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Canals Trust

The Canals Trust have over 2,000 miles of waterway to look after for the many interest groups who use them. With so much water it is no wonder that fishing is high on the list of activities.

The Trust issues a Waterway Wanderers Permit that entitles you to go fishing on an impressive amount of water throughout England (for just £20).

For information on how to apply for a permit Goto Waterway Wanderers Permit Application for a list of waters covered by the permit Goto Canal Trust Waterway Wanderers Permit Waters

Beaver Fishery

Lingfield, 8 lakes / ponds:

Snipe, 2.5 acres, 12 swims, carp only with some top notch fish.

Jeff Lake, 1.5 acres with carp to 8lbs, F1s, bream, tench, golden tench, perch and roach.

The Majors Lake, 3.5 acres with a long central island. Carp and pike to mid doubles, bream, tench, roach, rudd, crucians.

Maze Lake, 30 pegs suites match fishing, carp to 10lbs plus a mix of coarse fish species.

Moat Farm Pond, mixed coarse and carp to low doubles.

Daughters Pool, 1.5 acres, 90 carp (ghost, common, mirror) mid doubles to 20s.

Eden Pool mostly green and golden tench, a few carp and roach and some very good perch.

Call 01342 324006 or 07710 656041.

Google Map Reference 51.156255 -0.051010 Post code RH7 6HL

Checked 26/11/18

Bury Hill Angling Club

4 lakes located in the grounds of a 200 year old estate with mature wooland and shrubery to the waters edge, picture post card stuff.

The lakes are: Old Lake, a 12 acre lake 75 pegs with boats (punts) for hire. Old Lake holds a variety of fish but is known for it's big carp which go to 30lbs+, specimen bream and tench to doubles, roach, rudd, perch, big crucians and chub.

There are large pike and zander. The season for predators is 1st October to 14th March inclusive.

Boat fishing down in the "jungle" is the only way as the banks are unfishable. Big tench and crucians.

Milton Lake is a 3 acre 30 peg lake which benefits from being part of the aeration system. The lake is managed to suit anglers who enjoy fishing for the tench, roach, rudd, crucians, perch and bream by taking out the bigger carp each year.

Bonds Lake 20 pegs, a runs water with lots of single and double carp. Again part of the aeration system.

Temple Lake, after spending a quarter of a million pounds building 4 acre lake in 2002 and even delaying opening for a year until they got the right pure English stock the club has produced an enviable fishery with 90 doubles, a dozed 30s and 2 or more 40s. They recon some fish have gained 7lbs in a year so expect to hear of a 50 in the years to come. There are common, linear, mirror and ghost carp. An island and lots of under water features create hot spots and with just 15 pegs there is no crowding. Temple is for members only.

There are a number of membership options each with an annual membership, day, day and night, occasional. Being a member you get a reduced price day ticket and can fish on Temple. The club are introducing an online ticket system with an electronic gate.

The fishery is disabled friendly. There is secure parking, a cafe, a tackle shop and toilets.

Club and match booking taken for a minimum of 10 pegs, call 01306 883621

Google Map 51.222153, -0.353476 Post Code RH4 3JU

Checked 27/11/18

Edenbrook Fishery

Located on Popes Lane near Holland this fishery has 2 lakes, Edenbrook and Meridian.

Edenbrook is 2.7 acres with just 12 swims all of which are accessible to disabled anglers. This tree lined lake is 3 to 7ft deep with some deep pots, there are 2 islands. The lake is stocked with carp to 37lbs.

Meridian is a 1.5 acre water stocked with carp 1lb to high doubles.

Permits on offer for 24hrs, 60hrs, weeks, nights. Camping can be arranged. There are toilets and showers in site.

Book on line, call 01883 722029

Google Map 51.229470, 0.001191 Post Code RH8 9PL

Checked 27/11/18

Farnham Angling Society

Over 100 years old the society has accumulated an impressive 32 venues for pleasure, match and specimen fishing on river and still waters.

In fact much as we would like to describe what is on offer their web site does it better (there is just too much for my one fingered typing)

Goto Farnham Angling Society

As a taster, at Frensham Little Pond there are carp to 40lb and pike to 29lb (they are gonna need a bigger pond). Mill Lane however has true specimens with bells on, a mirror weighing 53lb 8ozs, a common at 40lbs, 8ozs, a grass carp at 37. 8ozs and a kio (yes a koi) 32lb plus pike to 27 and bream to 18lbs.

