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East Yorkshire

Hull and District Angling Association

HDAA have a numbers of fishing venues including:

Former gravel pits at Brandesburton;

Pond 2 is 2 acres with good roach and perch to 3 pounds plus, some pike, eels, tench bream and a number of big carp.

Ponds 2 and 3 are 8 acres with 100 to 150 carp to over 20lbs, also bream tench and rudd, pike to 20lb plus.

Burshill A, 1.5 acres, a pleasure fishery with wide a variety of species including some carp to 20+, big tench, some crucians and perch.

Burshill B, 2.5 acres mostly a tench water with some roach, rudd and carp.

Broomfleet and Newport Fisheries:

Blue Lagoon, a former clay pit of 2 acres, stocked mostly with tench and bream, there are some roach, perch and pike. There are 2 swims by the car park suitable for disabled anglers.

Brickyard, another former clay pit of 8 acres holding stocks of large bream to 13lbs, pike into the 20s, roach and rudd, 2 common carp known to be over 30lbs and a mirror to over 40.

Motorway Pond, 18 acres with carp to 20+ up to dozen known to be 30+, tench to 9lbs, bream to 12lbs and some large catfish. There are also some roach, rudd and perch.

Tilery Lake, 20 acres, some carp, bream, tench, roach, perch and big pike.

Brough Fishing Complex consists of 6 pools, ponds and lakes:

Avocet, 1.5 acres with crucians, carp, tench, rudd.

Cygnet, 1 acre, 17 swims, car access to pegs and a loo nearby. Small carp, rudd, bream, tench, perch, crucians and eels.

Grebe, 3.5 acres, 15 swims, carp to 8lbs.

Hawk, 6 acres with vehicle access to all 30 pegs, carp, bream, rudd, roach, perch pike and eels.

Kingfisher, designed for juniors and for coaching, roach, rudd, chub. carp, tench, ide, perch and bream.

Osprey, 18 acres, a big carp fishery primarily. There are only 45 memberships available for Osprey with a waiting list. Also bream to 12lb tench to 8lbs some roach and specimen pike.

Windmill Pond, a carp, rudd and tench fishery.

Willows pond, a recently rejuvenated water, 0.75 acres, tench rudd, bream, carp.

Membership in inexpensive with concessions for veterans and juniors or you can take a life membership. Membership online from the club website, by post or from Hull Angling Centre,Chapmans Angling in Hessle, Elloughton News in Brough or Grovehill Pet Food in Beverley.

Checked 09/12/18

Moorfields Farm Fisheries

A three lake complex near Goole. There are 2 match lakes and pleasure lake. The larger of the 2 match lakes has 54 pegs while the smaller one has 30 pegs. The pleasure lake has 25 pegs. All three lakes are well stocked with a diversity of species including some decent carp.

There is a cafe open on match day and an on site toilet.

Call 07710 817150

Google Map 53.681173, -0.884683 Post Code DN14 8BQ

Checked 09/12/18

Oaklands Water

4 lakes on this fishery near Snaith, 2 mixed coarse, a carp lake, a specimen lake.

The lakes are:

Horseshoe, 39 pegs, 6 to 10ft deep stocked with carp, tench, bream, rudd, roach, ide, barbel, perch, crucians, chub.

Round Lake, 16 pegs, suits small club matches. Stocked the same as Horseshoe.

Roadside Carp Lake, 10 pegs carp averaging 16lbs.

Specimen Lake, carp to 30lbs+, catfish to 50lbs and pike to 30lbs.

Cafe and bait shop on site. Call 01405 860756

Google Map 53.696528, -1.076074 Post Code DN14 0AP

Checked 07/12/18

Risby Park Fishing Ponds

4 lakes for match, pleasure and specimen fishing. The lakes are Orchard Pond, Tench Pond, Carp Pond and Folly Lake

There are 120 pegs in total with specimen carp, bream tench, and even sturgeon. They run regular open matches. Fishing is from dawn to dusk.

There is a cafe on site with toilets.

Call 07860 255981

Google Map 53.804603, -0.466629 Post Code HU17 8SS

Checked 10/12/18

Starr Carr Farm Fishery

A 3 lake fishery with 2 coarse lakes and 1 fly fishing water. The lakes are:

Clay Pit, 1.5 acres, 15 solid clay and timber pegs. Carp to 10lbs, tench to 8lbs, crucians, roach, rudd, skimmers, ide.

Gravel Pit, 2.5 acres, 23 solid clay pegs 12 to 14 ft deep a few yards off shore going to 25ft in places. Carp to the high 20s, tench to 9lbs, roach, rudd, big perch, golden tench, a Wels catfish, chub and the occasional sturgeon.

Fly Lake, 4.5 acres boat and bank fishing, there are 20 solid clay pegs. Stocked with rianbow, brown trout, blues and golden trout. There are also some big carp, golden tench, roach, rudd and big pike.

Call 07912 677302

Google Map 53.906175, -0.315543, Post Code YO25 8RU

Checked 10/12/18

Transterne Fishery

This a float fishing only fishery so leave the heavy duty and electronic kit at home. 2 lakes:

Canal is a a pole lake while Main Lake suits wagler. There are carp to 30lbs, commons to 18lb plus a range of coarse fish including barbel, chub, tench, roach, rudd, bream, crucians, perch and tons of ghosts - spooky!

Some pegs allow parking 20m from the peg for less mobile anglers. Matches are welcome, call 07873 336149 or 07711936611

Google Map 53.819652, -0.145423 Post Code HU11 4DD

Checked 07/12/18

Winfield Lakes

A 2 lake fishery , Low Lake and High Lake.

Low lake is about 1 acre, average about 4 ft deep, 21 pegs including some doubles. There is direct access to some pegs from vehicles.Carp to 17lbs, roach, cub, bream, silvers.

