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Wild Brown Trout Fishing

On 4 reservoirs on the headwaters of the river Tees. Blackton Balderhead, Cow Green, Selset.

The waters are fly only fisheries for indigenous trout from the streams used to create the reservoir, permits from Grassholme Visitor Centre , call 01833 641121 to pay by card.

Blackton mid way between Balderhead and Hurry.

Google Map Reference 54.561353, -2.092681

Balderhead a couple of hundred yards for Blackton.

Google Map Ref 54.559250, -2.115338

Cow Green further up the valley on the B6277, take a sharp left 200m past St James the Less church and follow the road for about a kilometer, Cow Green is sign posted at Google Map Ref 54.672538, -2.285380

Selset, is right next to Grassholme.

Checked 11/01/19

Derwent Water

Just of the A68 near Consett stocked with trout reputed to go to 20lbs. Fishing is by any method. There are also some good roach.

Access for disabled is mentioned with paths on the south side and north side of the dam but no indication of access to the water, best call to check.

For permits call 01207 255250.

Google Map Reference 54.861697, -1.964613

Checked 10/01/19

Barnard Castle AC

Offer day and week tickets for their water on the Tees, permits from Connellys Toy Shop in Bank St, Barnard Castle.

To join the club you can log on to their web site and print of a form to be posted to the person named or call;

Membership Sec 07827623300

Head Bailiff 07977698958

Membership is of 3 categories: Adult, Intermediate (16 to 17yo), Junior (up to 15yo)

Google Map Reference 54.545575, -1.923837

Checked 11/01/09

Chester le Street AA

Have extensive 10 mile is fishing on the river Wear for salmon and sea trout. Fishing on much of the river is for members and guests only but the membership charge is very reasonable.

There is a stretch in Chester Le Street Park for day ticket holder where there are 9 platforms with number 1, just above the wier, reserved for disabled anglers.

In addition to some excellent sea trout fishing the waters hold barbel to double figures, chub, bream, dace, gudgeon, perch, roach, pike and grayling.

For membership enquiries call 07592859772.

Checked 11/01/19

Croxdale Ferryhill and District Angling Club

Offer fishing for salmon, sea trout, brown trout, grayling and course fish from Croxdale to Spennymoor on the Wear . They also have water on the Swale.

Day tickets for :

Shaftos Pond from Tommers Tackle and Deltaflash in Ferryhill and Ken Warnes in Spennymoor. Fishing at Bellingham from Bellingham Post Office. Cannot add more as on our sytem they come up 403. Will revisit to see if we can get more.

Checked 12/01/19

Durham the City

Due to what has been describes as "industrial scale" poaching the extensive fishing stretches of the river that were available free of charge have been closed to angling.

A 350 yard stretch has been left for anyone using legal method.

I wonder if it might not have been better to put his water in the hands of an angling club. The presence of members commited to conservation might have a greater deterent effect on poachers tha having no one on the water.

Checked 11/01/19

Durham City Angling Club

DCAC have extensive fishing on the Wear including access to some other club waters. Beats owned by them include Cathedral and Prebends, Shincliffe Village, Shincliffe Hall 54.754869, -1.555606, Maiden Castle 54.769895, -1.559757, Brasside Complex.

Membership of the club is very reasonable for a season, contact the membership secretary on 0191 3866000 or 07734004949

Google Map Reference 54.779082, -1.585196

Checked 11/01/19

Finchale Abbey Fishings

Two miles of fishing on the Wear from one mile above to one mile below the Abbey for salmon, sea trout, brown trout, grayling with some first class course fish available, good fly water.

Coarse fishing includes barbel chub, dace, gudgeon and dace.

For permits call 0191 3866528

Google Map Reference 54.817780, -1.538793 Post Code DH1 5SG

Checked 11/01/19

Free Fishing on the river Tees

(Please check locally for the exact boundaries for permitted fishing)

Barnard Castle

Town water south bank from the swtone bridge down to the footbridge. Google Map Reference 54.542537, -1.927184


Free fishing on the church water, Google Map Reference 54.548387, -1.739664

Middleton One Row

800 yards in front of the Davenport Hotel, bonny little spot. Google Map Reference 54.504745, -1.459919


At the village green (near Middleton) St George, Google Map Reference 54.488093, -1.489203

End Tees Free Fishing

High Force

Fishing on the river Tees from Cauldron Snout to Dent Bank on the North Bank for salmon, sea trout and brown trout.

Permits from High Force \Hotel and the Village Tea Shop in Middleton on Tees.

Call 01833 622209 or 01833 622324

Google Map 54.652232, -2.179737Post Code DL12 0XH

Checked 11/01/19

Grassholme Waterside Park Fishery

Located neat Mickleton off the B6277 in Teesdale Grassholme is an any legal method fishery.