At Bagshot there are catfish to 68lbs and big carp.

There is a Complex of 4 lakes and a stretch of the Blackwater at Yateley. They also have fishing on the Loddom, Wey and Whitewater

Membership is very reasonably priced especially considering the fishing available with discounts for disables , senoirs, juniors, students. Details on the web site.

They have an active junior section. I also note that you must attend a course on handling predators before you go fishing for them.

Checked 29/11/18

Godstone Vineyards Lake Fishery

A rather attractive well maintained fishery just off the A22 near the M25 Junction 6 offering day ticket fishing for carp to 20lbs, tench, roach, chub and perch.

Open all year (except Xmas and New Years day) 8.30 to 5.30 (dusk in winter months). Call 01883 744590

Google Map 51.262706, -0.061144 Post Code RH9 8DQ

Checked 01/01/19

Goldaming Angling Society

I sometimes wonder if it wasn't for angling club fishing would be less accessible, more expensive and support for juniors and disabled less well developed. Goldaming do very well in this regard. Established in 1881 the club now has 8 still water fisheries as well as 8 miles of the river Wey.

The lakes are;

Woodlake, Busbridge, 5 acres with carp and pike to 30lbs plus. There are 40 swims with pegs 1 to 5 reserved for disabled anglers with several other pegs accessible with some assistance. There is a portaloo on site. Oh, as well as those big carp and pike there are perch, roach, rudd, bream and tench. No Day Tickets.

Bramley Park, 3 acres, crucians, bream, roach, chub, gudgeon, and some specimen grass carp. It is wheelchair accesible but the are are no loos. No Day Tickets. Post Code GU5 0JP.

Broadwater, 10 acres with carp to over 30lbs, night fishing allowed. Lots of roach, rudd, perch to 3lbs, some crucians, and tench. There are 2 car parks with a made footpath to the clubhouse and toilets (M & F). There is level access from the main road parking to all swimms. No Day Tickets. Post Code GU7 3BX.

Marsh Farm, the Society has built two lakes and a small coaching pond on this site. The lakes are:

Hill Pond is 0.5 ares, it is the coaching pond stocked with crucians, perch, tench to 7lbs, rudd, roach and gudgeon. No Day Tickets.

Harris Lake is 3.5 acres with 45 swims. A mixed fishery with crucians to 4lbs, tench to 10lbs, roach, rudd, perch, chub. Day Tickets Available

Richardsons Lake, 3.6 acre, 55 swims, a mixed fishery with crucians, to 4lbs, tench to 9lbs, roach, rudd, perch to 3lbs and bream to5lbs. Day Tickets Available

In addition to the above the Society have a coaching school in the pavillion with 300 juniors developing their skills on site. There is a tackle shop, Appollo Angling Centre, and hot drinks and snacks are available.

There are male and female toilet (with under floor heating!) and toilets for the disabled.

As for accessiblity the Society has gone to great lengths to make most of the site accessible with ramps, made paths, blue badge holders can drive to swims and park in designated parking bays.

Johnsons, 21 acres, a mixed fishery on a secure site stocked with common and mirror carp to30lbs, crucians to 4lbs, tench to doubles, roach, rudd, perch to 4lbs+. The Railway Bank is disabled friendly. There are 3 car parks each with portaloos. No Day Tickets.

Winkworth, a trout fishery where Society members can get a discount. 5 acres stocked with rainbows and brown trout to 7lbs.

River Wey the club have fishing for about 8 miles on the river and navigable channel. The beats are:

Upper Easing, mixed coarse, trout and grayling,

Salgasson, mixed, trout and grayling.

Upper and Lower Common Meadows, on the towpath side of the river and navigable channel. Chub to 6lbs, carp and pike to 20lbs, barbel double, roach, dace, gudeon and bream.

Trunley Heath, a wild and wynding stretch of water, a roving angers water hunting for perch, chub, carp and pike to doubles, barbel, roach, dace, trout, bleak and gudgeon.

Guildford Town Bridge to Trigs Lock. There are 2 secured places at Trigs Lock for disabled anglers. The key can be obtianed from the Hon Sec.

Day tickets from Apollo Angling Centre

Great work folks.

Checked 28/11 18

Henfold Lake Leisure

Near Dorking the fishery is on a 90 acre farm with a camp site.

