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Chirk Fishing

2 fly fishing lakes near Wrexham plus a bait pool for children (with a walkway and railing around for safety). The lakes, totalling 2.5 acres up to 12 ft deep, are stocked with own grown fish; rainbows, brown trout, plus some tigers, goldens, and blues. They also have fishing on the river Ceirog which flows through the fishery, brown trout, grayling and sea trout in July.

Day tickets are available in a number of option for catch and release or catch and take, they also offer a season ticket. Under 16s can have a reduced price ticket. Fishing the river is on a season ticket which is very reasonably priced.

The fishery is accessible to disabled anglers with a casting platform next to the car park and lodge.

Call 01691 772420.

Google Map 52.926373, -3.079322 Post Code LL14 5BL

Checked 23/01/19

Delbury Hall Trout Fishery

2 lakes located near the village of Diddlebury, stream fed by a wee burn called the Diddle. The fishery consists of:

Garden Lake 2.5 acres with 2 islands.

Corve Lake 3 acres with 1 large island.

Both lakes are stocked with rainbows and brown trout from 1.5lbs to doubles, the average is about 2.5lbs. Brown trout catch and release only.

Open form 7.30am to dusk they offer a 5 hour, 1 fish and all day 2 fish ticket.

Call 01584 841267 or 07970 844094

There is a fishermans pavilion with WC, microwave and refreshemnt. The fishery is conveniant for disabled anglers with a large platform on Garden Lake by the pavilion.

Google Map 52.460782, -2.721290 Post Code SY7 9DH

Checked 18/01/19


4 lakes all priced the same so you can rove around the fishery looking for action. The lakes are stocked with rainbows and brown trout to specimen size. Perrnits for catch and release and for catch and keep, under 15s fish free when fishing with a full ticket paying adult.

Call 07740257585 or 07860299342.

Google Map 52.790590, -2.591638 Post Code TF6 6QR

Checked 23/01/19

Hurst Farm

3 coarse fishing lakes , the Furnace Pool, Middle Pool and the Crucian Pit. Middle and Furnace are up to 20ft deep, mixed coarse with carp to 20lbs in Furnace. The Crucian Pit is stocked with crucians to 3lb plus.

There is also a 3 acre trout lake.

Middle Pool has 3 pegs for wheelchair users.

Call 01746 714375 or 07764906084.

Google Map 52.561445, -2.488174 Post Code WV16 4TF

Checked 23/01/19

Onnyvale Trout and Coarse Fishery

There are 5 spring fed pools at Onnyvale, 3 for trout and 1 carp specimen pool and a pleasure fishery.

The trout pools are all spring fed with clear banks stocked with rainbows, brown trout, and blues from 2 to 18 lbs. permits allow either 1, 2 or 3 fish plus 8 hours C & R.

The carp pool record is nudging 30lbs (29lbs 6ozs) and there is a good array of 20 to 27lb carp, mirror, common, ghost, koi and crucians. In addition there is a good mix of other coarse fish including tench, bream, roach, rudd, gudgeon, chub and perch.

Nearly all pegs are wheelchair accessible and there are toilet facilities for disabled anglers. There is a level entry lodge and a caravan site.

Permits day or 24 hours, call01588 650521 or 077792 609153.

Google Map Post Code SY5 0JL

Checked 22/11/18

Patshull Park Fishery

Located in a hotel and leisure park Patshull has 3 lakes totalling 110 acres. The lakes are:

Great Lake, trout fishing boat and bank on. Coarse fishing on Great Lake, The Bridge Pool and The Lady Barbara. Carp fishing on the Church Pool and Lady Barbara and pike on the Great Lake.

Day tickets available for trout, coarse and pike fishing, season only for carp. You can also get a membership.

The fishery recognises that not all anglers find fisheries to be accessible, as a result they have planned to make the fishery accessible by providing facilities for disabled anglers including an adapted boat. If you have particular needs or just want general information call 01902 700774.

Google Map 52.593622, -2.300303 Post Code WV6 7HR

Checked 23/11/18

Salopian Fly Fishers Club

The club has fishing on two still water locations and the rivers Worfe and Clun.

The still waters are:

Boldings, 2 pools, Merlestone and Lanterslip stocked with rainbows and brown trout.

Brineton, 2 farm irrigation poosl topped up from a bore hole. Wrekin Poll is the deepest and largest at 30ft, good for brownies and the Garden Pool, 12ft deep. Both are stocked with rainbows and specimens are caught every season.

The river Worfe, over 2 miles of water from Worfield Village to the Rochelles beat. Stocked with brown trout, there is a population of wild fish too.

River Clun, wild brown trout and grayling.

The club also has an arrangement with Patishull Fishery for boat and bank fishing on the Great Lake.

Fort membership enquiries goto


Checked 23/01/19