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Peak District Passport

The Passport system gives access to 10 beats on rivers in Derbyshire and Staffordshire, There are 4 beats on the famous river Dove, 4 on the Manifold and 2 on the Hamp fishing mostly for brown trout although there are some grayling.

You buy tokens which cost £3 in books of 5. These tokens give you access to water otherwise unavailable. Tokens can be bought online on the Peak District Passport web site: Peak District Passport buy tokens online or you car buy them at Bakewell Fly Fishing Shop or Wooleys of Ashbourne. General Enquiries to 07729 602633

Checked 07/01/19

Alton Manor Fishery

2 Lakes near Wirksworth, 1 for trout the other for coarse fish.

The trout lake is stocked with rainbows to 4lbs and brown trout in the 1.5 to 2lb range. There are some fish to over 5lbs added too.

The coarse fishery has stocks of carp, tench, ide and bream.

Call 01629 823723,/

Google Map Ref 53.057401, -1.580454

Checked 30/09/18

Arnfield Fly Fishery

Located in Tinwhitle in the Peak District Arnfield is well place for access from Mancester, Sheffield and Stockport.

A reservoir of 40 acres it has natural banks on 2 sides and dam walls on the other two. The lake is well stocked with rainbows, brown trout and blues to over 20lbs. With alkaline water the fly life is good and fish are free rising to prolific hatches.

Fishing is from bank or boat. The boats are solid Loch Lomond 15 footers. 6hp electric motors are available for hire. There is an extensive wooded area along one bank which would be best fished drifting in a boat.

For bank fishers there are 27 platforms well spaced around the lake.

There is a stone built fishing lodge on site with a tackle shop and cafe which has a veranda overlooking the lake. There are male and female toilets and a facility for disabled persons (I note that they have brail signage too).There are 6 lawned area sheltered in trees near the lodge which would give disabled anglers access to fishing. They have done a first class job for accessibility they just need to add a wheelyboat, that would be just the ticket.

As for tickets there are a number of options all C & R however is you wish to take a fish or two you pay per fish in advance. There is a fixed rate for fish to 5lbs, a higher rate for fish to 10lbs and you pay per pound for fish 10lbs to over 20lbs.

Call 01475 856269 or 07963825009.

Google Map Reference 53.473363, -1.977593 Post Code SK13 1HP

Checked 08/01/19

Checked 08/01/19

Barlow Trout and Coarse Fishery

4 miles from Chesterfield, is located just on the edge of the Peak District consisting of a 8 lakes. Hard paths and roads make access for disabled anglers.

There 4 coarse lakes with a good variety of species including carp

3 trout lakes stocked with fish in the 1.5 to 2lb range with bigger fish in the lakes.

A carp lake, overnight fishing is allowed

There is a cafe, good parking, toilets and hard paths with flat surfaces making it accessible to disabled anglers.

Permits can be bought on site.

Located at Crowhole, Dronfield, Derbyshire, S18 7TJ.

Call 0114 2890543

Google Map Reference 53.276857 -1.497102 Post Code S18 7TJ

Belper and District Angling Club

The club has fishing for both coarse and game fish on:

The river Derwent from Ambergate to Milford. As well as good stocks of wild brown trout and grayling the water holds barbel to 13lbs, chub to 6lbs, roach, bream, dace, perch. Day Tickets available.

Wyver Lane, Belper. A two acre lake stocked with carp low to mid 20s, tench to 8lbs, bream to 6lbs, roach, perch, dace, pike, ruffe. No day tickets.

Erewash Canal, Langley Mill, no day tickets. Lots of silvers, good, bream, chub, perch, tench some pike.

Day Tickets for the Dewent and Membership (which is very reasonably priced) from:

Market Place Newsagants, Belper

Alfreton Angling Centre

Mill Tackle, Heanor

Rod and Line Tackle, Ripley.

There are discounts for over 65s, disabled and juniors, under 10 fish for free accompanied by an adult.

Checked 09/01/19

Carsington Water

741 acre reservoir, fly only fishing for brown trout and rainbow trout, boat fishing only on the lake with gin clear water.

There are 17 boats and 2 wheelieboats. A very popular fishery you are well advised to book in advance as demeand is high. Please bokk the wheelieboats in advance as this allows staff to be there to give any assistance needed.All of the boats are supplied with outboard motors.

