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Allen Valley Angling Conversation

Fishing on the river East Allen for brown trout, sea trout and some salmon. Fishing is with fly, spinner or worm (Coattenhill is fly only). There are 7 beats from Allen Head to Allendale town.

Day and week tickets available from the Golden Lion Hotel and Post Office n Allendale.

Checked 21/01/19


Aln Angling Association have six miles fishing from Alnwick to Lesbury for salmon, sea trout and brown trout.

Permits from RL Jobson and Sons Alnwick call 01665 602135 or Hardys and Greys Showroom in Alnwich call 01665 510027 for further information.

Google Map Reference 55.417855, -1.707062

Bedlington and Blagdon Angling Association

The Association was formed to provide affordable fishing for brown trout and grayling on the river Blyth. Fishing extends for 6.5 miles from the bridge on the A1 at Stannington to the stepping stones at Humford. Fishing is generally fly only only although spinning and bait are allowed under certain conditions. There is a good May Fly hatch. You can take a brownies but grayling are C & R only.

To join goto bedlingtonandblagdonaa.weebly.com

Checked 22/01/19

Berwick on Tweed and District Angling Association

The Association have several beats on the river fishing for salmon, sea trout and brown trout. The salmon beats at Ninewells, Allanton, Bluestone, Edington Mill, Hutton Bridge and Clarabad Mill.

Permits from:

Clarabad Mill farm house by mail from Robin Whitecross, Clarabad, Mill Farm, Paxton, Berwick upon Tweed, TD15 1TJ

Game Fair, Berwick on Tweed call 01289 305119

Mitchells Newsagents, Chirnside, 01890 818392

The Allanton Inn 01890 818260

R Welsh & Sons, Duns, 01361 883466.

Membership of the club is very reasonably priced, costs a little more than 5 day tickets, 5 visits and you are quids in. Contact The Secretary, Berwick on Tweed AC, 129, Etal RD, Tweedmouth, Berwick on Tweed.

Google Map Reference 55.784579, -2.216944

Checked 01/06/18

Whiteadder, for a feature article about the Berwick AA water click Here For a Feature Photo Tour of the club water click Here

Bigwater Angling Club

The club is a member of the Tyneside Anglers Alliance (See below). They have fishing on a number of waters in Northumberland and even one in Cumbria, they are:

River Tyne at Newburn, fishing for chub, raoch, dace, eels and flounders. There are also salmon, sea trout and brown trout. No salmon before 16th June. The fishing is from Tyne Riverside Country Park down stream to Newcastle.

Killingworth Lakes , 2 lakes with carp, bream, roach, tench, perch crucians, rudd and pike (closed season for pike applies) There is wheelchair access along the south side of the biggest lake.

Marden Quarry, mirror carp to doubles, roach, rudd, tench, bream, perch, crucians.

High Stand, in Cumbria, 2 ponds - Mill Pond 5 to 15ft deep, roach, chub, perch and some tench and carp; Skelley Pond 6 to 20ft deep, roach and perch with carp and tench to specimen size. Day Tickets available from Inglewood Caravan Park nearby.

Dissington Pond near Pontiland, tench, roach, rudd, perch, bream, ide, crucians, mirror and common carp.

Throckley Lakes, 2 lakes stocked with roach, rudd, carp, tench, perch, crucians and pike (closed season for pike applies). Day tickets from Killingworth Leisure Centre or the White Swan Centre.

Wyden Burn, as a member of the Tyne Anglers Alliance there are 6 free tickets daily for Bigwater AC on this fishery. Non members can get day tickets from GOJO and Top Tackle in Hexam.

To join Google bigwatersanglingclub.co.uk

Checked 22/01/19

Caistron Trout Fishery

Near Rothbury, a 60 acre spring fed lake stocked with rainbows and blues with a population of of wild brown trout (bt c&r only). Bank and boat

As might be expected in a large fishery there are many hard fighting over wintered fish.

Caistron Lake, Thropton, Rothbury. Call 07972 759401. Google Map Reference 55.306613, -2.012718 Post Code NE65 7LG


Catcleugh Angling Association

Catcleugh AA has fishing on Catcleugh resrvoir right next to the A68 a few miles from the infamous Carters Bar up in the Chevoit Hills in the Northumberland National Park.

The water is set within a pine wood. The water is peaty but feeding for the fish supports a good population of wild brown trout. Members only fly fishing from bank or boat. No catch limit. There is a lodge on site. Open trout season only.To join just google Catcleugh reservoir for the contact email.

