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Canals Trust

The Canals Trust have over 2,000 miles of waterway to look after for the many interest groups who use them. With so much water it is no wonder that fishing is high on the list of activities.

The Trust issues a Waterway Wanderers Permit that entitles you to go fishing on an impressive amount of water throughout England (for just £20).

For information on how to apply for a permit Goto Waterway Wanderers Permit Application for a list of waters covered by the permit Goto Canal Trust Waterway Wanderers Permit Waters

Bakers Puddle

Located near Buxhall "the Puddle" has carp to 35lbs (common, mirror) crucian, tench, bream, rudd, perch, chub.

Tickets on the bank. Call 07887788965 to book for matches.

Google Map Reference 52.183009 0.922886 Post Code IP14 3DW

Checked 25/11/18

Blue Waters, Swan Lake

A tree lined lake in Woolpit holding stocks of bream, carp, roach, rudd and tench. Numbers of carp to mid teens seen. The lake is accessible for disabled anglers. Call 01359 240293.

Google Map 52.224297, 0.899610 Post Code IP30 9QS

Checked 27/01/19

Broom Pits

Located near Broome, this fishery has 3 pits, A, B, C, D, easy to remember.

Pit A is 2.2 acres with 13 pegs, up to 18ft deep known for bream and tench fishing.

Pit B is 13 acres with 3 islands. There are 25 pegs and it goes to 14ft at deepest. Carp to 30lbs, pike to 20lbs, large tench, roach, rudd, bream.

Pit C is just 2 acres, 19 pegs for match and pleasure fishing. Carp to 10lbs, bream, tench, roach, rudd, perch.

Pit D is 7.5 acres, just 8 pegs in a secluded location with carp to 40lbs and winter pike to 24.

Permits on the bank day and 24 hour. There are loos on site.

Call 07976 165325

Google Map 52.469096, 1.454992 Post Code NR35 2 PE

Checked 26/11/18

Bury St Edmonds Angling Association

The Association have fishing on 4 still waters and the river Little Ouse.

Little Ouse at Redmere, roach, dace, bream, silver bream, tench and some very good pike.

Barrow Lake, good facilities including toilets and a kitchen with facilities for disabled anglers including pegs 3 to 5 being reserved. Bream, tench, roach, rudd, crucians.

Water Lane, some specimen crucians and perch plus roach, carp, bream, tench.

Middle Reservoir, pegs 11 an 12 resrved for disabled anglers. Carp roach, bream and tench.

Shakerland Badwell Ash, an old gravel pit up to 8 ft deep holding carp, roach, rudd, tench, bream.

Membership from Tackle Up in Bury St Edmonds, Hooked in Newmarket and Just Fishin in Sudbury

Checked 26/11/18

Bungay Cherry Tree Angling Club

The club has fishing on the river Waveney above and below Bungay and on 3 lakes. Day and week tickets are available for the river sections and Common Pond.

Common Pond has common carp to 20lbs plus crucians, perch, roach and rudd. Permits from Outney Meadow Caravan Park which is neaby.

Layby Pit has carp to 20lbs, tench approaching 10lbs, bream, roach, skimmers, pike perch. Ellingham Hall Lake has common and mirror carp to low doubles plus roach, crucians and perch. Both waters are reserved for members.

There are 9 stretches of the river down to tidal waters.

Permits from Angling Direct in Beccles, Crossways of Ellingham, Gorlestone Tackle Centre and PW Angling in Norwich. .

Google Map Ref 52.456051, 1.446323

Checked 02/10/18

Carlton Meres

There is a mixed coarse fishery in this holiday park near Saxmunden, day tickets available. Carp to 40lb plus tench, bream and rudd. Nights for residents only. Call 01728 603344.

Google Map 52.233416, 1.463376 Post Code IP17 2QP

Cookley Lakes

A 2 acre lake near Halesworth with mirror carp to 30lbs, commons and crucians, rudd. There are 20 pegs fishing from dawn to dusk. Call in advance to book, pick up your ticket at Hillhouse Farm. Call 07850 671422.

