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Canals Trust

The Canals Trust have over 2,000 miles of waterway to look after for the many interest groups who use them. With so much water it is no wonder that fishing is high on the list of activities.

The Trust issues a Waterway Wanderers Permit that entitles you to go fishing on an impressive amount of water throughout England (for just £20).

For information on how to apply for a permit Goto Waterway Wanderers Permit Application for a list of waters covered by the permit Goto Canal Trust Waterway Wanderers Permit Waters

Albrighton Trust

The Fishing Moat is located in the grounds of the Albrighton Trust Centre for education and recreation for people with disabilities. The Trust recognise the theraputic benefits of angling and provide a fully facilitated venue with wheelchair accessible platforms, qualified coaching not mention the well stocked Moat holding common and mirror carp, crucians, roach and rudd.

What a great place for a day out fishing in a safe and lovely environment. Open 9am to 4.30pm during the week.

Call 01902 372441

Google Map 52.642796, -2.275829 Post Code WV7 3FL

Checked 19/12/18

Boldings Pools

Located near Bridgenorth Boldimg Pools consists of 14 waters heavily stocked with a good range of fish including Carp (common, mirror, crucian, ghost and hybrid) plus bream, tench, barbel, chub, roach, rudd, perch.

There are good facilities including disabled access, call 01764 763255.

Google Map Reference 52.570814 -2.422503 Post Code WV16 4SS

Checked 22/11/158

Bromdon Fishing Pools

5 well matured pools in a tree lined setting offering fishing for carp to 20lbs, perch to 4 lbs+, roach, bream, skimmers and tench. Day tickets and night tickets available.

Call 01584 823649 or 07767860359

Goolge Map 52.422578, -2.580795 Post Code WV16 6QT

Checked 22/11/18

Cound Trout Fishery

Near Shrewsbury. A 26 acre clear water spring fed former gravel and sand quarry up to 65 feet deep. This former trout fishery has been taken over by Prince Albert Angling Association. The lake holds carp, roach rudd, tench and perch which were out in 20 years ago and never fished for they are not sure what you will find, probably some good fish. There are also wild brown trout which are on a catch and release basis.

For further information goto pass.co.uk

. Google Map Reference 52.639667, -2.652379

Checked 23/01/19

Froggat Pools

Loacted 3 miles from Ludlow Froggatt Pools consists of 5 pools offering day tickets and match bookings.

The Pools are:

Lodge and Marlpit, match waters with carp, bream, tench, roach, chub and barbel.

Leigh Pools, a pleasure fishery, carp, bream, tench, roach, chub and barbel.

Willow Pool, carp from 10 to 30lbs plus catfish to 20lbs.

Oak Pool, mixed coarse with silvers, F1s and crucians

Call 01584 31232 or 07967138150.

Google Map 52.325550, -2.723190 Post Code SY8 4AQ

Checked 23/11/18

Hurst Farm

3 coarse fishing lakes , the Furnace Pool, Middle Pool and the Crucian Pit. Middle and Furnace are up to 20ft deep, mixed coarse with carp to 20lbs in Furnace. The Crucian Pit is stocked with crucians to 3lb plus.

There is also a 3 acre trout lake.

Middle Pool has 3 pegs for wheelchair users.

Call 01746 714375 or 07764906084.

Google Map 52.561445, -2.488174 Post Code WV16 4TF

Checked 23/01/19

Monkhall Fishery Fishery

Located near Bridgenorth, 5 pools set in 22 acres with some fine views. The pools are:

Hawk, 14 pegs, 1 acre, carp 2 to 5lbs plus F1s, ide, skimmers, small tench and crucians.

Kingfisher, 15 pegs, carp to 5lbs, lots of silver.

Lark Pool, F1s 1 to 5lbs, carp to 5lbs and some old residents to mid teens. Small tench, roach and skimmers.

Owl Pool, F1s to 4lbs, chub, ide, carp to 8lbs, tench and silvers.

Swallow Pool, F1s 1 to 7lbs, carp to 10lbs, chub to 3, small tench, crucians and ide.

Regular open matches (record match catch was 305lbs) every Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday.

Call 01746 785481

There is a cafe, loos and a caravan park.

Google Map 52.544224, -2.554393 Post Code WV16 6XF

Checked 22/11/18

Near Gatten

Located near Ratlinghope this fishery was opened in 2010 Stocked with 120 quality VS carp. There are now fish ranging from 20lbs to 40lb+ with a good percentage in the 35lb bracket. 8 swims with 1 double all with plenty of features.

24, 48 hour tickets commence at 10am. You can also book the fishery for 5 anglers. Advance booking only.

