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Canals Trust

The Canals Trust have over 2,000 miles of waterway to look after for the many interest groups who use them. With so much water it is no wonder that fishing is high on the list of activities.

The Trust issues a Waterway Wanderers Permit that entitles you to go fishing on an impressive amount of water throughout England (for just £20).

For information on how to apply for a permit Goto Waterway Wanderers Permit Application for a list of waters covered by the permit Goto Canal Trust Waterway Wanderers Permit Waters

Alderwood Ponds

The fishery consists of 3 ponds; Daves Pond, The Corsican Pond and Island.

The lakes have carp to 38lbs plus tench to 10, bream roach, rudd and orfe.

Daves Pond has hard stand parking giving good acces for disabled anglers.

There are showers and toilets (including disabled facilities). They are also dog friendly (max 2 dogs).

Call 01903816377 or 07713468264

Google Map 50.902566, -0.337233 Post Code BN44 3AA

Checked 09/10/18

Crawley Angling Society

13 locations to fish in the Crawley area whether for pleasure, match or specimen carp fishing. Members only but good value for money.

Call the bailiff on 07706 52186

Google Map 51.112458, -0.186181

Checked 09/10/18

Furnace Lakes Fishery

Located near Horsham there are 6 lakes all feed water from an underground reservoir ensure good water quality. The fishery is not for the faint hearted as it only has very big carp and monster catfish. In fact the fish are so big kids under 14 are not allowed, I guess a fight between a 14 year old and a 140lb catfish could go badly wrong!

The lakes are:

Kiln Lake, 4 acres with 7 island cats to 140lb and carp to the 40lb mark.

Specimen Lake, 3 acres 8 pegs big mirrors, common, ghost and koi.

Plantation, 6.5 acres with 9 islands, cats to 140lb carp to 50lb. I guess the carp have to be big enough that the cats don't eat them.

Furnace Lake, 8 acres, koi, mrror, ghost, common and grass carp to 50lbs.

Hayes Lake, 2.5 acres from the teens to 30s.

Roman Lake, 4 acres, with a central island, 14 pegs. Stocked with large carp and catfish. Carp to the mid 40s.

They provide a free 4x4 "taxi" service to take you and your gear too and from the pegs. There are toilets, a shop and tackle outlet on site.

Google Map Ref 51.089414, -0.420779

Checked 23/09/18

Hayward Heath Dist Angling Society

HHDAS have fishing on 9 miles of the Sussex Ouse where there are barbel to 16lbs, chub to 6lbs, brown trout, sea trout, grayling and river carp to 20lbs.

They also have still water fisheries on:

Weirwood (see above)

Balcombe Lake a 10 acre lake near Ardingly with tench, and bream to 8lbs, roach, rudd, perch, pike to 24lbs and carp to 30lbs.

Deaks Lane, 2 ponds with carp, rudd, dace, roach, perch, gudgeon and occasionally a brown trout.

Valebridge a 40 peg fishery with good roach and rudd, tench, crucians, pike perch and common and mirror carp to doubles.

For membership enquiries call 07747 868323. No day tickets but there a number of options for membership, with concessions.

Google Map 50.999750, -0.106498

Checked 08/10/18

Lewes Angling Club

Fishing on 4 still waters and the river Ouse at Barombe Mills left bank (pike to 30lbs, carp to 25, barbel to 10lbs plus, bream, chub, roach, perch and dace. The still waters are:

Marl Pit, 22 pegs some suitable for disabled anglers, carp to 12lbs, roach and rudd.

Cornwells Reservoir, 4 acres, carp to 18lbs, chub, bream, roach.

Veals Farm, 1 acre pool carp to 18lbs, bream, skimmers, roach, perch

Weirwood, see below (desingated area)

For membership enquiries call 01273 588130.

Google Map50.875188, 0.015940

Checked 09/10/18

Menards Carp Fishery

Located near Horsham this fishery built in the 1990 is a specimen carp water, it has just 12 swims, 8 singles and 4 doubles.

The lake holds fish to 35lbs with more reaching the 30lb mark each year. There are mirrors and commons to 40lbs. The facilities include a tackle and bait shop, toilets and showers.

There is the option to buy 24hr to 96hr tickets at full price or pay a membership fee to receive a reduction.

Pike fishing for fish to mid twenties is from 1st November to the end of February.

All fishing must be booked in advance, call 01403 243213.

Google Map 51.059889, -0.282092 Post Code RH13 6PG

Checked 26/11/12

Mill Farm Fishery

Pulborough, consists of 3 lakes, the recently opened Hammer Pond plus the Specimen Pond and Mill Pond.