Call 01629 540748 for further information.

There is a fishing office where you can buy the tackle you forgot to bring. Also cafes at the Water Sport Centre and at the Visitor Centre where there are toilets facilities too. There are other activities on site if you wish to bring the family.

Google Map Reference 53.059444, -1.640408 Post Code DE6 1ST

Checked 08/01/19

Cressbrook and Litton Fly Fishers Club

The club have 11 miles of fishing on the Derbyshire Wye from Blackwell to near Buxton fishing for brown and rainbow trout and grayling. Purist fly fishing, upstream dry fly or nymph, no lures. There is a waiting list to join.

The club offers a 0.75 mile stretch of double bank fishing on a day ticket basis. The neat extends from Upperdale Bridge to Cressbrook Mill. The rules above apply plus no wading, maximum fly size 12, 2 fish limit.

Book through their web site, just Google them. To speak to the keeper call 07835 371424. The fishery looks grrreat!

Gogle Map for Upperdale Bridge 53.245675, -1.736023 Post Code SK17 8SZ

Checked 07/01/19

Derbyshire County Angling Club

DCAC offer access to game, coarse and salmon fishing all over the country. They have fishing on a number of lakes;

Ogston Reservoir, 20 acres stocked with rainbows, boats for members, float tube allowed.

Sutton Lake, 17acres, clear shallow lake with rainbows and blues and a few brownies.

Coneygre and Widgeon Lakes, two 10 acre lakes with rainbows and brown trout.

They also have fishing on the rivers;

Derwent, 6 miles fishing for wild brown trout and grayling. There are also good chub, barbel and roach. Bait fishing from 7tht October only.

Dove, the river of "Compleat Angler" fame for wild brown trout and grayling.

Manifold, 6miles fishing for wild brown trout.

They also offer salmon fishing on the Upper Aldbar beat of the river South Esk in Scotland.

Coarse fishing is on the Derwent is on 6 miles of the river Derwent for chub, roach, tench, bream and some pike. In addition thetre is;

Chestefield Canal and the River Idle. The river has some very good chub and barbel as well as roach, dace, bleak and gudgeon and a few pike, tench and carp. The canal has tench, chub, pike and perch.

The club also has 3 stretches of the river Trent for pike, tench, roach, dace and bream.

The full membership including the game fishing is quite pricey however they issue membership for coarse fishing only which is very reason.

To join just Google their web site.

Checked 30/09/18

Derbyshire Railway Angling Club

The club have extensive fishing for both coarse and game fish. In addition to extensive coarse (see the Coarse Fishing Pages Derby Railway AC coarse fishing) fishing the club also have trout fishing on:

Lower Ellastone - brown trout and grayling with a few rainbows, some fish of specimen size. Trout members only.

1.5 mile of the Dove at Eaton Dovedale Farm near Rocester, brown trout and grayling.

2 miles at Tutbury and Scropton Farm with has a few trout and some excellent chub and barbel).

They also have fishing on the Derwent over 2.5 miles for brown trout and grayling, fly only. June mayfly hatch is a highlight. They also have 200 yards at Matlock.

Sutton Brook, 1.5 miles near Sutton on the Hill, brown trout and 2 beats on the river Ecclesbourne for brownies, a small challenging stream.

Membership is open to anyone at a very reasonable cost either for coarse or for game fishing.

Google there website and print off an application to join or contact the Secretary on 01332 792807.

Checked 30/09/18

Derbyshire Wye The Peacock

In Rowsley offers day tickets for fishing on 7 miles of the Wye which has a reputation as first class dry fly fishing water for wild rainbows (rainbows breed on the Wye) and brown trout.

Call 01629 733518

Google Map Reference 53.188991, -1.617490 Post Code DE4 2EE

Errwood Reservoir

The fishing is run by Errwood Fly Fishing Club. The reservoir near Buxton is a deep reservoir of some 85 acres located in the Goyt Valley in the Derbyshire Peak District.

Stream fed by 3 stream, for which the club also has fishing rights, it's peaty waters are stocked regularly with rainbows from 2 - 8lb with larger specimens introduced every stocking to add a bit of excitement.

Club Record is currently 14-1/2lb. The reservoir also has a good head of wild brown trout to 1-1/2lb, C and R only.