Toilets and drinking water on site. Call 01743 290389 or 07930188888

Google Map 52.576267, -2.891342 Post Code SY5 0SN

Checked 23/01/19

Onnyvale Trout and Coarse Fishery

There are 5 spring fed pools at Onnyvale, 3 for trout and 1 carp specimen pool and a pleasure fishery.

The carp pool record is nudging 30lbs (29lbs 6ozs) and there is a good array of 20 to 27lb carp, mirror, common, ghost, koi and crucians. In addition there is a good mix of other coarse fish including tench, bream, roach, rudd, gudgeon, chub and perch.

Nearly all pegs are wheelchair accessible and there are toilet facilities for disabled anglers. There is a level entry lodge and a caravan site.

Permits day or 24 hours, call01588 650521 or 077792 609153.

Google Map Post Code SY5 0JL

Checked 22/11/18

Patshull Park Fishery

Located in a hotel and leisure park Patshull has 3 lakes totalling 110 acres. The lakes are:

Great Lake, trout fishing boat and bank on. Coarse fishing on Great Lake, The Bridge Pool and The Lady Barbara. Carp fishing on the Church Pool and Lady Barbara and pike on the Great Lake.

Day tickets available for trout, coarse and pike fishing, season only for carp. You can also get a membership.

The fishery recognises that not all anglers find fisheries to be accessible, as a result they have planned to make the fishery accessible by providing facilities for disabled anglers including an adapted boat. If you have particular needs or just want general information call 01902 700774.

Google Map 52.593622, -2.300303 Post Code WV6 7HR

Checked 23/11/18

River Teme

Free fishing on the river Teme in Ludlow. The stretches are:

Bread Walk, Ludford Bridge, Steventon, Dinham to Millstreet Weir.

Rod License required and closed season 15th March to 15th June applies.

Google Map 52.364489, -2.722599

Checked 23/11/12


Dawley Angling Society have a 1.5 miles of the river Severn in an iconic location with the famous Iron Bridge spanning their fishery.

The club is Clubmark accredited and runs an effective youth programme coaching youngsters who wish to take up the sport. (Clubmark is a Sports England scheme assisting clubs to adopt best practice as an integral part of their management systems which includes safegaurding children and vulnerable people).

Sorry cannot find a contact but they do have a Facebook page.

Checked 12/07/19

Spring Lea Coarse Fishing

6 pools; Mallard, Horseshoe, Kingfisher, Orfe, Trevors Pools and the Canal holding a good range of fish including tench, rudd, roach, bream and orfe.

They have quality carp including common, mirror, leather, ghost, grass and crucians, doubles up to the 20s.

They have an active match scene running their own matches, have a butchers at their web site for details or call 01743 860972.

Google Map Reference 52.662090 -2.862011 P{ost Code SY5 8HU

Checked 22/11/18

Summerhayes Fisheries

Located near Bridgewater the fishery consists of 6 lakes all stocked with carp, tench, bream, roach, rudd and chub.

Perch Pit holds the biggest fish with carp to 24lbs.

Good facilities suitable for fishability with wheelchair access to platforms.

Call 01278 451043, mobile 07866557896.

Google Map Reference 51.114634 -2.982981 Post Code TA6 6LW

Checked 22/11/18

Weston Pools

A 6 pool fishery designed for anglers by an expert match angler. The Pools are:

Belvedere, 32 pegs, with barbel to 10lbs, carp to 15 plus F1s, tench, crucians and ide.

The Canal, 50 pegs with an Island from which you can fish due there being ,what looks like, an old railway bridge. Carp to 10lbs, F1s, barbel, crucians, silvers, roach, ide.

Jacks Pool, 23 pegs, a pleasure fishery with carp to 15lbs, barbel, tench, bream, F1s, crucians, ide and roach.

The Stretton, 32 pegs, carp to 10lbs, plus ide, F1s, tench, crucians.

Clay Pit, 36 pegs, it's about a mile away form the main group of pools. Carp to 18lbs, ghosts to 15, bream to 8lbs, perch to 5lbs plus, tench, ide, roach.

The Weir, 19 pegs, barbel, carp, tench, ide, F1s, bream, skimmers.

There are matches every week, Open Rover on Tuesdays, Over 55s on Wednesdays and a Rover on Saturday. You can also book for your own matches, call 07967673697. For general information call 01691 671812.

There is accomodation, a shop, cafe even a bar.

Google Map 52.842012, -3.046792 Post Code SY10 9ER

Checked 24/11/18

Wigmore Lakes

2 pools located on a holiday complex but they offer day tickets and take match bookings. The Pools are;

Top Pool, the bigger of the two, lots of silvers, tench, to 11lbs, bream averaging 10lbs, good perch and skimmers. A regular match venue.

Bottom Pool is a carp pool with fish to 27lbs, average 10lbs.

Call 07870645471

Google Map 52.697526, -2.963542 Post Code SY5 9DU

Checked 24/11/18