Google map Post Code IP19 9AR

Checked 27/01/19

Creetings Lakes

3 lakes near Stowmarket, 2 mixed fisheries with 44 pegs and a "Big Fish" water with mirror and common carp 10 to 25lbs No night fishing. Tickets can be bought on the bank. Call 01473 327366.

Google Map 52.185723, 1.031902 Post Code IP14 5BW

Checked 27/01/19

Field Farm Fisheries

Located on Guildhall Lane, Wentham Field farm has 6 ponds with a good variety of species including Carp (mirror, common, ghost, grass and leather) bream, tench, roach, rudd, perch, chub and golden orfe.

The ponds are:

House Pond, 16 pegs, 18 species including carp to 32lbs, bream, tench, roach, rudd, perch.

Three Islands, 18 pegs with carp to35lbs.

Deep Pool, 15 ft deep, mixed fishery.

Hedge Poll a small pool for with 7 pegs, mixed.

Lime Tree, 19 pegs, mixed with some decent carp.

Rookery Pool, 12 pegs with 2 islands, lot of small fish some to 8lbs.

Nights by arrangement, camping and caravaning, shop toilets on site.

Call 01502 675273 or mobile on 07788870093.

Google Map Reference 52.381021 1.651622 Post Code NR34 7HP

Checked 26/11/12

Foxheath Fisheries

Located near Sudbury, 3 lakes:

Specimen lake 1.75 acres with 2 islands stocked with carp including many doubles with some up to the 30lbs mark.

Pleasure Lake is 0 .75 acres with lots of silver, carp to 7lbs, tench, bream, crucians, rudd, perch.

The Traditional Lake has been remodelled, now 3 to 12 feet deep with crucians and specimen tench.

There is a canteen, shop and toilets on site. They also sell bait.

Call 07811954424

Google Map 52.084124, 0.671236 Post Code CO10 7GA

Checked 26/11/18

Gipping Valley Angling Club

The club have fishing at 5 venues: Manor Farm near Battisford; Maypole Fishery, Buxhall; Middle Farm, Barking Tye; Needham Lake; the River Gipping.

Manor Farm consists of 2 lakes with 28 platforms plus additional whelchair accessible platforms. There are toilets on site. Members only.

Maypole Farm, a three quater acre pond with roach and rudd, some good perch and occasional tench and carp.

Middle Farm, 40 pegs on 2 lakes one for carp and silvers the other a mixed / match venue. All platforms are accessible to disabled anglers. Toilets on site. Day Tickets.

Needham Lake is 4.5 acres up to 18ft deep. Stocked with bream, perch, rudd, roach, tench, pike zander and hybrids. Pike and zander fishing from 1st September to 31st March.

There is also a stretch of the river Gipping. Day Tickets available.

River Gipping, the club has several stretches of the gipping at Green Meadow, Pikes Meadow, Stowmarket, Kins Meadow, Blakenham / Claydon.

Day Tickets from:

Bosmeres Tackle in Needham Market

Birds Tackle in Great, Blakenham

The club also run a number of competitions and they have a juniors club.

Checked 26/11/18

Hawstead Fishing Lakes

Located near Bury St Edmunds is a 3.5 acre fishery consisting of 2 lakes dating back to medieval times;

Willow, 2.7 acres, 25 pegs, for carp to 33lbs, tench, specimen perch, bream and roach.

Spring Head just 3/4 of an acre with crucians and tench.

Call 07919 055515.

Post Code IP19 9AR

Checked 27/01/19

Google Map Reference 52.214710 0.686399 Post Code IP29 4AB

Checked 26/11/18

Hermitage Fisheries

3 lakes near Sudbury offering day ticket carp fishing (common and mirror) and mixed coarse fishing for pleasure.

Call 07767 304989

Google Map 52.086655, 0.586960 Post Code CO10 8QE

Checked 26/11/18

High Lodge

2 half acre lakes near Darsham one of which is open to day ticket anglers. Both stocked with carp to 20lbs, tench, roach, rudd and perch. There are 12 pegs. Call 01986 784347.

