lakes;

Mirror, 2 acres, common, koi, mirror and crucian also tench, rudd, roach, perch and a few ruff.

Foxes smaller carp but big tench, roach, rudd, bream.

Shadows, tench, carp, roach, rudd and perch.

Call 077865 258000.

Google Map Reference 52.732125 1.230400 NR10 5NL

Checked 18/11/18

Narborough Fisheries

Located of the A47 between Kings Lynn and Swaffham the fishery has 5 lakes.

The lakes are:

Ashford, a 24 peg match lake. All pegs suitable for wheelchair users with toilet facilities for disabled nearby. A mixed coarse fishery with carp to 10lbs,(20 are 10lb +), 6000 F1, 300 chub plus roach and perch

Millars, specimen carp with 50 fish to 30lb+

Foresters, a mixed coarse water with tench, roach, bream, chub, perch.

Meadow Trout Fishery, a big fish water with fish averaging 6lbs and some to 14. Fishing is catch and release only.

Willow is a catch and take trout lake

Google Map Post Code PE32 1TE

Checked 18/11/18

Reepham Fishery

4 springfed lakes (two day ticket waters) located just outside Reepham. Long Lake and Main lake are linked to provide 3 acres of water holding common, mirror, leather, kio, crucian and ghost carp, plus roach, rudd, tench, golden orfe and goldfish.

Bungalow has been improved to allow easier access for disabled anglers.

The fourth lake is reserved for residents.

Call 01603 870899

Google Map 52.762216, 1.120628 Post Code NR10 4NR

Checked 18/11/18

Rocklands Mere

Located off the B1077 near Rocklands St Peter (what a funky name). Day and season tickets available for this fishery consisting of a trout water and a coarse mere of 1 acre

The trout fishery has brown trout (C&R only) and rainbows.

The coarse fishery has good stocks of crucians plus tench, perch, rudd and roach.

Google Map 52.544488, 0.929482 Post Code NR17 1UJ

Checked 18/11/18

Shallowbrook Lakes

4 lakes just 5 miles from Norwick.

Meadow Lake, 5 acres, 46 pegs, holds lots of carp to double, avergage 3 to 4lbs and roach and rudd.

The Carp Lake, 5 acres, 46 pegs, lots of carp to high double.

Snipe Lake, 2.5 acres, 20 swims specialises in big bream, tench and plenty of roach. There are some perch perch well over 3lbs, plus a few carp.

The 4th lake is a match lake.

Google Map Reference 52.654601 1.228395 Post Code NR5 0LA

Checked 18/11/18

Taswood Lakes

This fishery near Flordon, consists of 4 carp lakes and 3 coarse fisheries offering day tickets access. There are showers, toilets, good parking and a tackle, bait and convenience shop.

The carp lakes are:

Spring, a tree lined lake with mirrors, grass, common and ghost carp to 20lbs with an average of 7 to 8lbs.

Grove, a 5 acre lake with carp ranging from 10 to 30lbs.

Heron, 7 acres with flat grass banks suitable for bivvies. Ghosts and Grass carp to 40lbs, with over 60 30 pounders recorded. There are also big bream and pike to 25lbs.

Broadwing, 5 acres, 30 carp to 35lbs and 50 over 30, 200 in the 20s. Lake record 42lb 5ozs.

The Coarse Lakes are;

Grebe, 20 swims, carp, bream, tench, crucians, rudd, perch and a few barbel.

Lapwing, golden tench, green tench, chub, barbel, crucians, grass carp.

Osprey, a specimen coarse fishery with big, bream, tench, to 9lbs, crucians, barbel, chub, perch.

Broadwing is restricted to 3 day tickets and it is sensible to book fishing in advance so call 01508 470919.

Google Map 52.524425, 1.233811 Post Code NR15 1LX

Checked 18/11/18

Tarerham Mill Fishing

Another Anglian water facility that offers fishing on 4 lakes and nearly a mile of the river Wesum. The lakes are:

The Mills, a 22 acre fishery with islands, bays and lily pads to hold fish and create challenges. There are 350 mirror and common carp to 35lbs plus tench to 9lbs, pike, roach, perch. Season Tickets

Costessey No 1, a 3 acre day ticket mixed fishery.

Costessey No 2, 80 mirror and common carp to 40lb plus, season ticket with a waiting list.

Costessey No3, mirrors to mid 40s. Season with a waiting list.

River Wensum, 2 weir pools some nice runs with chub, dace, perch, pike and barbel.

There is a visitor Centre and attched accomodation at very resonable prices.

Call 01603 861014

Google Map 52.668875, 1.200659 Post Code NR8 5BE

Checked 03/01/19