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Canals Trust

The Canals Trust have over 2,000 miles of waterway to look after for the many interest groups who use them. With so much water it is no wonder that fishing is high on the list of activities.

The Trust issues a Waterway Wanderers Permit that entitles you to go fishing on an impressive amount of water throughout England (for just £20).

For information on how to apply for a permit Goto Waterway Wanderers Permit Application for a list of waters covered by the permit Goto Canal Trust Waterway Wanderers Permit Waters

Arden Fisheries

Near Snitterfield, Stratford on Avon is a 24 acre fishery over 5 pools now open to day ticket anglers.

The Bowl holds 20lb+ carp and big perch, there are also good bream and roach.

Fox's Pool is a shallow water holding mostly carp.

The Orchard Pool, a deeper water, has some 20lb plus carp, bream, roach and tench.

Archers hold lots of silver fish, small carp plus roach and a few tench.

Oak Pool holds carp to double figures and tench. A bit of variety here.

Call 01789 731244

Google Map Reference 52.235108, -1.686506

Checked 13/10/18

Bishops Bowl Fishery

In inticate fishery in a former limestone quarry. There are 9 lakes / pools to fish, they are:

Mitre Pool, 6 acres 15 pegs with specimen carp to 30lbs. Each peg will take a bivvie. It is for members only (costs £5 from the shop). Night fishing allowed.

Walworth, 20 pegs, a match lake with lots of small carp plus tench, bream, roach, rudd, perch and crucians.

White Bishop, 26 pegs, carp to 20+ lots of silvers.

Greenhill the biggest lake is 24 acres, 15 double pegs. Varies from 2 to 35ft stocked with roach, bream, tench, carp to 20lbs, large pike (best so far 26.5lbs. Oct to March Only).

Eastwell, is effectively on an island in Greenhill Lake connected by 3 causways, 1 accessable by vehicle. There are a few carp but it is aimed at anglers looking for tench (to 7lbs) and crucians.

Rushglen, 3.5acres, a runs water with carp 5 to 30lbs, bream to 9lbs, roach 2lb plus. Night fishing allowed.

Marshes 1 has 14 pegs, crucians, tench, barbel and bream, chub, roach, rudd, mirror and common carp.

Marshes 2, 12 pegs, crucians, tench, barbel and bream, chub, roach, rudd, mirror and common carp.

Cliffs, 25 pegs, crucians, tench, barbel and bream, chub, roach, rudd, miffor and common carp.

With all this water you would maybe expect more pegs but large areas of the fishery shores are precipitous cliff making the place look kinda special. I guess if you were into fossil hunting you could get lucky here. The site is also a SSSI too.

There is a tackle shop, cafe and clean course loos. They have also worked on making the lakes more accessible to able and disabled anglers.

Call 01926 612379 0r 07970196044

Google Map 52.228522, -1.430266 Post Code CV47 2SR

Checked 29/11/18

Clifton Lakes

Located near Clifton Upon Dunsmore, the fishery has 10 lakes on a 90 acre site bordered by the river Avon. The lakes are;

Serpentine Pool, 60 to 70 anglers, big carp, lots of bream and roach, good tench and barbel plus crucians, chub and perch.

Volcano Pool, 20 pegs, carp, roach, the deepest lake on site.

Reed Pool, a shallow lake, 20 pegs, big bream plus a good mix of species.

Horseshoe, good carp.

Canal Cutting, roach, rudd, chub, bream.

Diawa, Moat and suit match fishing and have good tench.Weir Pools is on the Avon plus there is Sidewinder and Hill Crest.

Camping and caravaning by advance booking, matches also. Call 078451146691.

Google Map 52.393522, -1.206479Post Code CV23 0AO

Checked 30/11/18

Dog Lane Fishery

Over looked by Napton on the Hiil this fishery consists of 2 specimen carp lakes and a pleasure fishery.