High Lake, is 1.7 acres, 2 to 5ft deep, horseshoe shaped. 25 pegs, some doubles, with direct acces to some pegs and assistance available for less able anglers who can also call and book a favoured peg. Common and mirror carp to 20lbs+, koi and crucians.

Toilets on site. There is an honesty box, please put the fee in the envelop provided and if change is required it will be given when someone comes to check your permit.

Call 01757 288609

Google Map 53.798951, -0.860794 Post Code DN14 7NP

Checked 10/12/18

York District Amalgamation of Anglers

Yet an other Yorkshire club offering an extensive portfolio of venues to fish that are suitable for game and coarse anglers.

York DAA have fishing the Aire and Calder canal and the Pocklington Canal; 21 stretches on the Yorkshire Derwent, rivers Foss, Nidd, Ouse, Severn, Rye and Barton Mill Beck; 7 stillwaters.

Typically membership is is very affordable for coarse fishing, for game fishing too however there is a waiting list to join.

For more detail goto ydda.org.uk

Checked 31/01/19

North Yorkshire

Aldby Park Angling Club

Based in Buttercrombe Hall Aldby Park AC have 6 miles of the river Derwent from Scrayingham Village to Stamford Bridge. The water is not heavily fished and is managed for pleasure fishing only. Specimen barbel to 12lbs, chub to 8lbs, pike to 20lb plus, big perch, grayling roach, bream and dace.

Membership is very affordable, call the membership secretary on 01653 658564.

Google Map 54.014461, -0.880450 Post Code YO41 1AT

Checked 31/01/19

Birkdale Mixed Coarse Fishery

3 lakes near Terrington, the largest is 4 acres while the other two are much smaller. Fishing for carp, tench, bream and roach, there are also some rudd, barbel and trout. Carp to 22lb have been caught.

Call 01653 648301

Google Map 54.112025, -0.950471 Post Code YO60 6QE

Checked 03/12/18

Birkwood Farm Lakes

Stanley near Wakefield, consists of 5 lakes opened just over 10 years ago. In 2007 a section of the river Calder was added to to the attraction.

The fours lakes are:

Main, a 3 acre lake with carp up to 30lbs plus roach, rudd, tench and bream fishing from 28 pegs. Fishes all year.

Froghall, this old lake has carp to the high 20s plus roach, tench, perch, rudd. Room for 10 fishers.

Emily's a canal style lake, good match venue with some carp to 20lbs including nirror, common and F1s giving the change of good hauls.

Oscar's same as Emilys

Mollys Lake , 2 acres with 25 pegs with carp to high teens, roach, bream, chub, rudd.

River Calder and associated canal, both the river and canal have been stocked with brown and rainbow trout, chub, gudgeon, roach, rudd, barbel. Pay at the Honesty Box at Mollys Lake.

Birkwood also offers good access for anglers with disabilities.

For bookings and further information call 07958451797.

Google Map Reference 53.708384 -1.454230 Post Code WF6 2JE

Checked 20/10/18

Bradford City Angling Association

Bradford City AA have an extensive portfolio of fishing venues including 7 stretches of the river Aire, a very desirable bit of trouting estate; 5 on the river Wharfe; 5 on the Ure, 1 on the Swale, 1 in the Ribble for salmon, sea trout, brown trout and coarse fish. They have 5 still water fisheries for coarse fishing and stretches 5 of major canals.

I could not do justice here to the extent of the fishing so go to bradfordcityaa.co.uk for full details.

Membership is very affordable with discounts for disabled and over 65, under 16s fish for free.

Checked 31/01/19


The fishery is on a caravan and camping site. A mixed fishery with 16 pegs one of which is ramped to make it accessible to disabled anglers. Carp, roach, rudd, chub, perch.

Call 01944 710395

Google Map 54.200464, -0.541505 Post Code YO13 9DS

Checked 03/12/18

Buzzers Pond

Open in 2010 this pond has been stocked with common, mirror and ghost carp now 7lb+, gold fish and orfe, roach, rudd, perch, bream and tench. Recommended for a nice day out and a fish or two.

Call 07700748091

Google Map 54.259405, -0.930181 Post Code YO62 6DN

Checked 03/12/18

Carpvale Doubles

A 3.5 acre lake mear Malton stockes with lots of mirrors biggest 27.14lbs, commons 30.40, ghost carp 24.1 and catfish to 39lbs. The fishery has 14 pegs for 12 angers.

Advanced bookings required, pay over the phone, call 01904 738249, 07774 704301, 07588 679595. Flush loo and fresh water on site.

Google Map 54.146097, -0.738251 Post Code YO17 8ED

Checked 04/12/18

Catterick Complex

4 lakes plus 1.5 miles of the river Swale.The lakes are:

Kendall, a moat style lake of 4.5 acres, mixed fishery.

Howe Lake, 2.5 acres specimen carp

Copely Lake, 4.5 acres, a mixed coarse fishery with carp to 35lbs and catfish to 50lbs. There are also a mix of other coarse fish species.

Hall Lake, a silvers fishery.

Call 07970 906131

Google Map Post Code DL10 7LF

Checked 07/12/18

Cornhill Farm Ponds

Located near East Cowton the fishery has 3 ponds, 2 about 1.5 acres and a third at about half an acre. The pond next to the car park has some big islands providing good hunting ground. The ponds are stocked with carp, koi and goldfish, tench, golden and blue orfe plus lots of roach and rudd. The biggest fish are in pond one with some carp approaching 30lbs.

The bank are very carefully managed for good access being level and there are 3 platforms suitable for disabled anglers who can drive to a peg as long as it is not too wet.