A rather attractive fishery as the owner is an active conservationist and works to maintain a quality environment at the fishery.

Good stocks of fish:

Mill Pond holds carp to the mid twenties, silver fish to record size, roach, tench and perch close to record weight;

Specimen lake has common, mirror and ghost carp to over 30lbs

Hammer Pond holds roach, tench, silver fish, carp and bream.

Call 01789 874853

Google Map Reference 52.490224, -1.149230

Checked 09/10 18

Ouse Angling Preservation Society

Or OAP as they thay are known, have fishing for coarse fish and sea trout on a number of stretches of the Sussex Ouse.

!.5 miles north of Lewes on th tidal river.

Sea trout only on the Mill Pool from 1st May to 31st October.

They also have astretch north of BarcombeMills above the tidal limit and a stretch at Sheffield Park.

Membership available for coarse season and for sea trout season (there may be waiting list for this as sea trout come big on the Ouse some to 13lbs).

They also sgare fishiung on still waters with the Copthorne and District Angling Society at Piltdown Pit near Newick and Rowfott near Gatwick.

Membership is very reasonably priced even for the sea trout fishing. Some coarse fishing day tickets available.

Permits from Barcombe Stores, Crowborough Tackle, Lagoon Bait in Lewes, Hooked on Green in Uckfield.

Checked 26/12/18

Passies Pond

Located near Coombes this fishery consists of 3 lakes for pleasure and match fishing. Carp to mid 30s plus avariety of other species.

Call the bailiff on 07824 429236.

Google Map 50.866094, -0.304717 Post Code BN15 0RS

Checked 09/10/18

Swanborough Lakes

Part of Ilford Estates located in the South Downs National Park, Swanborough has 3 lakes.

There is a specimen carp lake of 3.5 cares with common, mirror, ghost and grass carp to just about 40lbs. There are are also pike to 30lbs lurking in the depths. The lake has 18 purpose built pegs all big enough to take a bivvie. Permits are for 24 hours and need to be booked in advance as only 14 are available at any one time. To book nights call 07974 267780.

There is also a tench and silvers lake and Decoy Lake for chub, perch, roach and rudd.

General Enquiries call 07974 267780

Google Map 50.856242, -0.004274 Post Code BN7 3PF

Checked 18/12/18

Sumners Lake

Near Horsham this fishery consists of 5 well stocked lakes, they are:

Sumners Lake, 6 day ticket swims with carp to 38lbs, perch, chub, bream, roach, pike.

Farm Pond, 14 day ticket swims with carp to 24lbs, roach, tench, perch, chub, crucians.

Match Lake, 3.5 acres mirror and common carp best 32lbs plus chub, barbel, crucians, tench, bream and roach.

Ribbon Lake, 40 day tickets Redmire commons and Simmonds mirrors plus barbel, tench, perch.

There is good access for disabled anglers to Farm Pond where a specially designed ramped platform gives acces to 3 swims for disabled angler, parking nearby. Betty's is also quite good with nearby parking and wood chip pegs.

Call 01403 732539

Google Map 51.028612, -0.398879 Post Code RH13 0PR

Checked 10/10/18

Tonbridge Angling Club and Fish Protection Society

Like most angling club Tonbridge have a lot to offer. Fishing on 7 stretches of the river Medway over 14 miles of bank and on the Eden, plus still water fishing on 4 lakes.

2 stillwaters are suitable for disabled anglers are;

Barden Lake, a mixed day ticket fishery with large carp some in the 20 to 40lb bracket. There are tench and bream to double figures plus big roach, perch and pike. Barden has good platforms suitable for disabled anglers.

Lower Haysden has roach, skimmers, bream, carp, tench, perch, pike, chub and gidgeon. Day Tickets from the bailiff.

Given that the club records include a 50lb plus carp and a 30+ pike and bream and barbel to mid teens this is good value fishing.

Day tickets are availble for parts of the river, Barden Lake and Lower Haysden.

Call 07947 557140 for further information

Google Map Tonbridge 51.195381, 0.275699

Checked 09/10/18

Weirwood Carp and Coarse Fishery

Weirwood, near Forest Row, is a syndicate water limited to 70 members who have most of the fishing on this 280 acre reservoir which is part of the river Medway system. Stocks include pike, mirror and common carp, bream, roach, rudd, eels. There are boats for members to hire.

Call 01342 2822212.

Google Map 51.097461, 0.007494

Checked 08/10/18