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Abingdon and Oxford Anlgers Alliance

The Alliance has a trout section which has fishing on a 16 acre lake off St Martins Lane, Standlake. Stocked with rainbows 1 to 3lbs you can fish all year and take up to a maximum of 30 fish. There are clearly many fish that have grown on. Call 01235 554416 for membership enquiries.

Google Map 51.731283, -1.432744 Post Code OX29 7SS

Checked 22/01/19

Aldwell Estate Lake

Taking an interesting approach to creating a fishery Ardwell, near Thame, first dug a pool in an existing stream and as you do you add more. Now there are 6 pools on the stream and 2 separate lakes stocked with rainbows 1.25lbs to 5lbs. There is a hut with WC and they recon the fishery has good wheelchair access.

A Membership fishery but they allow days by appointment, call 01844 281642.

Google Map 51.692884, -0.996524 Post Code OX9 7DQ

Checked 22/01/19

Barnes Fishery

Near Witney 3 lakes stocked regularly with rainbow trout and brown trout.

Call 01865 3000343.

Google Map Reference 51.725486, -1.427769 Post Code OX8 7QB

Checked 14/01/19

Farmoor Reservoir

A 400 acre fishery split by a narrow causeway forming two lakes. Stocked annually with 30,000 fish, rainbows and brown trout from 2.25lbs upwards.

Lake 1 is catch and release only and as a result has some specimen sized brown trout and some very large rainbows. Mostly bank fishing, there is 1 boat.

Lake 2 is a catch and take fishery, bank and boat fishing

I assume permits from the lodge where there is a tackle shop, cafe and toilets.

There is car parking around the fishery and there are 2 wheelieboats.

Call 07747 640707

Google Map 51.754193, -1.349239 Post Code OX2 9NS

Checked 17/01/19

Salford Trout Lakes

Near Chipping Norton in the Cotswolds consists of two spring fed lakes totalling 8 acres.

The lakes are stocked with rainbows, brown trout, blues and tigers ranging from 1.5lbs to 5/6lbs. Lower Lake has more brown trout while Top Lake leans towards Rainbows.

Good top of the water action as there ia excellent fly life here.

Call 01608 643209 or 07531073813.

Google Map Reference 51.954972, -1.580149 Post Code OX7 5YY

Checked 14/01/19

West Lake Fishery

This fishery consists of 9 lakes all connected by a stream, the Lockinge Brook. Stocked with rainbows and brown trout. Call 01235 760732.

Google Map 51.585403, -1.385314 Post Code OX12 8QG

Checked 22/01/19