Call 07967 329426

Google Map 54.433145, -1.535596 Post Code DL70JW

Checked 02/01/19

Dawny Estate

Situated half a mile off the A170 (Pickering to Scarborough Road) between Wykeham village and West Ayton within the Dawnay Estate. The Wykeham lakes offer superb trout, predator and coarse fishing in a compact unspoilt area of natural beauty.

The coarse lake, a 2 acres, stocked with carp averaging 5lbs to high teens plus roach, rudd, bream and crucians.

The predator lake, 9 acres, with pike to 30lbs plus pike food, sorry I mean plus roach, rudd and perch.

The trout lake, 7.5acres, has the current English record pike swimming in its depths. There are also in, addition to trout, chub, roach, rudd, perch. Syndicate members only fishing for coarse on this lake.

All the waters have access to free parking, the use of the lodge which provides a range of facilities for anglers, including toilets, complimentary tea and coffee and a shop selling bait, tackle, snacks and light refreshments.

The fishing season on all lakes is year round with the exception of a Christmas Day. For futher information call the Fisheries Manager on 07515992981.

Google Map Reference 54.234956 -0.494674 Post Code YO13 9QD

Checked 22/10/18

Highfields Fishery

Run by Garforth Angling Club this fishery located near Barwick on Elmet has a pleasant lake fringed on one side by mature trees. Stocked with rudd, roach, perch, chub, orfe and carp.

There are 35 pegs, 5 of which are designated for anglers with disabilities.

Tickets can be bought on site or you can contact them through their Facebook page.

Google Map Reference 53.817625, -1.382793

Knaresborough Piscatorials and Dales Anglers

River and still water fishing on the river Nidd and stillwaters.

On the Nidd there are 7 beats fishing for large barbel, chub, perch, roach, dace, bream, gudgeon and pike to 20lbs plus, there also trout and grayling. They have a beat on the Ure where there are some salmon and sea trout.

The stillwaters are:

Aire and Calder Navigation Canal which is 30m wide and 6 to 12 feet deep holding perch, roach, bream, skimmers, dace, large gudgeon, eels, chub, rudd and crucians.

Littlethorpe Pond, Bishop Monkton, tench, perch, roach, rudd, crucians and carp.

Flaxby Pond, 20 pegs, tench, roach, perch, rudd, crucians.

They have a lively match scene.

Membership is very reasonabley priced with reductions for over 65s, ladies, juniors. Under 16s fish for free. For enquiries call 01423 861093.

Google Map 54.008973, -1.474758

Checked 04/12/18

Leed and District Amalgamated Society of Anglers

Did you ever, I have said with some clubs I couldn't do justice to what they have on offer here, Leeds sum it all up with: 30 stretches of the rivers Aire, Derwent, Nidd, Ouse, Swale, Ure and Wharfe, 2 stretches of the Aire and Calder canal 8 still water fisheries for both coarse and game fishing.

They have an anglers club in in Becket Street with a licensed bar, snooker tables and so on. Membership is very reasonably priced with discounts for over 65s, disabled anglers, 16 to 18yos, junior fish free.

Goto leedsdasa.co.uk

Checked 31/01/19

Pool Bridge Farm

There are 5 lakes at Pool Bridge for specimen, pleasure and match anglers, they are:

Old Coarse Lake, redeveloped in 2011 and stocked wi th Specimen VS mirror carp expect some sizeable fish .

The Carp Lake, pleasure only, common, ghost and mirror carp.

Normans Lake, an 18 peg match water with carp, tench, bream, chub, roach, ide, perch, id.

Horseshoe, a mixed fishery with perch, chub, bream, roach, ide, perch and crucians.

There is the Stables Cafe for hot and cold locally sourced food and toilets.

Call 07928 359420

Google Map 53.909916, -1.025256 Post Code YO19 4SQ

Checked 03/12/18

Redhill Park Fishery

Located near Huby the fishery has 4 lakes for match and pleasure fishing. The lakes are;

Redwood Lake, 1.75 acres, 32 pegs, 4 to 11ft deep, There are some wider pegs for use by families. Carp to 22lb, bream tench, barbel, roach, rudd, perch, crucians, chub.

Arc, 30 pegs, carp to 10lbs, bream, ide, roach, rudd, F1s, crucians. Canal, 12.5 metres wide 400 long, 45 pegs. Carp to 10lbs and silvers.

The Moat, 0,5 acres, designed for easy access with 4 pegs designed to BDAA standards for wheelchair access, there are also some family pegs. Carp, roach, bream.

There is a cafe on site, picnic benches, toilets.

Call 07909 956532 or 01347 811561.

Google Map 4.079689, -1.167032 Post Code 5 YO61 1JE

Checked 03/112/18

Richmond and District Angling Club

Richmond Dist AC have extensive fishing on the river Swale from Oxque Gill to Great Langton, on the Skeeby Beck at Brompton on Swale and Skeeby village (members only) and Mill Farm Fishery (members only).

The upper reaches are mostly for wild brown trout while the lower waters are good for coarse fish. It is some time since I fished the Swale but I do remember that it can rise at a heck of a pace so watch out on the waters above Richmond.

Membership open to over 17s living in Richmondshire, temporary membership gives day ticket access. You can get membership online from their web site. Day Tickets from Bedale Pet Shop, Darlington Angling Centre, Northallerton Angling Centre and SP Petch Harvest Service Station.

Checked 07/12/18

Rising Sun Fisheries

Near Alne the fishery has 3 lakes:

Specimen Carp with fish to 36lbs, 20 twenty pounders, 350 in the 6 to 19lbs bracket. There are also perch to over 5 lbs, bream, roach, chub, crucians, tench many also to specimen size.