The lakes are:

Widgeon, a 7 peg speciamen carp lake. The pegs are all capable of taking a bivvie. There are carp to 40lbs and all of the small carp are removed to ensure you are onto good fish.

Grebe, 15 pegs, all bivvie pegs. 4 to 12 feet deep at the dam end. Carp to 30lbs.

Willow, a 38 peg pleasure fishery with carp to 10lbs, crucians, bream, perch and roach.

Call 07957 861733

Google Map Post Code CV47 8LT

Checked 29/11/18

Earlswood Reservoirs

3 Rivers and Canal Trust reservoir each 22 acres.

Terrys has large carp, eels and good pike. Engine Pool has carp to 20lbs and bream. Windmill has bream, skimmers and excellent pike

Permits from the bailiff on the bank call 07906798610 or for match bookings 01582 843454.

Google Map 52.365536, -1.833539 Post Code B94 5RZ

Checked 30/11/18

Friezeland Pools

Located next to Bosworth Water Park Freizeland has 4 pools mostly for carp.

Friezeland Pool, 24 pegs, days tickets (nights weekend only) 90% carp, some tench.

Lower Friezeland, 24 pegs 85% carp plus tench and bream.

Upper Friezeland, 20 pegs, 92% carp plus bream

Pams Pool, mixed stock fish from 2 to 20lbs. 85% carp plus bream, and tench.

Parking behind all pegs. Call 01455 290796.

Google Map 52.626147, -1.433968 Post Code CV13 6PD

Checked 30/11/18

Hawkesbury Fishery

A mature lake ofering pleasure and match fishing for bream caro, roach, rudd and tench near Bedworth. Call 02476 491144.

Google Map 52.466930, -1.464134 Post Code CV12 9HL

Checked 28/01/19

Lavender Hall Fishery

A general fishery, specimen and match fishery with 5 lakes near Berkswell. There are 4 general lakes:

Dragon, 1 acre, with a centre island, 21 pegs. Carp to20lbs with lots in the 4 to 6lb range, roach, rudd, and some perch to 3lbs. There are also some fan tails and koi.

Bens, 1 acre, 20 pegs for pleasure and match angling. Carp averaging 4 to 6lbs with some to 15. Rudd, roach, perch, skimmers and tench. There are also some koi.

Oak Pool, 30 pegs with lots of carp in the 8 to 10lb range with some going to 20. There are also skimmers.

Brook is a 22 peg 0.75 carp pool, a pleasure water with carp to high doubles plus tench, roach, rudd and perch.

Specimen Lake, "Station" , 3 islands and 11 swims for 8 anglers. There are about 100 carp in this 2 acre lake. 30 plus to 25lbs the average in the 16 to 18 range with a few specimens nudging 30lbs. Popular water so best to book.

Lavender Hall is accredited by the BDAA with a Gold standard for the levels of accesibility on 3 lakes, Ben's (8 pegs), Dragon (2 pegs) and Oak (1 peg). Access ramps to the cafe and lodge as well as toilet facilities for disabled anglers.

Call 01676530299 or 07796998309

Google Map 52.400430 -1.650572 Post Code CV7 7BN

Checked 07/11/18

Meadowlands Fishery

Meadowland was a sand quaryy redevelopedin to a a two lake fishery totalling some 17acres. The lakes are:

Lambsdown, stocked with lots of silvers, up to 15 species present.

Warren Pool is a caro water with excellent crucians and stocked with mirror and common carp.

Open 07.30 to 17.30, day tickets avaialble and also can be booked for match fishing. Snacks and refreshments on site, male and female toilets. Access from the A423, Oxford Rd just before the junction with Leamington Rd.

Google Map 52.356608, -1.437510 Post Code CV8 3EG

Checked 28/01/19

Packington Estate

Somers Lakes on Packington Estate off fishing on 13 lakes and pools. They are:

Moland, 60 pegs, carp to 22lbs, f1s, tench, bream, roachand perch.

