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Canals Trust

The Canals Trust have over 2,000 miles of waterway to look after for the many interest groups who use them. With so much water it is no wonder that fishing is high on the list of activities.

The Trust issues a Waterway Wanderers Permit that entitles you to go fishing on an impressive amount of water throughout England (for just £20).

For information on how to apply for a permit Goto Waterway Wanderers Permit Application for a list of waters covered by the permit Goto Canal Trust Waterway Wanderers Permit Waters

Albrighton Anglers

Albrighton Anglers has fishing on 6 pools, 2 canals and the river Severn. The waters are:

Barlow and Oak Fishery, Barlow is a mixed fishery while Oak is a carp water; Gunstone; Kingswood, 1.5 acres with carp, roach, rudd, tench, bream, chub, and pike; Lilliespond is 2 ponds a 1 acre pond with carp 16 to 24lbs, a 1 acre mixed fishery; Wheaton Ashton, a 1.2 m stretch of the Shropshire Union Canal and a small 160 yd stretch of the Severn near Shrewsbury.

Call 01785 823775

Checked 26/01/19

Baden Hall Fishery

Eccleshall, consists of 11 ponds totalling over 30 acres holding some exceptional carp plus their match fishing and pleasure pond.

The are 3 specimen ponds: Quarry, 12 acres with 18 single pegs each with a cabin. Carp to 50lb. There also bream and roach.

Bridge Pool, 10 pegs, 10 acres, you can put up tour bivvie on prepared sites.

Glovers, 8 acres, to pegs with carp to 40lbs.

There are 3 runs pools all with bark chip bivvie sites;
Middle, 8 acres, 67 pegs with lots of carp in the 10 to 27lb range including a 27lb orange koi which, if you catch it and show proof, will earn you a free 48 hours ticket.

Lodge Pool, 4 acres, 30 pegs. lots of carp.

Dam Pool, 3.5 acres, 20 pegs, carp from low double to mid 20s.

5 Pleasure and Match Pools:

Canal, 29 pegs with wooden platforms. Carp to 10lbs and lots of silvers. There is a 2 metre wide, 3 ft deep shelf.

Doughnut, carp, chub, barbel to 10lbs, 26 pegs.

Duck Pond, 15 pegs with natural banks, mixed fishery with carp to 10lbs. A stalkers water.

Mallards, 25 pegs, an oval with a long central island. Carp and silvers, wooden platforms.

Pintails, 15 pegs, wood stages.

Baden Hall run a number of matches. You need to book the specimen pools in advance.

There are on site loos, a cafe and tackle shop.

Call 01785 850313

Google Map Reference 52.878736 -2.226511 Post Code ST21 6LG

Checked 25/11/18

Brooklyn Grange Fishery

The fishery near Leek has 3 well stocked pools with a total of 35 generous pegs. There is a specimen carp pool stocked with about 2000 Leneys English carp with some now tipping 20lbs. The venue is very suited to match fishing and the other 2 lakes are well stocked with carp and roach with some rudd and bream to spice things up.

Call 07975 662428

Google Map Post Code ST31 8TP

Checked 25/11/18

Blakewell Fishery

Located near Cheadle in a landscaped 40 acre site the fishery has 5 spring fed pools. The pools are:

Peninsula, 8 acres, up to12ft deep, 65 pegs, carp to 12lbs, barbel to 14. 5 lbs plus roach, rudd, bream, barbel.

Blake Pool, 4 acres, 41 pegs, average 7ft deep. Lots of carp up to 28lbs, barbel to over 7lbs plus tench, roach, skimmers, bream.

Hall Pool, 3.5 acres, 30 pegs, carp to 20lbs, tench, roach, bream.

Capricious Pool, 36 pegs, mostly carp 5 to 18lbs plus rudd, chub, bream.

Cabin Pool, half an acre, 10 pegs, carp 2 to 12lbs, bream, tench, roach, rudd and perch.

There is vehicle access to most pegs making accessible for anglsers with disabilities. Male and female toilets and a toilet for disabled persons.