Stocked with rainbow trout there are a number of ticket options with generous catch limits. Family and couples tickets are available. Under 17s fish free if accompanied by a full ticket holding adult.

There is good access for disabled anglers with a casting platform near the Visitor Centre.

The Visitor Centre has a tackle shop and shop where you can buy snacks and refreshments. There is also a picnic area.

Call 01345 1550236

Google Map 54.597749, -2.082233 Post Code DL12 0PW

Checked 11/01/19

Hury Reservoir

Located in the Balder Valley the reservoir is a traditional wet / dry fly, fly only fishery. Stocked weekly with fish from the Northumbrian Water Teesdale fish farm it can be particularly good for dry fly of an evening.

For disabled anglers there is a casting platform near the dam wall with the fishing lodge and toilets nearby.

Call 01833 641121

Google Map 54.564333, -2.084410 Post Code DL12 9UP

Checked 11/01/19

Jubilee Trout Lakes

Located near Redworth the fishery has 2 spring fed lakes stocked with triploid rainbows.

There is a cabin and toilets on site with free tea and coffee available.

The lower lake has some good hard paths located near the car park suited to people with restricted mobility.

There are a number of permit option from C & R to a 2 two fish permit where you take the first fish then fish on for a maximum of 8 fish on each lake chosing the next best fish to keep. Decisions, decisions you catch a 4 pounder but have seen a bigger fish, do you put it back or keep it? Been there, I put the fish back and ended up with 2 stockies.

Call 01388 772611

Google Map 54.606675, -1.653055 Post Code DL2 2UH

Checked 01/01/19

Scaling Dam Reservoir

Scaling is a shallow water set in heather moorland in The North Yorkshire National Park.

Fishing for trout by any method, ground baiting if now allowed.

There is good access for disabled anglers with a casting platform next to the dam with the visitor centre nearby. The centre has a tackle shop and shop where you can buy snacks and refreshments, toilets too.

Scalling also has some good pike and permits are now available over the winter.

Permits from the Visitor Centre, Anglers Choice in Middlesborough, Anglers Place and Crazy Carp in Guiseborough.

Call 01287 644032

Google Map 54.502888, -0.857379 Post Code TS13 4TR

Checked 11/01/19

Selley Bridge Lake

Located on a busy farm the 3.5 acre lake was built about 25 years ago. Landscaped and designed in the shape of a clover leaf the fishery has 6 platforms at present fishing for bream, mirror, common, crucian and carp, chub, tench, roach and perch.

Day Tickets call 01751 474280.

Google Map 54.202409, -0.717061 Post Code YO17 6RJ

Checked 03/12/18

Sharpley Waters

Near Seaham, consists of 7 lakes stocked with rainbows, brown trout and blues to 20lb+. The fishery record is 23lbs 6oz.

5 lakes for fly fishing the other 2 are for juniors and tuition for beginners

Good access for persons with disabilities and wheel chair user get a discount.

C & R after reaching your limit

-Call 0191 5818045.

Google Map Reference 54.847331, -1.412190 Post Code SR7 0NP

Checked 11/01/19

West House Trout Lakes

4 lakes near Stillington spread over an 8 acre site:

West Lake 1.5 acres, 4 to 11 feet deep with trout and carp to 32lbs.

Horseshoe is 2 acres 5 to 7 feet deep.

Foxhole is just 1 acre with clear water, a stalker lake.

Mill Lake, 4 acres the biggest lake on site.

The lakes are stocked with fish from 2lbs to 28lbs with brown trout even bigger.

The is secure parking, a lodge with loos and access for disabled anglers by arrangement.

Call 07836 330157

Google Map 54.598396, -1.420838 Post Code TS21 1LL

Checked 10/01/19

Willington District Angling Club

Just 6 miles from Durham the club has the whole six miles of the Wear Valley District Council waters on the Wear. They also have acces to the Ferryham Association Croxdale water on the Browney and Wear.

The water is split between parts suited to spinning and worm and some good stretches for fly fishing. The Wear has a great reputation for its salmon and sea trout runs. There are also good brown trout and grayling.

For coarse fishing the club has "Sendom Seen", "Never Seen" Todhills Bank and Byers Green ponds near Newfield and Byers Green. Perch, roach, bream, tench some carp and pike. Full members can fish here or there is a coarse fishing only membership (less than half the full price). Google Map 54.703017, -1.683249

Full membership is inexpensive especially when you consider the reputation for salmon and sea trout fishing on the Wear. There are good reductions for juniors. Day Tickets are available from Sheldons Newagents in Willington

Google Map 54.706087, -1.684059

Checked 29/11/18