Google Map 55.326256, -2.419926 Post Code

Checked 22/01/19

Chatton Fishery

As of 14th December Chatton is closed. Lets hope this fishery comes back to us , it was very good and well managed. You didn't need a rod license here either.

Corbridge River Sport Club

Corbridge RSC has 3 miles single bank, south side, on the river Tyne fishing for salmon and sea trout, also brown trout and coarse fish. Membership open to residents living within 2 miles of Corbridge. No day tickets.

Checked 22/01/19

Google Map 54.973241, -2.017842


Anglers Arms,Weldon Bridge, offers day tickets tickets for their salmon, sea trout and brown trout fishing.

Brown trout fly only but they allow other legal method for miratory fish. Call 01665 570271.

Google Map Reference 55.280888, -1.784765 Post Code NE65 8AX

Checked 19/01/19

Upper Morwich, 2 miles of fishing just below Gayuance Estate for salmon and sea trout .

Call 07515 364007

Google Map 55.329780, -1.645250 approx

Checked 20/01/19

Weldon Bridge, see Felling Fly Fishing Club below.

Derwent Angling Asscoaition

Derwent AA have several miles of the Derwent from the bridge over the B6278 just below the Derwent Water Dam to the bridge over the A694 next to Lintzford Garden Centre, mostly double bank.

The river has good stocks of wild brown trout and grayling, they stock with brown trout from a Yorkshire fish farm. Great fly fishing water.

Membership is limited to 250 members and is open to any one, very reasonably priced too. Day tickets are also available from:

Allensford Caravan Park, Hamsterly Colliery Post Office, Frasers Angling in Gatehead, AMH Angling in Annefield Plain.

The season for trout is 22nd March to 30th September, for grayling, 16th June to 31st January.

For membership goto derwentangling.co.uk and click Membership for the email contact.

Checked 31/01/19

Derwent Reservoir

Derwent Reservoir is just off the A68 near Consett. Stocked with rainbow trout, brown trout and blues the reservoir alss has good stocks of excellent roach.

Bait or fly fishing allowed on the south bank and dam wall. Fly only on the north bank. Trout to 20lbs have been caught.

Fishing from the dam wall is allowed and a platform for anglers with disabilities has been installed on the south side of the dam. Ground baiting is now allowed.

There is a tackle shop, cafe and toilets are available with good path ways in places for wheelchair visitors.

Google Map 54.854406, -1.965463 Post Code DH8 9TT

Checked 18/12/18

Felling Fly Fishing Club

Felling FFC have an inpressive portfolio of waters to fish that is why there is a waiting list to join. The waters are:

Coquet, 2.5 miles below Wheldon Bridge. Salmon sea trout and good brown trout.

North Tyne at Bellingham, 5.5miles from Carriteth down to just below Eals Village. Productive salmon and sea trout fishing and good brown trout.

Till, 3 beats:

You do not need a rod license for the Tweed or Till, covered by Scottish regulations.

Shellacres, good fly water on the lower river.

Ford, 1 mile single bank leased from Ford and Etal Estate, salmon, sea trout and brown trout.

Fenton 1.5 miles near Millfield, Salmon and sea trout only.

Tweed, a 3 rod beat below Chain Bridge, tidal, good in low water.

Wear, 3 beats:

Franklands, 2.5 miles from Durham to Frankland prison, good sea trout, big salmon.

Low Grange, 1 mile opposite bank to Franklands.

Moorhouse, salmon and sea trout.

In addition to the river fishing they have still waters at:

Thornton Steward, members and day ticket water stocked with fish from 1.25lbs to 6lbs. Permits from Gilslan Sport in Leynurn, Constable Burton Caravan Park, Crakehill Filling Station and Lower Wensleydale Caravan Club, Leyburn.

Google Map 54.287574, -1.722781 Post Code HG4 4BQ

Rotley East Shields Lake, 5 acres for members, rainbows.

Crag Lough, trout fishing, 4 boats.

To apply to join Felling FFC go to their web site there is an application form on line.

Checked 12/01/19


Fly and bait fishing on a Northumbrian Water reservoir stocked with their own grown fish. Just off the A696 near Rothbury, call 0870 2403549. Prices as per Keilder. Suitable for disabled anglers, there is a platform on the North Shore with park nearby.

There is a lodge on site with a shop selling tackle, food and refreshments.