The lodge serves food, hot and cold beverages, there is also a tackle and bait shop.

Call 01538 753908 or 07970732656.

Google Map 52.987048, -2.020166 Post Code ST10 2NJ

Checked 25 11 18

Carney Pools

Located on the edge of Canock Chase the fishery has 2 pool mixed stock for pleasure and match anglers.

The Pools are:

Damsel, 1.4 acres, 23 pegs, averages 3 to 5 feet deep. Stocked with tench, roach, perch, bream and gudgeon. There are a number of pegs designed for use by disabled anglers that are located next to the car park.

Dragon has an island offering features to fish to and is 3 to 7ft deep. Stocked with carp 7 to 9lb plus a few ten+. They had a stocking programme adding match sized carp and 750 bream 3 / 4 years ago so stocks will have grown on quite bit by now.

Call 07957299907

Google Map 52.786923, -1.955847 Post Code ST18 0XE

Checked 25/11/18

Chorley Springs

Close to Litchfield, there are 6 spring fed pools; a specimen carp pool and a runs pool and 4 mixed coarse fish pools. The coarse pools hold roach, bream, crucians, tench and some mirror,common, leather and koi carp. Call 07564 999582.

Google Map 52.706630, -1.908586 Post Code WS15 4LR

Checked 26/01/19

Coole Acres

Located about mid way between Nantwich and Audlem on Coole Lane the fishery has 3 lakes for pleasure and for specimens.

The lakes are:

Fox Lane, a specimen carp lake with carp to 20lbs, Wels catfish to 28lbs plus roach and chub.

Spanners Lane, a pleasure fishery with carp 4 to 13 lbs, roach, bream chub.

Lady Lake a tench specimen lake with fish to 8lbs plus crucians, roach and chub.

Day tickets and nights available. There is a toilet block with male and female / disabled facilities and a shower block.

Call 01270 812929 or 07747007669

Google Map 53.006368, -2.528330 Post Code CW5 8AY

Checked 25/11/18

Coppice Lane Pool

6 spring fed lakes on an 18 acre estate for pleasure and match fishing. There are 145 in total, Top Pool has a number of wheelchair accessible pegs. The lakes are:

Specimen Pool, 5 to 7 ft deep, 100 carp doubles, mirrors and commons 12 to 20 lbs. Nights allowed by arrangement, call 07933 488986.

Beckets Pool, 2 acres, 2 islands, 6 to 10 ft deep, 32 pegs. Mirror, common carp, tench, crucians, roach, skimmers. Some of the carp in the 9/10lb range.

Bridge Pool, day ticket and match fishing, carp to 5lbs tench, carp, bream, roach.

Middle Pool, 12 anglers, roach, skimmers, rudd, perch and there are some big "old timer" carp.

Top Pool, 28 anglers, a carp pool fish 6 to 16lbs. Pegs 15 to 28 are wheelchair accessible.

Bottom Pool, 10 anglers, roach, rudd, perch, tench, crucians.

Day tickets and season. For general enquiries call 07933 488986, for match bookings 01213515198. For season tickets call 07976 013011.

Google Map 52.662009, -1.887319 Post Code WS7 0JY

Checked 25/11/18

Cudmore Lakes

The fishery is based in Whitmoor Estate consisting of several pools including a predator lake.

The Lakes are:

Adelaide, carp to 20lbs catfish to 60.

Georges, carp to 20lbs and catfish to 60.

Avoca, a specimen lake with carp to 30lb plus and cats to 70lbs.

Tara, carp 15 to 32lbs, catfish to 60 and pike to 20 lbd.


Milo, stocked with chub, carp, barbel, ide, crucians, skimmers, bream, tench.

Panama, carp 2 to 5lbs, tench, ide, chub, skimmers, barbel.

Edwards, common and mirror carp, barbel and tench.

Suez and Moors Canal, carp, F1s, tench, bream, chub, ide, barbel.

Arena, 32 pegs mixed.