Lakes 2 and 3 are pleasure / match lakes. Carp to 12lbs, ide, chub, perch, tench, crucians, roach.

Day tickets, 24hr tickets by advance booking. Call 01347 838134 or 07971 877280.

Google Maps Post Code YO61 1TY

Checked 07/12/18

Semerwater Lake

This lake in the hills near Bainbridge is the source of the river Bain. Fishing is for wild brown trout and coarse fish including bream, roach, pike and perch.

Contact Lower Blean Farm on 01969 650436.

Google Map 54.281276, -2.124918 Post Code DL8 3DJ

Checked 01/02/19

Spen Valley Longbottom and Mann Dam

The club have fishing in two reservoirs, Mann Dam the bigger of the two near Cleckheaton and Longbottom near Birstall, about 2 k apart. Both are well kept fisheries, mixed coarse fishing.

Membership of the club is very inexpensive but if you are just looking for a day there are tickets available.

Longbottom has casting platforms for disabled anglers and Mann Dam is accessible to to people with mobility issues along one side. Unfortunately no facilities.

Google Map 53.726723, -1.706472 Post Code BD19 4DJ and Mann Dam: Google Map 53.732310, -1.670345 Post Code WF17 9PB

Checked 03/01/19

Stake Hill Fishery

Located in Heights Lane, Silsden, Keighley Stake is relatively new. Stocked with a good variety of fish including carp, roach, bream, golden rudd and tench. Fish have grown on well in this particularly attractive location.

Call 01535 653518 for further information.

Google Map Reference 53.927558 -1.969562 Post Code BD20 9HH

Checked 22/10/18

Stockton Angling Ltd

Stockton Anging has a number of stretches of the Tees at Aislaby, Middleton Row, Winton / Gainford and Worsal. They are a member of the Association of Tees and Dist ACs and the Lower Tees Amalgamation allowing access to the Tees from Thornaby to Preston Park and Sockburn. They also have fishing on the Swale at Moreton Bridge and the Ure at Middleton on the Ure.

The fishing is mixed, wild brown trout, grayling and coarse fish. Membership is inexpensive, enquiries call 01642 583860.

Checked 07/12/18

Stonebridge Fishing Lakes

Located mid way between Scruton and Little Fencote near Northallerton and set on a 55 acre estate there are three lakes:

The Coarse Lake which has level access platforms for disabled anglers.

The Specimen Carp Lake 4 acres with just 10 pegs.

The Trout Lake, 20 pegs just 13 of which are in use at any one time. Stocked with rainbows and brown trout minimum size 3lbs with fish up to 20lb.

Call 01609 748818

Google Map 54.331430, -1.555353 Post Code DL7 0RL

Checked 03/12/18

Sunrise Lakes

Near Follifoot there are 3 lakes, 2 for pleasure 1 for match fishing.

The lakes are:

South Lake, pleasure, 2.5 acres 3 to 8ft deep with woodland along one bank. North Lake, pleasure, 1.5 acres, 3 to 8 ft deep kidney shaped with narrows behind the island. Both lakes are stocked with a combined 15,000 fish including green and gold tench, bream to 6lbs, barbel crucians, carp to 17 (mostly in the 1 to 12lb range).

Match Lake, 60 pegs with 20,000 fish to 4lbs including mirror and F1 carp, crucians, bream, chub, ide, barbel, roach, rudd, perch, tench.

Permits from an honesty box on the right hand side before you drive down to the lakes.

Call 07979 803207

Google Map Post Code HG3 1EQ

Checked 03/12/18

Swillington Park Fishery

Located near Leeds consists of 5 lakes built in the 18th centuary so they have had some time to settle in.. There is good acces for people with disabilities.

Lake 1 .4: acres, a pleasure lake with carp from 6 to 16lb plus perch.

Lake 2: is .5 acres, a mixed fishery with big tench, bream, rudd, carp in the teens, barbel, perch, roach, ide and orfe.

Lake 3: 2.5 acres with care in the low to mid 20s plus rudd, roach, tench and bream

Lake 4: 2.5 acres, carp up 27lbs.

Lake 5: .A match fishery of 5 acres, 25 pegs , carp, ide, barbel, orfe, perch, roach.

Call 01132 869129 or 07970037475.

Google Map Reference 53.761264 -1.427471 Post Code L26 8QA

Checked 22/10/18

The Oaks Lakes

Located between Dalton and Sessay near Thirsk is a fair sized fishing complex consisting of 10 lakes with a total of 400 pegs. The lakes are:

Willow Lake, a specialist carp lake holding common and mirror, grass and ghost carp from the mid 20s up to about 30lbs. There are also roach, bream, tench, perch, bream, Ide, and barbel. You need to book so call 07730531899.

Ash, Beech and Sycamore are match fishing lakes while Fir, Oak and Willow are pleasure fisheries where catches of 150 to 200lbs are possible.

The remaining 3 lakes, Alder, Cedar, Maple and Poplars are match / pleasure fisheries.

Call 01845 501321.

Google Map Reference 54.177224 -1.307069

Checked 21/10/18

Thornaby Angling Club

Thornaby AC formed in 1870 own most of their water offering access to the Tees, Swale and Ure plus shared access to the river Leven and some still waters.

The Tees beats are; Croft, Ingleby to Barwick bream, daceroach, perch.

Leven 2.5 miles brown trout, sea trout and some chub.

Swale, 1.5 miles at Caterick for general coarse fish and 4.5 miles Grinton to Reeth fly fishing.

River Ure at Wensleydale 1.5 miles north bank, mixed coarse, trou and occasional salmon.

Faceby Mill, a 2 acre mixed coarse fishery. Gilling West near Richmond, 2 lakes a trout / coarse lake and a coarse only lake.