There are 5 lakes al mixed fisheries for match fishing but it works well for pleasure angling too. The lakes are all connected with weirs and a connecting stream. Stocked with carp to 20lbs, ghosts, bream, crucians, chub, roach, rudd, perch, golden orfe, green and golden tench.

Permits on the bank from the bailiff. Call 01306 883346 of further informatiom.

Google Map Post Code RH5 4RW

Checked 27/11/18

Lake View Fishery

Nestled in woodland near Crawley Down this mature lake has 30 swims on it's 5 acres. There is a tackle shop and bailiffs office in building, on an island in the middle of the lake, accessible off course by a bridge.

There are bivvie site and toilets. As for the fishing there are carp to 20lbs+, tench, perch, roach, rudd.

A Google search shows it is / was up for lease so things could change.

Google Map 51.121045, -0.131868 Post Code RH10 4SU

Checked 28/11/18


A 2 lake fishery, Main Lake is 12 acres and Back lake is 1.5 acres. Located very near Ash Vale and stocked with a range of quality fish including: carp, roach, tench, bream, perch, rudd, pike and crucians.

This is a Hartley Winterny Angling Society water . They also have fishing at:

Firgrove, Eversley in Surray, Wyndham Pool and Hospital Pond, Lakeside in Ash Vale.

Day tickets from:

Yately Angling Centre 01252 861955​​

Hampshire Tackle, Aldershot, 01252 318937

Fish For Tackle, Ash Vale, 01252 333202

Google Map Ref 51.258104, -0.729101

Checked 17/09/18

Newdigate Farms Fishery

7 Day Ticket lakes over 2 farms

Greens Farm Post Code RH5 5BE

Bean Lake, 6 acres, Day Tickets. Common, mirror and ghost carp 10 to 45lbs.

Guinea Lake, 5 acres, 26 pegs, Day Tickets. Tench, bream, golden orfe, crucians.

Dean House Farm, Post Code RH5 5DL

Central Lake, 3 acres 31 pegs, day tickets, pike to 30lbs, catfish to 80lbs, mirror, common and ghost carp to 30lbs plus roach, bream, tench, golden orfe.

Snake Lake and Copse Meadow Lakes, DT, 0.75 acres tench to 8lbs. 2 acres Mirror and common carp to 15lbs, tench, bream, roach, golden orfe.

Paddock Lake, mirror and common carp to 20lbs, ghosts to 15, golden orfe, tench, crucians.

Paddock Lake 0.75 Acres, 12 pegs, Day Tickets.

Call 01306 631573

Checked 27/11/18

Old Quarry

Near Betchworth this fishery has a wild environment, clear water and big fish. 1 acre and up to 18 feet deep it holds carp to 30lbs, pike to 25 and bream to 15lbs, tench to 8lb plus roach, rudd and perch.

Day tickets, night by arrangement, you can book the whole lake too.

Call 07768875272 or 07862233047

Google Map 51.243521, -0.282059 Post Code RH3 7HD

Checked 29/11/18

Papercourt Angling

Near Woking, there are 2 lakes Main and Small for season members only. The main lake is 42 acres with mature stocks of carp to 40lb with 9 over 35lb. They recently stocked with Sutton and Horseshoe carp which are now tipping the scales at 14 to 17 lbs and growing in well. In addition there are pike to 30lb, bream to 13, tench to 11lbs, eels, perch and roach.

Call 01483 223904 or Google them for a membership application, there is a waiting list.

Google Map 51.293934, -0.511257 Post Code GU23 6JX

Checked 28/11/12

Priory Farm

Near Redhill, there are 3 lakes at Priory farm, a venue for the family with farm and gift shops and other activities.

The lakes are:

Proiry, over 150 years old, averaging 4ft deep the lake hold carp to 20+, perch, crucians, roach and rudd.

Hogtrough, a newbie stocked of 4 acres 2 to 15ft deep. Carp to 20lb+, roach, perch, skimmers, bream to 5lbs, tench to 7lbs. Nights available.

Hungerford Lake, 2 acres, 4 to 8ft deep. Lots of carp to 20lbs. This lake is near the toilets and other facilities.

No day tickets, membership only but for a year it is well priced with discounts for over 65s and disabled anglers and a familiy ticket option. There is also a winter only ticket available.

Call 01737 823304

Google Map 51.234454, -0.136294 Post Code RH1 4EJ

Checked 30/12/08

Rushmore Lakes

A 2 lake fishery near Tilford:

Kingfisher is a mixed fishery with roach, bream, perch, koi and golden orfe.