There is a cafe on side and facilities. Call 01782 680919

Google Map 52.976956, -2.282875 Post Code ST5 5HW

Checked 25/11/18

Fishwick Lakes

Litchfield, consists of 7 lakes including a specimen carp and catfish lake, a coarse fishery and trout pools.

Specimen Lake, carp to 30lb and catfish in the 40 to 50 range.

Match pool, 1.75 acres, stock level are 2000 fish per acre so you can expect good match catch weights.

Bridge Pool, 23 pegs, 1 acre, mirror and common carp to 8lbs, tench, crucians, big bream, skimmers and roach.

Runs Water, 12 pegs, 500 carp to 24lbs averaging 8 to 12lbs, catfish to 30+, bream to 9lbs, roach and perch.

The Stream, a match pool with carp to doubles, bream to 8lbs, tench, perch and roach.

Wadeys Pool, carp 12 to 21lbs, with some to 25.

Some of the pegs are suitable for disabled anglers.

The trout lakes holds rainbows, blues and brown trout to double figures.

Call 01543 433606

Google Map Reference 52.683625 -1.748339 Post Code WS13 8QF

Checked 25/11/18

Hanchurch Fisheries

The fishery is near Stoke, a complex consisting of 9 course ponds, 2 canal sections and 3 trout pools stocked with rainbows and brown trout. All browns to be returned.

The coarse fisheries are mixed but there are some excellent carp, great roach. Good match scene.

Call 01782 642481 or 07867554630.

Google Map Reference 52.962707, -2.237320 Post Code ST4 8SO

Checked 26/01/19

Hamstall Pleasure Fishery

4 pools and a stretch of the river Blithe available on this pleasant looking fishery.

Pool 1, a small pleasure fishery with big gudgeon, bream, common and mirror carp, crucians, rudd and roach.

Pool 2, bream, tench to 12lbs, some perch, roach and rudd.

Pool 3 is a 1.5 acre specimen pool with carp to 30lbs plus tench, perch, roach, bream and rudd.

Pool 4 has common, mirror and ghost carp to 6lbs, roach, rudd, skimmers and bream.

There is a 700 metre stretch of the river Blithe where you can fish for brown trout, chub, dace, pike and grayling.

Call 07495 430416.

Google Map 52.769210, -1.839475 Post Code WS15 3RZ

Checked 25/11/18

Lamb Angling Club

Located in Tamworth, Lamb AC have acces to a number of lakes, stretches of river and canal.

The Lakes are: Barrow Pit, a former gravel pit, right on the banks of the river Tame holding good stockes of carp with a good number of 20s and a few to 30lb plus. In addition it also has a good stock of coarse fish including; bream to doubles, perch to 3lbs plus, roach, tench and chub. The pit has a dedicated platform for disabled anglers.

In addition they have Mill Pool in Fazely and Meadows Pool near Edingate.

They have fishing on the river Anker which has a mixture of slow pools and fast flowing streams. The stretches are in Station Fields near the railway station and at Anker Moor near Bolehill. The river has stocks of barbel, chub, tench, bream,dace, roach, ruffe, perch and pike.

They also have a stretch of the rivere Mease at Edinsgate.

The canal stretches are Dunstall Canal by Dunstall QE Lane; A vecote Canal and Gascote Canal

Day tickets are available for Barrow Pit and the canals 7am to 7pm. membership is also available giving access to all waters and night fishing on Barrow Pit. Permits and membership from Tamworth Tackle at 23, Litchfield Street.

Barrow Pit Google Ref 52.633556, -1.700472 Post Code B79 7ND

Tamworth Tackle google ref 52.633556, -1.700472 Post Code B79 7QE

Checked 11/07/19

Milbrook Fisheries

A specimen lake of 4.5 acres at Wetley Rocks near Stoke. Stocked with 200 carp of which 130/40 are into the 20 to 30lb range. Best fish so far is a 37 pounder.

Just 12 pegs so you will not be crowded. You can book in 24 hour blocks or hire the lot for 8 anglers for a week.

Advance bookings, call 01782 550522

Google Map 53.040245, -2.064651 Post Code ST9 0BN.