As members of the Association of Teeside and District Angling Club they can fish the Tees at Peircebridge, Over Dinsdale and Sockburn, Westgate next to Teeside Airport for mixed coarse.

Also as a member the Lower Tees Angling Association there is 2 miles of th Tees at Bowesfield to Preston Park for bream, dace, perch and pike.

The club run an active competition programme. That is a lot of fishing with variety all for an inexpensive annual membership fee (check out their web site for applications)

Checked 07/12/18

Totterton Ponds

There are 3 lakes at Totterton:

Kingfisher, 4 to 7ft deep, good pole and feeder water. Carp to 20lbs (av 5lbs), bream, tench, perch, ide.

Cool, 3 to 5lbs, carp to 15lbs, bream, ide, tench, roach, perch.

Heron, carp averaging 3lbs, F1s, barbel, average 6ft.

There is a cafe on site with level access and toilets for disabled anglers.

Call 01347 838115

Google Map Post 54.071621, -1.194820 Code YO61 1RA

Checked 04/12/18

Woodland Lakes Fishery

Just 5 minutes off the A1 near Thrisk Woodlands Lakes consists of 13 lakes well stocked with carp, tench, bream, roach, rudd, perch, barbel, and golden orfe.

The facilities are good with a tackle shop, cafe, bar and restaurant. Day tickets for individual anglers and clubs are welcome. Male / female toilets at the on site cafe. There is also a bar and restaurant, you can even take a beer to your pegs.

Call 07831 824870.

Google Map Reference 54.217359, -1.404495 Post Code YO7 4NJ

Checked 22/10/18

Wykeham Lakes

Located in the North Yorkshire Water Park near Scarborough there are 3 lakes coarse, trout, predator.

Coarse, 2 acres, stocked with carp to 5lbs with some to 18lbs, roach, perch to 3lbs, bream, crucians.

Trout, boat and bank fishing with some nice areas suitable for wading and wooden casting platforms. Stocked with trout, minimum 2lbs with some doubles, record 18lb. Also chub, roach, rudd, perch and pike.

Predators, 9 acres, pike, perch, rudd, roach, they also put a few trout in (pike gotta eat). Best pike 30lbs 5ozs, at least four 20s caught, many doubles and jacks. Boat and bank.

There is a lodge with free tea and coffee making facilities, snacks and bait on sale. There is also a cafe on site. Toilets too.

Permits for the warden call 07515992981.

Google Map 54.225658, -0.484809 Post Code YO13 9QU

Checked 04/12/18

South Yorkshire

Aston Park Fishery

Just outside Sheffield the fishery has 7 lakes with a wide variety of species including specimen carp.

The lakes are:

Stable Lake, 42 pegs, for pleasure and match fishing stocked with, carp to 20lbs, bream, tench, chub, ide, roach, perch.

Split Lake, 34 pegs, carp to 25lbs, bream, tench, barbel, crucians, ghosts to 10lbs, roach, perch chub, F1s

Lanta Lake, 42 pegs, pleasure / match carp, tench, golden tench, ide, orfe, koi, bream, roach, perch, chub, gold fish, grass carp, rudd, golden rudd.

Elisyia's Lake, 20 pegs, for pleasure and coaching only. Good access for disabled anglers with pegs 1 to 9 wheelchair accessible. Carp, ide, roach, rudd, F1s.

Lily Lake, 41 pegs, pleasure, match, specimen, Carp to 30lbs, ide, bream, tench, roach, F1s, ghost carp, blue orfe, crucians, chub, perch.

Billys Lake, 29 pegs, mirror and common carp, F1s, ide, roach.

Matches every week and junior matches during school holidays.

For further information call 07743 845737.

Google Map Post 53.351861, -1.300137 Code S26 5PQ

Checked 05/12/18

Athersley Community Lake

A 50 peg lake 4 to 8 feet deep with mirror and common carp to 25lbs chub, bream, tench, perch, crucains, roach and rudd. Just outside Barnesley

Permits are very cheap as is the season ticket. Nights allowed, matches can be arranged, call 01226 701038 or 07939 639082.

Google Map 53.586376, -1.462955 Post Code S71 3FB

Checked 06/12/18

Bamburgh Lakes

The fishery has three lakes accomodating pleasure, match and disabled anglers. The lakes are:

Lake 1, 32 pegs, a lake with an island with a lake in it. All of the pegs are on the outer lake with parking behind every peg. Stocked with F1s, mirror and common carp to 20lbs, tench, bream, ide, roach, barbel.

Lake 2, 23 pegs, many with park behind the peg. F1s, mirror and common carp to 5lbs, tench, bream, ide, roach, barbel.

Lake 3, 25 pegs stocked with carp, mirror, common and F1s.

There is a cafe and shop with bait bar on site as well as a licensed bistro with a nice patio area. There are toilets including disabled facilities.

Call 07752528086 or 07714765488

Google Map 53.517723, -1.257601Post Code DN5 7EE

Checked 05/12/18

Barnsley Dist AAS

The club has 6 venues in the area including:

Worseborough Reservoir, big carp and bream, lots of silvers. There is a peg for disabled anglers.

Smith Lane Reservoir, F1 Carp, silvers. There is a peg for disabled anglers here.

Sally Walsh's, carp and coarse fishing. Some big carp for which there is an additional charge.

Brampton Canal, big tench and silvers.

River Trent, Friskerton, silver, barbel, chub, bream, zander and a few carp. Day tickets from the local Post Office. 85 pegs.

Tinkerton Pond, 2 ponds, Top, big carp and tench, perch, bream, roach. Bottom, roach, perch, rudd, bream.

Membership is very reasonable, tickets from the balliff or local tackle shops valid from 1st April to 31st March.

