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Canals Trust

The Canals Trust have over 2,000 miles of waterway to look after for the many interest groups who use them. With so much water it is no wonder that fishing is high on the list of activities.

The Trust issues a Waterway Wanderers Permit that entitles you to go fishing on an impressive amount of water throughout England (for just £20).

For information on how to apply for a permit Goto Waterway Wanderers Permit Application for a list of waters covered by the permit Goto Canal Trust Waterway Wanderers Permit Waters

Amalgamated Fisheries

Based in Bristol Amalgamated fisheries was formed to defend their waters from predatory clubs. They now have fishing in Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire with 15 beats on the river Avon and one on the Frome. They also have fishing on 4 lakes.

Membership is very reasonable when you consider Tockenham Reservoir has carp to over 30lbs, Sabre Lake has carp to 20lbs and Shackells Lake is reputed to have huge carp. There are no day tickets for Tockenham.

Tockenham has 3 purpose built platforms for wheelchar users.

Day Tickets are available from tackle shops in the 3 counties.

For more detail than we can go into on Spinfish goto amalgamatedfisheriesltd.co.uk

Checked 24/11/18

Bridgewater Angling Association

Established in 1905 thisc lub has gathered togethera goode portfolio of venues including:

Combwich, a 22 acre former clay pit part of which, "the Legs" is accessible to disabled anglers. Combwich is a mixed fishery, with carp to 31lbs,with some specimen rudd, bream to double figures, skimmers, tench to doubles, big pike and perch.

Huntspill River. 5 miles from Gold Corner to Sloway Bridge. Bream roach, gudgeon, ruffe, carp.

Kings Sedgemoor Drain, from three quarters of a mile above Greylake Bridge to Dunball Bridge, bream, tench, pike and perch.

Dunswear, 4 former clay pits. Good carp to 20s plus a mix of species.

Walrow Ponds, carp, pike, perch, roach, bream, tench.

South Drain, from the bridge at Edington to just above Ashcott Station.

North Drain, from the junction the river Brue upstream to Wedmore, bream, perch, pike.

Screech Owl Ponds, bream tench, perch, pike.

River Brue, 2 sections of river with roach, rudd, tench, chub and bream.

Rivers Parret and Isle, bream, tench, rudd, pike and perch.

Permits from fishing tackle outlets across the county.

Checked 24/11/18

Bullock Farm Fisheries

The fishery near Kinston Seymour consists of 5 lakes including:

Match Lake, 31 swims, 6 swims on an island surrounded by 6 more islands. Common and mirror carp to 10lbs, grass carp, koi, crucians, tench, golden tench, bream, skimmers, roach, rudd, golden orfe, chub, perch and silvers.

Carp lake, 22 swims carp to 27.5lbs.

North Pool 25 pegs mixed species plus carp to 13lbs.

South Pool has 11 pegs mixed species including bream, tench, skimmers.

Ruchcombes Lake, 52 swims lots of carp to 15lbs and roach.

There is level access to some of the swims for disabled anglers (on Rushcombes in particular). Toilets and showers on site with automatic doors, automatic and driers and push button taps. Call 01934 835020

Google Map 51.406147, -2.859651 Post Code BS21 6XA

Checked 13/10/18

Burton Springs Fishery

Nr Bridgewater, 3 lakes are:

Specimen Carp is a 2 acre lake with 6 swims (4 of them doubles) for 10 anglers only. Stocked with mirror, common and grass carp in the 13 to 33lb range averaging 14lbs. Day tickets during the week but 24 hr bookings only at the weekend.

Kingfisher, 4 swims, including 2 doubles, Wels catfish to 100lbs and a few carp to 27lbs.

Alder Pool 0.5 acres, 13 pegs, a mixed coarse fishery with carp, bream, roach, rudd, tench, perch and crucians. 01278 732135 or 07835 152968.

Google Map Reference 51.190294, -3.151691 Post Code TA51 QB

Checked 24/01/19

Chard Angling Club

Working in conjunction with South Somerset District Council Chard AC run the fishing on Chard Reservoir which holds good stocks of carp to 33lbs, good bream tench, roach, perch and eels. Permits can be bought on the bank, club members get a discount.

In addition members can also fish Perry Street Pond and Sandbarrow Pond.

Membership is inexpensive with a good discount for juniors.

Checked 24/01/19

Emerald Pool Fisheries

Located near West Huntspill consists of 4 pools;

Emerald; carp(including common, mirror, ghost, leather and koi), good tench and barbel plus roach, rudd, and bream.

Sapphire; same stock as Emerald but big barbel.

Ruby; lots of carp up to 5lbs.

Jade; specimen fish with carp up to doubles.

Good access for disabled anglers with swims located near the car park and kiosk. Call 01278 794707 mobile 07974 862503.

Google Map Reference 51.184123 -2.979065 Post Code TA9 3NL

Checked 24/11/18

Heywoods Estate

3 acres of lakes in picturesque surroundings for a peaceful days fishing for bream, tench, and carp to double figures. Call 01834 662428

Goodle Map 51.001494, -3.235500 Post Code TA2 0BP

Ilminster Angling Association

Ilminster AA have fishing on a number of locations in there own right and as a member of Amalgamated (see top of the page) access to fishing on the river Parrat, Brue and on sections of the Drains.

