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Amport Trout Fishery

Off the A303 near Arundel. A fishery of about 1.25 acres, a former water cress bed. Clear chalk spring water good for stalking.

Stocked with rainbows minimum size 2.5lbs. You need to book in advance, call 01264 771233 or 07714490352.

Google Map Reference 51.195264, -1.569514 Post Code SP11 8AZ

Checked 14/01/19


Created in the 1960 by Sam Holland, Avington pioneered the big fish fishery. Totalling 9 acres over 3 lakes this fishery with gin clear water offers exciting stalking for big rainbows and challenging catch and return on a carrier stream of the Itchen for wild brown trout and grayling.

The lakes are:

Lovington, the smallest lake 6 to 8ft deep, Meadow, the largest lake, 4ft at the bottom end and up 13ft at the top. Stillwaters, 15ft deep at the bottom and 4 to 6lbs at the top.

Spotted a monster in Stillwaters and stalked it for ages, difficult due to the trees. At last I got the gold head Hares Lug in just the right place, you can see everything in the gin clear water. The fish showed interest and just as he was about to move in a wee stockie zoomed in and ruined all my hard work. Maybe it would be best not to see what is going on, it still gets me over 18 years on.

The record rainbow for the fishery is 28lbs taken in 2000.

The fishery is stocked daily with triploid rainbows reared on site.

Call 01962 779312 Google Map Reference 51.086429, -1.241861 Post Code SO21 1BZ

Checked 14/01/19

Chiphall Lake Trout Fishery

Near Wickham is a single lake of 4.5 acres, stream fed with gin clear water from the river Meon.

Stocked with rainbows and brown and golden trout (rainbow record 18lb 13oz, brown trout record 9lbs 2ozs) with goldens and brown trout catch and release only.

Car parking is right next to the water. There is also a solid platform in front of the lodge which is suitable for disabled anglers.

There is a lodge where you can get a free cuppa and toilets on site.

If you do not catch your limit they will give a credit to return for a small fee.

Call 01329 833295 or 0776256792.

Google Map Reference 50.908415, -1.175978 Post Code PO17 5AZ

Checked 14/01/19

Damerham Fisheries

Fishing on 3 spring fed lakes near Fordingbridge, Holyhead, Mayfly and Horseshoe and on the river Allen. Stocked with their own grown fish including rainbows, brown trout and blues in a beautiful location. There is a lodge offering food, not bacon butties, restuarant quality food.

Day tickets are available for 2 or 4 fish, season tickets are also available for 5, 10 and 30 days.

Call 01725 518446

Google Map 50.934650, -1.844392 Post Code SP6 3HR

Checked 28/01/19

Dever Springs

Two spring fed lakes totalling 6.5 acres (one of which is really just a very large pond) plus half a mile of catch and release fishing on the river Dever.

My first sight of Dever was a man leaving the small lake labouring down the approach road with a double figure fish over his shoulders which set my expectations for the day, I was not disappointed.

Stocked daily with fish of a minimum of 4lbs with and average of just over 6lbs. Dever produces many fish in the twenty pound plus range holding the British record for a rainbow trout at 36lbs 14ozs and brown trout record at 28lbs 2ozs. (Loch Awe has off course superseded this with its 30lb plus wild brownies).

There is a lodge on site with toilets.

Call 01264 720592

Google Map Reference 51.174483, -1.376262 Post Code SO21 3NP

Checked 14/01/19

Five Oaks Trout Lake and Lodge

A two acre spring fed lake lake On Sarisbury Green in Southampton, up to 25ft deep. The lake is stocked with rainbows, blues, sandy and brown trout (bt on catch and release).

There is a lodge with B & B, camping, a bar. The site is also fully accesible to disabled persons with ramp access to the lodge, dedicated parking, and toilets for disabled.

Call 01489 557379

Google Map Reference 50.872943, -1.295831 Post Code SO31 7AL

Checked 14/01/19

Holbury Lake Trout Fishery

Near Romsey. Beautiful looking fishery set in woodland offering sanctuary to wildlife and angler alike.

4 lakes totalling 7.5 acres (The Pond, Island Lake, Long Lake and Willow Lake) plus 1,200 metres of the river Dun of which about 750 is fishable available.

The lakes are stocked with rainbows and blues while the river has wild brown trout. Fishing varies from easy on the Pond to testing on the river and Willow lake. Several permit options available.

Call 01794 341619

Google Map Reference 51.040570, -1.588844 Post Code SO51 0JR

Checked 14/01/19

Itchen Free Fishing

There is free fishing on the Itchen at 3 locations in Winchester City, Twyford Meads and in Southampton downstream of Lower Itchen Fishery.