Google Map Reference 55.235870, -1.929231 NE 61 4PL

Checked 20/01/19

Higham Lakes

3 lakes to this fishery near Pontiland. 2 lakes for fly fishing and one for bait. Stocked with rainbows, brown trout and golden trout with fish ranging from 2lbs to 25. The bait lake is catch and kill only while there is catch and release on the fly lakes. All fish caught on fly to be released in the water.

Call 07950425159

Google Map 55.068704, -1.795832 Post Code NE20 0DH

Checked 20/01/19

Keilder Forest Fishing

Fishing for trout on a number of burns and rivers including Keilder Burn where it joins the N. Tyne, Lewisburn, the River Rede and Cottonshopeburn. All legal methods up to 31st July, fly only August and September. Permits from the Fish Tyne web site.

Google Map Reference 55.234591, -2.580973

Checked 20/01/19

Keilder Water

Keider Water has become a venue for more than fishing however the 2,000 acres and 20 miles of bank offer uncounted opportunities to fish this vast reservoir.

Bank and boat fishing available. There are 15 motor boats on Keilder so it is best to book in advance call 01434 251000. Fishing is any method.

Permits from Keilder Waterside Shop and from Tower Knowe Visitor Centre.

Take the familiy, there is a lot to do with an indoor swimming pool, kids play area, Segways, ferry rides, shop, restuarants and cafe.

Google Map Keilder Waterside 55.183380, -2.534426 Tower Knowe 55.174978, -2.475069

Post Code it is so big it covers two, NE48 1BT 9 Keilder Waterside and NE48 1BX Tower Knowe

Checked 11/01/19

Langley Dam

Miles from Hexham an attractive fishery offering bank and boat fishing for rainbows, brown trout, blues and tiger. 5 boats available for hire, bring your own electric outboard. Open all year except January.

There are several ticket option for catch and kee or catch and release as well as concession for over 65 and juniors. Call 01434 688846 or 07929184902.

Google Map 54.9 42464, -2.269714Post Code NE47 5LD

Checked 20/01/19

Northumberland Anglers Federation

NAF have fiishing for salmon, sea trout, brown trout, grayling and coarse fish on the the Coquet, Tyne and Till.

The Coquet fishings are at: Black Bridge to Amble, Rothbury Forest, Rothbury Town, Felton Bridge to Ashlington Fish Pass, Pauperhuagh,

Till, Wooler Water, Weetwood.

Tyne, at Ryton Golf Course, a beat in the Tyne Country Park and one by Ovington Bridge.

There are season tickets for salmon, also brown trout. There are visitor permits for salmon and for brown trout, 7 day and day. Grayling fishing is on the Till only included in the salmon ticket or there is a day ticket for visitors. Season coarse fishing tickets for the Tnye.

Permits from the head bailiff call 01669 620984

Checked 20/01/19

River Rede

Dunns House

On the A68 7 miles from Bellingham, three quarters of a mile double bank fishing for trout and salmon.Call Dunns House on 01830 520677 or 07808 592701. After 6pm.

Google Map Reference 55.229460, -2.210408 Post Code NE19 1LB

Checked 20/01/19

Woolaw Farm

6 miles north of Otterburn on the river Rede with 1 mile double bank fishing for trout and salmon. Call 01830 520686.

Google Map Reference 55.231539, -2.179324 Post Code NE19 1TB

Checked 20/01/19

Sharpley Springs Fly Fishing

5 spring fed clear water lakes, a childrens worm lake and a tuition lake. The fishery is stocked with rainbow trout, brown trout and blues up to 20lbs.

The fishery has excellent access for disabled anglers and there are price reductions available.

There is a fishers lodge on site with facilities where you can get a free cuppa. Tuition is available.

The fishery is open 365 days (free on Xmas Day) open 7am to dusk. There are several options for permits. Call 0191 5818045.

Google Map 54.844280, -1.402784 Post Code SR7 0NP.

Checked 21/01/19

South Linden

South Linden is located near Morpeth. A 2 acre lake with 2 small islands it is stocked with rainbows 2 to 20lb, there is also a population of resident wild brown trout.

There is a fishing lodge with out side seating area and toilets. The lake has platforms including one for disabled anglers. Vehicle access to the lake side can be arranged, please call in advance.