Club waters are:

River Isle, Eames Mill to Hambridge Bridge for chub, dace, perch, roach in the upper reaches, there are also pike in the lower reaches.

Old Canal, the club have 150 yards of the canal in Ilminster Recreation Ground. Carp to 15lbs, perch, roach, tench and bream.

Dillington Estate Pond, roach, perch, rudd, chub, tench, bream and crucians.

Annual membership is inexpensive and there are discounts for juniors, over 65s and disabled. Day tickets from Ilminster Warehouse.

Checked 24/01/19

Checked 24/11/18

Jackland Fishing Lakes

In the Yeo Valley near Nailsea the fishery offers fly fishing for trout and coarse fishing. Rainbows to about 2lbs for a basic low charge plus pay per kilo for fish kept.

The coarse lakes hold common, mirror, grass and ghost carp, rudd, roach, perch and tench.

Call 01275 810697.

Google Map 51.441366, -2.762204 Post Code BS21 6SG

Checked 24/01/19

Pavyotts Mill Carp Fishery

3 carp lakes with some exceptional fish. The lakes have huts at each swim with sleeping facilities.

The maze is 8 acres with 13 double swims that you can drive to. Stocked with carp to over 50lbs.

Josh's lake, 2 acres, 5 double swims with carp to 30lbs, grass carp to 16.

Jade Lake, 1 acre, 2 double swims with carp to 38lbs. (no day tickets). Call 07913953844.

Google Map 50.915134, -2.638484 Post Code BA22 9HB

Checked 24/11/18

Taunton Angling Asociation

Taunton AA have quite a portfolio of fishing in the South West including 6 miles of the Bridgewater and Taunton Canal. In addition to the canal they have:

River Tone, the stretch is very accessible and they recon that some locations are wheelchair friendly. Chub, grayling, perch, pike and occasional salmon.

Wych Lodge, there are 6 platforms and there are two others for wheelchair user. Roach, skimmer, perch, carp.

Mausel Ponds, 3 pond, lake 3 is under redevelopment but Lake 1 has good bream, carp, tench, roach, rudd, perch while Lake 2 is mostly carp to 30lbs+.

Stathe Drains, pike, carp, roach, tench, perch, breams, eels There is access for disabled anglers at the pumping station.

Thurbear Pond is 15 acres, carp, roach, bream, perch, orfe,

Pine Lodge, bream, carp, roach, rudd, tench.

The club also has a good match scene. Season and day tickets available from their web site taunton-angling.co.uk or from;

Enterprise Angling and Taunton Angling Centre in Taunton, Somerset Angling in Bridgewater, West Coast Angling in Watchet, Yeovil and District Angling Centr ein Yeovil.

Checked 24/01/19

The Sedges Fishery

This attractive looking fishery is located in Dunswear near Bridgewater.

Consisting of 3 lakes totalling 6 acres stocked with carp and bream plus lots of roach, rudd, tench and perch. Call 01278 445221, mobile 07980128404.

Google Map Reference 51.113580 -2.976468 Post Code TA7 0AA

Checked 24/11/18

Thorney Lake

Day tickets available for this 4 acre lake on a caravan / camping site. The lake is stocked with carp to 25lbs, bream, tench, roach, gudgeon, goldfish, chub and perch. There is a loo on site. Call 01458 250811

Google Map 51.004800, -2.807101 Post CodeTA10 0DW

Checked 24/11/18

Tucking Mill

Free fishing for disabled anglers at this former water storage tank. 24 swims with 6 double platforms for 2 wheel chairs. Roach, rud, perch, chub, bream, tench and large carp.

If you have someone there to support you they can also, fish. Access by RADAR key, designated parking, toilets on site. Call 0845 6004600

Google Map 51.352788, -2.338757 Post Code BA2 7DB

Checked 24/11/18

Viaduct Fishery

Located near Somerton the fishery has 6 lakes:

Spring and Middle 2 lake joined by a gulley holding big carp to the 20s plus bream, roach, skimmers, perch.

Match Lake, medium sized carp and F1s plus perch, bream, tench, roach.

Lodge Lake, carp from 5 to 22lbs plus plenty of silvers.

Cary Lake, lots of carp doubles some to mid twenties. Also tench, bream, skimmers and tench. The match record here is 450lbs!

Campbell Lake, match fishing only, lots of carp averaging 6/7lbs with some to over 15. Lots of silvers and bags of 300lbs are not uncommon. Call 01458274022

Google Map Post Code TA11 6LJ

Checked 24/11/18

Windmill Leisure

The fishery is part of an extensive leisure complex however they do day tickets for their 4 lakes.

3 lakes are pleasure / match fisheries while the 4th is a carp lake.

For night fishing call 07773406315, for day time just haul up and buy a permit.

Google Map 51.503873, -2.462285 Post Code BS36 2FE

Checked 24/11/18

Withy Water

A lake in a carvan and camp site. 24 swims all with easy access. Stocked with mirror and ghost carp, bream, tench, roach and perch. Call 01278 783700 or 07891557247.

Google Map 51.196372, -2.961737 Post Code TA9 3NW

Checked 24/11/18