There is a link to a map that shows the stretches, but be ever so careful that you are in the right location before you wet a line, don't want the gamekeeper chasing you do you?

Google this :

Winchester Twyford Meads Southampton - Itchen Free

It should come up second down on the search results.

The Winchester stretch on the Itchen navigation from Durngate Mill to St Cathrines Hill is better documented.

Checked 14/10/18

Lower Itchen Fishery

There are 5 beats available for dry fly fishing 4 double bank and 1 single bank. The doubles have bridges to give access to both banks.

Stocked only with brown trout to 5lbs these supplement the wild brownies. Fish average about 2lbs.

Season, Combo (bt /salmon) and day tickets available but must be booked in advance.

There are 3 salmon beats on deeper channelled stretches. Catch numbers are on the up and up breaking records, with grilse averaging 7 to 8lbs.

Fishing methods are prawn, ledger or float, spinning and excitingly, fishing a heavily weighted nymph on a trout rod

Call 02380814389 or 0747790210

Google 50.969739, -1.528030 Post Code SO51 6AD

Checked 14/10/18

Meon Springs Fly Fishery

4 spring fed lakes on the upper Meon offering fishing for rainbow trout and brown.

The stocking policy is to mix the stock with mostly 2 to 3lb fish plus quite a few to 5lb and some doubles. The Meon Beat water is catch and release for smaller wylie brown trout and rainbows.

Call 01730 823134

Google Map Reference 50.990215, -1.067791 Post Code GU32 1HW

Checked 14/01/19

Moorhen Trout Fishery

Locate next to Warnford on the A32 between Alton and Fareham this fishery is a 3 acre spring fed lake right next to the river Meon. Stocked with rainbows 2.5lbs to doubles.

This fishery offers a good deal not seen very often - if you fail to catch your limit you get a credit for your next visit giving a good discount (valid for 1 year) and if you catch a fish under 2lbs they will replace it with a bigger fish. Nice touch.

The fishery has a lodge, tackle shop and offers free tea and coffee. There are toilets on site.

Call 01730 829460

Google Map 51.007559, -1.104917 Post Code SO32 3LB

Rockbourne Trout Fishery

6 spring fed lakes of about an acre each and a section of chalk stream.

The chalk stream is challenging, small clear with both wild and stocked brownies that are marked (wild fish must be returned unharmed).

As for the lakes, they have a veritable smorgasbord of types and species. Rainbows, brown trout, blues of course, 2.5 to 10lbs with some fish to 20lbs in the mix. They also have sandys, lilacs, spartics, tigers and golden and arctic char.

Fish are held in fast slowing water to condition them before being stocked.

There is a lodge offering meals and refreshmenrs and a bar.

Google Map 50.944120, -1.816004Post Code SP6 1QG

Checked 14/01/19

Charlton Park

3 miles of fishing on the Tetbury Branch of the upper river Avon. The fishing is for wild brown trout on this attractive stream. Excellent mayfly and hawthorn hatches. Just 20 rods available. For unrestricted access and 2 guests tickets the price is very attractive. Try 01666 822146.

Google Map 51.603750, -2.121041 approx area

Checked 28/01/19

Timsbury Fishing

Day ticket fishing on 1000 yards of the iconic river Test and its carriers, 5 rods per day. Dry fly and upstream nymphing. As extras you can hire a guide. It isn't cheap but for the Test it is very reasonably priced for a day on this famed water.

Call 07759331385 or 07759 331385

Google Map 51.017506, -1.514954 Post Code SO51 0NB

Checked 13/10/18

Vale Farm Fishery

Fishing on three typically gin clear lakes near Whitchurch equally stocked with common and mirror carp to over 30lbs, there are also tench, perch, roach, rudd and bream.

Call 01264 720227 or 07712063210.

Google Map 51.196945, -1.370174 Post Code SP11 6QW

Checked 13/10/18

Woodington Fishery

Near Romsey. 4 lakes the original lake, Top Lake plus Kingfisher, Shearwater and the most recently built lake stocked with 4lb to double figure fish Leat Lake plus 1600 yards of fishing on the Blackwater tributary of the river Test. Stocked mostly with rainbows. Fishing on the Blackwater is for wild browns, grayling and sea trout. Call 01794 324485 or 0781 6187648 Google Map Reference 50.969034, -1.562317


River Itchen

Lower Itchen Fishery

Gatters Mill just 5 miles off the M27 at junction 5. Salmon, trout, grayling and course fishing available. Fishery record for salmon is an impressive 48 lbs taken in 1958. For conservation reasons catch and release for salmon is mandatory up to the 16th of June. There are trout beats with brown trout averaging 2lbs, classic Hampshire chalk stream fishing, totally yummy! Grayling fishing is available over the winter with many fish in the two pounds plus range. Just to top things off there is winter course fishing for roach, chub, barbel and bream. There are a number of permit options including days, weeks and season. Course fishing available per day. Call 023 8081 4389 or 07885 175540 Google Map Reference 50.937564, -1.356794

Itchen Free Fishing

There is free fishing on the Itchen at 3 locations in Winchester City, Twyford Meads and in Southampton downstream of Lower Itchen Fishery.