Checked 31/01/19

Candy Corner Fisheries

The fishery located near Finningley has 4 lakes, 2 for match fishing (AJ's 45 pegs and Hoskins 26 pegs) and 2 for pleasure fishing Jakes and BA's). The site is carefully planted and tended making it an attractive location with well made pegs, good paths, vehicle access and parking at many pegs.

The fishery has an active match schedule and is bookable for competitions. There is a snack bar open 8am to 12 noon.

Call 07769902731 for match booking and general enquiries.

Google Map 53.517666, -0.951812

Post Code DN9 3DZ

Checked 06/12.18

Damflask Reservoir

A top Yorkshire Water venue Damflask is 116 acres located in the Peak District National Park just 5 miles from Sheffield on the B6076, New Road. Stocked with bream, dace, chub, perch and pike. Day and monthly tickets available from a ticket machine on the south side of the reservoir next to the car park.

There are facilities for disabled anglers including widened access points, tactile paving and information bards and a ramp to the waters edge

Goole Map 53.410990, -1.577276 (ticket machine ) Post Code S6 6SJ (Nag Head Inn nearby the reservoir)

Checked 08/12/18

Doncaster District Angling Association

DDAA have a good number of great venues offering fishing on rivers, canals and stillwater. Member only but the fee is inexpensive. The fisheries are:

The river Don, at Hexthrorpe and Sprotborough. The river is fairly uniformly 30m wide by 4.5 wide. There are roach, skimmers, bream, barbel, chub, dace, pike and perch. There is a shallower stretch below the weir where the river flows faster and shallower resulting in good chub and barbel fishing.

Southfield Reservoirs, shallow pools averaging 3 to 4 ft deep. Lots of bream, also roach, pike and perch.

South Yorkshire Navigation Canal, from Doncaster prison to Barby Dun, 25m wide 2.5 deep. Roach, hybrids, skimmers, perch, gudgeon and some chub and bream.

River Torne, Epworth Road to Pilfrey Bridge, about 13m wide and a metre or so deep. Pike to 20lb plus, and eels, perch, gudgeon, tench.

New Junction Navigation Canal, Dun to Went End. 20m wide, roach, perch, some eels, chub and bream.

Long Pond, Barnby Dun, some carp to 20lbs, tench and silvers, lots of roach and rudd to 2lbs.

Aire and Calder Canal, between Great Hecks and Goole.

Stainforth and Keaby Canal, 65 pegs fron Bromwith swing bridge to Stainforth Bridge, big bream.

To book a match call 07771986849

Checked 05/12/18

Elsecar Reservoir

Based in Elsecar Park the fisheries is leased by the council to Elsecar Colliery AC who issue day tickets on the bank. The reservoir is a 12 acre mixed coarse fishery with 41 pegs, 29 along the tree lined Water Lane side while the rest are on the grassed opposite bank.

The park has good facilities including a cafe and toilets with facilities for the disabled. Lots of other activities on site for a family day out.

Google Map 53.491743, -1.425177Post Code S74 8ES

Checked 08/12/18

Hayfields Lakes Fishery

Located near Auckley near Doncaster in South Yorkshire, the fishery consists of 3 lakes withe 160 pegs in what is kepts as very well groomed parkland:

Dannie's Island Lake, a mixed fishery with large ghost and common carp.

Adam's Lake, mixed but with lots of good healthy carp.

Call 01302 864555

Google Map Reference 53.490944 -1.043691 Post Code DN9 3NP

Checked 21/10/18

Hoyle Mill Angling Club

Hoyle Mill AC manage the fishing on Hoyle Mill Lake in the Dearne Valley Park. The lake is shallow, averaging about 4ft deep with 2 islands. There is a smaller lake but that is used as a stock lake. The lake hold carp to 25lbs, roach, skimmers, perch, tench, chub and bream. There are some platforms.

Google Map 53.555732, -1.455216 Post Code S71 1HS

Checked 06/12/18

Lindholme Country Park

10 lakes, over 450 pegs available for match and day ticket fishing on this holiday complex near Emsworth. The lakes are:

Beeches Lake, 4 acres with 37 pegs, common and mirror carp averaging 2 to 5lbs with some to doubles, F1s, skimmers, roach, rudd, ide, chub.

Bennys Lake, 8.5 acres, 60 pegs, mainly a match lake, lots of small F1s some to 2lbs, other carp 3lb to doubles, also ide, perch, chub.

Bonsai Lake, a popular match lake, 4.5 acres with 80 pegs. Common and mirror carp averaging 2 to 5lbs, lots of F1s, plus barbel, tench, ide, roach, perch, chub and skimmers.

Laurels Lake, 3.5 acres, 69 pegs. Lots of F1s to 3lbs+, carp to mid doubles, some good ghosts, large perch to 4lbs.

Loco Lake, 5 acres, 50 pegs. Great for day tickets anglers with some good fishing including carp to 20lb plus (best 28lbs), nice ghosts to 24, with the average carp being about 7lbs. There are lots of bream, also ide roach, rudd and perch with some pike to 28lbs.

Olivias and Oscar, both 1 acre, 20 pegs. Oasis no data.

Strip Lake, 1 acre, 24 pegs. Common and mirror carp 3 to 8lbs, lots of F1s, some big perch plus bream, skimmers, ide, chub, roach.

Willows Lake, 3 acres, 57 pegs. Ghosts and mirrors to 20lb plus, F1s, barbel, tench, silver.

For match Booking call 01427 8755555.

There is a shop and tackle shop on site with licensed cafe.

Google Map 53.552530, -0.893438 Post Code DN9 1LF

Checked 06/12/18

Lodge Farm Fishery

12 acres of water, 7 lakes with 239 pegs near Scrooby Top, Doncaster.