Call 07954134005 01670 788366

Google Map 55.253988, -1.758407 Post Code NE65 8TD

Checked 22/01/19

Sweethope Loughs

Near Kirkwhelpington Northumberland offers fishing on 2 loughs, Little Lough at 12 acres and Great Lough at 140 acres, both natural waters. The loughs are stocked with rainbows, grade A of 2lbs and upwards. There are some wild brown trout in the Great Lough supplemented a few years ago by stocking of 8 and 12 inch fish. Catch and release is the policy for browns.

There are 20 boats available and an accessible boat for disabled anglers. There are male and female toilets, facilities for disabled, showers and changing rooms and a shop. There is a caravan site on the shores of Little Lough. 4 and 8 hours session tickets as well as season tickets (valid for 40 visits). Call 01830 540349.

Google Map Reference 55.136631, -2.092417 Post Code NE19 2RG

Checked 20/01/19


The Till is a tributary of the river Tweed therefore it is covered by the Tweed Comissioners and Scottish regualtions which means you do not need a rod license, whoppee!

Tiptoe Beat, 1 mile of fishing on the right bank of the Till just 2 miles up from the famous Tweed Till Mouth beat. Salmon and sea trout with good brown trout and graylng. 2/3 rods

Call 07974410692 or 01890 883060.

Google Map Post 55.669790, -2.146681Code TD12 4XD

Checked 20/01/19

Ford and Etal Estate, fishing for sea trout spring to summer with salmon later in the year. Brown trout and grayling too. There are 4 beats on the estate water, Redscar, 1.5 miles near Millfield, 14 named pools. Upper Tindal below the village of Etal, 1.5 miles 16 pools. Lower Tindal 2m and Ford beat 2m, 12 pools.

Permits from Northern Trading in Millfield, Ford Post Office or call 01573 470612.

Google Map 55.631832, -2.085195 Post Code TD12 2QG (Ford PO)

Checked 20/01/19

Thrunton Long Crags Fishery

Thrunton Fishery is just off the A697 near Longframlington.

A former brick quarry it has 2 lakes; Long Crag and Long Coe both spring fed. Stocked with brown trout, blues and rainbows. Fishing is fly only with barbles hooks.

The fishery has easy acces to the water for anglers with disablilities who can take their car to the waters edge where there are platforms suitable for wheelchairs.

They run regular fishing sessions for juniors leading to a CAST Award, a great way to encourage youngsters to our fantastic sport.

There is a nice fishing lodge serving hot meals and drinks.

Call 01665 574400

Google Map 55.380390, -1.855848Post Code NE66 4SD

Checked 12/01/19


For the lower river from the meetings of North and South Tyne.

Bywell Beat, part of Allendale Estate near Stocksfield. A 2.5 mile beat, double bank for 5 rods. There is a ghillie. 12 pools, some good fly water. Five year average for salmon and grilse is 265 fish.

Call 01661 843293

Google Map 54.951911, -1.921487 Post Code NE43 7AL

Checked 21/01/19

Farnley Estate near Corbridge has fishing for salmon, sea trout and trout on their waters which include the river and lakes.For salmon fishing they ofer salmon fishing for 3 rods for 3 days or 6 days. Fish to 30lbs come of these waters every year.They also have syndicate fishing on lakes and lagoons totalling 15cacres for a fee of £300 in 2019 which is really very good. Catch and releases is encouraged but members can take an occasional fish. Bank, boats and fishing platforms.Call 07733389474 or 07979023301.

Google Map 54.961622, -1.993372 Post Code NE44 6AA (approx)

Checked 01/01/19

Warden Fishing, fishing on the North and South Tyne around the meetings. There is 2.5 miles on the South Tyne from Tyne Watersmeet to Four Stones and 1.5 miles on the North Tyne from Tyne Watersmeet to Warden and from Nether Warden to Walwick. Split into 4 beats single and double bank. There are 7 named pools on each beat.

The 5 year average is 165 salmon and 85 sea trout. Day and week tickets available through their web site wardensfishing.co.uk or call 07506978093 or 01434 600880

Google Map 54.988960, -2.130662

Checked 20/01/19

Tyne River Trust

Tyne Rivers Trust offers access to some excellent water on the Tyne, North Tyne, Derwent, Rede and South Tyne. Catch and release for wild brown trout, you may even hook up on a salmon or sea trout - remember C & R.

There are 10 beats on the North Tyne, 1 on the Tyne, 2 on the Derwent, 3 on the Rede and 4 on the South Tyne.