Gearys, a good match venue, 8 acres 40 pegs, lots of carp to doubles, bream, roach, crucians.

Little Greays, 30 pegs, F1s, carp, bream, tench, roach.

Anniversaries, 1.5 acres, 24 pegs, match / pleasure. F1s, roach, tench, carp ide.

Sibbling A & B, a canal style water, good match venue, 40 pegs, Carp F1s, tench, ide, barbel.

Gratuties, 16 pegs, match and pleasure. Carp, tench, skimmers, crucians, bream.

Willow, 13 pegs, carp to18lbs, F1s, skimmers, tench, crucians.

For further information call 01676 522020.

Google Map 52.463830, -1.675077 Post Code CV7 7HF

Checked 30/11/18

Stockton Reservoir

Is a 7 acre former British Waterways water near Rugby now run as a pleasure / match venue by the Blue Lias Inn which is next to the reservoir. Stocked with carp, chub, roach, tench, perch and rudd. With 66 timber fishing platforms there's plenty of choice here. There are 3 pegs accessible to wheelchair users.

Day tickets are available also 24 hr tickets. The Inn also offers fishing on the nearby canal.

Call 01926 812249

Google Map Reference 52.278530, -1.375898 Post Code CV47 8LD

Checked 29/11/18

Studley Angling Society

Studley AS is a members club who share accees to the river Arrow with Wixford AC. They also have fishing at Studley Park Water and on a stretch of the Stratford Canal. All for just 15 quid in 2019, bargain.

Call 0787924248

Checked 28/01/19


Markins Fisheries

Bramcote, with 18 lakes and 600 swims to fish you could spend a lot of time here. Under new ownership the fishery has undergone significant improvements. There is a wide range of fish in this fishery including big carp to 35lbs and barbel to 12lbs. Great match venues and pleasure fishing, decision, decisions, decisions. They do have accomodation on site.

Infact the fishery has so much to offer it is best you pop off to there web site to review the lakes.

Call 01455 220877

Google Map Reference 52.489405, -1.386026 Pos Code CV11 6QJ

Checked 29/11/18

Morton Springs

A 2 acre lake 11 to 16 ft deep with carp to 26lb (mirror, common and ghost) plus crucians, chub, barbel to 13lbs, perch to 5lbs. This is a private syndicate, call 07976422559.

Google Map 52.285093, -1.846138 Post Code B80 7ED

Checked 30/11/18

Tunnel Barns

The fishery has 9 pool and a 2.5 mile stretch of the Grand Union Canal from Shrewley to Rowington producing bream to 5lbs and good roach and perch. The pools are:

High Pool, 51 pegs, up to 8ft deep, F1s, bream barbel, hydrid crucians, tench, commons to 10lbs, mirrors to 12lbs, lots of silver.

New Pool, a "snake" match pool averaging 4ft deep. Carp to 20lbs, F1s, perch to 4lbs, chub.

Extension Pool, 39 pegs, carp, roach, tench, bream, tench, chub, golden orfe.

House Pool, 34 pegs, stocked with 140,000 fish (is there room for water?) F1s, common and mirrors to 20, roach, bream, tench, chub, perch, golden orfe, a pleasure fishery.

Bottom, 34 pegs, carp to 30lbs with many 10 to 25lbs. Bream tench, chub, perch, barbel, crucians.

Top Pool, 33 pegs, carp, tench, perch, barbel, ide, roach, rudd.

Club Pool, 24 pegs, carp to 20lbs, barbel, F1s, bream.

Canal Pool, 24 pegs, carp to 20lbs, barbel, f1s, bream, tench. roach, chub, to 7lbs, skimmers.

There is a club house on site with retaurant called the "The Piggery" great name. Also a tackle shop.

There are a number of pegs designated for disabled anglers and staff are available for those needing assistance.

There are regular open matches and booking can be made for matches. Call 01926 842297.

Google Map 52.305388, -1.690580 Post Code CV35 7AN

Checked 30/11/18