The lakes are:

Top Pond, 2.5 cares, 46 pegs stocked with carp 4 to 26lbs, perch, roach, rudd, tench to 9lbs, bream, F1s.

Lily, 29 pegs, 1.5 acres, a carp lake with fish 3 to 25lbs, F1s also some bream, chub and ide.

Long Island, 28 pegs, 1.6 acres, carp 3 to 25lbs, F!s, bream, chub, ide.

Thistle 22 pegs, a pleasure lake with car access to the rear of every peg. Carp to 4lbs, ide, bream.

Sand Martin, 31 pegs pleasure, carp to 4lbs, bream and ide.

Thistle, no data at this time.

The fishery runs regular open matches on Tuesdays and Thurdays and an open over 50s on Wednesdays.

Enquiries call 07815 030694

Google Map53.394606, -1.014573 Post Code DN10 6AX

Checked 06/12/18

Loversal Lakes

2 lakes of about 2 acres each landscaped and stocked with 15,000 fish in 2014.

Open matches Sundays and Wednesdays. Call 07831189762 or 07860210906.

Goole Map 53.484502, -1.144429 Post Code DN11 9DH

Checked 06/12/18

McCallum Fisheries

Located in Finnigley near Doncaster this a pleasure / match / specimen fishery with 3 lakes. There is;

East End Lake with 58 pegs stocked with carp tp 30lbs, bream to 10lbs, tench, roach, perch, rudd.

West End Lake, 22 pegs, carp to 25lbs, tench and roach.

Match Lake, 35 pegs stocked with carp only to 15lbs.

There is a shop and a cafe with toilets including facilities for disabled anglers.

For information and match bookings call 01302 770224.

Google Map 53.489969, -0.955088 Post Code DN9 3NT

Checked 05/12/18

Newbridge Lakes Carp and Coarse Fishery

Newbridge Lake is about 7 acres in a woodland setting. There are 13 night pegs 2 suitable for pairs. Stocked with over 1000 carp 90% being doubles, 150 over 20 and 18 over 30 with the record standing at a common of 36lbs 2ozs.There are also good stocks of bream to 14lbs, tench to 10, roach, rudd, perch and big eels.

There are also 2 small ponds:

Harriff, a match venue with common, mirrors, F1, breen and golden tench, bream, rudd, roach and perch.

Skeckling has fewer fish but bigger, carp to 25, roach, perch to 5lbs, bream, chub, ide, roach, rudd, crucians, gudgeon

Google Map Post 53.726743, -0.120195 Code HU129HS

Checked 04/10/1

Rainbow Lake

This former 19th centuary quarry near Burstwick has been developed as a carp fishery. Tree lined with areas of lily pads it is attractive and challenging. Well stocked with some VS Fisheries carp 9 to 30lb added recently the lake suits the exoerienced carp angler. 6 acres with 16 swims.

Day tickets Sunday to Thursday during the summer. 24 hour tickets start from noon. Call 07392 067449.

Google Map 53.727859, -0.114359 Post Code HU12 9HS

Checked 08/12/18

Tyram Fisheries

3 lakes near Hatfield Woodhouse;

Island Lake, lots of carp 2 to 20lbs, 40 pegs. Popular for match fishing.

Horseshoe, a day ticket pleasure and pike fishery.

Syndicate Lake, 19 pegs, no day tickets and there is a waiting list and here is why - lots of carp to high doubles, quite a few to high 30s, some 40s with "Baby Baz" out there at 48.10ozs. That would be a baby photo to flash about.

Call 01302 840886

Google Map 53.539502, -0.974852 Post Code DN7 6DR

Checked 06/12/18

Underbank Reservoir

Near Stocksbridge the reservoir has good stocks of roach, bream and perch. There are also big pike to the mid 20s, fishing October to the end of March. Dead bait recommended.

Day tickets from a ticket machine.

Google Map 53.491630, -1.635155 Post Code S36 4GH

Wentworth Fisheries

Near Rotherham this is a members only water, no day tickets. There are 4 lakes:

Carcade, Rainbows and brown trout plus carp, roach and perch

Mill Dam, 13 acres, mixed coarse fishing with carp to 20+, roach, bream, crucians, tench.

Morley Pond, 14 acres, specimen carp to 30lb+

Dog Kennel, a syndicate lake, lots of carp to 30lbs+.

For membership[ enquiries call 07747793540.

Google Map 53.463721, -1.392690 Post Code S62 7TD

Checked 08/12/18

West Yorkshire

Cellars Clough,

Located in Marseden the fishing is now only in one specimen lake as further developments at the site progresses.

Main Lake, 3.5 acres with 11 generous pegs including double pegs for bivvies and a platform suitable for disabled anglers. The lake is a specimen lake with carp and pike to to 30+.

Night sessions must be prebooked

Day tickets from the water bailiff, call 0756312171.

Google Map Reference 53.601198 -1.922388 Post Code HD7 6LY

Checked 21/10/18

Ladywood Lake

There are 2 lakes at Lady wood;

A Specimen Carp Lake, 10 acres with managed trees, lily pads and weed beds to provide cover for the fish and to bring them closer to pegs. There are 500 carp in the specimen lake with many in the mid to high double range, 40 fish are in the 20s and 5 are over 30lbs. There is also "Kamara" a 41 pounders,

The smaller lake, a runs lake, is 2.5 acres stocked with 1,500 fish including carp up to 20 to 25lb, roach, bream and perch. In addition to the ordinary coarse pegs there are 3 double bivvies.

Catering available at at the weekend.

24hrs and 48 hour tickets available for the specimen lake. For the coarse lake there are tickets for the coarse pegs, bivvy pegs, reductions for over 65s, and juniors. Email them to book, address on their web site.