There is a watiting list for membership but they do offer day ticket fishing.

Pernits from:

Bakewell Fly Fishing Shop, Bakewell

Barlows of Bond Street, Macclesfield

Dog and Partridge, Bollington

Hazel Grove Angling Centre, Hazel Grove

Jo Royle Outdoor, Buxton

Orvis, Bakewell

Romiley Aquarian and Pets, Romiley

Royal Oak, New Mills Wiltons Store, Buxton

The Wine Shop - Leek

The club also have the fishing rights for Errwood's sister Reservoir Fernilee. This is a members only water stocked with rainbows and holding goog stocks of wild brown trout and big perch.

Call the bailiff on 07968218361

Google Map Reference 53.278996, -1.975972 Post Code SK3 6GJ Errwood

Checked 09/01/19

Foremark Fishery

Reservoir reopened under new management in 2006 as a dedicated fly only fishery with 4 miles of bank fishing plus 20 boats with petrol outboard motors.

Stocked with rainbows from about 2lbs to double figures.

The reservoir has an aerator system which helps keep fish active in the summer. As the water in the lake is sourced from the river Dove Mayflies have become establish and there is a good hatch in early June.

Day tickets and evenings only are available as well as options for a season and for 2, 3 and 4 day stays There are also concessions. They also offer a loyalty card.

The trout season is 1st March to 30th November.

They now allowed winter pike fishing, fly only with flies no smaller than 4 inches. Phone to book.

Call 012813 703202 for further information and bookings

Google Map Reference 52.811428, -1.519830 DE65 6EG.

Checked 09/01/19

Ladybower Reservoir

Fed by water from the rivers Ashop and Derwent this is a drinking water reservoir so it is pristine.With 13 miles of bank fishing there is plenty of room to explore the water. There are also 15 boats and a wheelieboat for hire.

Stocked with rainbows and blues in such a large water you never know what you might hook into. Double figure figure fish are not uncommon and fish to 20lb do happen. Think about it, an over wintered, fit fight machine on the end of a 9 or 10 ft fly rod with all that water, both wide and deep, to plumb before you get to the in the net, change from fishing for stockies eh?

I mentioned a wheelieboat but at Ladybower they go a step further. They have Rexfly casting systems which allow single arm casting, a boon for amputees, brilliant. There is also a floating plaform which is wheelchair accessible and some areas of bank prepared for easy access for wheelchair users.

There are facilities at the main car park. Call 07876 216199 or 01433 659712.

Google Map 53.370652, -1.698159 Post Code S33 0AZ

Checked 14/12/18

Press Manor Fishery

Just 5 miles from Chesterfield the fishery consists of 3 lakes for trout, carp and coarse fishing.

The trout fishery is 5.5 acres stocked with rainbows, brown trout, blues and brook trout averaging 2lb with some fish in the waters up to low teens.

There are 5 boats for hire plus a wheelie boat for disabled anglers.

There is also a lodge serving food and hot beverages. There are toilets on site.

Call 07976 306073 

Google Map Reference 53.251418 -1.517033

Checked 30/09/18

The River Dove

Haunt of Walton and Cotton in Beresdale, a Mecca for anglers who love the history of our sport.

The Charles Cotton Hotel in Hartington has access to some beats, call 01298 84229 Google Map Reference 53.140453, -1.810651

Izaak Walton Hotel, wild brown trout and grayling in this famous limestone stream on 3 miles on the Staffordshire bank from IIam Rock to the junction with the Manifold river. Wet and dry fly allowed, ghillies available. the season in 2007 is 18th march to 7th October for trout and 16th June to the 14th of March 2008 for grayling.

Call 01335 350555 Google Map Reference 53.054474, -1.786702

Checked 09/01/19

Yeaveley Estate

Offers quality fishing on their fishery a1.5 acres lake near Ashbourne. A maximum of 6 rods are allowed at any one time, 3 fish plus 5 C & R. No sports tickets or evenings, it's an all day ticket. Prolific fly life so excellent dry fly water.

There is a small lodge and toilets at the main lodge nearby. Carefully managed lawns and banks, plenty of benches would suit people with mobility issues.

Because the number of rods is limted it is essential that you call to book, call 01335 330247.

Google Map Reference 52.959920, -1.724295 Post Code DE6 2DT

Checked 10/01/19