Checked 25/11/18

Checked 25/11/18

Rudyard Lake

If you want a change from fishing in heavily stocked "gold fish bowls" Rudyard Lake, near Leek, is for you. 2.5 miles long, 180 acres this reservoir was first stocked in the 1860s and is still producing great catches. Fishing is mostly on the east bank and no fishing is allowed in front of houses. Still leaves a lot of water to explore.

Fishing is from dawn to dusk, nights by arrangement. Day tickets or membership available, day tickets from the ranger on the bank.

The lake is known for it's big pike that go to high twenties. Carp, common and mirrors, go to high 20s too. There are specimen perch, shoals of big bream, good roach. First you gotta find them then catch them, in other words a challenge to your skills as an angler.

There is a wheelieboat (call to book), and some wheelchair accessible pegs. Toilet facilities and a cafe on site.

Call 07718808881 53.122323, -2.075145 or 01538 306280.

Google Map Post Code ST13 8XB

Checked 13/12/18

Seighford Lakes

Carp, trout and coarse fishing all on one site just outside Stafford.

There are 2 Carp Pools:

Old Pool, day ticket or 24 hour, book in advance as there are only 5 anglers allowed per session. Carp 8 to 24lbs.

Swam Neck, a gin clear lake of 2.5 acres for mirror and common carp 25lb plus. There are also crucians, bream, tench, roach, rudd and perch. Again jst 5 anglers per session so book in advance.

There are 2 coarse lakes:

The Maze, 50 pegs, three islands with carp to 24lbs, bream to 6lbs lots of siver. There are.

Horse Shoe, 14 pegs, mixed fishery with a small central island. Common, mirror and crucian carp, bream, tench, roach, rudd.

Trout fishing on the Railway Pool, just 20 anglers per session for rainbows, brown trout and blues to doubles.

Call 01785 282967

Google Map 52.820277, -2.157366 Post Code ST18 9LQ

Checked 25/11/18

Shifnal Angling Club

The club has fishing on still, river and canal waters. The pools are: Ladyswood Pools near Great Wyrley, 3 small mixed fishery pools with bream, roach, tench plus some carp to 20lbs. Gillies Pool near Codsal Wood, bream, tench, roach, crucians, perch and some carp to 20lbs. River Severn near Buildwas, some excellent barbel (one fish at 14lbs recently) Shropshire Union Canal, Post Office stretch and the Stafford and Worcester Canal at Calf Heath. Membership is inexpensive for a season and half price for juniors. Goto shifnal.btck.co.uk

Checked 26/01/19

Stoppos Fishery

Lullington, members only but the cost is very inexpensive for the year. Isn't bad fishing for some decent carp to double figures. Some decent roach too.

Call 07817570381

Google Map Reference 52.710553 -1.648417 Post Code DE12 8EE

Checked 25/11/18

Victoria and Biddulph Angling Society

The Society have fishing on 7 venues:

Cricket Ground, 1.75 acres holding lots of roach, gudgeon, skimmers, perch, and bream, a few tench and pike and some carp to 24lbs.

Sepentine Lake, 1 of two in Greenway Bank Country Park, has roach to 3 lbs +, perch to 4lbs +, bream doubles, carp to 20lbs (best 32lbs), pike to 20lbs +. Nights available. Google Map 53.094955, -2.162378 Post Code ST8 7QX

Victoria Pool and Havelock Pool on one site, carp averaging 6lbs+ with some to 20 +.

Knypersley Reservoir, 35.4 acres up to 40 feet deep holding bream, big roach, perch and pike. Google Map 53.093469, -2.157247 Post Code ST8 7QX

Macclesfield Canal, the Society have 1.5 miles of water holding a wide variety of coarse fish.

Goldenhill Pool, 15 pegs rudd and carp.

Membership is inexpensive with reductions for veterans and juniors. They have an active match scene.

Membership tickets from Knypersley Post Office, Nathan Premier Angling Centre in Stoke, Smiths Bait and Tackle in Congleton, Forester Pet Centre in Stoke.

Checked 13/12/18