Check out their web site for details and to book goto Tyne Rivers Trust passport permits

Checked 21/01/19

North Tyne

Bellingham, 1380 yards of fishing downstream from the village of Bellingham for salmon, sea trout and brown trout. Best September October. Permits from Bellingham Post Office .

Google Map Reference 55.144238, -2.254377 Post Code NE48 2AY or the Country Store next door.

Checked 20/01/19

Falstone Fishing Club have 2 miles of fishing on the North Tyne for salmon and trout. Permits from Falstone Old School Tearooms, call 07854 009853, day tickets or season.

Google Map Reference 55.180632, -2.435594 Post Code NE48 0AA

Checked 20/01/19

Riversdale Hall Hotel have salmon fishing on a number of beats, Newton, Carriteth, Redeswood, Chesters, Riversdale Beat, The Mill and Tarset. some excellent water. Call 01434 220661 for prices and availability.

Google Map Reference 55.144742, -2.264352 NE48 2JT

Checked 20/01/19

Snabdough Farm, 0.5 miles of fishing for salmon, sea trout and trout 4 miles from Bellingham. July for sea trout, September - October for salmon. Call 01434 240239.

Google Map Reference 55.156006, -2.336072 Post Code

Checked 20/01/19

South Tyne

Alston and District Angling Club. Alston is in Cumria but much of the fishing is croos border into Northumnerland. The club has 10 miles fishing on the South Tyne for salmon, sea trout and brown trout between Eals Village and Alston. Salmon and sea trout start from June onwards. The club do not have all of the beats on this part of the river so check before you fish. The club issues a limited number of day tickets. Permits from the Angel Inn in Alston call 01434 381363 or Fishpal.

Google Map Reference 54.812768, -2.440248 CA 93HU

Checked 20/01/19

Haltwhistle and District Angling Association

Haltswhistle DAA have salmon, sea trout and brown trout fishing on 3 stretches on the South Tyne; Woodhall, Featherstone, Haltwhistle and one in the river Irthing. This is a spate river so catching it in falling water is ideal.

Trout tend to be about half a pound but sea trout start to arrive in July and average 3 to 5lbs. While there a few early springer but salmon start to arrive with spates in May / June.

Membership options include concessions for students, junior, over 65s. Day tickets available on the Association web site goto haltwhistleangling.co.uk just add the www.

Google Map Reference 54.965913, -2.452497

Checked 20/01/19

Haydon Bridge, 5 miles of fishing for salmon and trout provided by the South Tyne AC. Permits are restricted to visitors staying in the parish of Haydon Bridge. Call 0143 684125. Google Map Reference 54.973319, -2.246975

Lambley Country Estate, has fishing salmon, sea trout, and brown trout on the S Tyne. They offer day ticket fishing, call 07967274286 for availability of beats.

Google Map 54.929027, -2.507173 Post Code CA8 7LO

Checked 21/01/19

Northumberland Anglers Federation See above for 3 beats.

Tyneside Anglers (TAS)

TAS syndicate is one of the best you will find offering fishing for salmon, sea trout and trout on the Tyne, N Tyne, S Tyne, Rede, Wear, Coquet, Till, Whiteadder, Tweed, Border Esk and river Lynne plus still water fisheries in Rededale and Coquetdale.

In 2019 it will cost £295 now if you were to fish average beats on a day ticket basis on each of these rivers you would end up paying more than double that figure, a lot more and you can fish on TAS water 365 days (including grayling).

Call 0191 4133789 to make enquiries.

Checked 22/01/19

West Water Angling

Near Hallington offers fishing on 2 large lakes totalling 125 acres with 5k of bank stocked with quality rainbow and brown trout. Catch and kill and catch a release allowed. Average size is a healthy 2 to 2.5lbs with rainbows to 9lbs and browns to 11lbs. There are boats froo to use for members

This a members only water with an annual fee that can be split into monthly installments, about what you would pay for two sessions on a put and take fishery. There is an attractive club house with male and female loos, complimentary tea and coffee.

There are limited day tickets and you can only visit twice.

Contact Westwater Angling Ltd, The Clubhouse, Hallington Resevoir, Colwell, Hexham. Call 01434 681405.

Google Map Reference 54.973389, -2.245775 Post Code NE46 4TT

Checked 20/01/19

Woolaw Farm

6 miles north of Otterburn on the river Rede with 1 mile double bank fishing for trout and salmon. Call 01830 520686.

Google Map Reference 55.231539, -2.179324 Post Code NE19 1TB

Checked 20/01/19