There is a link to a map that shows the stretches, but be ever so careful that you are in the right location before you wet a line, don't want the gamekeeper chasing you do you?

Google this :

Winchester Twyford Meads Southampton - Itchen Free

It should come up second down on the search results.

The Winchester stretch on the Itchen navigation from Durngate Mill to St Cathrines Hill is better documented as io the Southampton fishing, see above.

Checked 14/10/18

River Test

Rising in the Upper Chalk by the village of Ashe the test flows some 40 miles to the sea at Southampton Water through rich water meadows and flood plains. The chalky soils of Hampshire ensure that the water is not only fertile it is gin clear making stalking fish a truly exciting experience. The Test is joined by a number of good fishing rivers, the Bourne Rivulet, Dever, Anton, Wallop Brook, Sombourne Stream, Dun and Blackwater. Famed for its wild brown trout fishing the Test holds a good stock of rainbows as well as salmon, sea trout, grayling and many species of course fish. Although salmon and sea trout fishing on the Test has been in serious decline it does hold the UK record for sea trout which stands at 28lb 5ozs, caught at Calshot Spit in 1998. Fishing the Test is a dream for most of us as it is either impossible to get on or just too darned expensive for a day.

Broadlands Lakes

There are 3 lakes at Broadlands plus fishing on the rivers Test and Blackwater.

There is fishing on the Test salmon, trout, pike to 20lbs, carp to 20 lbs, bream, perch, roach, they have a half mile of the Blackwater including the meetings with the Test.

The lakes are:

Main Lake, 26 acres fed by waters from the river Test. Lots (I mean lots) of double carp and over 500, 20lb plus, there are also roach and eels.

Lower Lake is 2.5 acres, a pleasure lake with carp to 27lbs, roach and eels.

Match Lake, 2 acres with 42 pegs good for the pole angler, carp, bream, tench, roach and perch.

Disabled anglers have been catered for with specially built platforms with disabled toilets on site.

There is a ticket and tackle shop on site. Call 02380 869881.

Google Map 50.945582, -1.514012 Post Code SO40 2RX

Checked 12/10/18

Houghton Lodge

Are offering day ticket fishing on their famous water. There are 2 beats the lower beat being 250 yards on the main Test the other being half a mile on a carrier. Both beats have parking and huts.

The waters are well stocked with mostly brown trout through there are some rainbows. The season is from 1st May to 15th October and fishing is upstrean dry fly until the end of June after which an unwieghted upstream nymph is permitted.

Call 01264 810502 for availability and prices.

Google Map Reference 51.096560, -1.506889 Post Code SO20 6LQ

Checked 14/01/19

Kimbridge Estate

Kimbridge Estate are offering day ticket fishing on Meadow fishery on the Test. 1 mile single and double bank fishing, maximum 4 rods per day. No beat system so you can wander, hunting for that special fish.

Stocked with rainbows, blues and brown trout.

To book call 01794 340170.

Google Map 51.028495, -1.531809 Post Code SO51 0LE

Checked 14/01/19

Orvis Stockbridge

Ovris have beats on the Test, Itchen and Nadder available for day bookings at;

Test - Kimbridge, Timsbury beat 5, Longparish. Abbots Worthy Itchen and the River Nadder

Call 01264 349515

Google Map Reference 51.114495, -1.494947 Orvis Stockbridge SO20 6HB

Checked 14/01/19

The Rod Box

In Winchester have a good portfolio of beats on the Test and Itchen available for day ticket bookings. Call 01962 883600 for prices and availability.

Checked 14/01/19

Woodington Lakes Trout Fishery

The fishery near Romsey consists of 3 lakes, Spring, Kingfisher and The Leat.

Stocked with mostly rainbows and some brown trout and blues. They also have 430 yards of the Blackwater which is undergoing extensive rehabilitation, no fishing as yet.

Call 07849 530852

Google Map 50.977203, -1.569062 Post Code SO51 6BG

Checked 14/01/19