Google Map 53.672026, -1.672985 Post Code WF14 8HH

Checked 06/12/18

Ravenfield Ponds

Run by the Ravenfield Angling Club there are 6 lakes:

New Pond, 15 pegs, skimmers, crucians, perch, roach, rudd and lots of tench to 6lbs. There is a car park on the bank suitable for the less mobile angler.

Specimen Carp, you need to take out the 3 rod membership to fish here. Lots of carp over 15lbs up to high 20s. The club added 25 VS Fisheries mirrors recently and they are growing on well. Night fishing is permited

Great Pond, 3 acres, 37 pegs, silver and lots of skimmers, some carp to 20lbs.

Bridge Pool, 27 pegs, lots of small carp and roach, rudd, skimmers, tench, perch. 3 to 6ft deep.

Burcliffe, 20 pegs, skimmers, tench, crucians and a few big carp.

Kingfisher was redeveloped as a rudd, tench and crucian fishery.

There are a number of categories including legally recognised couples, juniors, young adults and students. Membership also allows you to fish on Kilnhurst District Anglers Alliance waters on:

River Don, one stretch with 30 recycled plastic platforms.

SY Navigation Canal, 2 stretches one at Kilnhurst the other at Mexborough. The canal can be anything up to 40 metres wide and 12 feet deep, a total of 152 pegs. Gudgeon and roach, some bream, perch, rudd and dace.

Bakers Pond in Raven field Park has 35 recycled plastic platforms fishing for rudd roach, bream, tench, crucians. A recent development saw accessibility improved for disabled anglers and a toilet installed.

.Join by post, Phoenix Sports and Recreation, Brinsworth Pavilion, Bawtry Road, Brinsworth, S60 5PA, or call in in person. Call 01709 363788.

Google Map 53.457272, -1.261472 Post Code S65 4NL

Checked 04/12/18

Raygill Fisheries

Raygill consists on of 4 man made lakes near Skipton. 2 lakes are for trout / pike fishing and the other 2 are coarse fisheries.

Large Lake is 3.5 acres with 41 pegs, 4 to 14 ft deep stocked with roach, rudd, bream, perch, tench, gudgeon, orfe and carp to 30lbs.

Small Lake is 1 acre, 9 pegs stocked with roach, nream, perch, orfe, gudgeon.

Day and night fishing, 24 and 48 hour tickets.

The trout lakes are Quarry and Delf stocked with rainbows, brown trout, blues and golden trout. Some nice fish into double figures. Fly only.

Pike fishing on Quarry, fly all year, dead bait in the winter and when permitted lures / spinning is allowed.

There is a bar and clothing shop on site. Match booking welcome, call 01535 632500

Google Map 53.905289, -2.087540 Post Code BD20 8HH.

Checked 07/12/18

Renny Lake

A coarse fishery in East Halsey with carp to 15lbs, chub, tench, roach and rudd. One lake avaialble for match fishing. Call 07714 253662.

Google Map 54.400596, -1.355310 Post Code DL6 2EA

Checked 01/02/19

Wakefield Angling Club

Wakefield AC have a variety of waters on offer including 8 still waters, 2 rivers and a canal section. The lakes are:

Flanshaws Dam, a small water with the club HQ located there. Suitable for anglers with limited mobility. 25 pegs, bream, roach, rudd, perch and carp.

Horbury Lagoon, a 5 acre former gravel quarry averaging 7m deep. The lagoon has some very big carp, pike to 20lbs+, bream to 10lbs, tench to 7lbs.

Wakefield Lagoon, carp, pike, tench plus general coarse fish.

Kettlethorpe Hall Lake, a small lake for up to 25 anglers, bream, roach, crucians, tench some chub, rudd, perch and a few carp, a couple of pike and terrapins. I hope you get lots of bites fishing here but not from the terrapins, nasty little buggers!

Healey Dam, 30 pegs carp, tench, bream, lots of roach, rudd and perch.

Walkers Dam, (Alverthorpe), the club own this water and have worked progressively to make this a great general coarse fishery, roach, skimmers, carp, crucians, chub. They have installed kingfisher nesting boxes, who can deny they are wonderful birds to see.

Newmillerdam Lake, a popular lake with scenery and wildlife to enjoy. 80 pags, good bream, roach.

Lofthouse Pond, a 7 peg pleasure fishery, rudd, perch, roach some dace and decent tench and carp.

River Calder, the club have several stretches of the Calder with a good mix of species including roach, dace, bream, ide, dace, barbel, chub and brown trout.

River Dearne, suits the rovering angler, chub, perch, rudd and a few trout.

Horbury Canal, no infornation at this time.

Membership is inexpensive with discounts for women, disabled, over 65s, 16 to 17yo and 12 to 15yo. Under 12 fish free.

Membership tickets from: Tails Petshop in Wakefield, AJ Tackle and Bobco Tackle in Leeds, Barnsley Bait and Tackle, Castleford Angling Centre and Kerr Angling Centre in Osset.

Checked 30/01/19

Wharfe, Ilkley Angling Club

Good fishing water Wharfe on the outskirts of Ilkley from Packhorse Bridge to Stepping Stones at Ben Rhydding. Fishing is for wild brown trout to 4lbs, grayling and chub to 5lbs. The club also has 2 coarse fising ponds, the Lagoons on Coutances Way, Ben Rhydding for wild carp, bream, tench, roach and pike. Membership is very resonably priced with discounts for over 65s, disabled and juniors.

Day tickets from the Tourist Information Office in Ilkley , the Riverside Hotel and Otley Angling Centre.

Google Map Reference 53.928038, -1.823493 to 53.930112, -1.800384 on the Wharfe, Lagoons 53.926904, -1.781446

Checked 01/02/19