Pinewood is a specimen carp lake.

Day tickets available call 077799 663218 or 07901 975804 for futher information.

Google Map 51.152219, -0.754022 Post Code GU10 2EP

Checked 26/11/18

Shillingford Fishery

Located near Goldaming Shillingford has 3 lakes/ pond listed:

Specimen Lake,6.5 acres, pike to near 30lbs, common, mirror, linear, leather and ghost carp some of which are tipping the scales at 40lb, tench to 10+, plus roach, golden rudd and perch.Open all year for coarse fish, 1st April to 30th September for pike. Permits can be bought on the bank.

Silverdale, 2.5 acres, carp, golden rudd and perch.

Canal Pond, lots of small tench.

Call 01428 707455 or 07774269838

Googler Map 51.081836, -0.627449 Post Code GU8 4SX

Checked 26/11/18

Thorpe Lea Fishery

Just off the M25 and M3 near Egham this is a 60 swim carp fishery stocked in 2003 with 2,500 Drayton Reservoir Carp to 18lbs. The fish have grown on a bit since them with 1 in 3 being in the 20s, with a know 27 in the thirties.

Day and 24hr tickets, no advance booking, first come basis.

There is a tackle shop, snack bar, toilets on site, free transport too and from swims for disabled anglers ( a small charge for others), secure parking.

Call 01784 494182 or for the bailiff call,01934000559.

Google Map 51.418095, -0.536167Post Code TW20 8RH

Checked 28/11/18


The fishery has 1 match lake, 5 day ticket pits (1,2,5,6,7) and 2 members only pits (3, 4).

Day ticket waters:

Match Lake, 2.4 acres, day and night fishing, 20 swims, carp to 20lbs, bream, roach, rudd, perch, tench and pike.

Pit 1, days only, 1 acre, 18 swims, mostly carp single and doubles some to 25lbs.

Pit 2, 2.5 acres, 14 swims, carp to 35lbs, quite a few 20s and many doubles. There are also good bream, roach and pike.

Pit 5, 0.5 acres, 6 swims, carp to 20lbs, bream, small pike and silvers.

Pit 6, 0.75 acres, 12 swims, carp to 35lbs, bream, tench, pike and silvers.

Reductions for junior, disabled, pensioners. Fishing 7am to 5.30pm.

Members Waters

Pike season 1st October to 31st March.

Pit 3, 12 swims, 4.5m deep with 2 islands and underwater and shore features. Carp to 44lbs, pike to 20,

Pit 7, 2 acres, 14 swims, carp 13 to 35lbs, bream ansd silvers.

Membership options from Platinum to Silver and predator. OAP and disabled 10% discount. No under 18s.

Call 01932 570156

Google Map 51.398260, -0.519224 Post Code KT16 9EJ

Checked 27/11/18

Woodpeckers Coarse Fishing

Located near Crawley Woodpeckers has 4 lakes.

The lakes are:

Woodpeckers, 30 pegs, mixed fishery with 5 species of carp to 28lbs, bream to 7lbs, perch, rudd, roach and ornamentals.

Osprey, 40 pegs, perch to 5lbs+, plus carp, roach, rudd, ornamentals, chub and barbel are recent additions. Osprey has some islands one of which can be reach by a bridge.

Newts Predator Pond, perch to 3lbs, pike, carp to 18lbs.

Pennys Pond, a small pond suitable for kids, goldfish, shubunkins, golden rudd and carp to5lbs.

The fishery offers day tickets with concessions for OAPs, Disabled ane Juniors. You can book for matches or even book Woodpecker or Osprey as a whole. Call 01293 886598.

Google Map 51.119479, -0.120911 Post Code RH104TA

Checked 28/11/18

Wraysbury Lake

An other part of the RK Leisure stable but not the least. There is:

Wraysbury 1: 2 Lakes of 45 and 75 acres holding common and mirror carp, pike, perch, tench, beamand eels. Not ordinary carp, record breaking crap including Mary the British record weighing in at 56lb. 6ozs. Not surprising that this is the home of Carp Team England.

Wraysbury 2 is a bigger challenge at 130 acres of gin clear water holding some top quality common and mirror carp over 40lbs, also pike, tench, bream perch. What will this big lake produce in time, who knows with a warmer climate British carp might start growing to continental sizes.

Not surprisingly there is a waiting list to join, call 02075340540.

Google Map Ref 51.455193, -0.524228

Checked 19/08/18