Google Map IP17 3QT Post Code IP17 3QT

Checked 27/01/19

Hintlesham Fisheries

4 lakes including near Burstall:

Specimen Lake holding carp to 35lbs, tench, and cats to 35lbs

Bottom Lake holding carp roach, rudd, bream

Match Lake, heavily stocked with carp, F1s, tench, bream, rudd, roach, skimmers and perch

Hill Top stocked with with carp to 20lbs pus and tench.

There is good access for anglers with disabilities. There are toilets and a shower block, secure parking and a tackle shop with hot food and drinks.

Call 01473 652084.

Google Map Reference 52.051934 1.071007 Post Code IP8 3EG

Checked 26/11/18

Lark Angling Preservation Society

The Society has 12 miles on fishing on the river Lark for both trout and for coarse fish. For trout there are 8 miles of fly only water fishing for stocked and wild brown trout. C & R for the wild fish. They also have 8 miles for coarse fish, chub, dace, bream, perch, pike, rudd. There are fully accessible platforms at Mildenhall and Barton Mills. For membership have a look at their web site goto larkangling.co.uk

Checked 26/01/19

Sudbury and Melford District Angling Association

The club have fishing at several locations in the area, they are:

Boxford Lake, in Boxfords. A small lake with 12 pegs suitable for juniors and families. Bream, carp, crucians, eels, perch, roach and tench.

Joes Road Fishey, Conrad Tye, a mature lake of 3 acres for pleasure and match fishing with 22 pegs, bivvies allowed. Bream, carp, rudd, roach, pike, perch, tench.

River Stour, the club have several stretches of the river at Liston, Glemsford, Great Carnard, Sudbury, Wixoe fishing for barbel, bream, chub, dace, eels, roach, rudd, perch, pike, some zander and tench.

Rushbrook Reservoir, 8 acres up to14ft deep. A pleasure and specimen water with bream, carp, roach, perch, pike and tench.

Membership is reasonably priced and there are concession. Day Tickets available for the Stour from Just Fishin in Sudbuy, CO10 1WH.

The club also have access to Glemsford Pit 1, 2 and 3 and in an arrangement with London Angling Association and Cooper AC water at Ely on the Great Ouse.

Checked 26/11/12

Suffolk Water Park

On Lorriane Way, Bramcord Near Ipswich, consists of 6 lakes offering fgishing for a wide range of species.

Big Lake is a 25 acre horseshoe shaped water, 37 pegs, with named carp ranging to a tad off 40lbs. There are also some big pike .

Jacobs Creek, a 2 acre water bookable as a whole with 3 swims and 3 huts that take 2 beds. Carp to 28lb, roach, rudd, perch, pike. to 15lbs.

Traditional Lake, 6 acres, with a small island. Carp to 30lbs, bream and tench to 10lbs,

Match 1, 7 acres, 42 pegs, carp to 20lbs, skimmers, tench, roach. Night fishing can be booked for 4 pegs, call 01473 832327.

Match 2, 3 acres, small carp, skimmers, roach, rudd, perch and tench.

Match and Canal. 20 pegs, carp 1 to 2lbs, skimmers, crucians, roach, rudd.

There is the Water Front Cafe with toilets for the disabled, portaloos at all pegs. The cafe serves meals and will deliver to your peg. There is a tackle and bait shop, and a shower block.

They also offer coaching. Permits from the shop. Call 01473 832327.

Google Map Reference 52.092212 1.091935 Post Code IP8 4JS

Checked 26/11/18

Topcroft Fishery

A 3 acre fishery near Bungay with 50 swims, average depth 4ft. The lake is stocked with carp to 15lbs, tench, bream, roach and rudd.

There is a picnic area and loos on site. Tuition can be provided

Access for disabled anglers, call in advance if you will need assistance.

Call 01508 482486 07866978354

Google Map 52.491502, 1.347687 Post Code NR35 2BU

Checked 26/11/18

Weybread Carp Fishery

A 3 acre mature fishery in a secluded location with just 9 pegs giving anglers space to fish.

Stocked with 200 carp mostly doubles, 25 into the 20s and a fishery record of 31lbs, 10ozs.

Advance bookings only, call 07824 696835

Google Map 52.374704, 1.301638 Post Code IP21 5TP

Checked 26/11/18